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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarityLow Price
Abyssal Persecutor Commander 2014Creature Mythic Rare $0.20
Adarkar Valkyrie Commander 2014Snow Creature Rare $0.05
Æther Gale Commander 2014Sorcery Rare  
Æther Snap Commander 2014Sorcery Rare  
Afterlife Commander 2014Instant Uncommon $0.06
Angel of the Dire Hour Commander 2014Creature Rare $2.78
Angelic Field Marshal Commander 2014Creature Rare $1.01
Annihilate Commander 2014Instant Uncommon $0.04
Arcane Lighthouse Commander 2014Land Uncommon $2.73
Argentum Armor Commander 2014Artifact Rare $0.03
Armistice Commander 2014Enchantment Rare $0.02
Artisan of Kozilek Commander 2014Creature Uncommon $0.04
Assault Suit Commander 2014Artifact Uncommon $0.15
Azure Mage Commander 2014Creature Uncommon $0.07
Bad Moon Commander 2014Enchantment Rare $0.72
Barren Moor Commander 2014Land Common $1.31
Beastmaster Ascension Commander 2014Enchantment Rare $0.64
Beetleback Chief Commander 2014Creature Uncommon $0.07
Benevolent Offering Commander 2014Instant Rare $0.79
Bitter Feud Commander 2014Enchantment Rare $1.19
Black Sun's Zenith Commander 2014Sorcery Rare $1.31
Blasphemous Act Commander 2014Sorcery Rare $0.80
Bloodgift Demon Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.64
Bogardan Hellkite Commander 2014Creature Mythic Rare $0.06
Bojuka Bog Commander 2014Land Common $3.53
Bonehoard Commander 2014Artifact Rare $0.03
Bosh, Iron Golem Commander 2014Legendary Artifact Creature Rare $0.10
Bottle Gnomes Commander 2014Artifact Creature Uncommon $0.03
Brave the Elements Commander 2014Instant Uncommon $0.15
Breaching Leviathan Commander 2014Creature Rare $10.71
Brine Elemental Commander 2014Creature Uncommon $0.10
Buried Ruin Commander 2014Land Uncommon $0.59
Burnished Hart Commander 2014Artifact Creature Uncommon $0.30
Butcher of Malakir Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.20
Cackling Counterpart Commander 2014Instant Rare $0.03
Caged Sun Commander 2014Artifact Rare $0.51
Call to Mind Commander 2014Sorcery Uncommon $0.09
Cathars' Crusade Commander 2014Enchantment Rare $1.78
Cathodion Commander 2014Artifact Creature Uncommon $0.04
Celestial Crusader Commander 2014Creature Uncommon $0.10
Chaos Warp Commander 2014Instant Rare $1.70
Charcoal Diamond Commander 2014Artifact Uncommon $0.48
Collective Unconscious Commander 2014Sorcery Rare $0.17
Comeuppance Commander 2014Instant Rare $4.52
Commander's Sphere Commander 2014Artifact Common $0.31
Compulsive Research Commander 2014Sorcery Common $0.07
Concentrate Commander 2014Sorcery Uncommon $0.07
Condemn Commander 2014Instant Uncommon $0.04
Containment Priest Commander 2014Creature Rare $1.23
Coral Atoll Commander 2014Land Uncommon $0.31
Creeperhulk Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.19
Crown of Doom Commander 2014Artifact Rare $8.21
Crypt Ghast Commander 2014Creature Rare $4.73
Crypt of Agadeem Commander 2014Land Rare $0.55
Crystal Vein Commander 2014Land Uncommon $8.43
Cyclonic Rift Commander 2014Instant Rare $1.47
Daretti, Scrap Savant Commander 2014Planeswalker Mythic Rare $3.16
Darksteel Citadel Commander 2014Artifact Land Uncommon $0.20
Decree of Justice Commander 2014Sorcery Rare $0.03
Deep-Sea Kraken Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.42
Demon of Wailing Agonies Commander 2014Creature Rare $3.75
Deploy to the Front Commander 2014Sorcery Rare $0.41
Desert Twister Commander 2014Sorcery Uncommon $0.05
Disciple of Bolas Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.14
Dismiss Commander 2014Instant Uncommon $0.06
Distorting Wake Commander 2014Sorcery Rare $0.10
Domineering Will Commander 2014Instant Rare $6.45
Dormant Volcano Commander 2014Land Uncommon $0.19
Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief Commander 2014Legendary Creature Rare $0.07
Dread Return Commander 2014Sorcery Uncommon $0.72
Dreamstone Hedron Commander 2014Artifact Uncommon $0.04
Dregs of Sorrow Commander 2014Sorcery Rare $0.04
Drifting Meadow Commander 2014Land Common $0.05
Drove of Elves Commander 2014Creature Uncommon $0.04
Dualcaster Mage Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.85
Dulcet Sirens Commander 2014Creature Rare $1.03
Elvish Archdruid Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.90
Elvish Mystic Commander 2014Creature Common $2.67
Elvish Skysweeper Commander 2014Creature Common $0.02
Elvish Visionary Commander 2014Creature Common $0.04
Emerald Medallion Commander 2014Artifact Rare $6.00
Emeria, the Sky Ruin Commander 2014Land Rare $0.60
Epochrasite Commander 2014Artifact Creature Rare $0.03
Essence Warden Commander 2014Creature Common $2.30
Everflowing Chalice Commander 2014Artifact Uncommon $0.03
Everglades Commander 2014Land Uncommon $0.16
Evernight Shade Commander 2014Creature Uncommon $0.04
Evolving Wilds Commander 2014Land Common $0.10
Exclude Commander 2014Instant Common $0.12
Ezuri, Renegade Leader Commander 2014Legendary Creature Rare $1.94
Faithless Looting Commander 2014Sorcery Common $0.18
Farhaven Elf Commander 2014Creature Common $0.12
Fathom Seer Commander 2014Creature Common $0.10
Feldon of the Third Path Commander 2014Legendary Creature Mythic Rare $1.01
Fell the Mighty Commander 2014Sorcery Rare $1.45
Fire Diamond Commander 2014Artifact Uncommon $0.62
Flamekin Village Commander 2014Land Rare $3.96
Flametongue Kavu Commander 2014Creature Uncommon $0.06
Flesh Carver Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.91
Flickerwisp Commander 2014Creature Uncommon $0.10
Fog Bank Commander 2014Creature Uncommon $0.04
Fool's Demise Commander 2014Enchantment Uncommon $0.04
Forest Commander 2014Basic Land Basic Land $0.02
Forest Commander 2014Basic Land Basic Land $0.01
Forest Commander 2014Basic Land Basic Land $0.01
Forest Commander 2014Basic Land Basic Land $0.01
Forgotten Cave Commander 2014Land Common $0.60
Fresh Meat Commander 2014Instant Rare $0.02
Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury Commander 2014Planeswalker Mythic Rare $10.12
Frost Titan Commander 2014Creature Mythic Rare $1.01
Gargoyle Castle Commander 2014Land Rare $0.03
Geist-Honored Monk Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.03
Ghost Quarter Commander 2014Land Uncommon $0.26
Ghoulcaller Gisa Commander 2014Legendary Creature Mythic Rare $8.42
Gift of Estates Commander 2014Sorcery Uncommon $0.04
Goblin Welder Commander 2014Creature Rare $1.05
Grand Abolisher Commander 2014Creature Rare $2.35
Grave Sifter Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.67
Grave Titan Commander 2014Creature Mythic Rare $1.98
Gray Merchant of Asphodel Commander 2014Creature Common $2.67
Great Furnace Commander 2014Artifact Land Common $2.89
Grim Flowering Commander 2014Sorcery Uncommon $0.04
Hallowed Spiritkeeper Commander 2014Creature Rare $2.58
Harrow Commander 2014Instant Common $0.19
Haunted Fengraf Commander 2014Land Common $0.05
Havenwood Battleground Commander 2014Land Uncommon $0.05
Hoard-Smelter Dragon Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.04
Hoverguard Sweepers Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.05
Hunting Triad Commander 2014Tribal Sorcery Uncommon $0.03
Ichor Wellspring Commander 2014Artifact Common $0.53
Immaculate Magistrate Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.14
Impact Resonance Commander 2014Instant Rare $0.92
Imperious Perfect Commander 2014Creature Uncommon $0.23
Incite Rebellion Commander 2014Sorcery Rare $0.19
