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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarityLow Price
Accumulated Knowledge Masters 25Instant Common $0.05
Act of Heroism Masters 25Instant Common $0.05
Act of Treason Masters 25Sorcery Common $0.05
Ainok Survivalist Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Akroma's Vengeance Masters 25Sorcery Rare  
Akroma, Angel of Fury Masters 25Legendary Creature Mythic Rare $29.95
Akroma, Angel of Wrath Masters 25Legendary Creature Mythic Rare  
Ambassador Oak Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Ancient Craving Masters 25Sorcery Uncommon $0.10
Ancient Stirrings Masters 25Sorcery Uncommon $2.40
Angelic Page Masters 25Creature Uncommon $0.10
Animar, Soul of Elements Masters 25Legendary Creature Mythic Rare  
Arbor Elf Masters 25Creature Common $0.20
Arcane Denial Masters 25Instant Common  
Armageddon Masters 25Sorcery Mythic Rare  
Ash Barrens Masters 25Land Uncommon $2.08
Assembly-Worker Masters 25Artifact Creature Common $0.05
Auramancer Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Azusa, Lost but Seeking Masters 25Legendary Creature Rare  
Balduvian Horde Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Ball Lightning Masters 25Creature Rare $0.75
Baloth Null Masters 25Creature Uncommon $0.10
Bident of Thassa Masters 25Legendary Enchantment Artifact Rare $3.95
Blightning Masters 25Sorcery Uncommon  
Blood Moon Masters 25Enchantment Rare  
Bloodhunter Bat Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Blue Elemental Blast Masters 25Instant Uncommon $0.20
Blue Sun's Zenith Masters 25Instant Rare $1.25
Boros Charm Masters 25Instant Uncommon  
Borrowing 100,000 Arrows Masters 25Sorcery Common $0.05
Brainstorm Masters 25Instant Common $0.50
Brine Elemental Masters 25Creature Uncommon $0.10
Brion Stoutarm Masters 25Legendary Creature Rare  
Broodhatch Nantuko Masters 25Creature Uncommon $0.10
Browbeat Masters 25Sorcery Uncommon $0.35
Cascade Bluffs Masters 25Land Rare $7.95
Caustic Tar Masters 25Enchantment Uncommon $0.10
Chalice of the Void Masters 25Artifact Mythic Rare  
Chandra's Outrage Masters 25Instant Common $0.05
Chartooth Cougar Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Choking Tethers Masters 25Instant Common $0.05
Cinder Storm Masters 25Sorcery Common $0.10
Cloudblazer Masters 25Creature Uncommon $0.10
Cloudshift Masters 25Instant Common $0.05
Coalition Relic Masters 25Artifact Rare  
Colossal Dreadmaw Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Conflux Masters 25Sorcery Rare $9.95
Congregate Masters 25Instant Uncommon $0.10
Coralhelm Guide Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Counterspell Masters 25Instant Common $1.00
Courser of Kruphix Masters 25Enchantment Creature Rare $3.00
Court Hussar Masters 25Creature Common $0.10
Crimson Mage Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Cultivate Masters 25Sorcery Common $0.14
Curiosity Masters 25Enchantment Uncommon  
Cursecatcher Masters 25Creature Uncommon $0.45
Darien, King of Kjeldor Masters 25Legendary Creature Rare  
Dark Ritual Masters 25Instant Common $0.25
Dauntless Cathar Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Deadly Designs Masters 25Enchantment Uncommon $0.10
Death's-Head Buzzard Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Decree of Justice Masters 25Sorcery Rare $0.35
Diabolic Edict Masters 25Instant Common $0.05
Dirge of Dread Masters 25Sorcery Common $0.05
Disenchant Masters 25Instant Common $0.05
Disfigure Masters 25Instant Common $0.05
Doomsday Masters 25Sorcery Mythic Rare  
Dragon's Eye Savants Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Dusk Legion Zealot Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Echoing Courage Masters 25Instant Common $0.05
Eidolon of the Great Revel Masters 25Enchantment Creature Rare  
Eladamri's Call Masters 25Instant Rare  
Elvish Aberration Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Elvish Piper Masters 25Creature Rare  
Ember Weaver Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Ensnaring Bridge Masters 25Artifact Mythic Rare  
Enthralling Victor Masters 25Creature Uncommon $0.10
Epic Confrontation Masters 25Sorcery Common $0.05
Erg Raiders Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Exclude Masters 25Instant Uncommon $0.10
Fallen Angel Masters 25Creature Uncommon $0.10
Fathom Seer Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Fencing Ace Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Fetid Heath Masters 25Land Rare  
