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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarityLow Price
Ahn-Crop Champion AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Ahn-Crop Crasher AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Ancient Crab AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Angel of Sanctions AmonkhetCreature Mythic Rare $0.50
Angler Drake AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Anointed Procession AmonkhetEnchantment Rare  
Anointer Priest AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Approach of the Second Sun AmonkhetSorcery Rare $1.10
Archfiend of Ifnir AmonkhetCreature Rare  
As Foretold AmonkhetEnchantment Mythic Rare  
Aven Initiate AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Aven Mindcensor AmonkhetCreature Rare $0.70
Aven Wind Guide AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Baleful Ammit AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Battlefield Scavenger AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Benefaction of Rhonas AmonkhetSorcery Common $0.05
Binding Mummy AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Bitterblade Warrior AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Blazing Volley AmonkhetSorcery Common $0.05
Blighted Bat AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Bloodlust Inciter AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Bloodrage Brawler AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Bone Picker AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Bontu the Glorified AmonkhetLegendary Creature Mythic Rare $0.85
Bontu's Monument AmonkhetLegendary Artifact Uncommon  
Bounty of the Luxa AmonkhetEnchantment Rare $0.25
Brute Strength AmonkhetInstant Common $0.05
By Force AmonkhetSorcery Uncommon  
Cancel AmonkhetInstant Common $0.05
Canyon Slough AmonkhetLand Rare $1.00
Cartouche of Ambition AmonkhetEnchantment Common $0.05
Cartouche of Knowledge AmonkhetEnchantment Common $0.05
Cartouche of Solidarity AmonkhetEnchantment Common $0.07
Cartouche of Strength AmonkhetEnchantment Common $0.05
Cartouche of Zeal AmonkhetEnchantment Common $0.05
Cascading Cataracts AmonkhetLand Rare  
Cast Out AmonkhetEnchantment Uncommon $0.10
Censor AmonkhetInstant Uncommon $0.10
Champion of Rhonas AmonkhetCreature Rare $0.45
Channeler Initiate AmonkhetCreature Rare $0.25
Cinder Barrens AmonkhetLand Common $0.12
Colossapede AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Combat Celebrant AmonkhetCreature Mythic Rare  
Commit Memory AmonkhetInstant Rare $1.75
Companion of the Trials AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Compelling Argument AmonkhetSorcery Common $0.05
Compulsory Rest AmonkhetEnchantment Common $0.05
Consuming Fervor AmonkhetEnchantment Uncommon $0.10
Cradle of the Accursed AmonkhetLand Common $0.05
Crocodile of the Crossing AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Cruel Reality AmonkhetEnchantment Mythic Rare $1.45
Cryptic Serpent AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Curator of Mysteries AmonkhetCreature Rare $0.25
Cursed Minotaur AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Cut Ribbons AmonkhetSorcery Rare $0.25
Decimator Beetle AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Decision Paralysis AmonkhetInstant Common $0.05
Deem Worthy AmonkhetInstant Uncommon $0.10
Defiant Greatmaw AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Desert Cerodon AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Desiccated Naga AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.20
Destined Lead AmonkhetInstant Uncommon $0.10
Devoted Crop-Mate AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Dispossess AmonkhetSorcery Rare $0.25
Dissenter's Deliverance AmonkhetInstant Common $0.05
Djeru's Resolve AmonkhetInstant Common $0.05
Doomed Dissenter AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Drake Haven AmonkhetEnchantment Rare $0.25
Dread Wanderer AmonkhetCreature Rare $1.70
Dune Beetle AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Dusk Dawn AmonkhetSorcery Rare $0.25
Edifice of Authority AmonkhetArtifact Uncommon $0.10
Electrify AmonkhetInstant Common $0.05
Embalmer's Tools AmonkhetArtifact Uncommon $0.10
Emberhorn Minotaur AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Enigma Drake AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Essence Scatter AmonkhetInstant Common $0.05
Evolving Wilds AmonkhetLand Common $0.05
Exemplar of Strength AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Failure Comply AmonkhetSorcery Rare $0.25
Faith of the Devoted AmonkhetEnchantment Uncommon $0.10
Fan Bearer AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Festering Mummy AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Fetid Pools AmonkhetLand Rare $2.00
Final Reward AmonkhetInstant Common $0.05
Flameblade Adept AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Fling AmonkhetInstant Common $0.05
Floodwaters AmonkhetSorcery Common $0.05
Forest AmonkhetBasic Land Basic Land $0.14
Forest AmonkhetBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Forest AmonkhetBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Forest AmonkhetBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Forsake the Worldly AmonkhetInstant Common $0.05
Forsaken Sanctuary AmonkhetLand Common $0.11
Foul Orchard AmonkhetLand Common $0.05
Galestrike AmonkhetInstant Uncommon $0.10
Gate to the Afterlife AmonkhetArtifact Uncommon $0.10
