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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Æther TideExodusSorcery Common
AllayExodusInstant Common
AnarchistExodusCreature Common
Angelic BlessingExodusSorcery Common
Avenging DruidExodusCreature Common
BequeathalExodusEnchant Creature Common
CarnophageExodusCreature Common
CartographerExodusCreature Uncommon
Cat BurglarExodusCreature Common
CataclysmExodusSorcery Rare
Charging PaladinExodusCreature Common
Cinder CrawlerExodusCreature Common
City of TraitorsExodusLand Rare
Coat of ArmsExodusArtifact Rare
ConvalescenceExodusEnchantment Rare
Crashing BoarsExodusCreature Uncommon
Culling the WeakExodusMana Source Common
CunningExodusEnchant Creature Common
CuriosityExodusEnchant Creature Uncommon
Cursed FleshExodusEnchant Creature Common
Dauthi CutthroatExodusCreature Uncommon
Dauthi JackalExodusCreature Common
Dauthi WarlordExodusCreature Uncommon
Death's DuetExodusSorcery Common
Dizzying GazeExodusEnchant Creature Common
Dominating LicidExodusCreature Rare
Elven PalisadeExodusEnchantment Uncommon
Elvish BerserkerExodusCreature Common
Entropic SpecterExodusCreature Rare
EphemeronExodusCreature Rare
EquilibriumExodusEnchantment Rare
Erratic PortalExodusArtifact Rare
Ertai, Wizard AdeptExodusCreature Rare
Exalted DragonExodusCreature Rare
Fade AwayExodusSorcery Common
Fighting ChanceExodusInstant Rare
Flowstone FloodExodusSorcery Uncommon
ForbidExodusInstant Uncommon
FugueExodusSorcery Uncommon
Furnace BroodExodusCreature Common
GrollubExodusCreature Common
HatredExodusInstant Rare
High GroundExodusEnchantment Uncommon
Jackalope HerdExodusCreature Common
Keeper of the BeastsExodusCreature Uncommon
Keeper of the DeadExodusCreature Uncommon
Keeper of the FlameExodusCreature Uncommon
Keeper of the LightExodusCreature Uncommon
Keeper of the MindExodusCreature Uncommon
Killer WhaleExodusCreature Uncommon
Kor ChantExodusInstant Common
Limited ResourcesExodusEnchantment Rare
Mage il VecExodusCreature Common
Mana BreachExodusEnchantment Uncommon
ManabondExodusEnchantment Rare
Maniacal RageExodusEnchant Creature Common
Medicine BagExodusArtifact Uncommon
Memory CrystalExodusArtifact Rare
Merfolk LooterExodusCreature Common
Mind MaggotsExodusCreature Uncommon
Mind Over MatterExodusEnchantment Rare
Mindless AutomatonExodusArtifact Creature Rare
MirozelExodusCreature Uncommon
Mirri, Cat WarriorExodusCreature Rare
Mogg AssassinExodusCreature Uncommon
Monstrous HoundExodusCreature Rare
NauseaExodusSorcery Common
NecrologiaExodusInstant Uncommon
Null BroochExodusArtifact Rare
Oath of DruidsExodusEnchantment Rare
Oath of GhoulsExodusEnchantment Rare
Oath of LiegesExodusEnchantment Rare
Oath of MagesExodusEnchantment Rare
Oath of ScholarsExodusEnchantment Rare
Ogre ShamanExodusCreature Rare
OnslaughtExodusEnchantment Common
Paladin en VecExodusCreature Rare
PandemoniumExodusEnchantment Rare
ParoxysmExodusEnchant Creature Uncommon
Peace of MindExodusEnchantment Uncommon
Pegasus StampedeExodusSorcery Uncommon
PenanceExodusEnchantment Uncommon
Pit SpawnExodusCreature Rare
PlaguebearerExodusCreature Rare
Plated RootwallaExodusCreature Common
Predatory HungerExodusEnchant Creature Common
Price of ProgressExodusInstant Uncommon
Pygmy TrollExodusCreature Common
Rabid WolverinesExodusCreature Common
Raging GoblinExodusCreature Common
Ravenous BaboonsExodusCreature Rare
Reaping the RewardsExodusInstant Common
Reckless OgreExodusCreature Common
ReclaimExodusInstant Common
ReconnaissanceExodusEnchantment Uncommon
Recurring NightmareExodusEnchantment Rare
ResuscitateExodusInstant Uncommon
Robe of MirrorsExodusEnchant Creature Common
Rootwater AlligatorExodusCreature Common
Rootwater MysticExodusCreature Common
Sabertooth WyvernExodusCreature Uncommon
Scalding SalamanderExodusCreature Uncommon
Scare TacticsExodusInstant Common
School of PiranhaExodusCreature Common
ScrivenerExodusCreature Uncommon
Seismic AssaultExodusEnchantment Rare
ShacklesExodusEnchant Creature Common
Shattering PulseExodusInstant Common
Shield MateExodusCreature Common
SkyshaperExodusArtifact Uncommon
Skyshroud EliteExodusCreature Uncommon
Skyshroud War BeastExodusCreature Rare
SlaughterExodusInstant Uncommon
Soltari VisionaryExodusCreature Common
Song of SerenityExodusEnchantment Uncommon
Sonic BurstExodusInstant Common
Soul WardenExodusCreature Common
SpellbookExodusArtifact Uncommon
SpellshockExodusEnchantment Uncommon
Sphere of ResistanceExodusArtifact Rare
Spike CannibalExodusCreature Uncommon
Spike HatcherExodusCreature Rare
Spike RogueExodusCreature Uncommon
Spike WeaverExodusCreature Rare
Standing TroopsExodusCreature Common
Survival of the FittestExodusEnchantment Rare
Thalakos DriftersExodusCreature Rare
Thalakos ScoutExodusCreature Common
Theft of DreamsExodusSorcery Common
Thopter SquadronExodusArtifact Creature Rare
Thrull SurgeonExodusCreature Common
Transmogrifying LicidExodusArtifact Creature Uncommon
Treasure HunterExodusCreature Uncommon
Treasure TroveExodusEnchantment Uncommon
Vampire HoundsExodusCreature Common
Volrath's DungeonExodusEnchantment Rare
Wall of NetsExodusCreature Rare
Wayward SoulExodusCreature Common
Welkin HawkExodusCreature Common
Whiptongue FrogExodusCreature Common
Wood ElvesExodusCreature Common
WorkhorseExodusArtifact Creature Rare
Zealots en DalExodusCreature Uncommon