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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarityLow Price
Abandoned Outpost OdysseyLand Common $0.05
Aboshan's Desire OdysseyEnchant Creature Common $0.05
Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor OdysseyCreature Rare $0.25
Acceptable Losses OdysseySorcery Common $0.05
Aegis of Honor OdysseyEnchantment Rare $0.40
Æther Burst OdysseyInstant Common $0.05
Afflict OdysseyInstant Common $0.05
Amugaba OdysseyCreature Rare $0.25
Anarchist OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Ancestral Tribute OdysseySorcery Rare $0.25
Angelic Wall OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Animal Boneyard OdysseyEnchant Land Uncommon $0.13
Ashen Firebeast OdysseyCreature Rare $0.25
Atogatog OdysseyCreature Rare $0.55
Aura Graft OdysseyInstant Uncommon $0.10
Auramancer OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Aven Archer OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Aven Cloudchaser OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Aven Fisher OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Aven Flock OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Aven Shrine OdysseyEnchantment Rare $0.25
Aven Smokeweaver OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Aven Windreader OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Balancing Act OdysseySorcery Rare $0.50
Balshan Beguiler OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Balshan Griffin OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Bamboozle OdysseySorcery Uncommon $0.10
Barbarian Lunatic OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Barbarian Ring OdysseyLand Uncommon $0.70
Bash to Bits OdysseyInstant Uncommon $0.10
Battle of Wits OdysseyEnchantment Rare $0.25
Battle Strain OdysseyEnchantment Uncommon $0.10
Bearscape OdysseyEnchantment Rare  
Beast Attack OdysseyInstant Uncommon $0.10
Beloved Chaplain OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Blazing Salvo OdysseyInstant Common $0.06
Blessed Orator OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Bloodcurdler OdysseyCreature Rare $0.25
Bog Wreckage OdysseyLand Common $0.05
Bomb Squad OdysseyCreature Rare  
Braids, Cabal Minion OdysseyCreature Rare $0.45
Buried Alive OdysseySorcery Uncommon $5.45
Burning Sands OdysseyEnchantment Rare $4.45
Cabal Inquisitor OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Cabal Patriarch OdysseyCreature Rare $0.25
Cabal Pit OdysseyLand Uncommon $0.10
Cabal Shrine OdysseyEnchantment Rare $0.25
Call of the Herd OdysseySorcery Rare $0.40
Cantivore OdysseyCreature Rare $0.25
Careful Study OdysseySorcery Common $0.65
Cartographer OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Catalyst Stone OdysseyArtifact Rare  
Caustic Tar OdysseyEnchant Land Uncommon $0.10
Cease Fire OdysseyInstant Common $0.05
Centaur Garden OdysseyLand Uncommon $0.10
Cephalid Broker OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Cephalid Coliseum OdysseyLand Uncommon $5.50
Cephalid Looter OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Cephalid Retainer OdysseyCreature Rare $0.25
Cephalid Scout OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Cephalid Shrine OdysseyEnchantment Rare $0.25
Chainflinger OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Chamber of Manipulation Odyssey  Uncommon $1.50
Chance Encounter OdysseyEnchantment Rare  
Charmed Pendant OdysseyArtifact Rare $0.25
Chatter of the Squirrel OdysseySorcery Common $0.05
Childhood Horror OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Chlorophant OdysseyCreature Rare $0.25
Coffin Purge OdysseyInstant Common $0.05
Cognivore OdysseyCreature Rare $0.25
Concentrate OdysseySorcery Uncommon $0.10
Confessor OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Crashing Centaur OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Crypt Creeper OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Crystal Quarry OdysseyLand Rare $5.45
Cultural Exchange OdysseySorcery Rare  
Cursed Monstrosity OdysseyCreature Rare $0.25
Darkwater Catacombs OdysseyLand Rare $5.95
Darkwater Egg OdysseyArtifact Uncommon $0.10
Decaying Soil OdysseyEnchantment Rare $0.25
Decimate OdysseySorcery Rare  
Decompose OdysseySorcery Uncommon $0.10
Dedicated Martyr OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Deep Reconnaissance OdysseySorcery Uncommon $0.10
Delaying Shield OdysseyEnchantment Rare  
