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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Abyssal PersecutorCommander 2014Creature Mythic Rare
Adarkar ValkyrieCommander 2014Snow Creature Rare
Æther GaleCommander 2014Sorcery Rare
Æther SnapCommander 2014Sorcery Rare
AfterlifeCommander 2014Instant Uncommon
Angel of the Dire HourCommander 2014Creature Rare
Angelic Field MarshalCommander 2014Creature Rare
AnnihilateCommander 2014Instant Uncommon
Arcane LighthouseCommander 2014Land Uncommon
Argentum ArmorCommander 2014Artifact Rare
ArmisticeCommander 2014Enchantment Rare
Artisan of KozilekCommander 2014Creature Uncommon
Assault SuitCommander 2014Artifact Uncommon
Azure MageCommander 2014Creature Uncommon
Bad MoonCommander 2014Enchantment Rare
Barren MoorCommander 2014Land Common
Beastmaster AscensionCommander 2014Enchantment Rare
Beetleback ChiefCommander 2014Creature Uncommon
Benevolent OfferingCommander 2014Instant Rare
Bitter FeudCommander 2014Enchantment Rare
Black Sun's ZenithCommander 2014Sorcery Rare
Blasphemous ActCommander 2014Sorcery Rare
Bloodgift DemonCommander 2014Creature Rare
Bogardan HellkiteCommander 2014Creature Mythic Rare
Bojuka BogCommander 2014Land Common
BonehoardCommander 2014Artifact Rare
Bosh, Iron GolemCommander 2014Legendary Artifact Creature Rare
Bottle GnomesCommander 2014Artifact Creature Uncommon
Brave the ElementsCommander 2014Instant Uncommon
Breaching LeviathanCommander 2014Creature Rare
Brine ElementalCommander 2014Creature Uncommon
Buried RuinCommander 2014Land Uncommon
Burnished HartCommander 2014Artifact Creature Uncommon
Butcher of MalakirCommander 2014Creature Rare
Cackling CounterpartCommander 2014Instant Rare
Caged SunCommander 2014Artifact Rare
Call to MindCommander 2014Sorcery Uncommon
Cathars' CrusadeCommander 2014Enchantment Rare
CathodionCommander 2014Artifact Creature Uncommon
Celestial CrusaderCommander 2014Creature Uncommon
Chaos WarpCommander 2014Instant Rare
Charcoal DiamondCommander 2014Artifact Uncommon
Collective UnconsciousCommander 2014Sorcery Rare
ComeuppanceCommander 2014Instant Rare
Commander's SphereCommander 2014Artifact Common
Compulsive ResearchCommander 2014Sorcery Common
ConcentrateCommander 2014Sorcery Uncommon
CondemnCommander 2014Instant Uncommon
Containment PriestCommander 2014Creature Rare
Coral AtollCommander 2014Land Uncommon
CreeperhulkCommander 2014Creature Rare
Crown of DoomCommander 2014Artifact Rare
Crypt GhastCommander 2014Creature Rare
Crypt of AgadeemCommander 2014Land Rare
Crystal VeinCommander 2014Land Uncommon
Cyclonic RiftCommander 2014Instant Rare
Daretti, Scrap SavantCommander 2014Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Darksteel CitadelCommander 2014Artifact Land Uncommon
Decree of JusticeCommander 2014Sorcery Rare
Deep-Sea KrakenCommander 2014Creature Rare
Demon of Wailing AgoniesCommander 2014Creature Rare
Deploy to the FrontCommander 2014Sorcery Rare
Desert TwisterCommander 2014Sorcery Uncommon
Disciple of BolasCommander 2014Creature Rare
DismissCommander 2014Instant Uncommon
Distorting WakeCommander 2014Sorcery Rare
Domineering WillCommander 2014Instant Rare
Dormant VolcanoCommander 2014Land Uncommon
Drana, Kalastria BloodchiefCommander 2014Legendary Creature Rare
Dread ReturnCommander 2014Sorcery Uncommon
Dreamstone HedronCommander 2014Artifact Uncommon
Dregs of SorrowCommander 2014Sorcery Rare
Drifting MeadowCommander 2014Land Common
Drove of ElvesCommander 2014Creature Uncommon
Dualcaster MageCommander 2014Creature Rare
Dulcet SirensCommander 2014Creature Rare
Elvish ArchdruidCommander 2014Creature Rare
Elvish MysticCommander 2014Creature Common
Elvish SkysweeperCommander 2014Creature Common
Elvish VisionaryCommander 2014Creature Common
Emerald MedallionCommander 2014Artifact Rare
Emeria, the Sky RuinCommander 2014Land Rare
EpochrasiteCommander 2014Artifact Creature Rare
Essence WardenCommander 2014Creature Common
