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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Act of TreasonCore Set 2020Sorcery Common
Aerial AssaultCore Set 2020Sorcery Common
Aether GustCore Set 2020Instant Uncommon
Agent of TreacheryCore Set 2020Creature Rare
Aggressive MammothCore Set 2020Creature Rare
Agonizing SyphonCore Set 2020Sorcery Common
Air ElementalCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Ajani, Inspiring LeaderCore Set 2020Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Ajani, Strength of the PrideCore Set 2020Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Ancestral BladeCore Set 2020Artifact Uncommon
Angel of VitalityCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Angelic GiftCore Set 2020Enchantment Common
Angelic GuardianCore Set 2020Creature Rare
AnticipateCore Set 2020Instant Common
Anvilwrought RaptorCore Set 2020Artifact Creature Common
Apostle of Purifying LightCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Atemsis, All-SeeingCore Set 2020Legendary Creature Rare
Audacious ThiefCore Set 2020Creature Common
Bag of HoldingCore Set 2020Artifact Rare
Barkhide TrollCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Barony VampireCore Set 2020Creature Common
Bartizan BatsCore Set 2020Creature Common
Bastion EnforcerCore Set 2020Creature Common
Battalion Foot SoldierCore Set 2020Creature Common
BefuddleCore Set 2020Instant Common
Bishop of WingsCore Set 2020Creature Rare
BladebrandCore Set 2020Instant Common
BlightbeetleCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Blood BurglarCore Set 2020Creature Common
Blood for BonesCore Set 2020Sorcery Uncommon
Bloodfell CavesCore Set 2020Land Common
Bloodsoaked AltarCore Set 2020Artifact Uncommon
Bloodthirsty AerialistCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Blossoming SandsCore Set 2020Land Common
BogstomperCore Set 2020Creature Common
Bone SplintersCore Set 2020Sorcery Common
Bone to AshCore Set 2020Instant Common
Boneclad NecromancerCore Set 2020Creature Common
Boreal ElementalCore Set 2020Creature Common
Brightwood TrackerCore Set 2020Creature Common
Brineborn CutthroatCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Bristling BoarCore Set 2020Creature Common
Brought BackCore Set 2020Instant Rare
Canopy SpiderCore Set 2020Creature Common
Captivating GyreCore Set 2020Sorcery Uncommon
Cavalier of DawnCore Set 2020Creature Mythic Rare
Cavalier of FlameCore Set 2020Creature Mythic Rare
Cavalier of GalesCore Set 2020Creature Mythic Rare
Cavalier of NightCore Set 2020Creature Mythic Rare
Cavalier of ThornsCore Set 2020Creature Mythic Rare
Celestial MessengerCore Set 2020Creature Common
Centaur CourserCore Set 2020Creature Common
Cerulean DrakeCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Chandra's EmbercatCore Set 2020Creature Common
Chandra's Flame WaveCore Set 2020Sorcery Rare
Chandra's OutrageCore Set 2020Instant Common
Chandra's RegulatorCore Set 2020Legendary Artifact Rare
Chandra's SpitfireCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Chandra, Acolyte of FlameCore Set 2020Legendary Planeswalker Rare
Chandra, Awakened InfernoCore Set 2020Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Chandra, Flame's FuryCore Set 2020Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Chandra, Novice PyromancerCore Set 2020Legendary Planeswalker Uncommon
Cloudkin SeerCore Set 2020Creature Common
Colossus HammerCore Set 2020Artifact Uncommon
Concordia PegasusCore Set 2020Creature Common
ConvoluteCore Set 2020Instant Common
Coral MerfolkCore Set 2020Creature Common
Corpse KnightCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Creeping TrailblazerCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Cryptic CavesCore Set 2020Land Uncommon
