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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
AnathemancerAlara RebornCreature Uncommon
Architects of WillAlara RebornArtifact Creature Common
Ardent PleaAlara RebornEnchantment Uncommon
Arsenal ThresherAlara RebornArtifact Creature Common
Aven MimeomancerAlara RebornCreature Rare
Bant SojournersAlara RebornCreature Common
Bant SurebladeAlara RebornCreature Common
Behemoth SledgeAlara RebornArtifact Uncommon
Bituminous BlastAlara RebornInstant Uncommon
Blitz HellionAlara RebornCreature Rare
Bloodbraid ElfAlara RebornCreature Uncommon
BrainbiteAlara RebornSorcery Common
Breath of MalfegorAlara RebornInstant Common
Captured SunlightAlara RebornSorcery Common
Cerodon YearlingAlara RebornCreature Common
Cloven CastingAlara RebornEnchantment Rare
Colossal MightAlara RebornInstant Common
CrystallizationAlara RebornEnchantment Common
Dauntless EscortAlara RebornCreature Rare
Deadshot MinotaurAlara RebornCreature Common
Deathbringer ThoctarAlara RebornCreature Rare
Defiler of SoulsAlara RebornCreature Mythic Rare
Demonic DreadAlara RebornSorcery Common
Demonspine WhipAlara RebornArtifact Uncommon
Deny RealityAlara RebornSorcery Common
Double NegativeAlara RebornInstant Uncommon
Dragon AppeasementAlara RebornEnchantment Uncommon
Dragon BroodmotherAlara RebornCreature Mythic Rare
Drastic RevelationAlara RebornSorcery Uncommon
Enigma SphinxAlara RebornArtifact Creature Rare
Enlisted WurmAlara RebornCreature Uncommon
Esper SojournersAlara RebornArtifact Creature Common
Esper StormbladeAlara RebornArtifact Creature Common
Ethercaste KnightAlara RebornArtifact Creature Common
Etherium AbominationAlara RebornArtifact Creature Common
Ethersworn ShieldmageAlara RebornArtifact Creature Common
Etherwrought PageAlara RebornArtifact Uncommon
Fieldmist BorderpostAlara RebornArtifact Common
Fight to the DeathAlara RebornInstant Rare
Filigree AngelAlara RebornArtifact Creature Rare
Finest HourAlara RebornEnchantment Rare
Firewild BorderpostAlara RebornArtifact Common
Flurry of WingsAlara RebornInstant Uncommon
Giant Ambush BeetleAlara RebornCreature Uncommon
Glassdust HulkAlara RebornArtifact Creature Common
Glory of WarfareAlara RebornEnchantment Rare
Gloryscale ViashinoAlara RebornCreature Uncommon
Godtracker of JundAlara RebornCreature Common
Gorger WurmAlara RebornCreature Common
Grixis GrimbladeAlara RebornCreature Common
Grixis SojournersAlara RebornCreature Common
Grizzled LeotauAlara RebornCreature Common
Identity CrisisAlara RebornSorcery Rare
Igneous PouncerAlara RebornCreature Common
Illusory DemonAlara RebornCreature Uncommon
Intimidation BoltAlara RebornInstant Uncommon
Jenara, Asura of WarAlara RebornLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Jhessian ZombiesAlara RebornCreature Common
Jund HackbladeAlara RebornCreature Common
Jund SojournersAlara RebornCreature Common
Karrthus, Tyrant of JundAlara RebornLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Kathari BomberAlara RebornCreature Common
Kathari RemnantAlara RebornCreature Uncommon
Knight of New AlaraAlara RebornCreature Rare
Knotvine PaladinAlara RebornCreature Rare
LavalancheAlara RebornSorcery Rare
Leonin ArmorguardAlara RebornCreature Common
Lich Lord of UnxAlara RebornCreature Rare
Lightning ReaverAlara RebornCreature Rare
Lord of ExtinctionAlara RebornCreature Mythic Rare
Lorescale CoatlAlara RebornCreature Uncommon
