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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Acidic SlimeCommander 2015Creature Uncommon
Act of AggressionCommander 2015Instant Uncommon
ÆtherizeCommander 2015Instant Uncommon
ÆthersnatchCommander 2015Instant Rare
Ajani's ChosenCommander 2015Creature Rare
Altar's ReapCommander 2015Instant Common
Ambition's CostCommander 2015Sorcery Uncommon
Ancient AmphitheaterCommander 2015Land Rare
Ancient CravingCommander 2015Sorcery Rare
Angel of SerenityCommander 2015Creature Mythic Rare
Anya, Merciless AngelCommander 2015Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
ArachnogenesisCommander 2015Instant Rare
Arbiter of KnollridgeCommander 2015Creature Rare
Arbor ColossusCommander 2015Creature Rare
Arjun, the Shifting FlameCommander 2015Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Aura of SilenceCommander 2015Enchantment Uncommon
Awaken the Sky TyrantCommander 2015Enchantment Rare
Bane of ProgressCommander 2015Creature Rare
Banishing LightCommander 2015Enchantment Uncommon
Banshee of the Dread ChoirCommander 2015Creature Uncommon
Barren MoorCommander 2015Land Common
Barter in BloodCommander 2015Sorcery Uncommon
Basalt MonolithCommander 2015Artifact Uncommon
Bastion ProtectorCommander 2015Creature Rare
Beastmaster AscensionCommander 2015Enchantment Rare
Bident of ThassaCommander 2015Legendary Enchantment Artifact Rare
Biomantic MasteryCommander 2015Sorcery Rare
Black MarketCommander 2015Enchantment Rare
Blade of SelvesCommander 2015Artifact Rare
Blasted LandscapeCommander 2015Land Uncommon
Blatant ThieveryCommander 2015Sorcery Rare
Blood BairnCommander 2015Creature Common
Bloodspore ThrinaxCommander 2015Creature Rare
Blue Sun's ZenithCommander 2015Instant Rare
BlustersquallCommander 2015Instant Uncommon
BonehoardCommander 2015Artifact Rare
Borderland BehemothCommander 2015Creature Rare
Boros CluestoneCommander 2015Artifact Common
Boros GarrisonCommander 2015Land Common
Boros GuildgateCommander 2015Land Common
Boros SignetCommander 2015Artifact Common
BrainstormCommander 2015Instant Common
Breath of DarigaazCommander 2015Sorcery Uncommon
Broodbirth ViperCommander 2015Creature Uncommon
Burnished HartCommander 2015Artifact Creature Uncommon
Butcher of MalakirCommander 2015Creature Rare
Cage of HandsCommander 2015Enchantment Common
Call the SkybreakerCommander 2015Sorcery Rare
Caller of the ClawCommander 2015Creature Rare
Caller of the PackCommander 2015Creature Uncommon
Celestial AncientCommander 2015Creature Rare
Celestial ArchonCommander 2015Enchantment Creature Rare
Centaur VinecrasherCommander 2015Creature Rare
Chain ReactionCommander 2015Sorcery Rare
Chameleon ColossusCommander 2015Creature Rare
Champion of Stray SoulsCommander 2015Creature Mythic Rare
Charmbreaker DevilsCommander 2015Creature Rare
CloudthresherCommander 2015Creature Rare
Cobra TrapCommander 2015Instant Uncommon
Coiling OracleCommander 2015Creature Common
Cold-Eyed SelkieCommander 2015Creature Rare
Coldsteel HeartCommander 2015Snow Artifact Uncommon
Comet StormCommander 2015Instant Mythic Rare
Command BeaconCommander 2015Land Rare
Command TowerCommander 2015Land Common
Corpse AugurCommander 2015Creature Uncommon
CounterfluxCommander 2015Instant Rare
Crib SwapCommander 2015Tribal Instant Uncommon
Crystal ChimesCommander 2015Artifact Uncommon
Curse of the Nightly HuntCommander 2015Enchantment Uncommon
Darksteel IngotCommander 2015Artifact Uncommon
Dawn to DuskCommander 2015Sorcery Uncommon
Dawnbreak ReclaimerCommander 2015Creature Rare
Dawnglare InvokerCommander 2015Creature Common
Daxos the ReturnedCommander 2015Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Daxos's TormentCommander 2015Enchantment Rare
Day of the DragonsCommander 2015Enchantment Rare
Deadly TempestCommander 2015Sorcery Rare
Death GraspCommander 2015Sorcery Rare
Desert TwisterCommander 2015Sorcery Uncommon
Desolation GiantCommander 2015Creature Rare
Desperate RavingsCommander 2015Instant Uncommon
Diabolic ServitudeCommander 2015Enchantment Uncommon
