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  3. If a seller offers free random items, the seller reserves the right to choose these items.
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Current Member Promotions:

Seller: benlefty22 (5.0) Member Promotion

FREE FOIL - when you buy $5 worth of cards.

FREE BOOSTER PACK - when you buy $20 worth of cards.
Seller: colonelalexanderbond (new) Member Promotion

The following cards will be added to your order FOR FREE:

1) The Cauldron of Eternity (Mystic)
2) Torbran, Thane of Red Fell (Rare Foil) (Unopened)

A 20$ VALUE!!!!!*

(Approximate value as calculated by prices listed on TCGPlayer at the time of listing)
Seller: Copester (4.9) Member Promotion

Buy one get one! Look for BOGO in the notes of select cards. BOGO cards are shipped 2 in a sleeve. Check them out, best prices on the site.
Seller: crawler72 (4.9) Member Promotion Great White Premium Seller

Free Foils! I will include a free foil card with every order, pulled randomly from the hundreds I have laying around. No minimum purchase required. Enjoy!
Seller: dexpaxas (4.8) Member Promotion

To Celebrate the 25th Year since the Revised set was born I am giving away free Revised cards with every order! The cards are chosen at random and since this was my favorite set, I have a lot of them. The higher the value of the order, the more Revised cards you will receive.

I will honor this promo beginning July 18th until the end of the 2019.
Seller: e_cuesta (5.0) Member Promotion

$1 worth of cards free with any $30 purchase of cards or packs.
Seller: frankobaby (4.9) Member Promotion Great White Premium Seller

Seller: kittwalker (4.9) Member Promotion Great White Premium Seller

yep i still send out free cards with every order
Seller: tcg hero (4.9) Member Promotion Great White Premium Seller

DOUBLE CARDS! Every order of $10 or more will come with a number of free cards equal to the number of cards you ordered! So, buy 20 cards totaling $10 or more and get 20 more random cards free! Same goes for 50 cards, 100 cards, or any amount of cards purchased, as long as you spent $10 or more on cards in my store!

Not spending that much? No worries! Every order still comes with 1 or more free Magic cards as always! The free cards from these promotions could be of any rarity or set, but I'll never send you any tokens, basic lands, or foreign cards through this promotion unless requested.

Thank you for considering this offer, and I hope to do business with you soon!
--- TCG Hero
Seller: tristal (4.9) Member Promotion Hammer Head Premium Seller

FREE FOILS! For every 10 cards you order, I will add one random foil card. FREE STUFF! WOO!
Seller: wimo (4.9) Member Promotion Hammer Head Premium Seller

break down as follows:
land with every order
1 common for every 50 cents spent (up to 15 commons)
1 uncommon for every $3 spent
1 rare for every $10 spent
1 foil for every $20 spent
1 booster pack for every $35 spent

for example:
spend .25, get - land
spend $3.00, get - land, 6 commons, and 1 uncommon
spend $10.00, get - land, 15 commons, 3 uncommons, and 1 rare
spend $45.00, get - land , 15 commons, 15 uncommons, 4 rares, 2 foils, 1 booster pack

And now the disclaimers:
Promo good for paper magic orders only.
Totals are figured before shipping is added.
All free swag is random. (I will however include cards I think may be useful if I see a theme in the cards ordered)
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