Fiend Hunter Masters 25Creature Uncommon $0.10
Fierce Empath Masters 25Creature Uncommon $0.10
Flash Masters 25Instant Rare $0.95
Flooded Grove Masters 25Land Rare  
Fortune Thief Masters 25Creature Rare $0.30
Freed from the Real Masters 25Enchantment Uncommon  
Frenzied Goblin Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Geist of the Moors Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Genju of the Falls Masters 25Enchantment Uncommon $0.10
Genju of the Spires Masters 25Enchantment Uncommon $0.10
Ghost Ship Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Giant Growth Masters 25Instant Common $0.05
Gisela, Blade of Goldnight Masters 25Legendary Creature Mythic Rare  
Goblin War Drums Masters 25Enchantment Uncommon $0.10
Gods Willing Masters 25Instant Common $0.05
Grenzo, Dungeon Warden Masters 25Legendary Creature Rare $4.95
Griffin Protector Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Hanna, Ship's Navigator Masters 25Legendary Creature Rare  
Haunted Fengraf Masters 25Land Common $0.05
Heavy Arbalest Masters 25Artifact Uncommon $0.10
Hell's Caretaker Masters 25Creature Rare  
Hordeling Outburst Masters 25Sorcery Common $0.05
Horror of the Broken Lands Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Horseshoe Crab Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Humble Defector Masters 25Creature Uncommon $0.10
Ihsan's Shade Masters 25Legendary Creature Uncommon $0.10
Imperial Recruiter Masters 25Creature Mythic Rare  
Invigorate Masters 25Instant Uncommon $0.10
Ire Shaman Masters 25Creature Uncommon $0.10
Iwamori of the Open Fist Masters 25Legendary Creature Uncommon $0.10
Izzet Chemister Masters 25Creature Rare $0.50
Jace, the Mind Sculptor Masters 25Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare  
Jackal Pup Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Jalira, Master Polymorphist Masters 25Legendary Creature Uncommon $0.10
Karona's Zealot Masters 25Creature Uncommon $0.10
Kavu Climber Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Kavu Predator Masters 25Creature Uncommon $0.10
Kindle Masters 25Instant Common $0.05
Knight of the Skyward Eye Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Kongming, "Sleeping Dragon" Masters 25Legendary Creature Uncommon $0.10
Kor Firewalker Masters 25Creature Uncommon $0.10
Krosan Colossus Masters 25Creature Uncommon $0.10
Krosan Tusker Masters 25Creature Uncommon $0.10
Laquatus's Champion Masters 25Creature Rare $0.30
Lightning Bolt Masters 25Instant Uncommon $2.25
Living Death Masters 25Sorcery Rare  
Living Wish Masters 25Sorcery Rare $1.75
Lorescale Coatl Masters 25Creature Uncommon $0.10
Loyal Sentry Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Lull Masters 25Instant Common $0.05
Luminarch Ascension Masters 25Enchantment Rare  
Lunarch Mantle Masters 25Enchantment Common $0.05
Magus of the Wheel Masters 25Creature Rare $0.70
Man-o'-War Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Master of the Wild Hunt Masters 25Creature Mythic Rare  
Merfolk Looter Masters 25Creature Uncommon $0.10
Mesmeric Fiend Masters 25Creature Uncommon $0.10
Mikokoro, Center of the Sea Masters 25Legendary Land Rare $4.30
Mishra's Factory Masters 25Land Uncommon $0.25
Mogg Flunkies Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Murder Masters 25Instant Common $0.05
Murder of Crows Masters 25Creature Uncommon $0.10
Myriad Landscape Masters 25Land Uncommon $0.25
Mystic of the Hidden Way Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Mystic Snake Masters 25Creature Rare $4.95
Nettle Sentinel Masters 25Creature Common $0.25
Nezumi Cutthroat Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Nicol Bolas Masters 25Legendary Creature Rare  
Nihil Spellbomb Masters 25Artifact Common $0.36
Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind Masters 25Legendary Creature Rare $0.50
Noble Templar Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Notion Thief Masters 25Creature Rare  
Nyx-Fleece Ram Masters 25Enchantment Creature Uncommon $0.10
Ordeal of Heliod Masters 25Enchantment Uncommon $0.10
Pacifism Masters 25Enchantment Common $0.05
Pact of Negation Masters 25Instant Rare  
Path of Peace Masters 25Sorcery Common $0.05
Pendelhaven Masters 25Legendary Land Rare  
Perilous Myr Masters 25Artifact Creature Uncommon $0.10
Pernicious Deed Masters 25Enchantment Rare  
