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Seller: wimo
Seller Level: Hammer Head Seller Level Help
Member Since: 1/24/2002
Number of Sales: 1,049
Average time to Confirm Sales: 5.59 hours

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Shipping from: MI, United States
Ship to Foreign countries: Yes
Insurance: Supported on orders > $0.00 Insurance Help
Priority Mail: Not supported. Priority Mail Help

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Magic: Not on Vacation
MTGO: On Vacation

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Promotional Message

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break down as follows:
land with every order
1 common for every 50 cents spent (up to 15 commons)
1 uncommon for every $3 spent
1 rare for every $10 spent
1 foil for every $20 spent
1 booster pack for every $35 spent

for example:
spend .25, get - land
spend $3.00, get - land, 6 commons, and 1 uncommon
spend $10.00, get - land, 15 commons, 3 uncommons, and 1 rare
spend $45.00, get - land , 15 commons, 15 uncommons, 4 rares, 2 foils, 1 booster pack

And now the disclaimers:
Promo good for paper magic orders only.
Totals are figured before shipping is added.
All free swag is random. (I will however include cards I think may be useful if I see a theme in the cards ordered)