Madrush CyclopsAlara RebornCreature Rare
Maelstrom NexusAlara RebornEnchantment Mythic Rare
Maelstrom PulseAlara RebornSorcery Rare
Mage SlayerAlara RebornArtifact Uncommon
Magefire WingsAlara RebornEnchantment Common
Marisi's TwinclawsAlara RebornCreature Uncommon
Marrow ChomperAlara RebornCreature Uncommon
Mask of RiddlesAlara RebornArtifact Uncommon
Mayael's AriaAlara RebornEnchantment Rare
Meddling MageAlara RebornCreature Rare
Messenger FalconsAlara RebornCreature Uncommon
Mind FuneralAlara RebornSorcery Uncommon
Mistvein BorderpostAlara RebornArtifact Common
Monstrous CarabidAlara RebornCreature Common
Morbid BloomAlara RebornSorcery Uncommon
Mycoid ShepherdAlara RebornCreature Rare
Naya HushbladeAlara RebornCreature Common
Naya SojournersAlara RebornCreature Common
Necromancer's CovenantAlara RebornEnchantment Rare
Nemesis of ReasonAlara RebornCreature Rare
Nulltread GargantuanAlara RebornCreature Uncommon
Offering to AshaAlara RebornInstant Common
Pale RecluseAlara RebornCreature Common
Predatory AdvantageAlara RebornEnchantment Rare
Putrid LeechAlara RebornCreature Common
Qasali PridemageAlara RebornCreature Common
Reborn HopeAlara RebornSorcery Uncommon
Retaliator GriffinAlara RebornCreature Rare
Rhox BruteAlara RebornCreature Common
Sages of the AnimaAlara RebornCreature Rare
Sanctum PlowbeastAlara RebornArtifact Creature Common
Sangrite BacklashAlara RebornEnchantment Common
Sanity GnawersAlara RebornCreature Uncommon
Sen TripletsAlara RebornLegendary Artifact Creature Mythic Rare
Sewn-Eye DrakeAlara RebornCreature Common
Shield of the RighteousAlara RebornArtifact Uncommon
Sigil CaptainAlara RebornCreature Uncommon
Sigil of the Nayan GodsAlara RebornEnchantment Common
Sigiled BehemothAlara RebornCreature Common
Singe-Mind OgreAlara RebornCreature Common
Skyclaw ThrashAlara RebornArtifact Creature Uncommon
Slave of BolasAlara RebornSorcery Uncommon
Soul ManipulationAlara RebornInstant Common
SoulquakeAlara RebornSorcery Rare
Sovereigns of Lost AlaraAlara RebornCreature Rare
Spellbound DragonAlara RebornCreature Rare
Spellbreaker BehemothAlara RebornCreature Rare
Sphinx of the Steel WindAlara RebornArtifact Creature Mythic Rare
Stormcaller's BoonAlara RebornEnchantment Common
Stun SniperAlara RebornCreature Uncommon
Tainted SigilAlara RebornArtifact Uncommon
Talon TrooperAlara RebornCreature Common
TerminateAlara RebornInstant Common
Thopter FoundryAlara RebornArtifact Uncommon
Thought HemorrhageAlara RebornSorcery Rare
ThraximundarAlara RebornLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Time SieveAlara RebornArtifact Rare
Trace of AbundanceAlara RebornEnchantment Common
Unbender TineAlara RebornArtifact Uncommon
Unscythe, Killer of KingsAlara RebornLegendary Artifact Rare
Uril, the MiststalkerAlara RebornLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Valley RannetAlara RebornCreature Common
Vectis DominatorAlara RebornArtifact Creature Common
Vedalken GhoulAlara RebornCreature Common
Vedalken HereticAlara RebornCreature Rare
Veinfire BorderpostAlara RebornArtifact Common
Vengeful RebirthAlara RebornSorcery Uncommon
Violent OutburstAlara RebornInstant Common
Vithian RenegadesAlara RebornCreature Uncommon
Wall of DenialAlara RebornCreature Uncommon
WargateAlara RebornSorcery Rare
Wildfield BorderpostAlara RebornArtifact Common
Winged CoatlAlara RebornCreature Common
Zealous PersecutionAlara RebornInstant Uncommon