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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Abundant GrowthAvacyn RestoredEnchantment Common
AggravateAvacyn RestoredInstant Uncommon
Alchemist's ApprenticeAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Alchemist's RefugeAvacyn RestoredLand Rare
Amass the ComponentsAvacyn RestoredSorcery Common
Angel of Glory's RiseAvacyn RestoredCreature Rare
Angel of JubilationAvacyn RestoredCreature Rare
Angel's MercyAvacyn RestoredInstant Common
Angel's TombAvacyn RestoredArtifact Uncommon
Angelic ArmamentsAvacyn RestoredArtifact Uncommon
Angelic WallAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Appetite for BrainsAvacyn RestoredSorcery Uncommon
Arcane MeleeAvacyn RestoredEnchantment Rare
ArchangelAvacyn RestoredCreature Uncommon
Archwing DragonAvacyn RestoredCreature Rare
Avacyn, Angel of HopeAvacyn RestoredLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Banishing StrokeAvacyn RestoredInstant Uncommon
Banners RaisedAvacyn RestoredInstant Common
Barter in BloodAvacyn RestoredSorcery Uncommon
Battle HymnAvacyn RestoredInstant Common
Bladed BracersAvacyn RestoredArtifact Common
Blessings of NatureAvacyn RestoredSorcery Uncommon
Blood ArtistAvacyn RestoredCreature Uncommon
Bloodflow ConnoisseurAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Bone SplintersAvacyn RestoredSorcery Common
Bonfire of the DamnedAvacyn RestoredSorcery Mythic Rare
Borderland RangerAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Bower PassageAvacyn RestoredEnchantment Uncommon
Bruna, Light of AlabasterAvacyn RestoredLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Builder's BlessingAvacyn RestoredEnchantment Uncommon
Burn at the StakeAvacyn RestoredSorcery Rare
Butcher GhoulAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Call to ServeAvacyn RestoredEnchantment Common
Captain of the MistsAvacyn RestoredCreature Rare
Cathars' CrusadeAvacyn RestoredEnchantment Rare
Cathedral SanctifierAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Cavern of SoulsAvacyn RestoredLand Rare
Champion of LambholtAvacyn RestoredCreature Rare
CloudshiftAvacyn RestoredInstant Common
Commander's AuthorityAvacyn RestoredEnchantment Uncommon
Conjurer's ClosetAvacyn RestoredArtifact Rare
Corpse TradersAvacyn RestoredCreature Uncommon
Craterhoof BehemothAvacyn RestoredCreature Mythic Rare
Crippling ChillAvacyn RestoredInstant Common
Crypt CreeperAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
CursebreakAvacyn RestoredInstant Common
Dangerous WagerAvacyn RestoredInstant Common
Dark ImpostorAvacyn RestoredCreature Rare
Deadeye NavigatorAvacyn RestoredCreature Rare
Death WindAvacyn RestoredInstant Common
DefangAvacyn RestoredEnchantment Common
Defy DeathAvacyn RestoredSorcery Uncommon
DemolishAvacyn RestoredSorcery Common
Demonic RisingAvacyn RestoredEnchantment Rare
Demonic TaskmasterAvacyn RestoredCreature Uncommon
Demonlord of AshmouthAvacyn RestoredCreature Rare
Descendants' PathAvacyn RestoredEnchantment Rare
Descent into MadnessAvacyn RestoredEnchantment Mythic Rare
Desolate LighthouseAvacyn RestoredLand Rare
Devastation TideAvacyn RestoredSorcery Rare
Devout ChaplainAvacyn RestoredCreature Uncommon
Diregraf EscortAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Divine DeflectionAvacyn RestoredInstant Rare
Dread SlaverAvacyn RestoredCreature Rare
DreadwatersAvacyn RestoredSorcery Common
Driver of the DeadAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Druid's FamiliarAvacyn RestoredCreature Uncommon
Druids' RepositoryAvacyn RestoredEnchantment Rare
Dual CastingAvacyn RestoredEnchantment Rare
Eaten by SpidersAvacyn RestoredInstant Uncommon
Elgaud ShieldmateAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Emancipation AngelAvacyn RestoredCreature Uncommon
Entreat the AngelsAvacyn RestoredSorcery Mythic Rare
Essence HarvestAvacyn RestoredSorcery Common
Evernight ShadeAvacyn RestoredCreature Uncommon
Exquisite BloodAvacyn RestoredEnchantment Rare
Falkenrath ExterminatorAvacyn RestoredCreature Uncommon
Farbog ExplorerAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Favorable WindsAvacyn RestoredEnchantment Uncommon
