MTGO Frequently Asked Questions

First, be sure to set your MTGO Contact Preferences.

Buyer FAQ:

The buying process is the same as with any other physical card except for the check out process. If you are buying Magic Online virtual cards as only part of your order, you must complete a PayPal payment for ALL VIRTUAL CARDS first. After this payment, you will be redirected back to your cart and it will show any other items you have in your cart (such as physical Magic cards, LOTR or Online Store purchases). All of those can be done in a single paypal payment after online cards are purchased.
CardShark incurs a fee for each PayPal transaction. Due to this, we need to charge the buyer a small transaction fee to offset this amount.
First, you will need to wait for the seller to CONFIRM the sale. This is your assurance that someone is on the other end of the line. Once a confirmation is received, in the same email you will receive various Contact Information for the seller. At the very least you will get a MTGO Username for them. You may also get other contact information. Once you receive this, both the buyer and seller should try to contact each other and set up a time to meet in Magic Online. Once there you will need to start a trade between each other and the seller should add the cards you purchased to your account.
In this case, we can offer you a full refund within 30 days of the transaction date. You should open a customer service ticket if you want to file a complaint about your transaction.

Seller FAQ:

Various tools are available to sell all card games on CardShark. These include a basic listing ability - when you search for a card you will see a "Sell Your Copy" button that allows you to list your cards one at a time.

You can also use the basic inventory management tool listed on your "My Account" page under "Manage Inventory".

In addition to these standard tools, we have a CSV Import Program that will let you upload all of your Magic Online inventory nightly. Please view the program notes for more information on how to use this advanced tool.
You will be paid on the same schedule as any other transaction on CardShark. To view your personal paydates, go to your My Account page, and follow the link to View Payments Pending to see your paydates and pay amounts.
Just like any other transaction on CardShark, you will have 3 business days to confirm the sale. If after 3 days, the transaction hasn't been confirmed, the buyer can cancel the sale.
If you are selling cards you need to show up for arranged meetings online to complete your trades. If after 1 week, the transaction is not complete, the buyer may request a refund. If you aren't prepared to be online in a given time period to complete sales trades, put your account on vacation.