Deluge OdysseyInstant Uncommon $0.10
Dematerialize OdysseySorcery Common $0.05
Demolish OdysseySorcery Uncommon $0.10
Demoralize OdysseyInstant Common $0.05
Deserted Temple OdysseyLand Rare  
Devoted Caretaker OdysseyCreature Rare $2.95
Diabolic Tutor OdysseySorcery Uncommon $0.65
Diligent Farmhand OdysseyCreature Common $0.40
Dirty Wererat OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Divert OdysseyInstant Rare $0.40
Divine Sacrament OdysseyEnchantment Rare $1.25
Dogged Hunter OdysseyCreature Rare $0.25
Dreamwinder OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Druid Lyrist OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Druid's Call OdysseyEnchant Creature Uncommon $1.00
Dusk Imp OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Dwarven Grunt OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Dwarven Recruiter OdysseyCreature Uncommon  
Dwarven Shrine OdysseyEnchantment Rare $0.25
Dwarven Strike Force OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Earnest Fellowship OdysseyEnchantment Rare $1.00
Earth Rift OdysseySorcery Common $0.05
Elephant Ambush OdysseyInstant Common $0.05
Ember Beast OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Embolden OdysseyInstant Common $0.05
Engulfing Flames OdysseyInstant Uncommon $0.10
Entomb OdysseyInstant Rare  
Epicenter OdysseySorcery Rare $0.50
Escape Artist OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Execute OdysseyInstant Uncommon $0.10
Extract OdysseySorcery Rare $2.95
Face of Fear OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Famished Ghoul OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Fervent Denial OdysseyInstant Uncommon $0.10
Filthy Cur OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Firebolt OdysseySorcery Common $0.05
Flame Burst OdysseyInstant Common $0.05
Fledgling Imp OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Forest (Version 1) OdysseyLand Common $0.05
Forest (Version 2) OdysseyLand Common $0.05
Forest (Version 3) OdysseyLand Common $1.10
Forest (Version 4) OdysseyLand Common $0.05
Frenetic Ogre OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Frightcrawler OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Gallantry OdysseyInstant Uncommon $0.10
Ghastly Demise OdysseyInstant Common $0.05
Gorilla Titan OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Graceful Antelope OdysseyCreature Rare $0.25
Gravedigger OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Gravestorm OdysseyEnchantment Rare  
Ground Seal OdysseyEnchantment Rare $0.25
Halberdier OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Hallowed Healer OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Haunting Echoes OdysseySorcery Rare $0.80
Hint of Insanity OdysseySorcery Rare $0.25
Holistic Wisdom OdysseyEnchantment Rare  
Howling Gale OdysseyInstant Uncommon $0.10
Immobilizing Ink OdysseyEnchant Creature Common $0.05
Impulsive Maneuvers OdysseyEnchantment Rare $1.25
Infected Vermin OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Innocent Blood OdysseySorcery Common $0.15
Iridescent Angel OdysseyCreature Rare $0.60
Island (Version 1) OdysseyLand Common $8.00
Island (Version 2) OdysseyLand Common $8.00
Island (Version 3) OdysseyLand Common  
Island (Version 4) OdysseyLand Common $0.05
Ivy Elemental OdysseyCreature Rare $0.25
Junk Golem OdysseyArtifact Creature Rare $0.25
Kamahl's Desire OdysseyEnchant Creature Common $0.05
Kamahl, Pit Fighter OdysseyCreature Rare $0.25
Karmic Justice OdysseyEnchantment Rare  
Kirtar's Desire OdysseyEnchant Creature Common $0.05
Kirtar's Wrath OdysseySorcery Rare $0.45
Krosan Archer OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Krosan Avenger OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Krosan Beast OdysseyCreature Rare  
Laquatus's Creativity OdysseySorcery Uncommon $0.10
Last Rites OdysseySorcery Common $0.05
Lava Blister OdysseySorcery Uncommon $0.20
Leaf Dancer OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Lieutenant Kirtar OdysseyCreature Rare $1.45
Life Burst OdysseyInstant Common $0.05
Limestone Golem OdysseyArtifact Creature Uncommon $0.10
Liquid Fire OdysseySorcery Uncommon $0.10
Lithatog OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Luminous Guardian OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Mad Dog OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Magma Vein OdysseyEnchantment Uncommon $0.10