Fervent CatharAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
FettergeistAvacyn RestoredCreature Uncommon
Fleeting DistractionAvacyn RestoredInstant Common
Flowering LumberknotAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
ForestAvacyn RestoredBasic Land Basic Land
Gallows at Willow HillAvacyn RestoredArtifact Rare
Galvanic AlchemistAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Gang of DevilsAvacyn RestoredCreature Uncommon
Geist SnatchAvacyn RestoredInstant Common
Geist TrappersAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
GhostformAvacyn RestoredSorcery Common
Ghostly FlickerAvacyn RestoredInstant Common
Ghostly TouchAvacyn RestoredEnchantment Uncommon
GhoulfleshAvacyn RestoredEnchantment Common
Gisela, Blade of GoldnightAvacyn RestoredLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Gloom SurgeonAvacyn RestoredCreature Rare
GloomwidowAvacyn RestoredCreature Uncommon
Goldnight CommanderAvacyn RestoredCreature Uncommon
Goldnight RedeemerAvacyn RestoredCreature Uncommon
Grave ExchangeAvacyn RestoredSorcery Common
GriselbrandAvacyn RestoredLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
GroundedAvacyn RestoredEnchantment Common
Gryff VanguardAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Guise of FireAvacyn RestoredEnchantment Common
Hanweir LancerAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Harvester of SoulsAvacyn RestoredCreature Rare
Haunted GuardianAvacyn RestoredArtifact Creature Uncommon
Havengul SkaabAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Havengul VampireAvacyn RestoredCreature Uncommon
Heirs of StromkirkAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Herald of WarAvacyn RestoredCreature Rare
Holy JusticiarAvacyn RestoredCreature Uncommon
Homicidal SeclusionAvacyn RestoredEnchantment Uncommon
Hound of GriselbrandAvacyn RestoredCreature Rare
HowlgeistAvacyn RestoredCreature Uncommon
Human FrailtyAvacyn RestoredInstant Uncommon
Hunted GhoulAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Infinite ReflectionAvacyn RestoredEnchantment Rare
Into the VoidAvacyn RestoredSorcery Uncommon
IslandAvacyn RestoredBasic Land Basic Land
Joint AssaultAvacyn RestoredInstant Common
Kessig MalcontentsAvacyn RestoredCreature Uncommon
Killing WaveAvacyn RestoredSorcery Rare
Kruin StrikerAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Lair DelveAvacyn RestoredSorcery Common
Latch SeekerAvacyn RestoredCreature Uncommon
Leap of FaithAvacyn RestoredInstant Common
Lightning MaulerAvacyn RestoredCreature Uncommon
Lightning ProwessAvacyn RestoredEnchantment Uncommon
Lone RevenantAvacyn RestoredCreature Rare
Lunar MysticAvacyn RestoredCreature Rare
Maalfeld TwinsAvacyn RestoredCreature Uncommon
Mad ProphetAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Malicious IntentAvacyn RestoredEnchantment Common
MalignusAvacyn RestoredCreature Mythic Rare
Marrow BatsAvacyn RestoredCreature Uncommon
Mass AppealAvacyn RestoredSorcery Uncommon
Mental AgonyAvacyn RestoredSorcery Common
Midnight DuelistAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Midvast ProtectorAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Mist RavenAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Misthollow GriffinAvacyn RestoredCreature Mythic Rare
Moonlight GeistAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Moonsilver SpearAvacyn RestoredArtifact Rare
Moorland InquisitorAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
MountainAvacyn RestoredBasic Land Basic Land
Narstad ScrapperAvacyn RestoredArtifact Creature Common
Natural EndAvacyn RestoredInstant Common
Nearheath PilgrimAvacyn RestoredCreature Uncommon
NecrobiteAvacyn RestoredInstant Common
Nephalia SmugglerAvacyn RestoredCreature Uncommon
Nettle SwineAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Nightshade PeddlerAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Otherworld AtlasAvacyn RestoredArtifact Rare
OutwitAvacyn RestoredInstant Common
Pathbreaker WurmAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Peel from RealityAvacyn RestoredInstant Common
Pillar of FlameAvacyn RestoredSorcery Common
