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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Abbey GargoylesHomelandsCreature Uncommon
Abbey MatronHomelandsCreature Common
Abbey Matron (Version 2)HomelandsCreature Common
Æther StormHomelandsEnchantment Uncommon
Aliban's TowerHomelandsInstant Common
Aliban's Tower (Version 2)HomelandsInstant Common
AmbushHomelandsInstant Common
Ambush PartyHomelandsCreature Common
Ambush Party (Version 2)HomelandsCreature Common
An Havva ConstableHomelandsCreature Rare
An Havva InnHomelandsSorcery Uncommon
An Havva TownshipHomelandsLand Uncommon
An Zerrin RuinsHomelandsEnchantment Rare
Anaba AncestorHomelandsCreature Rare
Anaba BodyguardHomelandsCreature Common
Anaba Bodyguard (Version 2)HomelandsCreature Common
Anaba ShamanHomelandsCreature Common
Anaba Shaman (Version 2)HomelandsCreature Common
Anaba Spirit CrafterHomelandsCreature Rare
Apocalypse ChimeHomelandsArtifact Rare
Autumn WillowHomelandsCreature Rare
Aysen AbbeyHomelandsLand Uncommon
Aysen BureaucratsHomelandsCreature Common
Aysen Bureaucrats (Version 2)HomelandsCreature Common
Aysen CrusaderHomelandsCreature Rare
Aysen HighwayHomelandsEnchantment Rare
Baki's CurseHomelandsSorcery Rare
Baron SengirHomelandsCreature Rare
Beast WalkersHomelandsCreature Rare
Black CarriageHomelandsCreature Rare
Broken VisageHomelandsInstant Rare
CarapaceHomelandsEnchant Creature Common
Carapace (Version 2)HomelandsEnchant Creature Common
Castle SengirHomelandsLand Uncommon
Cemetery GateHomelandsCreature Common
Cemetery Gate (Version 2)HomelandsCreature Common
Chain StasisHomelandsInstant Rare
ChandlerHomelandsCreature Common
Clockwork GnomesHomelandsArtifact Creature Common
Clockwork SteedHomelandsArtifact Creature Common
Clockwork SwarmHomelandsArtifact Creature Common
Coral ReefHomelandsEnchantment Common
Dark MazeHomelandsCreature Common
Dark Maze (Version 2)HomelandsCreature Common
Daughter of AutumnHomelandsCreature Rare
Death SpeakersHomelandsCreature Uncommon
DidgeridooHomelandsArtifact Rare
Drudge SpellHomelandsEnchantment Uncommon
Dry SpellHomelandsSorcery Common
Dry Spell (Version 2)HomelandsSorcery Common
Dwarven PonyHomelandsCreature Rare
Dwarven Sea ClanHomelandsCreature Rare
Dwarven TraderHomelandsCreature Common
Dwarven Trader (Version 2)HomelandsCreature Common
Ebony RhinoHomelandsArtifact Creature Common
Eron the RelentlessHomelandsCreature Uncommon
EvaporateHomelandsSorcery Uncommon
Faerie NobleHomelandsCreature Rare
Feast of the UnicornHomelandsEnchant Creature Common
Feast of the Unicorn (Version 2)HomelandsEnchant Creature Common
Feroz's BanHomelandsArtifact Rare
Folk of An HavvaHomelandsCreature Common
Folk of An Havva (Version 2)HomelandsCreature Common
ForgetHomelandsSorcery Rare
Funeral MarchHomelandsEnchant Creature Common
Ghost HoundsHomelandsCreature Uncommon
Giant AlbatrossHomelandsCreature Common
Giant Albatross (Version 2)HomelandsCreature Common
Giant OysterHomelandsCreature Uncommon
Grandmother SengirHomelandsCreature Rare
Greater WerewolfHomelandsCreature Common
Hazduhr the AbbotHomelandsCreature Rare
HeadstoneHomelandsInstant Common
Heart WolfHomelandsCreature Rare
Hungry MistHomelandsCreature Common
Hungry Mist (Version 2)HomelandsCreature Common
Ihsan's ShadeHomelandsCreature Uncommon
Irini SengirHomelandsCreature Uncommon
Ironclaw CurseHomelandsEnchant Creature Rare
JinxHomelandsInstant Common
JovenHomelandsCreature Common
Joven's FerretsHomelandsCreature Common
Joven's ToolsHomelandsArtifact Uncommon
Koskun FallsHomelandsEnchant World Rare
Koskun KeepHomelandsLand Uncommon
Labyrinth MinotaurHomelandsCreature Common
Labyrinth Minotaur (Version 2)HomelandsCreature Common
Leaping LizardHomelandsCreature Common
LeechesHomelandsSorcery Rare
Mammoth HarnessHomelandsEnchant Creature Rare
MarjhanHomelandsCreature Rare
Memory LapseHomelandsInstant Common
Memory Lapse (Version 2)HomelandsInstant Common
Merchant ScrollHomelandsSorcery Common
Mesa FalconHomelandsCreature Common
Mesa Falcon (Version 2)HomelandsCreature Common
Mystic DecreeHomelandsEnchant World Rare
NarwhalHomelandsCreature Rare
Orcish MineHomelandsEnchant Land Uncommon
Primal OrderHomelandsEnchantment Rare
ProphecyHomelandsSorcery Common
Rashka the SlayerHomelandsCreature Uncommon
Reef PiratesHomelandsCreature Common
Reef Pirates (Version 2)HomelandsCreature Common
RenewalHomelandsSorcery Common
RetributionHomelandsSorcery Uncommon
Reveka, Wizard SavantHomelandsCreature Rare
Root SpiderHomelandsCreature Uncommon
RootsHomelandsEnchant Creature Uncommon
RoterothopterHomelandsArtifact Creature Common
Rysorian BadgerHomelandsCreature Rare
Samite AlchemistHomelandsCreature Common
Samite Alchemist (Version 2)HomelandsCreature Common
Sea SpriteHomelandsCreature Uncommon
Sea TrollHomelandsCreature Uncommon
Sengir AutocratHomelandsCreature Uncommon
Sengir BatsHomelandsCreature Common
Sengir Bats (Version 2)HomelandsCreature Common
Serra AviaryHomelandsEnchant World Rare
Serra BestiaryHomelandsEnchant Creature Common
Serra InquisitorsHomelandsCreature Uncommon
Serra PaladinHomelandsCreature Common
Serrated ArrowsHomelandsArtifact Common
ShrinkHomelandsInstant Common
Shrink (Version 2)HomelandsInstant Common
Soraya the FalconerHomelandsCreature Rare
Spectral BearsHomelandsCreature Uncommon
Timmerian FiendsHomelandsCreature Rare
TortureHomelandsEnchant Creature Common
Torture (Version 2)HomelandsEnchant Creature Common
Trade CaravanHomelandsCreature Common
Trade Caravan (Version 2)HomelandsCreature Common
TruceHomelandsInstant Rare
Veldrane of SengirHomelandsCreature Rare
Wall of KelpHomelandsCreature Rare
Willow FaerieHomelandsCreature Common
Willow Faerie (Version 2)HomelandsCreature Common
Willow PriestessHomelandsCreature Rare
Winter SkyHomelandsSorcery Rare
Wizards' SchoolHomelandsLand Uncommon