CardShark Booster Box Raffle

CardShark + Magic the Gathering: Booster Raffle =

Winner Every month, CardShark gives away a free Booster Box! How do you enter? Easy... just buy cards! For every dollar you spend on singles, you get one chance in the raffle. We draw names the first day of each month, and post the winner here the day after that. You can choose from any of the Booster Boxes listed in our SharkShares redemption center.

Runner Up CardShark also gives away a free booster pack to the highest purchaser of the month that hasn't previously won anything.

The race is on for 12/2018:

1 keenej
2 linvala
3 awaytar
4 Atkaska
5 sinistral
6 Foxbr88
7 furril
8 jepfalcon
9 atmarsh27
10 zick711
11 bryanjhsieh
12 jessen.r.alexander
13 Karellen
14 mrrice3000
15 earterms123
16 here
17 Nickdchef
18 oneofchaos
19 nikanoru
20 chon
21 blake31678
22 Swivl
23 roberbaran
24 bmitch8
25 gherythar
26 engrme
27 tieflyer1

Winner's Circle

odytobomanBooster PackNovember 2018
JSCHLAGELBooster BoxNovember 2018
elyphantBooster PackOctober 2018
odytobomanBooster BoxOctober 2018
magic_fer4Booster PackSeptember 2018
ericknsyBooster BoxSeptember 2018
GittsumBooster PackSeptember 2016
linvalaBooster BoxSeptember 2016
AssailantBooster PackAugust 2016
816135093Booster BoxAugust 2016
The fine print: Offer good to buying members in good standing only. A dollar is a whole dollar (remainder in cents is dropped), not including shipping charges, that you purchase in Magic or MTGO singles only - purchases of new product not included. CardShark reserves the right to end this program at any time. Prizes will be awarded as SharkShares to be redeemed through our SharkShares program.