PlainsAvacyn RestoredBasic Land Basic Land
Polluted DeadAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Predator's GambitAvacyn RestoredEnchantment Common
Primal SurgeAvacyn RestoredSorcery Mythic Rare
Raging PoltergeistAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Rain of ThornsAvacyn RestoredSorcery Uncommon
Reforge the SoulAvacyn RestoredSorcery Rare
Renegade DemonAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Restoration AngelAvacyn RestoredCreature Rare
Revenge of the HuntedAvacyn RestoredSorcery Rare
Riders of GavonyAvacyn RestoredCreature Rare
Righteous BlowAvacyn RestoredInstant Common
Riot RingleaderAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Rite of RuinAvacyn RestoredSorcery Rare
Rotcrown GhoulAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Rush of BloodAvacyn RestoredInstant Uncommon
Scalding DevilAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Scrapskin DrakeAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Scroll of AvacynAvacyn RestoredArtifact Common
Scroll of GriselbrandAvacyn RestoredArtifact Common
Searchlight GeistAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Second GuessAvacyn RestoredInstant Uncommon
Seraph of DawnAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Seraph SanctuaryAvacyn RestoredLand Common
Sheltering WordAvacyn RestoredInstant Common
Sigarda, Host of HeronsAvacyn RestoredLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Silverblade PaladinAvacyn RestoredCreature Rare
Slayers' StrongholdAvacyn RestoredLand Rare
Snare the SkiesAvacyn RestoredInstant Common
Somberwald SageAvacyn RestoredCreature Rare
Somberwald VigilanteAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Soul of the HarvestAvacyn RestoredCreature Rare
Soulcage FiendAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Spectral GateguardsAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Spectral PrisonAvacyn RestoredEnchantment Common
Spirit AwayAvacyn RestoredEnchantment Rare
Stern MentorAvacyn RestoredCreature Uncommon
Stolen GoodsAvacyn RestoredSorcery Rare
StonewrightAvacyn RestoredCreature Uncommon
SwampAvacyn RestoredBasic Land Basic Land
Tamiyo, the Moon SageAvacyn RestoredPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Tandem LookoutAvacyn RestoredCreature Uncommon
Temporal MasteryAvacyn RestoredSorcery Mythic Rare
TerminusAvacyn RestoredSorcery Rare
Terrifying PresenceAvacyn RestoredInstant Common
Thatcher RevoltAvacyn RestoredSorcery Common
Thraben ValiantAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
ThunderboltAvacyn RestoredInstant Common
Thunderous WrathAvacyn RestoredInstant Uncommon
Tibalt, the Fiend-BloodedAvacyn RestoredPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Timberland GuideAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Tormentor's TridentAvacyn RestoredArtifact Uncommon
Treacherous Pit-DwellerAvacyn RestoredCreature Rare
Triumph of CrueltyAvacyn RestoredEnchantment Uncommon
Triumph of FerocityAvacyn RestoredEnchantment Uncommon
Trusted ForcemageAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Tyrant of DiscordAvacyn RestoredCreature Rare
Ulvenwald TrackerAvacyn RestoredCreature Rare
Uncanny SpeedAvacyn RestoredInstant Common
Undead ExecutionerAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Unhallowed PactAvacyn RestoredEnchantment Common
Vanguard's ShieldAvacyn RestoredArtifact Common
VanishmentAvacyn RestoredInstant Uncommon
Vessel of Endless RestAvacyn RestoredArtifact Uncommon
Vexing DevilAvacyn RestoredCreature Rare
Vigilante JusticeAvacyn RestoredEnchantment Uncommon
Voice of the ProvincesAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
VorstclawAvacyn RestoredCreature Uncommon
Wandering WolfAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Wild DefianceAvacyn RestoredEnchantment Rare
Wildwood GeistAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
WingcrafterAvacyn RestoredCreature Common
Wolfir AvengerAvacyn RestoredCreature Uncommon
Wolfir SilverheartAvacyn RestoredCreature Rare
Yew SpiritAvacyn RestoredCreature Uncommon
Zealous ConscriptsAvacyn RestoredCreature Rare
Zealous StrikeAvacyn RestoredInstant Common