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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarityLow Price
Abomination LegendsCreature Uncommon  
Acid Rain LegendsSorcery Rare  
Active Volcano LegendsInstant Common $0.05
Adun Oakenshield LegendsCreature Rare  
Adventurers' Guildhouse LegendsLand Uncommon  
Ærathi Berserker LegendsCreature Uncommon $0.45
Aisling Leprechaun LegendsCreature Common  
Akron Legionnaire LegendsCreature Rare $15.00
Al abara's Carpet LegendsArtifact Rare  
Alabaster Potion LegendsInstant Common $0.05
Alchor's Tomb LegendsArtifact Rare  
All Hallow's Eve LegendsSorcery Rare  
Amrou Kithkin LegendsCreature Common $0.05
Angelic Voices LegendsEnchantment Rare $3.95
Angus Mackenzie LegendsCreature Rare  
Anti Magic Aura LegendsEnchant Creature Common $0.05
Arboria LegendsEnchant World Uncommon $5.95
Arcades Sabboth LegendsCreature Rare $9.00
Arena of the Ancients LegendsArtifact Rare  
Avoid Fate LegendsInstant Common $2.30
Axelrod Gunnarson LegendsCreature Rare $5.00
Ayesha Tanaka LegendsCreature Rare  
Azure Drake LegendsCreature Uncommon  
Backdraft LegendsInstant Uncommon $0.35
Backfire LegendsEnchant Creature Uncommon $0.35
Barbary Apes LegendsCreature Common $0.10
Barktooth Warbeard LegendsCreature Uncommon  
Bartel Runeaxe LegendsCreature Rare $14.95
Beasts of Bogardan LegendsCreature Uncommon $0.10
Black Mana Battery LegendsArtifact Uncommon $0.75
Blazing Effigy LegendsCreature Common $0.05
Blight LegendsEnchant Land Uncommon $0.75
Blood Lust LegendsInstant Uncommon $2.95
Blue Mana Battery LegendsArtifact Uncommon $0.65
Boomerang LegendsInstant Common  
Boris Devilboon LegendsCreature Rare  
Brine Hag LegendsCreature Uncommon $1.00
Bronze Horse LegendsArtifact Creature Rare $3.50
Carrion Ants LegendsCreature Rare $5.95
Cat Warriors LegendsCreature Common $0.05
Cathedral of Serra LegendsLand Uncommon $0.85
Caverns of Despair LegendsEnchant World Rare  
Chain Lightning LegendsSorcery Common $5.00
Chains of Mephistopheles LegendsEnchantment Rare  
Chromium LegendsCreature Rare  
Cleanse LegendsSorcery Rare  
Clergy of the Holy Nimbus LegendsCreature Common  
Cocoon LegendsEnchant Creature Uncommon $0.20
Concordant Crossroads LegendsEnchant World Rare  
Cosmic Horror LegendsCreature Rare $3.75
Craw Giant LegendsCreature Uncommon $0.69
Crevasse LegendsEnchantment Uncommon $0.60
Crimson Kobolds LegendsCreature Common  
Crimson Manticore LegendsCreature Rare $4.75
Crookshank Kobolds LegendsCreature Common $4.95
Cyclopean Mummy LegendsCreature Common $0.05
D'Avenant Archer LegendsCreature Common $0.05
Dakkon Blackblade LegendsCreature Rare  
Darkness LegendsInstant Common $4.00
Deadfall LegendsEnchantment Uncommon $0.40
Demonic Torment LegendsEnchant Creature Uncommon  
Devouring Deep LegendsCreature Common $0.05
Disharmony LegendsInstant Rare  
Divine Intervention LegendsEnchantment Rare $84.95
Divine Offering LegendsInstant Common $0.05
Divine Transformation LegendsEnchant Creature Rare  
Dream Coat LegendsEnchant Creature Uncommon $0.50
Durkwood Boars LegendsCreature Common $0.05
Dwarven Song LegendsInstant Uncommon $0.50
Elder Land Wurm LegendsCreature Rare $4.50
Elder Spawn LegendsCreature Rare  
Elven Riders LegendsCreature Rare  
Emerald Dragonfly LegendsCreature Common $0.05
Enchanted Being LegendsCreature Common $0.05
Enchantment Alteration LegendsInstant Common  
