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Decked Builder

DeckedBuilder Iphone App Integration
We are proud to announce that we have developed a partnership with Decked Studios which will carry Cardshark.com prices inside the DeckedBuilder app for all MTG singles. DeckedBuilder is the premium app for MTG on the iPhone, iPad and Mac. It has a sleek interface for finding cards, building, testing, sharing and pricing decks, along with integrated news feeds and of course, our prices! Stay tuned for better CardShark mobile and deck purchasing support. You can always find out more at www.deckedbuilder.com

CardShark.com Prices on DeckedBuilder IPad App CardShark.com Prices on DeckedBuilder App Card View CardShark.com Prices on DeckedBuilder App Deck View
CardShark.com Prices on DeckedBuilder App

M:TG Tracker App

MTG Tracker App Integration

We are pleased to announce that you can now lookup card prices from CardShark.com in the MTG Tracker App for Android mobiles and tablets!

MTG Tracker is an easy-to-use and complete toolbox for Magic the Gathering® players. From life counter with stats recording to deck building with in-app search and much more. Great on a phone, awesome in tablets! Find out more or get the app from: magictgtracker.com Features include:

  • Card pricing (prices courtesy of CardShark.com)
  • Game traker for Life, poison and mana.
  • Mana curve and hand generator.
  • Advanced card search
  • Player profiles / Decks per player
  • Deck Manager, Stats and Recording
  • Wishlist / Collection
  • Coin/dice
CardShark.com MTG Tracker Tablet App

CardShark.com Prices on MTG Tracker App - Phone View CardShark.com Prices on MTG Tracker App - Deck Stats Price

MTG Wishlist Android App

MTG Wishlist Android App Integration

MTG Wishlist is an Android app for card pricing which allows saving wanted cards in a Wishlist in a quick way directly on your device showing the pictures, live prices from famous webstores, card text, available expansion set and more useful data.

MTG Wishlist contains a full cards database, that gives you the autocomplete possibility when inserting cards or the chance to check the available Expansion Sets for every card. It also has live currency conversion, multi-language support, offline prices from popular websites and more!

Check out the app on Google Play today.

MTG Wishlist was originally a Chrome Extension, check it on the Chrome Webstore.

CardShark.com MTG Wishlist Android App Screenshot

Magic Podcast - the Mana Pool
Join Chewie and his rotating cast of dorks as they discuss all things Magic with heavy doses of humor and a slight touch of evil. Give them a listen and hit the Cardshark Forums to join the fray. Subscribe to the show's RSS feed to get new episodes as soon as they're available! Brought to you with humor and a touch of evil. Sponsored by Cardshark. More info
The Mana Pool - Sponsored by CardShark.com

Firefox search plug-in
Use this great OpenSearch plug-in for Firefox, and do speedy card searching right from your browser's toolbar! A big thank you to Chris Fletcher for developing this tool. To use it, simply click on the little search icon in the Firefox brower menu (this appears to the right of the address bar way up top). You will see "Add CardShark" at the end of the list. Select it and presto! You can now search from any page, anywhere and get results from CardShark.

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