Infernal Offering Commander 2014Sorcery Rare $0.62
Infinite Reflection Commander 2014Enchantment Rare $0.10
Ingot Chewer Commander 2014Creature Common $0.05
Intellectual Offering Commander 2014Instant Rare $5.83
Into the Roil Commander 2014Instant Common $0.20
Island Commander 2014Basic Land Basic Land $0.01
Island Commander 2014Basic Land Basic Land $0.01
Island Commander 2014Basic Land Basic Land $0.02
Island Commander 2014Basic Land Basic Land $0.02
Ixidron Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.32
Jalum Tome Commander 2014Artifact Rare $0.02
Jazal Goldmane Commander 2014Legendary Creature Mythic Rare $2.24
Jet Medallion Commander 2014Artifact Rare $2.05
Joraga Warcaller Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.75
Jungle Basin Commander 2014Land Uncommon $0.04
Junk Diver Commander 2014Artifact Creature Rare $1.54
Karoo Commander 2014Land Uncommon $0.07
Kemba, Kha Regent Commander 2014Legendary Creature Rare $0.02
Kor Sanctifiers Commander 2014Creature Common $0.05
Lashwrithe Commander 2014Artifact Rare $0.45
Lifeblood Hydra Commander 2014Creature Rare $9.24
Liliana's Reaver Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.45
Liquimetal Coating Commander 2014Artifact Uncommon $1.05
Llanowar Elves Commander 2014Creature Common $0.24
Lonely Sandbar Commander 2014Land Common $0.11
Loreseeker's Stone Commander 2014Artifact Uncommon $0.03
Lorthos, the Tidemaker Commander 2014Legendary Creature Mythic Rare $0.21
Loxodon Warhammer Commander 2014Artifact Rare $0.10
Lys Alana Huntmaster Commander 2014Creature Common $0.06
Magmaquake Commander 2014Instant Rare $0.03
Magus of the Coffers Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.24
Malicious Affliction Commander 2014Instant Rare $0.21
Marble Diamond Commander 2014Artifact Uncommon $0.06
Marshal's Anthem Commander 2014Enchantment Rare $0.03
Martial Coup Commander 2014Sorcery Rare $0.11
Mask of Memory Commander 2014Artifact Uncommon $0.04
Masked Admirers Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.01
Masterwork of Ingenuity Commander 2014Artifact Rare $0.16
Mentor of the Meek Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.03
Midnight Haunting Commander 2014Instant Uncommon $0.04
Mind Stone Commander 2014Artifact Uncommon $0.26
Mobilization Commander 2014Enchantment Rare $0.03
Moonsilver Spear Commander 2014Artifact Rare $0.03
Morkrut Banshee Commander 2014Creature Uncommon $0.03
Moss Diamond Commander 2014Artifact Uncommon $0.04
Mountain Commander 2014Basic Land Basic Land $0.01
Mountain Commander 2014Basic Land Basic Land $0.02
Mountain Commander 2014Basic Land Basic Land $0.01
Mountain Commander 2014Basic Land Basic Land $0.02
Mulldrifter Commander 2014Creature Common $0.86
Mutilate Commander 2014Sorcery Rare $0.77
Mycosynth Wellspring Commander 2014Artifact Common $0.10
Myr Battlesphere Commander 2014Artifact Creature Rare $0.17
Myr Retriever Commander 2014Artifact Creature Uncommon $0.10
Myr Sire Commander 2014Artifact Creature Common $0.05
Myriad Landscape Commander 2014Land Uncommon $2.47
Nahiri, the Lithomancer Commander 2014Planeswalker Mythic Rare $0.69
Nantuko Shade Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.07
Necromantic Selection Commander 2014Sorcery Rare $2.82
Nekrataal Commander 2014Creature Uncommon $0.05
Nevinyrral's Disk Commander 2014Artifact Rare $0.36
Nomads' Assembly Commander 2014Sorcery Rare $0.03
Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath Commander 2014Planeswalker Mythic Rare $0.44
Oblation Commander 2014Instant Rare $0.50
Oran-Rief, the Vastwood Commander 2014Land Rare $1.37
Overrun Commander 2014Sorcery Uncommon $0.03
Overseer of the Damned Commander 2014Creature Rare $3.85
Overwhelming Stampede Commander 2014Sorcery Rare $0.21