Dictate of HeliodCommander 2015Enchantment Rare
Disaster RadiusCommander 2015Sorcery Rare
DominateCommander 2015Instant Uncommon
Doomwake GiantCommander 2015Enchantment Creature Rare
Dragon MageCommander 2015Creature Rare
Dread SummonsCommander 2015Sorcery Rare
Dreadbringer LampadsCommander 2015Enchantment Creature Common
Dream PillagerCommander 2015Creature Rare
Dreamstone HedronCommander 2015Artifact Uncommon
Drifting MeadowCommander 2015Land Common
EarthquakeCommander 2015Sorcery Rare
Eater of HopeCommander 2015Creature Rare
Echoing TruthCommander 2015Instant Common
Eldrazi MonumentCommander 2015Artifact Mythic Rare
Elvish VisionaryCommander 2015Creature Common
Epic ExperimentCommander 2015Sorcery Mythic Rare
Eternal WitnessCommander 2015Creature Uncommon
Etherium-Horn SorcererCommander 2015Artifact Creature Rare
Evolving WildsCommander 2015Land Common
Experiment OneCommander 2015Creature Uncommon
Extractor DemonCommander 2015Creature Rare
Ezuri's PredationCommander 2015Sorcery Rare
Ezuri, Claw of ProgressCommander 2015Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Fact or FictionCommander 2015Instant Uncommon
Faith's FettersCommander 2015Enchantment Common
Faithless LootingCommander 2015Sorcery Common
Fall of the HammerCommander 2015Instant Common
Fallen IdealCommander 2015Enchantment Uncommon
Fate UnravelerCommander 2015Enchantment Creature Rare
Fellwar StoneCommander 2015Artifact Uncommon
Fiery ConfluenceCommander 2015Sorcery Rare
Firemind's ForesightCommander 2015Instant Rare
ForestCommander 2015Basic Land Basic Land
ForestCommander 2015Basic Land Basic Land
ForestCommander 2015Basic Land Basic Land
ForestCommander 2015Basic Land Basic Land
Forgotten AncientCommander 2015Creature Rare
Forgotten CaveCommander 2015Land Common
Fumiko the LowbloodCommander 2015Legendary Creature Rare
Ghost QuarterCommander 2015Land Uncommon
Ghostblade EidolonCommander 2015Enchantment Creature Uncommon
GigantoplasmCommander 2015Creature Rare
GildCommander 2015Sorcery Rare
Gisela, Blade of GoldnightCommander 2015Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Goblin ElectromancerCommander 2015Creature Common
Golgari CharmCommander 2015Instant Uncommon
Golgari GuildgateCommander 2015Land Common
Golgari Rot FarmCommander 2015Land Common
Golgari SignetCommander 2015Artifact Common
Grasp of FateCommander 2015Enchantment Rare
Grave PerilCommander 2015Enchantment Common
Great Oak GuardianCommander 2015Creature Uncommon
Grim BackwoodsCommander 2015Land Rare
Grisly SalvageCommander 2015Instant Common
Hamletback GoliathCommander 2015Creature Rare
Hammerfist GiantCommander 2015Creature Rare
Herald of the HostCommander 2015Creature Uncommon
High MarketCommander 2015Land Rare
HostilityCommander 2015Creature Rare
Hunted DragonCommander 2015Creature Rare
Illusory AmbusherCommander 2015Creature Uncommon
Indrik StomphowlerCommander 2015Creature Uncommon
Inferno TitanCommander 2015Creature Mythic Rare
IslandCommander 2015Basic Land Basic Land
IslandCommander 2015Basic Land Basic Land
IslandCommander 2015Basic Land Basic Land
IslandCommander 2015Basic Land Basic Land
Izzet BoilerworksCommander 2015Land Common
Izzet GuildgateCommander 2015Land Common
Izzet SignetCommander 2015Artifact Common
Jace's ArchivistCommander 2015Creature Rare
Jarad, Golgari Lich LordCommander 2015Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Jareth, Leonine TitanCommander 2015Legendary Creature Rare
Jungle HollowCommander 2015Land Common
Kalemne's CaptainCommander 2015Creature Rare
Kalemne, Disciple of IroasCommander 2015Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Karlov of the Ghost CouncilCommander 2015Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Karmic JusticeCommander 2015Enchantment Rare
Kaseto, Orochi ArchmageCommander 2015Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Kessig CagebreakersCommander 2015Creature Rare
Kodama's ReachCommander 2015Sorcery Common
Kor SanctifiersCommander 2015Creature Common
Korozda GuildmageCommander 2015Creature Uncommon
