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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Aegis AutomatonAether RevoltArtifact Creature Common
Aerial ModificationAether RevoltEnchantment Uncommon
Aeronaut AdmiralAether RevoltCreature Uncommon
Aether ChaserAether RevoltCreature Common
Aether HerderAether RevoltCreature Common
Aether InspectorAether RevoltCreature Common
Aether PoisonerAether RevoltCreature Common
Aether SwooperAether RevoltCreature Common
Aethergeode MinerAether RevoltCreature Rare
Aethersphere HarvesterAether RevoltArtifact Rare
Aetherstream LeopardAether RevoltCreature Common
Aethertide WhaleAether RevoltCreature Rare
Aetherwind BaskerAether RevoltCreature Mythic Rare
Aid from the CowlAether RevoltEnchantment Rare
Airdrop AeronautsAether RevoltCreature Uncommon
Ajani UnyieldingAether RevoltPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Ajani's AidAether RevoltEnchantment Rare
Ajani's ComradeAether RevoltCreature Uncommon
Ajani, Valiant ProtectorAether RevoltPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Alley EvasionAether RevoltInstant Common
Alley StranglerAether RevoltCreature Common
Audacious InfiltratorAether RevoltCreature Common
Augmenting AutomatonAether RevoltArtifact Creature Common
Baral's ExpertiseAether RevoltSorcery Rare
Baral, Chief of ComplianceAether RevoltLegendary Creature Rare
Barricade BreakerAether RevoltArtifact Creature Uncommon
Bastion EnforcerAether RevoltCreature Common
Bastion InventorAether RevoltCreature Common
Battle at the BridgeAether RevoltSorcery Rare
Call for UnityAether RevoltEnchantment Rare
Caught in the BrightsAether RevoltEnchantment Common
Chandra's RevolutionAether RevoltSorcery Common
Cogwork AssemblerAether RevoltArtifact Creature Uncommon
Consulate CrackdownAether RevoltEnchantment Rare
Consulate DreadnoughtAether RevoltArtifact Uncommon
Consulate TurretAether RevoltArtifact Common
ConvictionAether RevoltEnchantment Common
Countless Gears RenegadeAether RevoltCreature Common
Crackdown ConstructAether RevoltArtifact Creature Uncommon
Cruel FinalityAether RevoltInstant Common
Daredevil DragsterAether RevoltArtifact Uncommon
Daring DemolitionAether RevoltSorcery Common
Dark IntimationsAether RevoltSorcery Rare
Dawnfeather EagleAether RevoltCreature Common
Deadeye HarpoonerAether RevoltCreature Uncommon
DecommissionAether RevoltInstant Common
Defiant SalvagerAether RevoltCreature Common
Deft DismissalAether RevoltInstant Uncommon
Destructive TamperingAether RevoltSorcery Common
DisallowAether RevoltInstant Rare
Dispersal TechnicianAether RevoltCreature Common
Druid of the CowlAether RevoltCreature Common
Efficient ConstructionAether RevoltEnchantment Uncommon
Embraal Gear-SmasherAether RevoltCreature Common
Enraged GiantAether RevoltCreature Uncommon
Exquisite ArchangelAether RevoltCreature Mythic Rare
Fatal PushAether RevoltInstant Uncommon
Felidar GuardianAether RevoltCreature Uncommon
Fen HaulerAether RevoltCreature Common
Filigree CrawlerAether RevoltArtifact Creature Common
Foundry AssemblerAether RevoltArtifact Creature Common
Foundry HornetAether RevoltCreature Uncommon
Fourth Bridge ProwlerAether RevoltCreature Common
Freejam RegentAether RevoltCreature Rare
Frontline RebelAether RevoltCreature Common
Ghirapur OspreyAether RevoltCreature Common
Gifted AetherbornAether RevoltCreature Uncommon
Glint-Sleeve SiphonerAether RevoltCreature Rare
Gonti's Aether HeartAether RevoltLegendary Artifact Mythic Rare
Gonti's MachinationsAether RevoltEnchantment Uncommon
Greenbelt RampagerAether RevoltCreature Rare
Greenwheel LiberatorAether RevoltCreature Rare
Gremlin InfestationAether RevoltEnchantment Uncommon
Heart of KiranAether RevoltLegendary Artifact Mythic Rare
Herald of AnguishAether RevoltCreature Mythic Rare
Heroic InterventionAether RevoltInstant Rare
Hidden HerbalistsAether RevoltCreature Uncommon
Hidden StockpileAether RevoltEnchantment Uncommon
Highspire InfusionAether RevoltInstant Common
Hinterland DrakeAether RevoltCreature Common
Hope of GhirapurAether RevoltLegendary Artifact Creature Rare
Hungry FlamesAether RevoltInstant Uncommon
Ice OverAether RevoltEnchantment Common
Illusionist's StratagemAether RevoltInstant Uncommon
Implement of CombustionAether RevoltArtifact Common
Implement of ExaminationAether RevoltArtifact Common
Implement of FerocityAether RevoltArtifact Common
Implement of ImprovementAether RevoltArtifact Common
Implement of MaliceAether RevoltArtifact Common
Indomitable CreativityAether RevoltSorcery Mythic Rare
Inspiring RoarAether RevoltSorcery Common
Inspiring StatuaryAether RevoltArtifact Rare
Invigorated RampageAether RevoltInstant Uncommon
Ironclad RevolutionaryAether RevoltCreature Uncommon
Irontread CrusherAether RevoltArtifact Common
Kari Zev's ExpertiseAether RevoltSorcery Rare
