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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Aesthir GliderAlliancesArtifact Creature Common
Aesthir Glider (Version 2)AlliancesArtifact Creature Common
Agent of StromgaldAlliancesCreature Common
Agent of Stromgald (Version 2)AlliancesCreature Common
Arcane DenialAlliancesInstant Common
Arcane Denial (Version 2)AlliancesInstant Common
Ashnod's CylixAlliancesArtifact Rare
AstrolabeAlliancesArtifact Common
Astrolabe (Version 2)AlliancesArtifact Common
Awesome PresenceAlliancesEnchant Creature Common
Awesome Presence (Version 2)AlliancesEnchant Creature Common
Balduvian DeadAlliancesCreature Uncommon
Balduvian HordeAlliancesCreature Rare
Balduvian Trading PostAlliancesLand Rare
Balduvian War MakersAlliancesCreature Common
Balduvian War Makers (Version 2)AlliancesCreature Common
Benthic ExplorersAlliancesCreature Common
Benthic Explorers (Version 2)AlliancesCreature Common
Bestial FuryAlliancesEnchant Creature Common
Bestial Fury (Version 2)AlliancesEnchant Creature Common
Bounty of the HuntAlliancesInstant Uncommon
BrowseAlliancesEnchantment Uncommon
BurnoutAlliancesInstant Uncommon
Carrier PigeonsAlliancesCreature Common
Carrier Pigeons (Version 2)AlliancesCreature Common
Casting of BonesAlliancesEnchant Creature Common
Casting of Bones (Version 2)AlliancesEnchant Creature Common
Chaos HarlequinAlliancesCreature Rare
ContagionAlliancesInstant Uncommon
Deadly InsectAlliancesCreature Common
Deadly Insect (Version 2)AlliancesCreature Common
Death SparkAlliancesInstant Uncommon
Diminishing ReturnsAlliancesSorcery Rare
Diseased VerminAlliancesCreature Uncommon
DystopiaAlliancesEnchantment Rare
Elvish BardAlliancesCreature Uncommon
Elvish RangerAlliancesCreature Common
Elvish Ranger (Version 2)AlliancesCreature Common
Elvish Spirit GuideAlliancesCreature Uncommon
Energy ArcAlliancesInstant Uncommon
Enslaved ScoutAlliancesCreature Common
Enslaved Scout (Version 2)AlliancesCreature Common
Errand of DutyAlliancesInstant Common
Errand of Duty (Version 2)AlliancesInstant Common
ExileAlliancesInstant Rare
False DemiseAlliancesEnchant Creature Common
False Demise (Version 2)AlliancesEnchant Creature Common
Fatal LoreAlliancesSorcery Rare
Feast or FamineAlliancesInstant Common
Feast or Famine (Version 2)AlliancesInstant Common
Fevered StrengthAlliancesInstant Common
Fevered Strength (Version 2)AlliancesInstant Common
Floodwater DamAlliancesArtifact Rare
Force of WillAlliancesInstant Uncommon
ForesightAlliancesSorcery Common
Foresight (Version 2)AlliancesSorcery Common
Fyndhorn DruidAlliancesCreature Common
Fyndhorn Druid (Version 2)AlliancesCreature Common
Gargantuan GorillaAlliancesCreature Rare
Gift of the WoodsAlliancesEnchant Creature Common
Gift of the Woods (Version 2)AlliancesEnchant Creature Common
Gorilla BerserkersAlliancesCreature Common
Gorilla Berserkers (Version 2)AlliancesCreature Common
Gorilla ChieftainAlliancesCreature Common
Gorilla Chieftain (Version 2)AlliancesCreature Common
Gorilla ShamanAlliancesCreature Common
Gorilla Shaman (Version 2)AlliancesCreature Common
Gorilla War CryAlliancesInstant Common
Gorilla War Cry (Version 2)AlliancesInstant Common
Guerrilla TacticsAlliancesInstant Common
Guerrilla Tactics (Version 2)AlliancesInstant Common
Gustha's ScepterAlliancesArtifact Rare
Hail StormAlliancesInstant Uncommon
Heart of YavimayaAlliancesLand Rare
Helm of ObedienceAlliancesArtifact Rare
InheritanceAlliancesEnchantment Uncommon
Insidious BookwormsAlliancesCreature Common
Insidious Bookworms (Version 2)AlliancesCreature Common
Ivory GargoyleAlliancesCreature Rare
Juniper Order AdvocateAlliancesCreature Uncommon
KaysaAlliancesCreature Rare
Keeper of TresserhornAlliancesCreature Rare
Kjeldoran EscortAlliancesCreature Common
Kjeldoran Escort (Version 2)AlliancesCreature Common
Kjeldoran Home GuardAlliancesCreature Uncommon
Kjeldoran OutpostAlliancesLand Rare
Kjeldoran PrideAlliancesEnchant Creature Common
Kjeldoran Pride (Version 2)AlliancesEnchant Creature Common
Krovikan HorrorAlliancesCreature Rare
Krovikan PlagueAlliancesEnchant Creature Uncommon
Lake of the DeadAlliancesLand Rare
Lat Nam's LegacyAlliancesInstant Common
Lat Nam's Legacy (Version 2)AlliancesInstant Common
Library of Lat NamAlliancesSorcery Rare
Lim Dûl's High GuardAlliancesCreature Common
Lim Dûl's High Guard (Version 2)AlliancesCreature Common
Lim Dûl's PaladinAlliancesCreature Uncommon
Lim Dûl's VaultAlliancesInstant Uncommon