Krosan GripCommander 2015Instant Uncommon
Lightning GreavesCommander 2015Artifact Uncommon
Llanowar RebornCommander 2015Land Uncommon
Loaming ShamanCommander 2015Creature Rare
Lone RevenantCommander 2015Creature Rare
Lorescale CoatlCommander 2015Creature Uncommon
Lotleth TrollCommander 2015Creature Rare
Loxodon WarhammerCommander 2015Artifact Rare
Magma GiantCommander 2015Creature Rare
MagmaquakeCommander 2015Instant Rare
Magus of the WheelCommander 2015Creature Rare
Marshal's AnthemCommander 2015Enchantment Rare
Mazirek, Kraul Death PriestCommander 2015Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Melek, Izzet ParagonCommander 2015Legendary Creature Rare
Meren of Clan Nel TothCommander 2015Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Mesa EnchantressCommander 2015Creature Rare
Meteor BlastCommander 2015Sorcery Uncommon
Mind StoneCommander 2015Artifact Uncommon
Mirror MatchCommander 2015Instant Uncommon
Mizzium MortarsCommander 2015Sorcery Rare
Mizzix of the IzmagnusCommander 2015Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Mizzix's MasteryCommander 2015Sorcery Rare
Monk IdealistCommander 2015Creature Uncommon
Mosswort BridgeCommander 2015Land Rare
MountainCommander 2015Basic Land Basic Land
MountainCommander 2015Basic Land Basic Land
MountainCommander 2015Basic Land Basic Land
MountainCommander 2015Basic Land Basic Land
MulchCommander 2015Sorcery Common
MulldrifterCommander 2015Creature Uncommon
MycolothCommander 2015Creature Rare
Mystic ConfluenceCommander 2015Instant Rare
Mystic RetrievalCommander 2015Sorcery Uncommon
Mystic SnakeCommander 2015Creature Rare
Necromancer's CovenantCommander 2015Enchantment Rare
New BenaliaCommander 2015Land Uncommon
NighthowlerCommander 2015Enchantment Creature Rare
Ninja of the Deep HoursCommander 2015Creature Common
Noble QuarryCommander 2015Enchantment Creature Uncommon
Novijen, Heart of ProgressCommander 2015Land Uncommon
Ohran ViperCommander 2015Snow Creature Rare
Open the VaultsCommander 2015Sorcery Rare
Oran-Rief, the VastwoodCommander 2015Land Rare
Oreskos ExplorerCommander 2015Creature Uncommon
Orim's ThunderCommander 2015Instant Common
Orochi HatcheryCommander 2015Artifact Rare
Orzhov BasilicaCommander 2015Land Common
Orzhov CluestoneCommander 2015Artifact Common
Orzhov GuildgateCommander 2015Land Common
Orzhov SignetCommander 2015Artifact Common
OverrunCommander 2015Sorcery Uncommon
Overwhelming StampedeCommander 2015Sorcery Rare
Patagia ViperCommander 2015Creature Uncommon
Pathbreaker IbexCommander 2015Creature Rare
Phyrexian ArenaCommander 2015Enchantment Rare
Phyrexian PlaguelordCommander 2015Creature Rare
Phyrexian RagerCommander 2015Creature Common
Phyrexian ReclamationCommander 2015Enchantment Uncommon
PlainsCommander 2015Basic Land Basic Land
PlainsCommander 2015Basic Land Basic Land
PlainsCommander 2015Basic Land Basic Land
PlainsCommander 2015Basic Land Basic Land
PlaxmantaCommander 2015Creature Uncommon
Polluted MireCommander 2015Land Common
PreordainCommander 2015Sorcery Common
Primal GrowthCommander 2015Sorcery Common
Prime Speaker ZeganaCommander 2015Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Prophetic BoltCommander 2015Instant Rare
Psychosis CrawlerCommander 2015Artifact Creature Rare
PutrefyCommander 2015Instant Uncommon
Rampant GrowthCommander 2015Sorcery Common
Rapid HybridizationCommander 2015Instant Uncommon
Reins of PowerCommander 2015Instant Rare
Reliquary TowerCommander 2015Land Uncommon
RepealCommander 2015Instant Common
Righteous ConfluenceCommander 2015Sorcery Rare
Rise from the GraveCommander 2015Sorcery Uncommon
Rite of ReplicationCommander 2015Sorcery Rare
Rite of the Raging StormCommander 2015Enchantment Uncommon
Rogue's PassageCommander 2015Land Uncommon
Sakura-Tribe ElderCommander 2015Creature Common
Sandstone OracleCommander 2015Artifact Creature Uncommon
Satyr WayfinderCommander 2015Creature Common
Scoured BarrensCommander 2015Land Common
Scourge of Nel TothCommander 2015Creature Rare
ScytheclawCommander 2015Artifact Rare