Daggersail AeronautCore Set 2020Creature Common
Dark RemedyCore Set 2020Instant Common
Dawning AngelCore Set 2020Creature Common
Daybreak ChaplainCore Set 2020Creature Common
Destructive DiggerCore Set 2020Creature Common
Devout DecreeCore Set 2020Sorcery Uncommon
Diamond KnightCore Set 2020Artifact Creature Uncommon
DisenchantCore Set 2020Instant Common
DisentombCore Set 2020Sorcery Common
DisfigureCore Set 2020Instant Uncommon
Dismal BackwaterCore Set 2020Land Common
Diviner's LockboxCore Set 2020Artifact Uncommon
Dragon MageCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Drakuseth, Maw of FlamesCore Set 2020Legendary Creature Rare
Drawn from DreamsCore Set 2020Sorcery Rare
Dread PresenceCore Set 2020Creature Rare
Dungeon GeistsCore Set 2020Creature Rare
DuressCore Set 2020Sorcery Common
Elvish ReclaimerCore Set 2020Creature Rare
Ember HaulerCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Embodiment of AgoniesCore Set 2020Creature Rare
Empyrean EagleCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Engulfing EruptionCore Set 2020Sorcery Common
Epicure of BloodCore Set 2020Creature Common
Eternal IsolationCore Set 2020Sorcery Uncommon
Ethereal ElkCore Set 2020Creature Rare
Evolving WildsCore Set 2020Land Common
Faerie MiscreantCore Set 2020Creature Common
Fathom Fleet CutthroatCore Set 2020Creature Common
Fearless HalberdierCore Set 2020Creature Common
Fencing AceCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Feral AbominationCore Set 2020Creature Common
Feral InvocationCore Set 2020Enchantment Common
Ferocious PupCore Set 2020Creature Common
Field of the DeadCore Set 2020Land Rare
Fire ElementalCore Set 2020Creature Common
Flame SweepCore Set 2020Instant Uncommon
Flood of TearsCore Set 2020Sorcery Rare
ForestCore Set 2020Basic Land Basic Land
ForestCore Set 2020Basic Land Basic Land
ForestCore Set 2020Basic Land Basic Land
ForestCore Set 2020Basic Land Basic Land
Fortress CrabCore Set 2020Creature Common
Frilled SandwallaCore Set 2020Creature Common
Frilled Sea SerpentCore Set 2020Creature Common
Frost LynxCore Set 2020Creature Common
FryCore Set 2020Instant Uncommon
Gargos, Vicious WatcherCore Set 2020Legendary Creature Rare
Gauntlets of LightCore Set 2020Enchantment Uncommon
Gift of ParadiseCore Set 2020Enchantment Common
Glaring AegisCore Set 2020Enchantment Common
Glint-Horn BuccaneerCore Set 2020Creature Rare
Gnarlback RhinoCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Goblin AssailantCore Set 2020Creature Common
Goblin Bird-GrabberCore Set 2020Creature Common
Goblin RingleaderCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Goblin SmugglerCore Set 2020Creature Common
Gods WillingCore Set 2020Instant Uncommon
Goldmane GriffinCore Set 2020Creature Rare
Golos, Tireless PilgrimCore Set 2020Legendary Artifact Creature Rare
Gorging VultureCore Set 2020Creature Common
Grafdigger's CageCore Set 2020Artifact Rare
GravediggerCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
GravewakerCore Set 2020Creature Rare
Greenwood SentinelCore Set 2020Creature Common
Griffin ProtectorCore Set 2020Creature Common
Griffin SentinelCore Set 2020Creature Common
Growth CycleCore Set 2020Instant Common
Gruesome ScourgerCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Haazda OfficerCore Set 2020Creature Common
Hanged ExecutionerCore Set 2020Creature Rare
Hard CoverCore Set 2020Enchantment Uncommon
Healer of the GladeCore Set 2020Creature Common
Heart-Piercer BowCore Set 2020Artifact Common
Herald of the SunCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Hostile MinotaurCore Set 2020Creature Common