Palladium Myr Commander 2014Artifact Creature Uncommon $0.05
Panic Spellbomb Commander 2014Artifact Common $0.05
Pearl Medallion Commander 2014Artifact Rare $4.87
Pentavus Commander 2014Artifact Creature Rare $0.03
Pestilence Demon Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.06
Phyrexia's Core Commander 2014Land Uncommon $0.20
Phyrexian Gargantua Commander 2014Creature Uncommon $0.04
Phyrexian Ingester Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.04
Pilgrim's Eye Commander 2014Artifact Creature Common $0.10
Plains Commander 2014Basic Land Basic Land $0.01
Plains Commander 2014Basic Land Basic Land $0.01
Plains Commander 2014Basic Land Basic Land $0.01
Plains Commander 2014Basic Land Basic Land $0.01
Polluted Mire Commander 2014Land Common $0.52
Pongify Commander 2014Instant Uncommon $0.20
Pontiff of Blight Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.14
Praetor's Counsel Commander 2014Sorcery Mythic Rare $0.59
Predator, Flagship Commander 2014Legendary Artifact Rare $0.02
Priest of Titania Commander 2014Creature Common  
Primordial Sage Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.09
Pristine Talisman Commander 2014Artifact Common $0.10
Profane Command Commander 2014Sorcery Rare $0.14
Promise of Power Commander 2014Sorcery Rare $0.03
Rampaging Baloths Commander 2014Creature Mythic Rare $0.44
Raving Dead Commander 2014Creature Rare $1.12
Read the Bones Commander 2014Sorcery Common $0.09
Reaper from the Abyss Commander 2014Creature Mythic Rare $0.24
Reclamation Sage Commander 2014Creature Uncommon $0.76
Reef Worm Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.30
Reliquary Tower Commander 2014Land Uncommon $0.06
Remote Isle Commander 2014Land Common $1.29
Requiem Angel Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.03
Return to Dust Commander 2014Instant Uncommon $0.10
Riptide Survivor Commander 2014Creature Uncommon $0.10
Rite of Replication Commander 2014Sorcery Rare $0.86
Ruby Medallion Commander 2014Artifact Rare $7.00
Rush of Knowledge Commander 2014Sorcery Common $0.29
Sacred Mesa Commander 2014Enchantment Rare $0.02
Sapphire Medallion Commander 2014Artifact Rare $2.36
Scrap Mastery Commander 2014Sorcery Rare $1.82
Sea Gate Oracle Commander 2014Creature Common $0.23
Secluded Steppe Commander 2014Land Common $0.10
Seer's Sundial Commander 2014Artifact Rare $0.03
Serra Avatar Commander 2014Creature Mythic Rare $0.06
Shaper Parasite Commander 2014Creature Common $0.10
Shriekmaw Commander 2014Creature Uncommon $0.18
Siege Behemoth Commander 2014Creature Rare $2.75
Sign in Blood Commander 2014Sorcery Common $0.37
Silklash Spider Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.03
Silverblade Paladin Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.06
Skeletal Scrying Commander 2014Instant Uncommon $0.07
Skirsdag High Priest Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.11
Skullclamp Commander 2014Artifact Uncommon $4.60
Sky Diamond Commander 2014Artifact Uncommon $3.34
Skyhunter Skirmisher Commander 2014Creature Uncommon $0.04
Slippery Karst Commander 2014Land Common $0.16
Smoldering Crater Commander 2014Land Common $0.17
Sol Ring Commander 2014Artifact Uncommon $4.65
Solemn Simulacrum Commander 2014Artifact Creature Rare $1.38
Song of the Dryads Commander 2014Enchantment Rare $7.62
Soul of the Harvest Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.11
Spectral Procession Commander 2014Sorcery Uncommon $0.27
Sphinx of Jwar Isle Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.03
Sphinx of Magosi Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.03
Sphinx of Uthuun Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.06
Spine of Ish Sah Commander 2014Artifact Rare $0.27
Spitebellows Commander 2014Creature Uncommon $0.04