Seal of CleansingCommander 2015Enchantment Common
Seal of DoomCommander 2015Enchantment Common
Seal of the GuildpactCommander 2015Artifact Rare
Secluded SteppeCommander 2015Land Common
Seer's SundialCommander 2015Artifact Rare
Sever the BloodlineCommander 2015Sorcery Rare
Shielded by FaithCommander 2015Enchantment Rare
ShriekmawCommander 2015Creature Uncommon
Sigil of the Empty ThroneCommander 2015Enchantment Rare
Silent SentinelCommander 2015Creature Rare
Simic Growth ChamberCommander 2015Land Common
Simic GuildgateCommander 2015Land Common
Simic KeyruneCommander 2015Artifact Uncommon
Simic SignetCommander 2015Artifact Common
SkullclampCommander 2015Artifact Uncommon
SkullwinderCommander 2015Creature Uncommon
SleepCommander 2015Sorcery Uncommon
Slippery KarstCommander 2015Land Common
Smoldering CraterCommander 2015Land Common
SnakeformCommander 2015Instant Common
Sol RingCommander 2015Artifact Uncommon
Solemn SimulacrumCommander 2015Artifact Creature Rare
Spider SpawningCommander 2015Sorcery Uncommon
Spinerock KnollCommander 2015Land Rare
Staff of NinCommander 2015Artifact Rare
Steam AuguryCommander 2015Instant Rare
Stingerfling SpiderCommander 2015Creature Uncommon
Stinkdrinker DaredevilCommander 2015Creature Common
Stolen GoodsCommander 2015Sorcery Rare
Stoneshock GiantCommander 2015Creature Uncommon
Stroke of GeniusCommander 2015Instant Rare
Sun TitanCommander 2015Creature Mythic Rare
Sunrise SovereignCommander 2015Creature Rare
SwampCommander 2015Basic Land Basic Land
SwampCommander 2015Basic Land Basic Land
SwampCommander 2015Basic Land Basic Land
SwampCommander 2015Basic Land Basic Land
Swiftfoot BootsCommander 2015Artifact Uncommon
Swiftwater CliffsCommander 2015Land Common
Sword of VengeanceCommander 2015Artifact Rare
Synthetic DestinyCommander 2015Instant Rare
Tainted FieldCommander 2015Land Uncommon
Tainted WoodCommander 2015Land Uncommon
Talrand, Sky SummonerCommander 2015Legendary Creature Rare
Taurean MaulerCommander 2015Creature Rare
Temple of the False GodCommander 2015Land Uncommon
TerastodonCommander 2015Creature Rare
Terramorphic ExpanseCommander 2015Land Common
Teysa, Envoy of GhostsCommander 2015Legendary Creature Rare
Thelonite HermitCommander 2015Creature Rare
Thief of BloodCommander 2015Creature Uncommon
Thornwood FallsCommander 2015Land Common
Thought ReflectionCommander 2015Enchantment Rare
Thought VesselCommander 2015Artifact Common
Thundercloud ShamanCommander 2015Creature Uncommon
Treasury ThrullCommander 2015Creature Rare
Tribute to the WildCommander 2015Instant Uncommon
Trygon PredatorCommander 2015Creature Uncommon
Underworld CoinsmithCommander 2015Enchantment Creature Uncommon
Underworld ConnectionsCommander 2015Enchantment Rare
Urza's IncubatorCommander 2015Artifact Rare
Urza's RageCommander 2015Instant Rare
VandalblastCommander 2015Sorcery Uncommon
Verdant ConfluenceCommander 2015Sorcery Rare
Verdant ForceCommander 2015Creature Rare
VictimizeCommander 2015Sorcery Uncommon
Victory's HeraldCommander 2015Creature Rare
Viridian EmissaryCommander 2015Creature Common
Viridian ShamanCommander 2015Creature Uncommon
Viridian ZealotCommander 2015Creature Rare
Vivid CragCommander 2015Land Uncommon
Vivid CreekCommander 2015Land Uncommon
Vivid GroveCommander 2015Land Uncommon
Vivid MarshCommander 2015Land Uncommon
Vivid MeadowCommander 2015Land Uncommon
Vow of DutyCommander 2015Enchantment Uncommon
Vow of MaliceCommander 2015Enchantment Uncommon
Vulturous ZombieCommander 2015Creature Rare
Wall of BlossomsCommander 2015Creature Uncommon
Warchief GiantCommander 2015Creature Uncommon
Warstorm SurgeCommander 2015Enchantment Rare
Wayfarer's BaubleCommander 2015Artifact Common
Wind-Scarred CragCommander 2015Land Common
WindfallCommander 2015Sorcery Uncommon
Wistful SelkieCommander 2015Creature Uncommon
Wood ElvesCommander 2015Creature Common
Word of SeizingCommander 2015Instant Rare
Worn PowerstoneCommander 2015Artifact Uncommon
Wretched ConfluenceCommander 2015Instant Rare
Zoetic CavernCommander 2015Land Uncommon