Howling GiantCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Icon of AncestryCore Set 2020Artifact Rare
Immortal PhoenixCore Set 2020Creature Rare
Impassioned OratorCore Set 2020Creature Common
Imperial OutriderCore Set 2020Creature Common
InfuriateCore Set 2020Instant Common
Inspired ChargeCore Set 2020Instant Common
Inspiring CaptainCore Set 2020Creature Common
Ironclad KrovodCore Set 2020Creature Common
Ironroot WarlordCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
IslandCore Set 2020Basic Land Basic Land
IslandCore Set 2020Basic Land Basic Land
IslandCore Set 2020Basic Land Basic Land
IslandCore Set 2020Basic Land Basic Land
Jungle HollowCore Set 2020Land Common
Kaalia, Zenith SeekerCore Set 2020Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Keldon RaiderCore Set 2020Creature Common
Kethis, the Hidden HandCore Set 2020Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Knight of the Ebon LegionCore Set 2020Creature Rare
Kykar, Wind's FuryCore Set 2020Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Lavakin BrawlerCore Set 2020Creature Common
Leafkin DruidCore Set 2020Creature Common
Legion's EndCore Set 2020Sorcery Rare
Leyline of AbundanceCore Set 2020Enchantment Rare
Leyline of AnticipationCore Set 2020Enchantment Rare
Leyline of CombustionCore Set 2020Enchantment Rare
Leyline of SanctityCore Set 2020Enchantment Rare
Leyline of the VoidCore Set 2020Enchantment Rare
Lightning StormkinCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Loaming ShamanCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Lotus FieldCore Set 2020Land Rare
Loxodon LifechanterCore Set 2020Creature Rare
Loyal PegasusCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Mammoth SpiderCore Set 2020Creature Common
Maniacal RageCore Set 2020Enchantment Common
Manifold KeyCore Set 2020Artifact Uncommon
Marauder's AxeCore Set 2020Artifact Common
Marauding RaptorCore Set 2020Creature Rare
Mask of ImmolationCore Set 2020Artifact Uncommon
Master SplicerCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Masterful ReplicationCore Set 2020Instant Rare
Meteor GolemCore Set 2020Artifact Creature Uncommon
Metropolis SpriteCore Set 2020Creature Common
Might of the MassesCore Set 2020Instant Uncommon
Mind RotCore Set 2020Sorcery Common
Moat PiranhasCore Set 2020Creature Common
Moldervine ReclamationCore Set 2020Enchantment Uncommon
Moment of HeroismCore Set 2020Instant Common
Moorland InquisitorCore Set 2020Creature Common
MountainCore Set 2020Basic Land Basic Land
MountainCore Set 2020Basic Land Basic Land
MountainCore Set 2020Basic Land Basic Land
MountainCore Set 2020Basic Land Basic Land
Mu Yanling, Celestial WindCore Set 2020Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Mu Yanling, Sky DancerCore Set 2020Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
MurderCore Set 2020Instant Common
Mystic ForgeCore Set 2020Artifact Rare
Natural EndCore Set 2020Instant Common
NegateCore Set 2020Instant Common
Netcaster SpiderCore Set 2020Creature Common
Nightpack AmbusherCore Set 2020Creature Rare
Nimble BirdstickerCore Set 2020Creature Common
Noxious GraspCore Set 2020Instant Uncommon
OakenformCore Set 2020Enchantment Common
OctoprophetCore Set 2020Creature Common
Ogre SiegebreakerCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Omnath, Locus of the RoilCore Set 2020Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
OvercomeCore Set 2020Sorcery Uncommon
Overgrowth ElementalCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
PacifismCore Set 2020Enchantment Common
Pack MastiffCore Set 2020Creature Common
Pattern MatcherCore Set 2020Artifact Creature Uncommon
Phantom WarriorCore Set 2020Creature Common
PlainsCore Set 2020Basic Land Basic Land