Energy Tap LegendsSorcery Common $0.05
Equinox LegendsEnchant Land Common $0.25
Eternal Warrior LegendsEnchant Creature Uncommon $0.25
Eureka LegendsSorcery Rare  
Evil Eye of Orms By Gore LegendsCreature Uncommon $0.70
Fallen Angel LegendsCreature Uncommon  
Falling Star LegendsSorcery Rare  
Feint LegendsInstant Common $0.05
Field of Dreams LegendsEnchant World Rare  
Fire Sprites LegendsCreature Common $0.05
Firestorm Phoenix LegendsCreature Rare $55.00
Flash Counter LegendsInstant Common $0.05
Flash Flood LegendsInstant Common $0.05
Floral Spuzzem LegendsCreature Uncommon $0.65
Force Spike LegendsInstant Common $0.25
Forethought Amulet LegendsArtifact Rare  
Fortified Area LegendsEnchantment Uncommon $0.20
Frost Giant LegendsCreature Uncommon $0.60
Gabriel Angelfire LegendsCreature Rare  
Gaseous Form LegendsEnchant Creature Common $0.05
Gauntlets of Chaos LegendsArtifact Rare $5.95
Ghosts of the Damned LegendsCreature Common $0.05
Giant Slug LegendsCreature Common $0.05
Giant Strength LegendsEnchant Creature Common $0.05
Giant Turtle LegendsCreature Common $0.05
Glyph of Delusion LegendsInstant Common $0.05
Glyph of Destruction LegendsInstant Common $0.10
Glyph of Doom LegendsInstant Common $0.05
Glyph of Life LegendsInstant Common $0.05
Glyph of Reincarnation LegendsInstant Common $1.95
Gosta Dirk LegendsCreature Rare  
Gravity Sphere LegendsEnchant World Rare $395.00
Great Defender LegendsInstant Uncommon $9.50
Great Wall LegendsEnchantment Uncommon  
Greater Realm of Preservation LegendsEnchantment Uncommon $1.05
Greed LegendsEnchantment Rare $18.00
Green Mana Battery LegendsArtifact Uncommon $0.35
Gwendlyn Di Corci LegendsCreature Rare  
Halfdane LegendsCreature Rare  
Hammerheim LegendsLegendary Land Uncommon $1.70
Hazezon Tamar LegendsCreature Rare $495.95
Headless Horseman LegendsCreature Common  
Heaven's Gate LegendsInstant Uncommon $2.50
Hell Swarm LegendsInstant Common  
Hell's Caretaker LegendsCreature Rare $7.95
Hellfire LegendsSorcery Rare  
Holy Day LegendsInstant Common $0.30
Horn of Deafening LegendsArtifact Rare  
Hornet Cobra LegendsCreature Common $0.05
Horror of Horrors LegendsEnchantment Uncommon $0.50
Hunding Gjornersen LegendsCreature Uncommon  
Hyperion Blacksmith LegendsCreature Uncommon  
Ichneumon Druid LegendsCreature Uncommon  
Immolation LegendsEnchant Creature Common  
Imprison LegendsEnchant Creature Rare  
In the Eye of Chaos LegendsEnchant World Rare $299.95
Indestructible Aura LegendsInstant Common $0.05
Infernal Medusa LegendsCreature Uncommon $0.90
Infinite Authority LegendsEnchant Creature Rare  
Invoke Prejudice LegendsEnchantment Rare  
Ivory Guardians LegendsCreature Uncommon $0.20
Jacques le Vert LegendsCreature Rare  
Jasmine Boreal LegendsCreature Uncommon $0.60
Jedit Ojanen LegendsCreature Uncommon $0.60
Jerrard of the Closed Fist LegendsCreature Uncommon $0.40
Johan LegendsCreature Rare  
Jovial Evil LegendsSorcery Rare  
Juxtapose LegendsSorcery Rare  
Karakas LegendsLegendary Land Uncommon $135.00
Kasimir the Lone Wolf LegendsCreature Uncommon $1.25
Keepers of the Faith LegendsCreature Common $0.05
Kei Takahashi LegendsCreature Rare $2.95
Killer Bees LegendsCreature Rare $6.25
Kismet LegendsEnchantment Uncommon $9.95
Knowledge Vault LegendsArtifact Rare  
Kobold Drill Sergeant LegendsCreature Uncommon $3.25
Kobold Overlord LegendsCreature Rare $295.00