Magnivore OdysseyCreature Rare $0.25
Malevolent Awakening OdysseyEnchantment Uncommon $0.10
Master Apothecary OdysseyCreature Rare $0.50
Metamorphic Wurm OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Millikin OdysseyArtifact Creature Uncommon $0.10
Mind Burst OdysseySorcery Common $0.05
Mindslicer OdysseyCreature Rare $149.95
Mine Layer OdysseyCreature Rare $11.95
Minotaur Explorer OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Mirari OdysseyArtifact Rare $0.80
Molten Influence OdysseyInstant Rare $1.00
Moment's Peace OdysseyInstant Common $0.55
Morbid Hunger OdysseySorcery Common $0.05
Morgue Theft OdysseySorcery Common $0.05
Mortivore OdysseyCreature Rare $0.50
Mossfire Egg OdysseyArtifact Uncommon $0.10
Mossfire Valley OdysseyLand Rare  
Mountain (Version 1) OdysseyLand Common $0.05
Mountain (Version 2) OdysseyLand Common  
Mountain (Version 3) OdysseyLand Common $0.05
Mountain (Version 4) OdysseyLand Common $0.05
Mudhole OdysseyInstant Rare $0.25
Muscle Burst OdysseyInstant Common $0.05
Mystic Crusader OdysseyCreature Rare $0.25
Mystic Enforcer OdysseyCreature Rare $0.25
Mystic Penitent OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Mystic Visionary OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Mystic Zealot OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Nantuko Disciple OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Nantuko Elder OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Nantuko Mentor OdysseyCreature Rare $0.25
Nantuko Shrine OdysseyEnchantment Rare $2.50
Need for Speed OdysseyEnchantment Rare $0.41
Nefarious Lich OdysseyEnchantment Rare $1.45
New Frontiers OdysseySorcery Rare  
Nimble Mongoose OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Nomad Decoy OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Nomad Stadium OdysseyLand Uncommon $0.10
Nut Collector OdysseyCreature Rare  
Obstinate Familiar OdysseyCreature Rare $0.44
Otarian Juggernaut OdysseyArtifact Creature Rare $0.25
Overeager Apprentice OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Overrun OdysseySorcery Uncommon $0.10
Painbringer OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Pardic Firecat OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Pardic Miner OdysseyCreature Rare $0.25
Pardic Swordsmith OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Patchwork Gnomes OdysseyArtifact Creature Uncommon $0.10
Patriarch's Desire OdysseyEnchant Creature Common $0.05
Patrol Hound OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Patron Wizard OdysseyCreature Rare $25.00
Pedantic Learning OdysseyEnchantment Rare $0.25
Peek OdysseyInstant Common $0.05
Persuasion OdysseyEnchant Creature Rare $0.25
Petrified Field OdysseyLand Rare  
Phantatog OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Phantom Whelp OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Pianna, Nomad Captain OdysseyCreature Rare $0.25
Pilgrim of Justice OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Pilgrim of Virtue OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Piper's Melody OdysseySorcery Uncommon $0.10
Plains (Version 1) OdysseyLand Common $0.05
Plains (Version 2) OdysseyLand Common $0.05
Plains (Version 3) OdysseyLand Common $1.45
Plains (Version 4) OdysseyLand Common $0.10
Predict OdysseyInstant Uncommon $0.25
Price of Glory OdysseyEnchantment Uncommon  
Primal Frenzy OdysseyEnchant Creature Common $0.05
Psionic Gift OdysseyEnchant Creature Common $0.05
Psychatog OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.20
Pulsating Illusion OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Puppeteer OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Rabid Elephant OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Ravaged Highlands OdysseyLand Common $0.05
Ray of Distortion OdysseyInstant Common $0.05
Reckless Charge OdysseySorcery Common $0.05
Recoup OdysseySorcery Uncommon $0.10
Refresh OdysseyInstant Common $0.05
Repel OdysseyInstant Common $0.05
Repentant Vampire OdysseyCreature Rare $0.25
Resilient Wanderer OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Rites of Initiation OdysseyInstant Common $0.05
Rites of Refusal OdysseyInstant Common $0.05
Rites of Spring OdysseySorcery Common $0.05
Roar of the Wurm OdysseySorcery Uncommon $0.10
Rotting Giant OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Sacred Rites OdysseyInstant Common $0.05
