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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarityLow Price
Æthermage's Touch DissensionInstant Rare  
Anthem of Rakdos DissensionEnchantment Rare $0.01
Aquastrand Spider DissensionCreature Common $0.01
Assault Zeppelid DissensionCreature Common $0.01
Aurora Eidolon DissensionCreature Common $0.01
Avatar of Discord DissensionCreature Rare $0.01
Azorius Æthermage DissensionCreature Uncommon  
Azorius Chancery DissensionLand Common $0.02
Azorius First-Wing DissensionCreature Common $0.01
Azorius Guildmage DissensionCreature Uncommon $0.02
Azorius Herald DissensionCreature Uncommon $0.02
Azorius Ploy DissensionInstant Uncommon $0.01
Azorius Signet DissensionArtifact Common $0.02
Beacon Hawk DissensionCreature Common $0.01
Biomantic Mastery DissensionSorcery Rare $0.01
Blessing of the Nephilim DissensionEnchant Creature Uncommon $0.03
Blood Crypt DissensionLand Rare $0.44
Bond of Agony DissensionSorcery Uncommon $0.02
Bound Determined DissensionInstant Rare  
Brace for Impact DissensionInstant Uncommon $0.01
Brain Pry DissensionSorcery Uncommon $0.01
Breeding Pool DissensionLand Rare $0.45
Bronze Bombshell DissensionArtifact Creature Rare $0.01
Cackling Flames DissensionInstant Common $0.01
Carom DissensionInstant Common $0.01
Celestial Ancient DissensionCreature Rare $0.01
Coiling Oracle DissensionCreature Common $0.01
Condemn DissensionInstant Uncommon $0.02
Court Hussar DissensionCreature Uncommon $0.02
Crime Punishment DissensionSorcery Rare  
Crypt Champion DissensionCreature Uncommon $0.02
Cytoplast Manipulator DissensionCreature Rare $0.01
Cytoplast Root-Kin DissensionCreature Rare $0.01
Cytoshape DissensionInstant Rare $0.01
Cytospawn Shambler DissensionCreature Common $0.01
Delirium Skeins Dissension  Common $0.01
Demon's Jester Dissension  Common $0.01
Demonfire Dissension  Rare $0.01
Dovescape Dissension  Rare $0.02
Dread Slag Dissension  Rare $0.01
Drekavac Dissension  Uncommon $0.03
Elemental Resonance Dissension  Rare $0.01
Enemy of the Guildpact Dissension  Common $0.01
Enigma Eidolon Dissension  Common $0.01
Entropic Eidolon Dissension  Common $0.01
Evolution Vat Dissension  Rare $0.01
Experiment Kraj Dissension  Rare $0.01
Fertile Imagination Dissension  Uncommon $0.01
Flame-Kin War Scout Dissension  Uncommon $0.02
Flaring Flame-Kin Dissension  Uncommon $0.01
Flash Foliage Dissension  Uncommon $0.02
Freewind Equenaut Dissension  Common $0.01
Ghost Quarter Dissension  Uncommon $0.03
Gnat Alley Creeper Dissension  Uncommon $0.01
Gobhobbler Rats Dissension  Common $0.01
Govern the Guildless Dissension  Rare $0.01
Grand Arbiter Augustin IV Dissension  Rare $0.02
Guardian of the Guildpact Dissension  Common $0.05
Haazda Exonerator Dissension  Common $0.01
Haazda Shield Mate Dissension  Rare $0.01
Hallowed Fountain Dissension  Rare $0.44
Helium Squirter Dissension  Common $0.01
Hellhole Rats Dissension  Uncommon $0.02
Hide Seek Dissension  Rare  
Hit Run Dissension  Uncommon  
Ignorant Bliss Dissension  Uncommon $0.02
Indrik Stomphowler Dissension  Uncommon $0.02
Infernal Tutor Dissension  Rare $0.02
Isperia the Inscrutable Dissension  Rare $0.01
Jagged Poppet Dissension  Uncommon $0.01
Kill-Suit Cultist Dissension  Common $0.01
Kindle the Carnage Dissension  Uncommon $0.02
Leafdrake Roost Dissension  Uncommon $0.02
Loaming Shaman Dissension  Rare $0.01
Lyzolda, the Blood Witch Dissension  Rare $0.01
Macabre Waltz Dissension  Common $0.01
Magewright's Stone Dissension  Uncommon $0.03
Might of the Nephilim Dissension  Uncommon $0.02
Minister of Impediments Dissension  Common $0.01
Mistral Charger Dissension  Uncommon $0.01
Momir Vig, Simic Visionary Dissension  Rare $0.01
Muse Vessel Dissension  Rare $0.01
Nettling Curse Dissension  Common $0.01
Nightcreep Dissension  Uncommon $0.01
Nihilistic Glee Dissension  Rare $0.01