Spoils of Blood Commander 2014Instant Rare $0.62
Starstorm Commander 2014Instant Rare $0.42
Steel Hellkite Commander 2014Artifact Creature Rare $0.30
Stitcher Geralf Commander 2014Legendary Creature Mythic Rare $0.90
Stormsurge Kraken Commander 2014Creature Rare $2.40
Strata Scythe Commander 2014Artifact Rare $0.02
Stroke of Genius Commander 2014Instant Rare $0.81
Sudden Spoiling Commander 2014Instant Rare $0.51
Sun Titan Commander 2014Creature Mythic Rare $1.35
Sunblast Angel Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.02
Swamp Commander 2014Basic Land Basic Land $0.01
Swamp Commander 2014Basic Land Basic Land $0.01
Swamp Commander 2014Basic Land Basic Land $0.02
Swamp Commander 2014Basic Land Basic Land $0.01
Swiftfoot Boots Commander 2014Artifact Uncommon $0.03
Sword of Vengeance Commander 2014Artifact Rare $0.10
Sylvan Offering Commander 2014Sorcery Rare $5.30
Sylvan Ranger Commander 2014Creature Common $0.05
Sylvan Safekeeper Commander 2014Creature Rare $7.97
Syphon Mind Commander 2014Sorcery Common $1.38
Tectonic Edge Commander 2014Land Uncommon $0.32
Teferi, Temporal Archmage Commander 2014Planeswalker Mythic Rare $3.51
Temple of the False God Commander 2014Land Uncommon $0.50
Tendrils of Corruption Commander 2014Instant Common $0.32
Terastodon Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.13
Terramorphic Expanse Commander 2014Land Common $0.36
Thornweald Archer Commander 2014Creature Common $0.10
Thran Dynamo Commander 2014Artifact Uncommon $2.45
Thunderfoot Baloth Commander 2014Creature Rare $6.29
Timberwatch Elf Commander 2014Creature Common $0.23
Titania's Chosen Commander 2014Creature Uncommon $0.06
Titania, Protector of Argoth Commander 2014Legendary Creature Mythic Rare $6.20
Tormod's Crypt Commander 2014Artifact Uncommon $2.39
Tornado Elemental Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.11
Trading Post Commander 2014Artifact Rare $0.20
Tragic Slip Commander 2014Instant Common $0.44
Tranquil Thicket Commander 2014Land Common $0.24
True Conviction Commander 2014Enchantment Rare $0.03
Tuktuk the Explorer Commander 2014Legendary Creature Rare $0.07
Turn to Frog Commander 2014Instant Uncommon $0.04
Twilight Shepherd Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.02
Tyrant's Familiar Commander 2014Creature Rare $1.12
Unstable Obelisk Commander 2014Artifact Uncommon $2.99
Ur-Golem's Eye Commander 2014Artifact Uncommon $0.15
Vampire Hexmage Commander 2014Creature Uncommon $0.35
Victimize Commander 2014Sorcery Uncommon $0.23
Volcanic Offering Commander 2014Instant Rare $3.68
Wake the Dead Commander 2014Instant Rare $2.27
Warmonger Hellkite Commander 2014Creature Rare $1.40
Wave of Vitriol Commander 2014Sorcery Rare $0.22
Wayfarer's Bauble Commander 2014Artifact Common $0.19
Well of Ideas Commander 2014Enchantment Rare $0.09
Wellwisher Commander 2014Creature Common $0.08
Whipflare Commander 2014Sorcery Uncommon $0.13
Whirlwind Commander 2014Sorcery Rare $0.03
White Sun's Zenith Commander 2014Instant Rare $0.03
Whitemane Lion Commander 2014Creature Common $0.10
Willbender Commander 2014Creature Uncommon $0.05
Wing Shards Commander 2014Instant Uncommon $0.06
Wolfbriar Elemental Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.03
Wolfcaller's Howl Commander 2014Enchantment Rare $1.68
Wood Elves Commander 2014Creature Common $0.62
Word of Seizing Commander 2014Instant Rare $0.03
Worn Powerstone Commander 2014Artifact Uncommon $0.56
Wren's Run Packmaster Commander 2014Creature Rare $0.04
Wurmcoil Engine Commander 2014Artifact Creature Mythic Rare $8.30
Xathrid Demon Commander 2014Creature Mythic Rare $0.06
Zoetic Cavern Commander 2014Land Uncommon $0.04

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