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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Balduvian DeadAlliancesCreature Uncommon
Bounty of the HuntAlliancesInstant Uncommon
BrowseAlliancesEnchantment Uncommon
Casting of BonesAlliancesEnchant Creature Common
Deadly InsectAlliancesCreature Common
Death SparkAlliancesInstant Uncommon
Gorilla ShamanAlliancesCreature Common
Insidious BookwormsAlliancesCreature Common
Kjeldoran Home GuardAlliancesCreature Uncommon
Kjeldoran PrideAlliancesEnchant Creature Common
Lat Nam's LegacyAlliancesInstant Common
Phantasmal FiendAlliancesCreature Common
ReinforcementsAlliancesInstant Common
Scars of the VeteranAlliancesInstant Uncommon
Storm ElementalAlliancesCreature Uncommon
Viscerid DroneAlliancesCreature Uncommon