Lodestone BaubleAlliancesArtifact Rare
Lord of TresserhornAlliancesCreature Rare
MartyrdomAlliancesInstant Common
Martyrdom (Version 2)AlliancesInstant Common
MisfortuneAlliancesSorcery Rare
Mishra's GroundbreakerAlliancesArtifact Uncommon
MisinformationAlliancesInstant Uncommon
Mystic CompassAlliancesArtifact Uncommon
Nature's BlessingAlliancesEnchantment Uncommon
Nature's ChosenAlliancesEnchant Creature Uncommon
Nature's WrathAlliancesEnchantment Rare
Noble SteedsAlliancesEnchantment Common
Noble Steeds (Version 2)AlliancesEnchantment Common
Omen of FireAlliancesInstant Rare
Phantasmal FiendAlliancesCreature Common
Phantasmal Fiend (Version 2)AlliancesCreature Common
Phantasmal SphereAlliancesCreature Rare
PhelddagrifAlliancesCreature Rare
Phyrexian BoonAlliancesEnchant Creature Common
Phyrexian Boon (Version 2)AlliancesEnchant Creature Common
Phyrexian DevourerAlliancesArtifact Creature Rare
Phyrexian PortalAlliancesArtifact Rare
Phyrexian War BeastAlliancesArtifact Creature Common
Phyrexian War Beast (Version 2)AlliancesArtifact Creature Common
PillageAlliancesSorcery Uncommon
Primitive JusticeAlliancesSorcery Uncommon
PyrokinesisAlliancesInstant Uncommon
ReinforcementsAlliancesInstant Common
Reinforcements (Version 2)AlliancesInstant Common
ReprisalAlliancesInstant Common
Reprisal (Version 2)AlliancesInstant Common
Ritual of the MachineAlliancesSorcery Rare
Rogue SkycaptainAlliancesCreature Rare
Royal DecreeAlliancesEnchantment Rare
Royal HerbalistAlliancesCreature Common
Royal Herbalist (Version 2)AlliancesCreature Common
Scarab of the UnseenAlliancesArtifact Uncommon
Scars of the VeteranAlliancesInstant Uncommon
School of the UnseenAlliancesLand Uncommon
Seasoned TacticianAlliancesCreature Uncommon
Sheltered ValleyAlliancesLand Rare
Shield SphereAlliancesArtifact Creature Uncommon
Sol GrailAlliancesArtifact Uncommon
Soldevi AdnateAlliancesCreature Common
Soldevi Adnate (Version 2)AlliancesCreature Common
Soldevi DiggerAlliancesArtifact Rare
Soldevi ExcavationsAlliancesLand Rare
Soldevi HereticAlliancesCreature Common
Soldevi Heretic (Version 2)AlliancesCreature Common
Soldevi SageAlliancesCreature Common
Soldevi Sage (Version 2)AlliancesCreature Common
Soldevi SentryAlliancesArtifact Creature Common
Soldevi Sentry (Version 2)AlliancesArtifact Creature Common
Soldevi Steam BeastAlliancesArtifact Creature Common
Soldevi Steam Beast (Version 2)AlliancesArtifact Creature Common
Soldier of FortuneAlliancesCreature Uncommon
Spiny StarfishAlliancesCreature Uncommon
Splintering WindAlliancesEnchantment Rare
Stench of DecayAlliancesInstant Common
Stench of Decay (Version 2)AlliancesInstant Common
Storm CauldronAlliancesArtifact Rare
Storm CrowAlliancesCreature Common
Storm Crow (Version 2)AlliancesCreature Common
Storm ElementalAlliancesCreature Uncommon
Storm ShamanAlliancesCreature Common
Storm Shaman (Version 2)AlliancesCreature Common
Stromgald SpyAlliancesCreature Uncommon
SuffocationAlliancesInstant Uncommon
Surge of StrengthAlliancesInstant Uncommon
Sustaining SpiritAlliancesCreature Rare
Swamp MosquitoAlliancesCreature Common
Swamp Mosquito (Version 2)AlliancesCreature Common
Sworn DefenderAlliancesCreature Rare
Taste of ParadiseAlliancesSorcery Common
Taste of Paradise (Version 2)AlliancesSorcery Common
Thawing GlaciersAlliancesLand Rare
Thought LashAlliancesEnchantment Rare
Tidal ControlAlliancesEnchantment Rare
TornadoAlliancesEnchantment Rare
UndergrowthAlliancesInstant Common
Undergrowth (Version 2)AlliancesInstant Common
Unlikely AllianceAlliancesEnchantment Uncommon
Urza's EngineAlliancesArtifact Creature Uncommon
Varchild's CrusaderAlliancesCreature Common
Varchild's Crusader (Version 2)AlliancesCreature Common
Varchild's War RidersAlliancesCreature Rare
Veteran's VoiceAlliancesEnchant Creature Common
Veteran's Voice (Version 2)AlliancesEnchant Creature Common
Viscerid ArmorAlliancesEnchant Creature Common
Viscerid Armor (Version 2)AlliancesEnchant Creature Common
Viscerid DroneAlliancesCreature Uncommon
Wandering MageAlliancesCreature Rare
Whip VineAlliancesCreature Common
Whip Vine (Version 2)AlliancesCreature Common
Whirling CatapultAlliancesArtifact Uncommon
Wild AesthirAlliancesCreature Common
Wild Aesthir (Version 2)AlliancesCreature Common
Winter's NightAlliancesEnchant World Rare
Yavimaya AncientsAlliancesCreature Common
Yavimaya Ancients (Version 2)AlliancesCreature Common
Yavimaya AntsAlliancesCreature Uncommon