Novijen Sages Dissension  Rare $0.01
Novijen, Heart of Progress Dissension  Uncommon $0.02
Ocular Halo Dissension  Common $0.01
Odds Ends Dissension  Rare  
Ogre Gatecrasher Dissension  Common $0.01
Omnibian Dissension  Rare $0.01
Overrule Dissension  Common $0.01
Pain Magnification Dissension  Uncommon $0.01
Paladin of Prahv Dissension  Uncommon $0.04
Palliation Accord Dissension  Uncommon $0.01
Patagia Viper Dissension  Uncommon $0.02
Pillar of the Paruns Dissension  Rare $0.02
Plaxcaster Frogling Dissension  Uncommon $0.02
Plaxmanta Dissension  Uncommon $0.01
Plumes of Peace Dissension  Common $0.01
Prahv, Spires of Order Dissension  Uncommon $0.02
Pride of the Clouds Dissension  Rare $0.02
Proclamation of Rebirth Dissension  Rare $0.02
Proper Burial Dissension  Rare $0.01
Protean Hulk Dissension  Rare $0.02
Psychic Possession Dissension  Rare $0.01
Psychotic Fury Dissension  Common $0.01
Pure Simple Dissension  Uncommon  
Ragamuffyn Dissension  Uncommon $0.02
Rain of Gore Dissension  Rare $0.10
Rakdos Augermage Dissension  Rare $0.01
Rakdos Carnarium Dissension  Common $0.02
Rakdos Guildmage Dissension  Uncommon $0.02
Rakdos Ickspitter Dissension  Common $0.01
Rakdos Pit Dragon Dissension  Rare $0.01
Rakdos Riteknife Dissension  Rare $0.01
Rakdos Signet Dissension  Common $0.01
Rakdos the Defiler Dissension  Rare $0.01
Ratcatcher Dissension  Rare $0.01
Research Development Dissension  Rare  
Riot Spikes Dissension  Common $0.01
Rise Fall Dissension  Uncommon  
Rix Maadi, Dungeon Palace Dissension  Uncommon $0.03
Sandstorm Eidolon Dissension  Common $0.01
Seal of Doom Dissension  Common $0.01
Seal of Fire Dissension  Common $0.02
Shielding Plax Dissension  Common $0.01
Silkwing Scout Dissension  Common $0.01
Simic Basilisk Dissension  Uncommon $0.01
Simic Growth Chamber Dissension  Common $0.04
Simic Guildmage Dissension  Uncommon $0.03
Simic Initiate Dissension  Common $0.01
Simic Ragworm Dissension  Common $0.01
Simic Signet Dissension  Common $0.02
Simic Sky Swallower Dissension  Rare $0.01
Skullmead Cauldron Dissension  Uncommon $0.01
Sky Hussar Dissension  Uncommon $0.03
Skyscribing Dissension  Uncommon $0.02
Slaughterhouse Bouncer Dissension  Common $0.01
Slithering Shade Dissension  Uncommon $0.01
Soulsworn Jury Dissension  Common $0.01
Spell Snare Dissension  Uncommon $0.73
Sporeback Troll Dissension  Common $0.01
Sprouting Phytohydra Dissension  Rare $0.01
Squealing Devil Dissension  Uncommon $0.01
Stalking Vengeance Dissension  Rare $0.01
Steeling Stance Dissension  Common $0.01
Stoic Ephemera Dissension  Uncommon $0.01
Stomp and Howl Dissension  Uncommon $0.02
Stormscale Anarch Dissension  Rare $0.01
Street Savvy Dissension  Common $0.01
Supply Demand Dissension  Uncommon  
Swift Silence Dissension  Rare $0.01
Taste for Mayhem Dissension  Common $0.01
Thrive Dissension  Common $0.01
Tidespout Tyrant Dissension  Rare $0.10
Transguild Courier Dissension  Uncommon $0.03
Trial Error Dissension  Uncommon  
Trygon Predator Dissension  Uncommon $0.03
Twinstrike Dissension  Uncommon $0.02
Unliving Psychopath Dissension  Rare $0.01
Utopia Sprawl Dissension  Common $0.28
Utvara Scalper Dissension  Common $0.01
Valor Made Real Dissension  Common $0.01
Verdant Eidolon Dissension  Common $0.01
Vesper Ghoul Dissension  Common $0.01
Vigean Graftmage Dissension  Uncommon $0.02
Vigean Hydropon Dissension  Common $0.01
Vigean Intuition Dissension  Uncommon $0.03
Vision Skeins Dissension  Common $0.01
Voidslime Dissension  Rare $0.10
Wakestone Gargoyle Dissension  Rare $0.01
Walking Archive Dissension  Rare $0.01
War's Toll Dissension  Rare $0.01
Weight of Spires Dissension  Uncommon $0.02
Whiptail Moloch Dissension  Common $0.01
Windreaver Dissension  Rare $0.01
Wit's End Dissension  Rare $0.01
Wrecking Ball Dissension  Common $0.01
Writ of Passage Dissension  Common $0.01

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