Phantasmal Bear Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Phyrexian Ghoul Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Phyrexian Obliterator Masters 25Creature Mythic Rare  
Pillage Masters 25Sorcery Common $0.05
Pillory of the Sleepless Masters 25Enchantment Uncommon $0.10
Plague Wind Masters 25Sorcery Rare  
Plummet Masters 25Instant Common $0.05
Presence of Gond Masters 25Enchantment Common $0.05
Primal Clay Masters 25Artifact Creature Common $0.05
Promise of Bunrei Masters 25Enchantment Uncommon $0.20
Prophetic Prism Masters 25Artifact Common $0.05
Prossh, Skyraider of Kher Masters 25Legendary Creature Mythic Rare  
Protean Hulk Masters 25Creature Rare $5.75
Pyre Hound Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Pyroclasm Masters 25Sorcery Uncommon $0.10
Quicksand Masters 25Land Uncommon $0.10
Quicksilver Dagger Masters 25Enchantment Uncommon $0.10
Rancor Masters 25Enchantment Uncommon $0.89
Ratcatcher Masters 25Creature Rare  
Ravenous Chupacabra Masters 25Creature Uncommon  
Red Elemental Blast Masters 25Instant Uncommon $3.60
Reef Worm Masters 25Creature Rare  
Regrowth Masters 25Sorcery Uncommon $0.35
Relentless Rats Masters 25Creature Common  
Renewed Faith Masters 25Instant Common $0.05
Rest in Peace Masters 25Enchantment Rare  
Retraction Helix Masters 25Instant Common $0.05
Returned Phalanx Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Rishadan Port Masters 25Land Rare $16.94
Rugged Prairie Masters 25Land Rare $4.95
Ruric Thar, the Unbowed Masters 25Legendary Creature Rare  
Ruthless Ripper Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Sai of the Shinobi Masters 25Artifact Uncommon $0.10
Savannah Lions Masters 25Creature Common $0.10
Self-Assembler Masters 25Artifact Creature Common $0.05
Shadowmage Infiltrator Masters 25Creature Uncommon $0.10
Shoreline Ranger Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Sift Masters 25Sorcery Common $0.05
Simian Spirit Guide Masters 25Creature Uncommon $0.75
Skeletonize Masters 25Instant Common $0.05
Skirk Commando Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Soulbright Flamekin Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Spikeshot Goblin Masters 25Creature Uncommon $0.10
Squadron Hawk Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Stampede Driver Masters 25Creature Uncommon $0.10
Stangg Masters 25Legendary Creature Uncommon $0.10
Street Wraith Masters 25Creature Uncommon $1.50
Strionic Resonator Masters 25Artifact Rare  
Summoner's Pact Masters 25Instant Rare  
Sundering Titan Masters 25Artifact Creature Rare $0.35
Supernatural Stamina Masters 25Instant Common $0.05
Swiftfoot Boots Masters 25Artifact Uncommon  
Swords to Plowshares Masters 25Instant Uncommon $1.95
Thalia, Guardian of Thraben Masters 25Legendary Creature Rare $2.95
Thresher Lizard Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Timberpack Wolf Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Totally Lost Masters 25Instant Common $0.05
Treasure Keeper Masters 25Artifact Creature Uncommon $0.10
Tree of Redemption Masters 25Creature Mythic Rare  
Triskaidekaphobia Masters 25Enchantment Rare $0.25
Trumpet Blast Masters 25Instant Common $0.05
Twilight Mire Masters 25Land Rare  
Twisted Abomination Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Twisted Image Masters 25Instant Uncommon $0.10
Uncaged Fury Masters 25Instant Common $0.05
Undead Gladiator Masters 25Creature Uncommon $0.10
Unearth Masters 25Sorcery Common $0.22
Urbis Protector Masters 25Creature Uncommon $0.10
Utopia Sprawl Masters 25Enchantment Uncommon  
Valor in Akros Masters 25Enchantment Uncommon $0.10
Vampire Lacerator Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Vendilion Clique Masters 25Legendary Creature Mythic Rare  
Vessel of Nascency Masters 25Enchantment Common $0.05
Vesuvan Shapeshifter Masters 25Creature Rare $0.25
Vindicate Masters 25Sorcery Rare $0.75
Watchwolf Masters 25Creature Uncommon $0.10
Whitemane Lion Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Wildheart Invoker Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Will-o'-the-Wisp Masters 25Creature Uncommon $0.10
Willbender Masters 25Creature Uncommon $0.10
Woolly Loxodon Masters 25Creature Common $0.05
Zada, Hedron Grinder Masters 25Legendary Creature Uncommon $0.10
Zoetic Cavern Masters 25Land Uncommon $0.10
Zombify Masters 25Sorcery Uncommon $0.10
Zulaport Cutthroat Masters 25Creature Uncommon  

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