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We've all been there, needing to buy that chase rare for way to much money from the local game shop or a vendor at a tournament. Or worrying that you are getting taken advantage of in a bad trade. Take the stress out of buying cards by easily comparing prices across multiple sellers.

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Buying from other players with low overhead and no big store to maintain let's you get some of the best prices out there. Stop paying inflated prices and get the deals you deserve.

Get rewarded

We love our members and think you deserve to be rewarded. Our SharkShares program gives you that little extra you deserve by doing everyday things like making purchases, leaving feedback for sellers, and more. You automatically get an entry in our monthly booster box raffle for every dollar spent each month. Some of our sellers even offer extra freebies. Get rewarded for your card buying today.

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It's fun and easy!

You'll love buying cards on CardShark. It's fun buying from other players and it couldn't be easier with our various search and browse options.

Support other gamers, not big stores

Buying cards this way not only gets you a great price, but you also support fellow gamers. It's a win-win!

Millions of Cards

With millions of cards to choose from you know you can find the cards you need for cheap!

We've got your back!

Our professional customer support team is here to help you with any issues that come up. You can also use our self service support and message tools to communicate with your seller. We hold your payment in escrow to protect you in case any problems arise with your purchase.

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The thing I like best about CardShark is the ease I have of browsing for cards I need. If I want to browse by set/rarity, I can pull that up very quickly. The site is very easy to navigate and I can filter quite quickly. I also like browsing by seller and by set, which also can be done very quickly. Perhaps the most useful tool for me, though, is that when I browse by seller and then want to search by set, the only sets that show up in the dropdown list are set that the seller has in stock. If they have 0 cards in stock from a set, that set doesn 't show up as an option. That makes it SO much easier and faster to browse for cards I want from a single seller.

I also love that it 's a site with smaller sellers instead of major retailers. I find that sometimes all other stores are sold out of a card, but it 's still available from a seller on CardShark!

sigfig8 - Member since 2006

The best thing I like about Cardshark is the cart optimizer. This is an incredibly useful tool for making sure I'm getting the best deal, I use it on just about every single order. In general, the site is an excellent alternative to ordering cards from any other site. The selection is excellent, and the prices are really good. Over the 10+ years I've been using the site, I've had so many excellent customer service experiences with reliable, repeat sellers that I've bought from countless times.

therealpjd - Member since 2005