Everflowing ChaliceCommander 2014Artifact Uncommon
EvergladesCommander 2014Land Uncommon
Evernight ShadeCommander 2014Creature Uncommon
Evolving WildsCommander 2014Land Common
ExcludeCommander 2014Instant Common
Ezuri, Renegade LeaderCommander 2014Legendary Creature Rare
Faithless LootingCommander 2014Sorcery Common
Farhaven ElfCommander 2014Creature Common
Fathom SeerCommander 2014Creature Common
Feldon of the Third PathCommander 2014Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Fell the MightyCommander 2014Sorcery Rare
Fire DiamondCommander 2014Artifact Uncommon
Flamekin VillageCommander 2014Land Rare
Flametongue KavuCommander 2014Creature Uncommon
Flesh CarverCommander 2014Creature Rare
FlickerwispCommander 2014Creature Uncommon
Fog BankCommander 2014Creature Uncommon
Fool's DemiseCommander 2014Enchantment Uncommon
ForestCommander 2014Basic Land Basic Land
ForestCommander 2014Basic Land Basic Land
ForestCommander 2014Basic Land Basic Land
ForestCommander 2014Basic Land Basic Land
Forgotten CaveCommander 2014Land Common
Fresh MeatCommander 2014Instant Rare
Freyalise, Llanowar's FuryCommander 2014Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Frost TitanCommander 2014Creature Mythic Rare
Gargoyle CastleCommander 2014Land Rare
Geist-Honored MonkCommander 2014Creature Rare
Ghost QuarterCommander 2014Land Uncommon
Ghoulcaller GisaCommander 2014Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Gift of EstatesCommander 2014Sorcery Uncommon
Goblin WelderCommander 2014Creature Rare
Grand AbolisherCommander 2014Creature Rare
Grave SifterCommander 2014Creature Rare
Grave TitanCommander 2014Creature Mythic Rare
Gray Merchant of AsphodelCommander 2014Creature Common
Great FurnaceCommander 2014Artifact Land Common
Grim FloweringCommander 2014Sorcery Uncommon
Hallowed SpiritkeeperCommander 2014Creature Rare
HarrowCommander 2014Instant Common
Haunted FengrafCommander 2014Land Common
Havenwood BattlegroundCommander 2014Land Uncommon
Hoard-Smelter DragonCommander 2014Creature Rare
Hoverguard SweepersCommander 2014Creature Rare
Hunting TriadCommander 2014Tribal Sorcery Uncommon
Ichor WellspringCommander 2014Artifact Common
Immaculate MagistrateCommander 2014Creature Rare
Impact ResonanceCommander 2014Instant Rare
Imperious PerfectCommander 2014Creature Uncommon
Incite RebellionCommander 2014Sorcery Rare
Infernal OfferingCommander 2014Sorcery Rare
Infinite ReflectionCommander 2014Enchantment Rare
Ingot ChewerCommander 2014Creature Common
Intellectual OfferingCommander 2014Instant Rare
Into the RoilCommander 2014Instant Common
IslandCommander 2014Basic Land Basic Land
IslandCommander 2014Basic Land Basic Land
IslandCommander 2014Basic Land Basic Land
IslandCommander 2014Basic Land Basic Land
IxidronCommander 2014Creature Rare
Jalum TomeCommander 2014Artifact Rare
Jazal GoldmaneCommander 2014Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Jet MedallionCommander 2014Artifact Rare
Joraga WarcallerCommander 2014Creature Rare
Jungle BasinCommander 2014Land Uncommon
Junk DiverCommander 2014Artifact Creature Rare
KarooCommander 2014Land Uncommon
Kemba, Kha RegentCommander 2014Legendary Creature Rare
Kor SanctifiersCommander 2014Creature Common
LashwritheCommander 2014Artifact Rare
Lifeblood HydraCommander 2014Creature Rare
Liliana's ReaverCommander 2014Creature Rare
Liquimetal CoatingCommander 2014Artifact Uncommon
Llanowar ElvesCommander 2014Creature Common
Lonely SandbarCommander 2014Land Common
Loreseeker's StoneCommander 2014Artifact Uncommon
Lorthos, the TidemakerCommander 2014Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Loxodon WarhammerCommander 2014Artifact Rare
Lys Alana HuntmasterCommander 2014Creature Common
MagmaquakeCommander 2014Instant Rare
Magus of the CoffersCommander 2014Creature Rare
Malicious AfflictionCommander 2014Instant Rare
Marble DiamondCommander 2014Artifact Uncommon
