Shipping prices for orders within the U.S.

All items should be shipped via USPS First Class Mail Parcel or Priority Mail (see chart below).

All charges are on a PER SELLER basis. These items are sent from the various sellers you choose to buy from; you are not buying items from CardShark directly.

For shipments outside the U.S., please review our International shipping prices.

As of January 27, 2018

Quantity Shipping Method
1-3 cards $3.99 First class Mail Parcel
4-80 cards $4.50 First class Mail Parcel
81-149 cards $5.35 + .20 per 10 cards First Class Mail Parcel
150-399 cards $8.25 Priority Small Flat Rate or First Class Mail Parcel
>= 400 cards $14.75 Priority Medium Flat Rate or First Class Mail Parcel
Priority Mail $8.25 Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box
Priority Mail $14.75 Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box

USPS Tracking: Is now available on all orders free of charge to buyers. We strongly encourage all sellers to include this on all orders within the United States.

Amount insured Fee
0-$50 $2.20
$50.01-$100 $2.75
$100.01-$200 $3.50
$200.01-$300 $4.60
$300.01-$400 $5.80
$400.01-$500 $7.00
$500.01-$600 $9.45
> $600 $9.45 + $1.30 per $100 Insurance