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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Adanto VanguardIxalanCreature Uncommon
Adanto, the First FortIxalanLegendary Land Rare
Admiral Beckett BrassIxalanLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Air ElementalIxalanCreature Uncommon
Ancient BrontodonIxalanCreature Common
Angrath's MaraudersIxalanCreature Rare
Anointed DeaconIxalanCreature Common
Arcane AdaptationIxalanEnchantment Rare
Arguel's Blood FastIxalanLegendary Enchantment Rare
Ashes of the AbhorrentIxalanEnchantment Rare
Atzocan ArcherIxalanCreature Uncommon
Axis of MortalityIxalanEnchantment Mythic Rare
Azcanta, the Sunken RuinIxalanLegendary Land Rare
Belligerent BrontodonIxalanCreature Uncommon
Bellowing AegisaurIxalanCreature Uncommon
Bishop of RebirthIxalanCreature Rare
Bishop of the BloodstainedIxalanCreature Uncommon
Bishop's SoldierIxalanCreature Common
Blight KeeperIxalanCreature Common
Blinding FogIxalanInstant Common
Bloodcrazed PaladinIxalanCreature Rare
Blossom DryadIxalanCreature Common
Bonded HorncrestIxalanCreature Uncommon
Boneyard ParleyIxalanSorcery Mythic Rare
Brazen BuccaneersIxalanCreature Common
Bright ReprisalIxalanInstant Uncommon
Burning Sun's AvatarIxalanCreature Rare
Call to the FeastIxalanSorcery Uncommon
CancelIxalanInstant Common
Captain Lannery StormIxalanLegendary Creature Rare
Captivating CrewIxalanCreature Rare
Carnage TyrantIxalanCreature Mythic Rare
Castaway's DespairIxalanEnchantment Common
Charging MonstrosaurIxalanCreature Uncommon
Chart a CourseIxalanSorcery Uncommon
Cobbled WingsIxalanArtifact Common
Colossal DreadmawIxalanCreature Common
Commune with DinosaursIxalanSorcery Common
Conqueror's FootholdIxalanLand Rare
Conqueror's GalleonIxalanArtifact Rare
Contract KillingIxalanSorcery Common
Costly PlunderIxalanInstant Common
Crash the RampartsIxalanInstant Common
Crushing CanopyIxalanInstant Common
Daring SaboteurIxalanCreature Rare
Dark NourishmentIxalanInstant Uncommon
Deadeye PlunderersIxalanCreature Uncommon
Deadeye QuartermasterIxalanCreature Uncommon
Deadeye TormentorIxalanCreature Common
Deadeye TrackerIxalanCreature Rare
Deathgorge ScavengerIxalanCreature Rare
Deathless AncientIxalanCreature Uncommon
Deeproot ChampionIxalanCreature Rare
Deeproot WarriorIxalanCreature Common
Deeproot WatersIxalanEnchantment Uncommon
DemolishIxalanSorcery Common
DemystifyIxalanInstant Common
Depths of DesireIxalanInstant Common
Desperate CastawaysIxalanCreature Common
Dinosaur StampedeIxalanInstant Uncommon
Dire Fleet CaptainIxalanCreature Uncommon
Dire Fleet HoarderIxalanCreature Common
Dire Fleet InterloperIxalanCreature Common
Dire Fleet RavagerIxalanCreature Mythic Rare
Dive DownIxalanInstant Common
Dowsing DaggerIxalanArtifact Rare
Dragonskull SummitIxalanLand Rare
Dreamcaller SirenIxalanCreature Rare
Drover of the MightyIxalanCreature Uncommon
Drowned CatacombIxalanLand Rare
Dual ShotIxalanInstant Common
DuressIxalanSorcery Common
Dusk Legion DreadnoughtIxalanArtifact Uncommon
Duskborne SkymarcherIxalanCreature Uncommon
Elaborate FirecannonIxalanArtifact Uncommon
Emergent GrowthIxalanSorcery Uncommon
Emissary of SunriseIxalanCreature Uncommon
Emperor's VanguardIxalanCreature Rare
Encampment KeeperIxalanCreature Common
Entrancing MelodyIxalanSorcery Rare
Fathom Fleet CaptainIxalanCreature Rare
Fathom Fleet CutthroatIxalanCreature Common
Fathom Fleet FirebrandIxalanCreature Common
Favorable WindsIxalanEnchantment Uncommon
Fell FlagshipIxalanArtifact Rare
Field of RuinIxalanLand Uncommon
Fiery CannonadeIxalanInstant Uncommon
Fire Shrine KeeperIxalanCreature Common
Firecannon BlastIxalanSorcery Common
Fleet SwallowerIxalanCreature Rare
ForestIxalanBasic Land Basic Land
ForestIxalanBasic Land Basic Land
ForestIxalanBasic Land Basic Land
ForestIxalanBasic Land Basic Land
Frenzied RaptorIxalanCreature Common
Gilded SentinelIxalanArtifact Creature Common
Gishath, Sun's AvatarIxalanLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Glacial FortressIxalanLand Rare