Marshal's AnthemCommander 2014Enchantment Rare
Martial CoupCommander 2014Sorcery Rare
Mask of MemoryCommander 2014Artifact Uncommon
Masked AdmirersCommander 2014Creature Rare
Masterwork of IngenuityCommander 2014Artifact Rare
Mentor of the MeekCommander 2014Creature Rare
Midnight HauntingCommander 2014Instant Uncommon
Mind StoneCommander 2014Artifact Uncommon
MobilizationCommander 2014Enchantment Rare
Moonsilver SpearCommander 2014Artifact Rare
Morkrut BansheeCommander 2014Creature Uncommon
Moss DiamondCommander 2014Artifact Uncommon
MountainCommander 2014Basic Land Basic Land
MountainCommander 2014Basic Land Basic Land
MountainCommander 2014Basic Land Basic Land
MountainCommander 2014Basic Land Basic Land
MulldrifterCommander 2014Creature Common
MutilateCommander 2014Sorcery Rare
Mycosynth WellspringCommander 2014Artifact Common
Myr BattlesphereCommander 2014Artifact Creature Rare
Myr RetrieverCommander 2014Artifact Creature Uncommon
Myr SireCommander 2014Artifact Creature Common
Myriad LandscapeCommander 2014Land Uncommon
Nahiri, the LithomancerCommander 2014Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Nantuko ShadeCommander 2014Creature Rare
Necromantic SelectionCommander 2014Sorcery Rare
NekrataalCommander 2014Creature Uncommon
Nevinyrral's DiskCommander 2014Artifact Rare
Nomads' AssemblyCommander 2014Sorcery Rare
Ob Nixilis of the Black OathCommander 2014Planeswalker Mythic Rare
OblationCommander 2014Instant Rare
Oran-Rief, the VastwoodCommander 2014Land Rare
OverrunCommander 2014Sorcery Uncommon
Overseer of the DamnedCommander 2014Creature Rare
Overwhelming StampedeCommander 2014Sorcery Rare
Palladium MyrCommander 2014Artifact Creature Uncommon
Panic SpellbombCommander 2014Artifact Common
Pearl MedallionCommander 2014Artifact Rare
PentavusCommander 2014Artifact Creature Rare
Pestilence DemonCommander 2014Creature Rare
Phyrexia's CoreCommander 2014Land Uncommon
Phyrexian GargantuaCommander 2014Creature Uncommon
Phyrexian IngesterCommander 2014Creature Rare
Pilgrim's EyeCommander 2014Artifact Creature Common
PlainsCommander 2014Basic Land Basic Land
PlainsCommander 2014Basic Land Basic Land
PlainsCommander 2014Basic Land Basic Land
PlainsCommander 2014Basic Land Basic Land
Polluted MireCommander 2014Land Common
PongifyCommander 2014Instant Uncommon
Pontiff of BlightCommander 2014Creature Rare
Praetor's CounselCommander 2014Sorcery Mythic Rare
Predator, FlagshipCommander 2014Legendary Artifact Rare
Priest of TitaniaCommander 2014Creature Common
Primordial SageCommander 2014Creature Rare
Pristine TalismanCommander 2014Artifact Common
Profane CommandCommander 2014Sorcery Rare
Promise of PowerCommander 2014Sorcery Rare
Rampaging BalothsCommander 2014Creature Mythic Rare
Raving DeadCommander 2014Creature Rare
Read the BonesCommander 2014Sorcery Common
Reaper from the AbyssCommander 2014Creature Mythic Rare
Reclamation SageCommander 2014Creature Uncommon
Reef WormCommander 2014Creature Rare
Reliquary TowerCommander 2014Land Uncommon
Remote IsleCommander 2014Land Common
Requiem AngelCommander 2014Creature Rare
Return to DustCommander 2014Instant Uncommon
Riptide SurvivorCommander 2014Creature Uncommon
Rite of ReplicationCommander 2014Sorcery Rare
Ruby MedallionCommander 2014Artifact Rare
Rush of KnowledgeCommander 2014Sorcery Common
Sacred MesaCommander 2014Enchantment Rare
Sapphire MedallionCommander 2014Artifact Rare
Scrap MasteryCommander 2014Sorcery Rare
Sea Gate OracleCommander 2014Creature Common
Secluded SteppeCommander 2014Land Common
Seer's SundialCommander 2014Artifact Rare
Serra AvatarCommander 2014Creature Mythic Rare
Shaper ParasiteCommander 2014Creature Common
ShriekmawCommander 2014Creature Uncommon
Siege BehemothCommander 2014Creature Rare
Sign in BloodCommander 2014Sorcery Common
Silklash SpiderCommander 2014Creature Rare
Silverblade PaladinCommander 2014Creature Rare
Skeletal ScryingCommander 2014Instant Uncommon
