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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarityLow Price
Adanto Vanguard IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Adanto, the First Fort IxalanLegendary Land Rare  
Admiral Beckett Brass IxalanLegendary Creature Mythic Rare  
Air Elemental IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Ancient Brontodon IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Angrath's Marauders IxalanCreature Rare $0.28
Anointed Deacon IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Arcane Adaptation IxalanEnchantment Rare $1.95
Arguel's Blood Fast IxalanLegendary Enchantment Rare $0.25
Ashes of the Abhorrent IxalanEnchantment Rare $0.25
Atzocan Archer IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Axis of Mortality IxalanEnchantment Mythic Rare $0.50
Azcanta, the Sunken Ruin IxalanLegendary Land Rare  
Belligerent Brontodon IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Bellowing Aegisaur IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Bishop of Rebirth IxalanCreature Rare $0.25
Bishop of the Bloodstained IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Bishop's Soldier IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Blight Keeper IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Blinding Fog IxalanInstant Common $0.05
Bloodcrazed Paladin IxalanCreature Rare $0.25
Blossom Dryad IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Bonded Horncrest IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Boneyard Parley IxalanSorcery Mythic Rare $0.50
Brazen Buccaneers IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Bright Reprisal IxalanInstant Uncommon $0.10
Burning Sun's Avatar IxalanCreature Rare $0.25
Call to the Feast IxalanSorcery Uncommon $0.10
Cancel IxalanInstant Common $0.05
Captain Lannery Storm IxalanLegendary Creature Rare $8.34
Captivating Crew IxalanCreature Rare $0.25
Carnage Tyrant IxalanCreature Mythic Rare $9.98
Castaway's Despair IxalanEnchantment Common $0.05
Charging Monstrosaur IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Chart a Course IxalanSorcery Uncommon $0.65
Cobbled Wings IxalanArtifact Common $0.05
Colossal Dreadmaw IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Commune with Dinosaurs IxalanSorcery Common $0.05
Conqueror's Foothold IxalanLand Rare  
Conqueror's Galleon IxalanArtifact Rare $1.25
Contract Killing IxalanSorcery Common $0.05
Costly Plunder IxalanInstant Common $0.05
Crash the Ramparts IxalanInstant Common $0.05
Crushing Canopy IxalanInstant Common $0.05
Daring Saboteur IxalanCreature Rare $0.25
Dark Nourishment IxalanInstant Uncommon $0.10
Deadeye Plunderers IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Deadeye Quartermaster IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Deadeye Tormentor IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Deadeye Tracker IxalanCreature Rare $0.25
Deathgorge Scavenger IxalanCreature Rare $0.34
Deathless Ancient IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Deeproot Champion IxalanCreature Rare $0.25
Deeproot Warrior IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Deeproot Waters IxalanEnchantment Uncommon $0.10
Demolish IxalanSorcery Common $0.05
Demystify IxalanInstant Common $0.05
Depths of Desire IxalanInstant Common $0.05
Desperate Castaways IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Dinosaur Stampede IxalanInstant Uncommon $0.10
Dire Fleet Captain IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Dire Fleet Hoarder IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Dire Fleet Interloper IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Dire Fleet Ravager IxalanCreature Mythic Rare $0.60
Dive Down IxalanInstant Common $0.05
Dowsing Dagger IxalanArtifact Rare  
Dragonskull Summit IxalanLand Rare  
Dreamcaller Siren IxalanCreature Rare $0.25
Drover of the Mighty IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.35
Drowned Catacomb IxalanLand Rare $6.95
Dual Shot IxalanInstant Common $0.05
Duress IxalanSorcery Common $0.05
Dusk Legion Dreadnought IxalanArtifact Uncommon $0.10
Duskborne Skymarcher IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Elaborate Firecannon IxalanArtifact Uncommon $0.10
Emergent Growth IxalanSorcery Uncommon $0.10
Emissary of Sunrise IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Emperor's Vanguard IxalanCreature Rare $0.25
Encampment Keeper IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Entrancing Melody IxalanSorcery Rare $0.25
Fathom Fleet Captain IxalanCreature Rare $0.25
Fathom Fleet Cutthroat IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Fathom Fleet Firebrand IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Favorable Winds IxalanEnchantment Uncommon $0.10
Fell Flagship IxalanArtifact Rare $0.25
Field of Ruin IxalanLand Uncommon $0.24
Fiery Cannonade IxalanInstant Uncommon $0.10
Fire Shrine Keeper IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Firecannon Blast IxalanSorcery Common $0.05
Fleet Swallower IxalanCreature Rare $0.95
Forest IxalanBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Forest IxalanBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Forest IxalanBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Forest IxalanBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Frenzied Raptor IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Gilded Sentinel IxalanArtifact Creature Common $0.05
Gishath, Sun's Avatar IxalanLegendary Creature Mythic Rare  
Glacial Fortress IxalanLand Rare  
Glorifier of Dusk IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Goring Ceratops IxalanCreature Rare $0.25
Grasping Current IxalanSorcery Rare $0.25