Kobold Taskmaster LegendsCreature Uncommon $1.25
Kobolds of Kher Keep LegendsCreature Common $2.00
Kry Shield LegendsArtifact Uncommon $0.35
Lady Caleria LegendsCreature Rare  
Lady Evangela LegendsCreature Rare  
Lady Orca LegendsCreature Uncommon  
Land Equilibrium LegendsEnchantment Rare  
Land Tax LegendsEnchantment Uncommon $49.95
Land's Edge LegendsEnchant World Rare  
Lesser Werewolf LegendsCreature Uncommon $0.54
Life Chisel LegendsArtifact Uncommon $1.00
Life Matrix LegendsArtifact Rare  
Lifeblood LegendsEnchantment Rare  
Living Plane LegendsEnchant World Rare  
Livonya Silone LegendsCreature Rare  
Lord Magnus LegendsCreature Uncommon $0.70
Lost Soul LegendsCreature Common $0.05
Mana Drain LegendsInstant Uncommon $209.99
Mana Matrix LegendsArtifact Rare  
Marble Priest LegendsArtifact Creature Uncommon $0.35
Marhault Elsdragon LegendsCreature Uncommon $0.20
Master of the Hunt LegendsCreature Rare  
Mirror Universe LegendsArtifact Rare  
Moat LegendsEnchantment Rare  
Mold Demon LegendsCreature Rare $6.50
Moss Monster LegendsCreature Common $0.05
Mountain Stronghold LegendsLand Uncommon $0.50
Mountain Yeti LegendsCreature Uncommon  
Nebuchadnezzar LegendsCreature Rare  
Nether Void LegendsEnchant World Rare  
Nicol Bolas LegendsCreature Rare  
North Star LegendsArtifact Rare  
Nova Pentacle LegendsArtifact Rare  
Osai Vultures LegendsCreature Common $0.25
Palladia Mors LegendsCreature Rare $5.05
Part Water LegendsSorcery Uncommon $0.25
Pavel Maliki LegendsCreature Uncommon $0.10
Pendelhaven LegendsLegendary Land Uncommon  
Petra Sphinx LegendsCreature Rare $29.95
Pit Scorpion LegendsCreature Common $0.05
Pixie Queen LegendsCreature Rare  
Planar Gate LegendsArtifact Rare  
Pradesh Gypsies LegendsCreature Uncommon $9.95
Presence of the Master LegendsEnchantment Uncommon $7.95
Primordial Ooze LegendsCreature Uncommon  
Princess Lucrezia LegendsCreature Uncommon $0.80
Psionic Entity LegendsCreature Rare  
Psychic Purge LegendsSorcery Common $0.05
Puppet Master LegendsEnchant Creature Uncommon  
Pyrotechnics LegendsSorcery Common $0.05
Quagmire LegendsEnchantment Uncommon  
Quarum Trench Gnomes LegendsCreature Rare  
Rabid Wombat LegendsCreature Uncommon  
Radjan Spirit LegendsCreature Uncommon $0.70
Raging Bull LegendsCreature Common $0.20
Ragnar LegendsCreature Rare  
Ramirez DePietro LegendsCreature Uncommon  
Ramses Overdark LegendsCreature Rare  
Rapid Fire LegendsInstant Rare $6.45
Rasputin Dreamweaver LegendsCreature Rare  
Rebirth LegendsSorcery Rare $3.95
Recall LegendsSorcery Rare  
Red Mana Battery LegendsArtifact Uncommon $0.45
Reincarnation LegendsInstant Uncommon $0.75
Relic Barrier LegendsArtifact Uncommon  
Relic Bind LegendsEnchant Artifact Uncommon $0.25
Remove Enchantments LegendsInstant Common $0.09
Remove Soul LegendsInstant Common $0.15
Reset LegendsInstant Uncommon $49.95
Revelation LegendsEnchant World Rare  
Reverberation LegendsInstant Rare $44.95
Righteous Avengers LegendsCreature Uncommon $0.50
Ring of Immortals LegendsArtifact Rare  
Riven Turnbull LegendsCreature Uncommon  
Rohgahh of Kher Keep LegendsCreature Rare  
Rubinia Soulsinger LegendsCreature Rare  
Rust LegendsInstant Common $0.05
Sea Kings' Blessing LegendsInstant Uncommon $10.95
Seafarer's Quay LegendsLand Uncommon  
Seeker LegendsEnchant Creature Uncommon $0.10
Segovian Leviathan LegendsCreature Uncommon $0.50
Sentinel LegendsArtifact Creature Rare  
