CardShark Booster Box Raffle

CardShark + Magic the Gathering: Booster Raffle =

In the past we have given away a Booster Box every month. From time to time we take a break from this to focus on other contests and marketing options. We are currently on hiatus. Check back periodically to see if the contest is running again.

Past Winner's Circle

muzunguBooster PackSeptember 2019
oneofchaosBooster BoxSeptember 2019
ulrichBooster PackAugust 2019
OnasBooster BoxAugust 2019
JschlagelBooster PackJuly 2019
AristotlesTutorBooster BoxJuly 2019
mood02Booster PackJune 2019
redmercuryBooster BoxJune 2019
AshrorBooster PackMay 2019
mentilsoupBooster BoxMay 2019
merdock271Booster PackApril 2019
kodaBooster BoxApril 2019
wanderingaround55Booster PackMarch 2019
elyphantBooster BoxMarch 2019
jimmyd5051Booster PackFebruary 2019
aperfectfidgetBooster BoxFebruary 2019
daggerhartBooster PackJanuary 2019
magic_fer4Booster BoxJanuary 2019
doomtombBooster PackDecember 2018
zick711Booster BoxDecember 2018
The fine print: Offer good to buying members in good standing only. A dollar is a whole dollar (remainder in cents is dropped), not including shipping charges, that you purchase in Magic or MTGO singles only - purchases of new product not included. CardShark reserves the right to end this program at any time. Prizes will be awarded as SharkShares to be redeemed through our SharkShares program.