Grazing Whiptail IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Grim Captain's Call IxalanSorcery Uncommon $0.10
Growing Rites of Itlimoc IxalanLegendary Enchantment Rare  
Headstrong Brute IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Headwater Sentries IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Heartless Pillage IxalanSorcery Uncommon $0.10
Herald of Secret Streams IxalanCreature Rare $8.45
Hierophant's Chalice IxalanArtifact Common $0.05
Hijack IxalanSorcery Common $0.05
Hostage Taker IxalanCreature Rare $1.50
Huatli's Snubhorn IxalanCreature Common  
Huatli's Spurring IxalanInstant Uncommon  
Huatli, Dinosaur Knight IxalanLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare  
Huatli, Warrior Poet IxalanLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare  
Imperial Aerosaur IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Imperial Lancer IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Inspiring Cleric IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Island IxalanBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Island IxalanBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Island IxalanBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Island IxalanBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Itlimoc, Cradle of the Sun IxalanLegendary Land Rare  
Ixalan's Binding IxalanEnchantment Uncommon $0.10
Ixalli's Diviner IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Ixalli's Keeper IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Jace's Sentinel IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.25
Jace, Cunning Castaway IxalanLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare $1.10
Jace, Ingenious Mind-Mage IxalanLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare  
Jade Guardian IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Jungle Delver IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Kinjalli's Caller IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Kinjalli's Sunwing IxalanCreature Rare $1.94
Kitesail Freebooter IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Kopala, Warden of Waves IxalanLegendary Creature Rare $0.30
Kumena's Speaker IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Legion Conquistador IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Legion's Judgment IxalanSorcery Common $0.05
Legion's Landing IxalanLegendary Enchantment Rare  
Lightning Strike IxalanInstant Uncommon $0.10
Lightning-Rig Crew IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Lookout's Dispersal IxalanInstant Uncommon $0.10
Looming Altisaur IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Lost Vale IxalanLand Rare  
Lurking Chupacabra IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Makeshift Munitions IxalanEnchantment Uncommon $0.10
Marauding Looter IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
March of the Drowned IxalanSorcery Common $0.05
Mark of the Vampire IxalanEnchantment Common $0.05
Mavren Fein, Dusk Apostle IxalanLegendary Creature Rare $1.95
Merfolk Branchwalker IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Mountain IxalanBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Mountain IxalanBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Mountain IxalanBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Mountain IxalanBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Navigator's Ruin IxalanEnchantment Uncommon $0.10
Nest Robber IxalanCreature Common $0.05
New Horizons IxalanEnchantment Common $0.05
Old-Growth Dryads IxalanCreature Rare $0.25
One With the Wind IxalanEnchantment Common $0.05
Opt IxalanInstant Common $0.05
Otepec Huntmaster IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.25
Overflowing Insight IxalanSorcery Mythic Rare $0.50
Paladin of the Bloodstained IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Perilous Voyage IxalanInstant Uncommon $0.10
Pillar of Origins IxalanArtifact Uncommon $0.60
Pious Interdiction IxalanEnchantment Common $0.05
Pirate's Cutlass IxalanArtifact Common $0.05
Pirate's Prize IxalanSorcery Common $0.05
Plains IxalanBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Plains IxalanBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Plains IxalanBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Plains IxalanBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Pounce IxalanInstant Common $0.05
Priest of the Wakening Sun IxalanCreature Rare $0.25
Primal Amulet IxalanArtifact Rare  
Primal Wellspring IxalanLand Rare  
Prosperous Pirates IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Prying Blade IxalanArtifact Common $0.05
Pterodon Knight IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Queen's Agent IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Queen's Bay Soldier IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Queen's Commission IxalanSorcery Common $0.05
Raging Swordtooth IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Raiders' Wake IxalanEnchantment Uncommon $0.10
Rallying Roar IxalanInstant Uncommon $0.10
Rampaging Ferocidon IxalanCreature Rare $5.00
Ranging Raptors IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.24
Raptor Companion IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Raptor Hatchling IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Ravenous Daggertooth IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Regisaur Alpha IxalanCreature Rare $4.00
Repeating Barrage IxalanSorcery Rare $0.25
Revel in Riches IxalanEnchantment Rare  
Rigging Runner IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Rile IxalanSorcery Common $0.05
Ripjaw Raptor IxalanCreature Rare $2.95
Ritual of Rejuvenation IxalanInstant Common $0.05