Glorifier of DuskIxalanCreature Uncommon
Goring CeratopsIxalanCreature Rare
Grasping CurrentIxalanSorcery Rare
Grazing WhiptailIxalanCreature Common
Grim Captain's CallIxalanSorcery Uncommon
Growing Rites of ItlimocIxalanLegendary Enchantment Rare
Headstrong BruteIxalanCreature Common
Headwater SentriesIxalanCreature Common
Heartless PillageIxalanSorcery Uncommon
Herald of Secret StreamsIxalanCreature Rare
Hierophant's ChaliceIxalanArtifact Common
HijackIxalanSorcery Common
Hostage TakerIxalanCreature Rare
Huatli's SnubhornIxalanCreature Common
Huatli's SpurringIxalanInstant Uncommon
Huatli, Dinosaur KnightIxalanLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Huatli, Warrior PoetIxalanLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Imperial AerosaurIxalanCreature Uncommon
Imperial LancerIxalanCreature Uncommon
Inspiring ClericIxalanCreature Uncommon
IslandIxalanBasic Land Basic Land
IslandIxalanBasic Land Basic Land
IslandIxalanBasic Land Basic Land
IslandIxalanBasic Land Basic Land
Itlimoc, Cradle of the SunIxalanLegendary Land Rare
Ixalan's BindingIxalanEnchantment Uncommon
Ixalli's DivinerIxalanCreature Common
Ixalli's KeeperIxalanCreature Common
Jace's SentinelIxalanCreature Uncommon
Jace, Cunning CastawayIxalanLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Jace, Ingenious Mind-MageIxalanLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Jade GuardianIxalanCreature Common
Jungle DelverIxalanCreature Common
Kinjalli's CallerIxalanCreature Common
Kinjalli's SunwingIxalanCreature Rare
Kitesail FreebooterIxalanCreature Uncommon
Kopala, Warden of WavesIxalanLegendary Creature Rare
Kumena's SpeakerIxalanCreature Uncommon
Legion ConquistadorIxalanCreature Common
Legion's JudgmentIxalanSorcery Common
Legion's LandingIxalanLegendary Enchantment Rare
Lightning StrikeIxalanInstant Uncommon
Lightning-Rig CrewIxalanCreature Uncommon
Lookout's DispersalIxalanInstant Uncommon
Looming AltisaurIxalanCreature Common
Lost ValeIxalanLand Rare
Lurking ChupacabraIxalanCreature Uncommon
Makeshift MunitionsIxalanEnchantment Uncommon
Marauding LooterIxalanCreature Uncommon
March of the DrownedIxalanSorcery Common
Mark of the VampireIxalanEnchantment Common
Mavren Fein, Dusk ApostleIxalanLegendary Creature Rare
Merfolk BranchwalkerIxalanCreature Uncommon
MountainIxalanBasic Land Basic Land
MountainIxalanBasic Land Basic Land
MountainIxalanBasic Land Basic Land
MountainIxalanBasic Land Basic Land
Navigator's RuinIxalanEnchantment Uncommon
Nest RobberIxalanCreature Common
New HorizonsIxalanEnchantment Common
Old-Growth DryadsIxalanCreature Rare
One With the WindIxalanEnchantment Common
OptIxalanInstant Common
Otepec HuntmasterIxalanCreature Uncommon
Overflowing InsightIxalanSorcery Mythic Rare
Paladin of the BloodstainedIxalanCreature Common
Perilous VoyageIxalanInstant Uncommon
Pillar of OriginsIxalanArtifact Uncommon
Pious InterdictionIxalanEnchantment Common
Pirate's CutlassIxalanArtifact Common
Pirate's PrizeIxalanSorcery Common
PlainsIxalanBasic Land Basic Land
PlainsIxalanBasic Land Basic Land
PlainsIxalanBasic Land Basic Land
PlainsIxalanBasic Land Basic Land
PounceIxalanInstant Common
Priest of the Wakening SunIxalanCreature Rare
Primal AmuletIxalanArtifact Rare
Primal WellspringIxalanLand Rare
Prosperous PiratesIxalanCreature Common
Prying BladeIxalanArtifact Common
Pterodon KnightIxalanCreature Common
Queen's AgentIxalanCreature Common
Queen's Bay SoldierIxalanCreature Common
Queen's CommissionIxalanSorcery Common
Raging SwordtoothIxalanCreature Uncommon
Raiders' WakeIxalanEnchantment Uncommon
Rallying RoarIxalanInstant Uncommon
Rampaging FerocidonIxalanCreature Rare
Ranging RaptorsIxalanCreature Uncommon
Raptor CompanionIxalanCreature Common
Raptor HatchlingIxalanCreature Uncommon
Ravenous DaggertoothIxalanCreature Common
Regisaur AlphaIxalanCreature Rare
Repeating BarrageIxalanSorcery Rare
Revel in RichesIxalanEnchantment Rare
Rigging RunnerIxalanCreature Uncommon
RileIxalanSorcery Common
Ripjaw RaptorIxalanCreature Rare
