CardShark General Policies

The following policies have been developed with the help of our customer service team, and we ask that you cooperate with them in the spirit of fair play.

Buyers are given the option to purchase tracking and postal insurance from each participating seller, and though we recommend these options for all purchases members are allowed to decline them. Sellers can set minimum purchase thresholds or decline to offer them altogether. Buyers may be unwilling to pay the extra fees, as they may eclipse the cost of their cards. The risk generally lies with the party (buyer or seller) who declines, but when small untracked and/or uninsured orders go missing, we suggest the following settlement. Each party takes a 1/3 loss on the order (buyer, seller, CardShark). Both the buyer and seller must agree to this, and it is only offered if your reputations on the site are good. It is NOT offered on transactions going to points outside of the USA (see note below).

If tracking was purchased and applied, and the USPS tracking website shows that it was accepted at the post office but then status updates are absent, suggest the package is stalled in transit, or show the package was not delivered 30 days after acceptance, CardShark will provide the buyer with a refund. We will also issue payment to the seller, but they must still file a lost package claim with the post office in an attempt to recover the package. Funds must be returned if the seller or buyer eventually get their mechandise.
If you have placed an order from a US seller and it hasn’t arrived, check with your local customs office as it is probably being held pending payment of a duty tax. Sellers can occasionally provide you with a USPS tracking number for these orders, but in many cases you will only be able to find out the date the package left the US. Read about What is Electronic USPS Delivery Confirmation International? International buyers, please understand that you assume the risk of loss if tracking and insurance is not available to your country. The Member Agreement clearly states that CardShark is not responsible for losses, and by becoming a member you agreed to adhere to this policy. You may contact your seller to see if they are willing or able to use a different service that does offer tracking and insurance to your address, but the details and payment of extra fees are entirely up to you two.
Orders are always shipped to your CardShark registered address NOT your PayPal address. If your address on the CardShark system wasn't current your seller can ask to be reimbursed for postage to re-ship the order (once it is returned to them by the post office).
You may open a CardShark support ticket on orders that are late, damaged, or have another problem from 6 - 30 days after the transaction date. The seller has 5 business days to respond to this ticket; if they do not do so the order may be refunded to the buyer at their expense. If the buyer fails to respond after 3 remidners, the ticket will be closed.

Note that if no ticket has been opened and we haven’t heard from the buyer within 30 days of the transaction date, we may not be able to assist because we will have released the funds to your seller. At that point, the buyer is encouraged to use our webmail system to communicate directly with their seller.
If a buyer cancels an order, the seller is then placed on vacation automatically and will receive an email regarding the cancellation. Seller, be proactive - if you cannot fill an order, contact our service team instead of waiting for the buyer to cancel.

We expect that sellers have, and are ready to ship, cards they are selling. If a confirmed order needs to be cancelled without good reason, the seller will be responsible for a 3% cancellation fee. This fee will be carried as a negative balance on your account and deducted from your next payment.
If the seller doesn't confirm an order you've placed within 3 business days, you can cancel the order from the "Alerts" section on your My Account page. There will be a section called # of sellers pending confirmation, which will automatically appear when a sale has not been confirmed in a timely manner. If the transaction is not cancelled within 30 days, you can inquire at customer service for a refund.
Feedback ratings (and seller rebuttals) on transactions can be changed for up to 3 months after the transaction. We reserve the right to delete ratings and feedback if deemed inappropriate or offensive such as threats or profanity.
Feedback ratings on transactions are changed through requests from the buyer. If you feel you were awarded a rating that wasn't justified, try to contact your buyer and ask that they reconsider. Ratings that include threats, profanity, outrageous, or slanderous statements will be removed at the discretion of the support team.
If a seller has no sales for 3 months, their account is placed on vacation status. If they do not log in to the site for 6 months, inventory is deleted.
You must have a verified PayPal account set up before you can list cards to sell on CardShark. This was part of the member agreement you agreed to. If your PayPal account is frozen, you can request us to redirect your payments to another email. CardShark cannot issue personal checks or money orders.
CardShark may defer payments to sellers who have open customer service complaints until the seller makes a sincere attempt to resolve the issue(s). If a seller has repeated complaints from customers that are not resolved satisfactorily, selling privileges will be revoked.
Abuse of the "notes" field in card listings is not allowed. Sellers may not use this space to advertise their personal web site or store. CardShark will remove offending entries. The notes field should only be used to state something unique about the condition of a card.
New accounts with no sales or purchase history are deleted if there is no activity for 6 months. Email reminders will be sent before removal to give you a chance to retain your account. Note that sales and purchases are not necessary to maintain an active CardShark account - you only need to log in once in a while to do so.
This system is intended for you to send notes and questions to one another about items for sale, purchases made, orders received, and other topics pertaining to CardShark-related business only. This system is not for use in trying to buy or trade cards outside of CardShark or promote your own business. Abuse of the system may result in your account being closed.
The SharkShares rewards program is designed to reward our members for buying, selling, promoting, and actively participating in the CardShark community. Attempts to fraudulently earn Shares will result in cancellation of all Shares from your account. Members who have never made a purchase or a sale cannot redeem shares.
Policies effective: 15 May 2015