Serpent Generator LegendsArtifact Rare  
Shelkin Brownie LegendsCreature Common $0.05
Shield Wall LegendsInstant Uncommon $0.10
Shimian Night Stalker LegendsCreature Uncommon  
Silhouette LegendsInstant Uncommon  
Sir Shandlar of Eberyn LegendsCreature Uncommon  
Sivitri Scarzam LegendsCreature Uncommon $0.30
Sol'kanar the Swamp King LegendsCreature Rare $4.50
Spectral Cloak LegendsEnchant Creature Uncommon $0.75
Spinal Villain LegendsCreature Rare  
Spirit Link LegendsEnchant Creature Uncommon $4.90
Spirit Shackle LegendsEnchant Creature Common $0.05
Spiritual Sanctuary LegendsEnchantment Rare  
Stangg LegendsCreature Rare  
Storm Seeker LegendsInstant Uncommon $4.50
Storm World LegendsEnchant World Rare  
Subdue LegendsInstant Common $0.10
Sunastian Falconer LegendsCreature Uncommon $1.80
Sword of the Ages LegendsArtifact Rare  
Sylvan Library LegendsEnchantment Uncommon  
Sylvan Paradise LegendsInstant Uncommon  
Syphon Soul LegendsSorcery Common $0.05
Takklemaggot LegendsEnchant Creature Uncommon $0.15
Telekinesis LegendsInstant Rare  
Teleport LegendsInstant Rare $7.95
Tempest Efreet LegendsCreature Rare $1.85
Tetsuo Umezawa LegendsCreature Rare $74.50
The Abyss LegendsEnchant World Rare  
The Brute LegendsEnchant Creature Common $0.05
The Lady of the Mountain LegendsCreature Uncommon $0.48
The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale LegendsLegendary Land Rare  
The Wretched LegendsCreature Rare  
Thunder Spirit LegendsCreature Rare $500.00
Time Elemental LegendsCreature Rare  
Tobias Andrion LegendsCreature Uncommon $0.15
Tolaria LegendsLegendary Land Uncommon $0.75
Tor Wauki LegendsCreature Uncommon  
Torsten Von Ursus LegendsCreature Uncommon $0.40
Touch of Darkness LegendsInstant Uncommon $6.00
Transmutation LegendsInstant Common $0.05
Triassic Egg LegendsArtifact Rare  
Tuknir Deathlock LegendsCreature Rare  
Tundra Wolves LegendsCreature Common $0.05
Typhoon LegendsSorcery Rare  
Undertow LegendsEnchantment Uncommon $0.50
Underworld Dreams LegendsEnchantment Uncommon $18.25
Unholy Citadel LegendsLand Uncommon  
Untamed Wilds LegendsSorcery Uncommon  
Ur Drago LegendsCreature Rare  
Urborg LegendsLegendary Land Uncommon  
Vaevictis Asmadi LegendsCreature Rare  
Vampire Bats LegendsCreature Common $0.05
Venarian Gold LegendsEnchant Creature Common $0.05
Visions LegendsSorcery Uncommon $5.95
Voodoo Doll LegendsArtifact Rare  
Walking Dead LegendsCreature Common  
Wall of Caltrops LegendsCreature Common $3.45
Wall of Dust LegendsCreature Uncommon $0.10
Wall of Earth LegendsCreature Common  
Wall of Heat LegendsCreature Common $0.05
Wall of Light LegendsCreature Uncommon $3.25
Wall of Opposition LegendsCreature Rare $1.90
Wall of Putrid Flesh LegendsCreature Uncommon $0.60
Wall of Shadows LegendsCreature Common $0.05
Wall of Tombstones LegendsCreature Uncommon $0.65
Wall of Vapor LegendsCreature Common $0.05
Wall of Wonder LegendsCreature Uncommon $0.48
Whirling Dervish LegendsCreature Uncommon $9.95
White Mana Battery LegendsArtifact Uncommon $0.90
Willow Satyr LegendsCreature Rare  
Winds of Change LegendsSorcery Uncommon  
Winter Blast LegendsSorcery Rare  
Wolverine Pack LegendsCreature Common $0.20
Wood Elemental LegendsCreature Rare $56.95
Xira Arien LegendsCreature Rare  
Zephyr Falcon LegendsCreature Common $0.05

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