Giant Spider AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Gideon of the Trials AmonkhetPlaneswalker Mythic Rare $2.95
Gideon's Intervention AmonkhetEnchantment Rare $0.25
Gideon's Resolve AmonkhetEnchantment Rare $0.25
Gideon, Martial Paragon AmonkhetPlaneswalker Mythic Rare $2.95
Gift of Paradise AmonkhetEnchantment Common $0.05
Glorious End AmonkhetInstant Mythic Rare $0.95
Glory-Bound Initiate AmonkhetCreature Rare $0.25
Glorybringer AmonkhetCreature Rare $0.25
Glyph Keeper AmonkhetCreature Rare $0.25
Graceful Cat AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Grasping Dunes AmonkhetLand Uncommon $0.10
Gravedigger AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Greater Sandwurm AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Grim Strider AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Gust Walker AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Hapatra's Mark AmonkhetInstant Uncommon $0.10
Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons AmonkhetLegendary Creature Rare $0.70
Harsh Mentor AmonkhetCreature Rare $0.25
Harvest Season AmonkhetSorcery Rare $0.95
Haze of Pollen AmonkhetInstant Common $0.05
Hazoret the Fervent AmonkhetLegendary Creature Mythic Rare $0.95
Hazoret's Favor AmonkhetEnchantment Rare $0.25
Hazoret's Monument AmonkhetLegendary Artifact Uncommon $0.75
Heart-Piercer Manticore AmonkhetCreature Rare $0.25
Heaven Earth AmonkhetSorcery Rare $0.25
Hekma Sentinels AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Hieroglyphic Illumination AmonkhetInstant Common $0.05
Highland Lake AmonkhetLand Common $0.07
Honed Khopesh AmonkhetArtifact Common $0.05
Honored Crop-Captain AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Honored Hydra AmonkhetCreature Rare $0.25
Hooded Brawler AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Horror of the Broken Lands AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Hyena Pack AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Illusory Wrappings AmonkhetEnchantment Common $0.05
Impeccable Timing AmonkhetInstant Common $0.05
In Oketra's Name AmonkhetInstant Common $0.05
Initiate's Companion AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Insult Injury AmonkhetSorcery Rare $0.25
Irrigated Farmland AmonkhetLand Rare $0.45
Island AmonkhetBasic Land Basic Land $0.20
Island AmonkhetBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Island AmonkhetBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Island AmonkhetBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Kefnet the Mindful AmonkhetLegendary Creature Mythic Rare $0.95
Kefnet's Monument AmonkhetLegendary Artifact Uncommon $0.10
Khenra Charioteer AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Labyrinth Guardian AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Lay Bare the Heart AmonkhetSorcery Uncommon $0.10
Lay Claim AmonkhetEnchantment Uncommon $0.10
Liliana's Influence AmonkhetSorcery Rare $0.45
Liliana's Mastery AmonkhetEnchantment Rare $0.40
Liliana, Death Wielder AmonkhetPlaneswalker Mythic Rare $9.99
Liliana, Death's Majesty AmonkhetPlaneswalker Mythic Rare $0.95
Limits of Solidarity AmonkhetSorcery Uncommon $0.10
Lord of the Accursed AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.50
Luxa River Shrine AmonkhetArtifact Common $0.05
Magma Spray AmonkhetInstant Common $0.05
Manglehorn AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Manticore of the Gauntlet AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Meandering River AmonkhetLand Common $0.15
Merciless Javelineer AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Miasmic Mummy AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Mighty Leap AmonkhetInstant Common $0.05
Minotaur Sureshot AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Mountain AmonkhetBasic Land Basic Land $0.15
Mountain AmonkhetBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Mountain AmonkhetBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Mountain AmonkhetBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Mouth Feed AmonkhetSorcery Rare $0.25
Naga Oracle AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Naga Vitalist AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Nef-Crop Entangler AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Neheb, the Worthy AmonkhetLegendary Creature Rare $0.25
Nest of Scarabs AmonkhetEnchantment Uncommon $0.10
Never Return AmonkhetSorcery Rare $0.30
New Perspectives AmonkhetEnchantment Rare $0.25
Nimble-Blade Khenra AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Nissa, Steward of Elements AmonkhetPlaneswalker Mythic Rare $1.25
Oashra Cultivator AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Oketra the True AmonkhetLegendary Creature Mythic Rare $1.95
Oketra's Attendant AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Oketra's Monument AmonkhetLegendary Artifact Uncommon $3.00
Onward Victory AmonkhetInstant Uncommon $0.10
Open into Wonder AmonkhetSorcery Uncommon $0.10
Oracle's Vault AmonkhetArtifact Rare $0.25
Ornery Kudu AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Painful Lesson AmonkhetSorcery Common $0.05
Painted Bluffs AmonkhetLand Common $0.05
Pathmaker Initiate AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Pitiless Vizier AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Plague Belcher AmonkhetCreature Rare  
Plains AmonkhetBasic Land Basic Land $0.15