River Heralds' Boon IxalanInstant Common $0.05
River Sneak IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
River's Rebuke IxalanSorcery Rare  
Rootbound Crag IxalanLand Rare $3.95
Rowdy Crew IxalanCreature Mythic Rare $0.50
Ruin Raider IxalanCreature Rare $0.25
Rummaging Goblin IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Run Aground IxalanInstant Common $0.05
Ruthless Knave IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Sailor of Means IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Sanctum Seeker IxalanCreature Rare $0.95
Sanguine Sacrament IxalanInstant Rare $0.25
Savage Stomp IxalanSorcery Uncommon $0.10
Search for Azcanta IxalanLegendary Enchantment Rare $3.25
Seekers' Squire IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Sentinel Totem IxalanArtifact Uncommon $0.10
Settle the Wreckage IxalanInstant Rare $2.94
Shadowed Caravel IxalanArtifact Rare $0.25
Shaper Apprentice IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Shapers of Nature IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Shapers' Sanctuary IxalanEnchantment Rare $3.45
Sheltering Light IxalanInstant Uncommon $0.10
Shining Aerosaur IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Shipwreck Looter IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Shore Keeper IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Siren Lookout IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Siren Stormtamer IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.95
Siren's Ruse IxalanInstant Common $0.05
Skittering Heartstopper IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Skulduggery IxalanInstant Common $0.05
Sky Terror IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Skyblade of the Legion IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Skymarch Bloodletter IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Slash of Talons IxalanInstant Common $0.05
Sleek Schooner IxalanArtifact Uncommon $0.10
Slice in Twain IxalanInstant Uncommon $0.10
Snapping Sailback IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Sorcerous Spyglass IxalanArtifact Rare $0.25
Spell Pierce IxalanInstant Common $0.05
Spell Swindle IxalanInstant Rare $1.50
Spike-Tailed Ceratops IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Spires of Orazca IxalanLand Rare  
Spitfire Bastion IxalanLegendary Land Rare  
Spreading Rot IxalanSorcery Common $0.05
Star of Extinction IxalanSorcery Mythic Rare  
Steadfast Armasaur IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Stone Quarry IxalanLand Common $0.05
Storm Fleet Aerialist IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Storm Fleet Arsonist IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Storm Fleet Pyromancer IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Storm Fleet Spy IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Storm Sculptor IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Sun-Blessed Mount IxalanCreature Rare $0.35
Sun-Crowned Hunters IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Sunbird's Invocation IxalanEnchantment Rare  
Sunpetal Grove IxalanLand Rare $3.00
Sunrise Seeker IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Sure Strike IxalanInstant Common $0.05
Swamp IxalanBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Swamp IxalanBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Swamp IxalanBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Swamp IxalanBasic Land Basic Land $0.05
Swashbuckling IxalanEnchantment Common $0.05
Sword-Point Diplomacy IxalanSorcery Rare $0.25
Tempest Caller IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Temple of Aclazotz IxalanLegendary Land Rare  
Territorial Hammerskull IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Thaumatic Compass IxalanArtifact Rare $1.95
Thrash of Raptors IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Thundering Spineback IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Tilonalli's Knight IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Tilonalli's Skinshifter IxalanCreature Rare $0.25
Tishana's Wayfinder IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Tishana, Voice of Thunder IxalanLegendary Creature Mythic Rare  
Tocatli Honor Guard IxalanCreature Rare $0.25
Treasure Cove IxalanLand Rare  
Treasure Map IxalanArtifact Rare  
Trove of Temptation IxalanEnchantment Uncommon $0.10
Unclaimed Territory IxalanLand Uncommon $0.85
Unfriendly Fire IxalanInstant Common $0.05
Unknown Shores IxalanLand Common $0.05
Vampire's Zeal IxalanInstant Common $0.05
Vance's Blasting Cannons IxalanLegendary Enchantment Rare $0.25
Vanquish the Weak IxalanInstant Common $0.05
Vanquisher's Banner IxalanArtifact Rare  
Verdant Rebirth IxalanInstant Uncommon $0.10
Verdant Sun's Avatar IxalanCreature Rare $0.34
Vicious Conquistador IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.20
Vineshaper Mystic IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Vona, Butcher of Magan IxalanLegendary Creature Mythic Rare $4.00
Vraska's Contempt IxalanInstant Rare $0.95
Vraska, Relic Seeker IxalanLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare $1.15
Wakening Sun's Avatar IxalanCreature Mythic Rare  
Waker of the Wilds IxalanCreature Rare $0.25
Walk the Plank IxalanSorcery Uncommon $0.10
Wanted Scoundrels IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Watertrap Weaver IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Wildgrowth Walker IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Wily Goblin IxalanCreature Uncommon $0.10
Wind Strider IxalanCreature Common $0.05
Woodland Stream IxalanLand Common $0.05

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