Kari Zev, Skyship RaiderAether RevoltLegendary Creature Rare
Lathnu SailbackAether RevoltCreature Common
Leave in the DustAether RevoltInstant Common
Lifecraft AwakeningAether RevoltInstant Uncommon
Lifecraft CavalryAether RevoltCreature Common
Lifecrafter's BestiaryAether RevoltArtifact Rare
Lifecrafter's GiftAether RevoltInstant Uncommon
Lightning RunnerAether RevoltCreature Mythic Rare
Maulfist RevolutionaryAether RevoltCreature Uncommon
Maverick ThopteristAether RevoltCreature Uncommon
Mechanized ProductionAether RevoltEnchantment Mythic Rare
Merchant's DockhandAether RevoltArtifact Creature Rare
Metallic MimicAether RevoltArtifact Creature Rare
Metallic RebukeAether RevoltInstant Common
Midnight EntourageAether RevoltCreature Rare
Mobile GarrisonAether RevoltArtifact Common
Monstrous OnslaughtAether RevoltSorcery Uncommon
Narnam RenegadeAether RevoltCreature Uncommon
Natural ObsolescenceAether RevoltInstant Common
NegateAether RevoltInstant Common
Night Market AeronautAether RevoltCreature Common
Night Market GuardAether RevoltArtifact Creature Common
Oath of AjaniAether RevoltLegendary Enchantment Rare
OrnithopterAether RevoltArtifact Creature Uncommon
Outland BoarAether RevoltCreature Uncommon
Pacification ArrayAether RevoltArtifact Uncommon
Paradox EngineAether RevoltLegendary Artifact Mythic Rare
Peacewalker ColossusAether RevoltArtifact Rare
Peema Aether-SeerAether RevoltCreature Uncommon
Pendulum of PatternsAether RevoltArtifact Common
Perilous PredicamentAether RevoltInstant Uncommon
Pia's RevolutionAether RevoltEnchantment Rare
Planar BridgeAether RevoltLegendary Artifact Mythic Rare
Precise StrikeAether RevoltInstant Common
Prey UponAether RevoltSorcery Common
Prizefighter ConstructAether RevoltArtifact Creature Common
Quicksmith RebelAether RevoltCreature Rare
Quicksmith SpyAether RevoltCreature Rare
Ravenous IntruderAether RevoltCreature Uncommon
Reckless RacerAether RevoltCreature Uncommon
Release the GremlinsAether RevoltSorcery Rare
Renegade MapAether RevoltArtifact Common
Renegade RallierAether RevoltCreature Uncommon
Renegade WheelsmithAether RevoltCreature Uncommon
Renegade's GetawayAether RevoltInstant Common
Reservoir WalkerAether RevoltArtifact Creature Common
Resourceful ReturnAether RevoltSorcery Common
Restoration SpecialistAether RevoltCreature Uncommon
Reverse EngineerAether RevoltSorcery Uncommon
Ridgescale TuskerAether RevoltCreature Uncommon
Rishkar's ExpertiseAether RevoltSorcery Rare
Rishkar, Peema RenegadeAether RevoltLegendary Creature Rare
Rogue RefinerAether RevoltCreature Uncommon
Salvage ScuttlerAether RevoltCreature Uncommon
Scrap TrawlerAether RevoltArtifact Creature Rare
Scrapper ChampionAether RevoltCreature Uncommon
Scrounging BandarAether RevoltCreature Common
Secret SalvageAether RevoltSorcery Rare
Servo SchematicAether RevoltArtifact Uncommon
Shielded Aether ThiefAether RevoltCreature Uncommon
Shipwreck MorayAether RevoltCreature Common
ShockAether RevoltInstant Common
Siege ModificationAether RevoltEnchantment Uncommon
Silkweaver EliteAether RevoltCreature Common
Skyship PlundererAether RevoltCreature Uncommon
Sly RequisitionerAether RevoltCreature Uncommon
Solemn RecruitAether RevoltCreature Rare
Spire of IndustryAether RevoltLand Rare
Spire PatrolAether RevoltCreature Uncommon
Sram's ExpertiseAether RevoltSorcery Rare
Sram, Senior EdificerAether RevoltLegendary Creature Rare
Submerged BoneyardAether RevoltLand Common
Sweatworks BrawlerAether RevoltCreature Common
Take into CustodyAether RevoltInstant Common
Tezzeret the SchemerAether RevoltPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Tezzeret's BetrayalAether RevoltSorcery Rare
Tezzeret's SimulacrumAether RevoltArtifact Creature Uncommon
Tezzeret's TouchAether RevoltEnchantment Uncommon
Tezzeret, Master of MetalAether RevoltPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Thopter ArrestAether RevoltEnchantment Uncommon
Tranquil ExpanseAether RevoltLand Common
Treasure KeeperAether RevoltArtifact Creature Uncommon
Trophy MageAether RevoltCreature Uncommon
Unbridled GrowthAether RevoltEnchantment Common
Universal SolventAether RevoltArtifact Common
Untethered ExpressAether RevoltArtifact Uncommon
Vengeful RebelAether RevoltCreature Uncommon
Verdant AutomatonAether RevoltArtifact Creature Common
Walking BallistaAether RevoltArtifact Creature Rare
Watchful AutomatonAether RevoltArtifact Creature Common
Welder AutomatonAether RevoltArtifact Creature Common
Weldfast EngineerAether RevoltCreature Uncommon
Whir of InventionAether RevoltInstant Rare
Wind-Kin RaidersAether RevoltCreature Uncommon
Winding ConstrictorAether RevoltCreature Uncommon
WrangleAether RevoltSorcery Common
Yahenni's ExpertiseAether RevoltSorcery Rare
Yahenni, Undying PartisanAether RevoltLegendary Creature Rare