Ritual of RejuvenationIxalanInstant Common
River Heralds' BoonIxalanInstant Common
River SneakIxalanCreature Uncommon
River's RebukeIxalanSorcery Rare
Rootbound CragIxalanLand Rare
Rowdy CrewIxalanCreature Mythic Rare
Ruin RaiderIxalanCreature Rare
Rummaging GoblinIxalanCreature Common
Run AgroundIxalanInstant Common
Ruthless KnaveIxalanCreature Uncommon
Sailor of MeansIxalanCreature Common
Sanctum SeekerIxalanCreature Rare
Sanguine SacramentIxalanInstant Rare
Savage StompIxalanSorcery Uncommon
Search for AzcantaIxalanLegendary Enchantment Rare
Seekers' SquireIxalanCreature Uncommon
Sentinel TotemIxalanArtifact Uncommon
Settle the WreckageIxalanInstant Rare
Shadowed CaravelIxalanArtifact Rare
Shaper ApprenticeIxalanCreature Common
Shapers of NatureIxalanCreature Uncommon
Shapers' SanctuaryIxalanEnchantment Rare
Sheltering LightIxalanInstant Uncommon
Shining AerosaurIxalanCreature Common
Shipwreck LooterIxalanCreature Common
Shore KeeperIxalanCreature Common
Siren LookoutIxalanCreature Common
Siren StormtamerIxalanCreature Uncommon
Siren's RuseIxalanInstant Common
Skittering HeartstopperIxalanCreature Common
SkulduggeryIxalanInstant Common
Sky TerrorIxalanCreature Uncommon
Skyblade of the LegionIxalanCreature Common
Skymarch BloodletterIxalanCreature Common
Slash of TalonsIxalanInstant Common
Sleek SchoonerIxalanArtifact Uncommon
Slice in TwainIxalanInstant Uncommon
Snapping SailbackIxalanCreature Uncommon
Sorcerous SpyglassIxalanArtifact Rare
Spell PierceIxalanInstant Common
Spell SwindleIxalanInstant Rare
Spike-Tailed CeratopsIxalanCreature Common
Spires of OrazcaIxalanLand Rare
Spitfire BastionIxalanLegendary Land Rare
Spreading RotIxalanSorcery Common
Star of ExtinctionIxalanSorcery Mythic Rare
Steadfast ArmasaurIxalanCreature Uncommon
Stone QuarryIxalanLand Common
Storm Fleet AerialistIxalanCreature Uncommon
Storm Fleet ArsonistIxalanCreature Uncommon
Storm Fleet PyromancerIxalanCreature Common
Storm Fleet SpyIxalanCreature Uncommon
Storm SculptorIxalanCreature Common
Sun-Blessed MountIxalanCreature Rare
Sun-Crowned HuntersIxalanCreature Common
Sunbird's InvocationIxalanEnchantment Rare
Sunpetal GroveIxalanLand Rare
Sunrise SeekerIxalanCreature Common
Sure StrikeIxalanInstant Common
SwampIxalanBasic Land Basic Land
SwampIxalanBasic Land Basic Land
SwampIxalanBasic Land Basic Land
SwampIxalanBasic Land Basic Land
SwashbucklingIxalanEnchantment Common
Sword-Point DiplomacyIxalanSorcery Rare
Tempest CallerIxalanCreature Uncommon
Temple of AclazotzIxalanLegendary Land Rare
Territorial HammerskullIxalanCreature Common
Thaumatic CompassIxalanArtifact Rare
Thrash of RaptorsIxalanCreature Common
Thundering SpinebackIxalanCreature Uncommon
Tilonalli's KnightIxalanCreature Common
Tilonalli's SkinshifterIxalanCreature Rare
Tishana's WayfinderIxalanCreature Common
Tishana, Voice of ThunderIxalanLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Tocatli Honor GuardIxalanCreature Rare
Treasure CoveIxalanLand Rare
Treasure MapIxalanArtifact Rare
Trove of TemptationIxalanEnchantment Uncommon
Unclaimed TerritoryIxalanLand Uncommon
Unfriendly FireIxalanInstant Common
Unknown ShoresIxalanLand Common
Vampire's ZealIxalanInstant Common
Vance's Blasting CannonsIxalanLegendary Enchantment Rare
Vanquish the WeakIxalanInstant Common
Vanquisher's BannerIxalanArtifact Rare
Verdant RebirthIxalanInstant Uncommon
Verdant Sun's AvatarIxalanCreature Rare
Vicious ConquistadorIxalanCreature Uncommon
Vineshaper MysticIxalanCreature Uncommon
Vona, Butcher of MaganIxalanLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Vraska's ContemptIxalanInstant Rare
Vraska, Relic SeekerIxalanLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Wakening Sun's AvatarIxalanCreature Mythic Rare
Waker of the WildsIxalanCreature Rare
Walk the PlankIxalanSorcery Uncommon
Wanted ScoundrelsIxalanCreature Uncommon
Watertrap WeaverIxalanCreature Common
Wildgrowth WalkerIxalanCreature Uncommon
Wily GoblinIxalanCreature Uncommon
Wind StriderIxalanCreature Common
Woodland StreamIxalanLand Common