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Shark Shares - Member Rewards Program

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Please read the fine print about the SharkShares program.

Category Reward
Refer a friend
Friends who click your banner and register for CardShark will net you 100 SharkShares. The award will be made when they confirm their email address.

Want to refer a friend through email or word of mouth? Give them the text link on the banner page, and you will still get credit!
100 shares (per validated registration)
Referral makes $20 purchase
Friends register. Real friends buy stuff! If you refer a new user and they make a purchase of $20 on their first visit, we will give YOU shares too!
500 shares (per unique purchasing user)
New member purchase bonus
New members that where refered to our site from another user via their shark shares link AND making a $20 purchase on their first visit get enough shares for a free booster pack!
Buy stuff
Get shares for doing stuff you are already doing. Anytime you buy cards, you get rewarded.
Double shares for every $1 spent
Leave feedback for a seller
After your purchase is completed, you should leave feedback for the sellers involved in that transaction. This is the best way to help protect other members from bad sellers and to reward the good ones.
5 shares each time you leave feedback
Receive a feedback rating of 5
Hey sellers! So you think you're pretty cool. You're a fast shipper and a conscientious packer. It's nice to get a 5, but wouldn't it be better if you got rewarded with cool stuff? Now you can.
5 shares for every rating of "5" a buyer gives you
Confirm a sale and ship cards within 24 hours
You work hard to get your packages shipped fast. Get SharkShares for being fast and professional. For orders placed on Saturday or Sunday, shipment can be done on the following Monday.
5 shares for every transaction confirmed and shipped within 24 hours
Write an article for CardShark
Now's your chance to get rewarded for writing something! Check out our submission guidelines and consider writing an article. If we post it to the site, you get shares.
500 shares for each published feature article and 200 for each published casual article
Have your article receive positive feedback
Every time someone leaves positive feedback of a 4 or 5 on your article, you will receive an additional share. We will only credit shares for the first rating, and raters must be registered users.
1 share each time your article receives a 4 or 5 feedback rating

We reserve the right to take back SharkShares if we feel any part of the program has been abused or used in a fraudulent manner. Users who have never made a purchase or a sale on CardShark are not eligible to redeem points. CardShark will not ship rewards, such as unopened booster boxes, if they are not legal in your country.