Sadistic Hypnotist OdysseyCreature Uncommon $1.00
Sandstone Deadfall OdysseyArtifact Uncommon $0.10
Sarcatog OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Savage Firecat OdysseyCreature Rare $0.25
Scorching Missile OdysseySorcery Common $0.05
Screams of the Damned OdysseyEnchantment Uncommon $0.10
Scrivener OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Seafloor Debris OdysseyLand Common $0.05
Second Thoughts OdysseyInstant Common $0.05
Seize the Day OdysseySorcery Rare  
Seton's Desire OdysseyEnchant Creature Common $0.05
Seton, Krosan Protector OdysseyCreature Rare  
Shadowblood Egg OdysseyArtifact Uncommon $0.10
Shadowblood Ridge OdysseyLand Rare  
Shadowmage Infiltrator OdysseyCreature Rare $0.75
Shelter OdysseyInstant Common $0.06
Shifty Doppelganger OdysseyCreature Rare $0.25
Shower of Coals OdysseySorcery Uncommon $0.10
Simplify OdysseySorcery Common $0.05
Skeletal Scrying OdysseyInstant Uncommon $0.10
Skull Fracture OdysseySorcery Uncommon $0.10
Skycloud Egg OdysseyArtifact Uncommon $0.10
Skycloud Expanse OdysseyLand Rare $1.25
Skyshooter OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Soulcatcher OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Spark Mage OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.17
Spellbane Centaur OdysseyCreature Rare $0.25
Sphere of Duty OdysseyEnchantment Uncommon $0.10
Sphere of Grace OdysseyEnchantment Uncommon $0.10
Sphere of Law OdysseyEnchantment Uncommon $0.10
Sphere of Reason OdysseyEnchantment Uncommon $0.10
Sphere of Truth OdysseyEnchantment Uncommon $0.10
Spiritualize OdysseyInstant Uncommon $0.10
Springing Tiger OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Squirrel Mob OdysseyCreature Rare $9.95
Squirrel Nest OdysseyEnchant Land Uncommon $0.75
Stalking Bloodsucker OdysseyCreature Rare $0.25
Standstill OdysseyEnchantment Uncommon $9.45
Steam Vines OdysseyEnchant Land Uncommon $0.10
Steamclaw OdysseyArtifact Uncommon $0.10
Still Life OdysseyEnchantment Uncommon $0.10
Stone Tongue Basilisk OdysseyCreature Rare $0.25
Sungrass Egg OdysseyArtifact Uncommon $0.10
Sungrass Prairie OdysseyLand Rare $2.75
Swamp (Version 1) OdysseyLand Common  
Swamp (Version 2) OdysseyLand Common $0.05
Swamp (Version 3) OdysseyLand Common  
Swamp (Version 4) OdysseyLand Common $2.95
Sylvan Might OdysseyInstant Uncommon $0.10
Syncopate OdysseyInstant Common $0.05
Tainted Pact OdysseyInstant Rare  
Tarnished Citadel OdysseyLand Rare  
Tattoo Ward OdysseyEnchant Creature Uncommon $0.10
Terravore OdysseyCreature Rare $3.38
Testament of Faith OdysseyEnchantment Uncommon $0.10
Thaumatog OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Thermal Blast OdysseyInstant Common $0.05
Think Tank OdysseyEnchantment Uncommon $0.10
Thought Devourer OdysseyCreature Rare $0.25
Thought Eater OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Thought Nibbler OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Timberland Ruins OdysseyLand Common $0.05
Time Stretch OdysseySorcery Rare  
Tireless Tribe OdysseyCreature Common $0.10
Tombfire OdysseySorcery Rare $0.25
Touch of Invisibility OdysseySorcery Common $0.05
Traumatize OdysseySorcery Rare $2.45
Traveling Plague OdysseyEnchant Creature Rare $0.25
Treetop Sentinel OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Tremble OdysseySorcery Common $0.05
Twigwalker OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Unifying Theory OdysseyEnchantment Rare $0.25
Upheaval OdysseySorcery Rare $15.95
Vampiric Dragon OdysseyCreature Rare $1.25
Verdant Succession OdysseyEnchantment Rare $0.62
Vivify OdysseyInstant Uncommon $0.10
Volcanic Spray OdysseySorcery Uncommon $0.10
Volley of Boulders OdysseySorcery Rare $0.25
Wayward Angel OdysseyCreature Rare $0.50
Werebear OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Whipkeeper OdysseyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Whispering Shade OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Wild Mongrel OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Woodland Druid OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Words of Wisdom OdysseyInstant Common $3.95
Zombie Assassin OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Zombie Cannibal OdysseyCreature Common $0.05
Zombie Infestation OdysseyEnchantment Uncommon $0.35
Zombify OdysseySorcery Uncommon $0.25
Zoologist OdysseyCreature Rare $0.25

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