Skirsdag High PriestCommander 2014Creature Rare
SkullclampCommander 2014Artifact Uncommon
Sky DiamondCommander 2014Artifact Uncommon
Skyhunter SkirmisherCommander 2014Creature Uncommon
Slippery KarstCommander 2014Land Common
Smoldering CraterCommander 2014Land Common
Sol RingCommander 2014Artifact Uncommon
Solemn SimulacrumCommander 2014Artifact Creature Rare
Song of the DryadsCommander 2014Enchantment Rare
Soul of the HarvestCommander 2014Creature Rare
Spectral ProcessionCommander 2014Sorcery Uncommon
Sphinx of Jwar IsleCommander 2014Creature Rare
Sphinx of MagosiCommander 2014Creature Rare
Sphinx of UthuunCommander 2014Creature Rare
Spine of Ish SahCommander 2014Artifact Rare
SpitebellowsCommander 2014Creature Uncommon
Spoils of BloodCommander 2014Instant Rare
StarstormCommander 2014Instant Rare
Steel HellkiteCommander 2014Artifact Creature Rare
Stitcher GeralfCommander 2014Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Stormsurge KrakenCommander 2014Creature Rare
Strata ScytheCommander 2014Artifact Rare
Stroke of GeniusCommander 2014Instant Rare
Sudden SpoilingCommander 2014Instant Rare
Sun TitanCommander 2014Creature Mythic Rare
Sunblast AngelCommander 2014Creature Rare
SwampCommander 2014Basic Land Basic Land
SwampCommander 2014Basic Land Basic Land
SwampCommander 2014Basic Land Basic Land
SwampCommander 2014Basic Land Basic Land
Swiftfoot BootsCommander 2014Artifact Uncommon
Sword of VengeanceCommander 2014Artifact Rare
Sylvan OfferingCommander 2014Sorcery Rare
Sylvan RangerCommander 2014Creature Common
Sylvan SafekeeperCommander 2014Creature Rare
Syphon MindCommander 2014Sorcery Common
Tectonic EdgeCommander 2014Land Uncommon
Teferi, Temporal ArchmageCommander 2014Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Temple of the False GodCommander 2014Land Uncommon
Tendrils of CorruptionCommander 2014Instant Common
TerastodonCommander 2014Creature Rare
Terramorphic ExpanseCommander 2014Land Common
Thornweald ArcherCommander 2014Creature Common
Thran DynamoCommander 2014Artifact Uncommon
Thunderfoot BalothCommander 2014Creature Rare
Timberwatch ElfCommander 2014Creature Common
Titania's ChosenCommander 2014Creature Uncommon
Titania, Protector of ArgothCommander 2014Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Tormod's CryptCommander 2014Artifact Uncommon
Tornado ElementalCommander 2014Creature Rare
Trading PostCommander 2014Artifact Rare
Tragic SlipCommander 2014Instant Common
Tranquil ThicketCommander 2014Land Common
True ConvictionCommander 2014Enchantment Rare
Tuktuk the ExplorerCommander 2014Legendary Creature Rare
Turn to FrogCommander 2014Instant Uncommon
Twilight ShepherdCommander 2014Creature Rare
Tyrant's FamiliarCommander 2014Creature Rare
Unstable ObeliskCommander 2014Artifact Uncommon
Ur-Golem's EyeCommander 2014Artifact Uncommon
Vampire HexmageCommander 2014Creature Uncommon
VictimizeCommander 2014Sorcery Uncommon
Volcanic OfferingCommander 2014Instant Rare
Wake the DeadCommander 2014Instant Rare
Warmonger HellkiteCommander 2014Creature Rare
Wave of VitriolCommander 2014Sorcery Rare
Wayfarer's BaubleCommander 2014Artifact Common
Well of IdeasCommander 2014Enchantment Rare
WellwisherCommander 2014Creature Common
WhipflareCommander 2014Sorcery Uncommon
WhirlwindCommander 2014Sorcery Rare
White Sun's ZenithCommander 2014Instant Rare
Whitemane LionCommander 2014Creature Common
WillbenderCommander 2014Creature Uncommon
Wing ShardsCommander 2014Instant Uncommon
Wolfbriar ElementalCommander 2014Creature Rare
Wolfcaller's HowlCommander 2014Enchantment Rare
Wood ElvesCommander 2014Creature Common
Word of SeizingCommander 2014Instant Rare
Worn PowerstoneCommander 2014Artifact Uncommon
Wren's Run PackmasterCommander 2014Creature Rare
Wurmcoil EngineCommander 2014Artifact Creature Mythic Rare
Xathrid DemonCommander 2014Creature Mythic Rare
Zoetic CavernCommander 2014Land Uncommon