Plains AmonkhetBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Plains AmonkhetBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Plains AmonkhetBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Pouncing Cheetah AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Prepare Fight AmonkhetInstant Rare $0.25
Protection of the Hekma AmonkhetEnchantment Uncommon $0.10
Prowling Serpopard AmonkhetCreature Rare  
Pull from Tomorrow AmonkhetInstant Rare $0.90
Pursue Glory AmonkhetInstant Common $0.05
Pyramid of the Pantheon AmonkhetArtifact Rare $0.25
Quarry Hauler AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Rags Riches AmonkhetSorcery Rare $0.25
Reduce Rubble AmonkhetInstant Uncommon $0.10
Regal Caracal AmonkhetCreature Rare $0.45
Renewed Faith AmonkhetInstant Uncommon $0.10
Rhet-Crop Spearmaster AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Rhonas the Indomitable AmonkhetLegendary Creature Mythic Rare $2.75
Rhonas's Monument AmonkhetLegendary Artifact Uncommon $0.45
River Serpent AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Ruthless Sniper AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Sacred Cat AmonkhetCreature Common $0.10
Sacred Excavation AmonkhetSorcery Uncommon $0.10
Samut, Voice of Dissent AmonkhetLegendary Creature Mythic Rare $2.50
Sandwurm Convergence AmonkhetEnchantment Rare  
Scaled Behemoth AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Scarab Feast AmonkhetInstant Common $0.05
Scattered Groves AmonkhetLand Rare $1.95
Scribe of the Mindful AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Seeker of Insight AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Seraph of the Suns AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Shadow of the Grave AmonkhetInstant Rare $0.90
Shadowstorm Vizier AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Shed Weakness AmonkhetInstant Common $0.05
Shefet Monitor AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Sheltered Thicket AmonkhetLand Rare $0.50
Shimmerscale Drake AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Sixth Sense AmonkhetEnchantment Uncommon $0.10
Slither Blade AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Soul-Scar Mage AmonkhetCreature Rare $1.05
Soulstinger AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Sparring Mummy AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Spidery Grasp AmonkhetInstant Common $0.05
Splendid Agony AmonkhetInstant Common $0.05
Spring Mind AmonkhetSorcery Uncommon $0.10
Start Finish AmonkhetInstant Uncommon $0.10
Stinging Shot AmonkhetInstant Common $0.05
Stir the Sands AmonkhetSorcery Uncommon $0.10
Stone Quarry AmonkhetLand Common $0.05
Submerged Boneyard AmonkhetLand Common $0.13
Sunscorched Desert AmonkhetLand Common $0.05
Supernatural Stamina AmonkhetInstant Common $0.05
Supply Caravan AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Swamp AmonkhetBasic Land Basic Land $0.20
Swamp AmonkhetBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Swamp AmonkhetBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Swamp AmonkhetBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Sweltering Suns AmonkhetSorcery Rare $0.70
Synchronized Strike AmonkhetInstant Uncommon $0.10
Tah-Crop Elite AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Tah-Crop Skirmisher AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Tattered Mummy AmonkhetCreature Common $0.10
Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun AmonkhetLegendary Creature Rare $0.25
Those Who Serve AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Thresher Lizard AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Throne of the God-Pharaoh AmonkhetLegendary Artifact Rare  
Timber Gorge AmonkhetLand Common $0.23
Time to Reflect AmonkhetInstant Uncommon $0.10
Tormenting Voice AmonkhetSorcery Common $0.05
Tranquil Expanse AmonkhetLand Common $0.12
Trespasser's Curse AmonkhetEnchantment Common $0.05
Trial of Ambition AmonkhetEnchantment Uncommon $0.10
Trial of Knowledge AmonkhetEnchantment Uncommon $0.10
Trial of Solidarity AmonkhetEnchantment Uncommon $0.10
Trial of Strength AmonkhetEnchantment Uncommon $0.10
Trial of Zeal AmonkhetEnchantment Uncommon $0.10
Trueheart Duelist AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Trueheart Twins AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Unburden AmonkhetSorcery Common $0.05
Unwavering Initiate AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Violent Impact AmonkhetSorcery Common $0.05
Vizier of Deferment AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Vizier of Many Faces AmonkhetCreature Rare $0.25
Vizier of Remedies AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Vizier of the Menagerie AmonkhetCreature Mythic Rare $6.00
Vizier of Tumbling Sands AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Wander in Death AmonkhetSorcery Common $0.05
Warfire Javelineer AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Wasteland Scorpion AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Watchers of the Dead AmonkhetArtifact Creature Uncommon $0.10
Watchful Naga AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Wayward Servant AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Weaver of Currents AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10
Winds of Rebuke AmonkhetInstant Common $0.05
Winged Shepherd AmonkhetCreature Common $0.05
Woodland Stream AmonkhetLand Common $0.08
Zenith Seeker AmonkhetCreature Uncommon $0.10

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