PlainsCore Set 2020Basic Land Basic Land
PlainsCore Set 2020Basic Land Basic Land
PlainsCore Set 2020Basic Land Basic Land
Planar CleansingCore Set 2020Sorcery Rare
PlummetCore Set 2020Instant Common
Portal of SanctuaryCore Set 2020Artifact Uncommon
PrismiteCore Set 2020Artifact Creature Common
Prized UnicornCore Set 2020Creature Common
Prowling CaracalCore Set 2020Creature Common
Pulse of MurasaCore Set 2020Instant Uncommon
Pyroclastic ElementalCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Rabid BiteCore Set 2020Sorcery Common
Raise the AlarmCore Set 2020Instant Common
Rapacious DragonCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Reckless Air StrikeCore Set 2020Sorcery Common
Reduce to AshesCore Set 2020Sorcery Common
Renowned WeaponsmithCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Repeated ReverberationCore Set 2020Instant Rare
Retributive WandCore Set 2020Artifact Uncommon
Riddlemaster SphinxCore Set 2020Creature Rare
Rienne, Angel of RebirthCore Set 2020Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Ripscale PredatorCore Set 2020Creature Common
Risen ReefCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Rotting RegisaurCore Set 2020Creature Rare
Rubblebelt RecluseCore Set 2020Creature Common
Rugged HighlandsCore Set 2020Land Common
Rule of LawCore Set 2020Enchantment Uncommon
Sage's Row DenizenCore Set 2020Creature Common
Salvager of RuinCore Set 2020Artifact Creature Uncommon
Sanitarium SkeletonCore Set 2020Creature Common
Savage GorgerCore Set 2020Creature Common
Savannah SageCore Set 2020Creature Common
Scampering ScorcherCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Scheming SymmetryCore Set 2020Sorcery Rare
Scholar of the AgesCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Scorch SpitterCore Set 2020Creature Common
Scoured BarrensCore Set 2020Land Common
ScuttlemuttCore Set 2020Artifact Creature Uncommon
Season of GrowthCore Set 2020Enchantment Uncommon
Sedge ScorpionCore Set 2020Creature Common
Sephara, Sky's BladeCore Set 2020Legendary Creature Rare
Serra's GuardianCore Set 2020Creature Rare
Shared SummonsCore Set 2020Instant Rare
Shifting CeratopsCore Set 2020Creature Rare
Shivan DragonCore Set 2020Creature Rare
ShockCore Set 2020Instant Common
Show of ValorCore Set 2020Instant Common
Siege MastodonCore Set 2020Creature Common
Silverback ShamanCore Set 2020Creature Common
Skeleton ArcherCore Set 2020Creature Common
Skyknight VanguardCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Sleep ParalysisCore Set 2020Enchantment Common
Snapping DrakeCore Set 2020Creature Common
Sorcerer of the FangCore Set 2020Creature Common
Sorin's GuideCore Set 2020Creature Rare
Sorin's ThirstCore Set 2020Instant Common
Sorin, Imperious BloodlordCore Set 2020Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Sorin, Vampire LordCore Set 2020Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Soul SalvageCore Set 2020Sorcery Common
SoulmenderCore Set 2020Creature Common
Spectral SailorCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Squad CaptainCore Set 2020Creature Common
Starfield MysticCore Set 2020Creature Rare
Steadfast SentryCore Set 2020Creature Common
Steel OverseerCore Set 2020Artifact Creature Rare
Stone GolemCore Set 2020Artifact Creature Common
SwampCore Set 2020Basic Land Basic Land
SwampCore Set 2020Basic Land Basic Land
SwampCore Set 2020Basic Land Basic Land
SwampCore Set 2020Basic Land Basic Land
Swiftwater CliffsCore Set 2020Land Common
Take VengeanceCore Set 2020Sorcery Common
Tale's EndCore Set 2020Instant Rare
Tectonic RiftCore Set 2020Sorcery Common
Temple of EpiphanyCore Set 2020Land Rare
Temple of MaladyCore Set 2020Land Rare
Temple of MysteryCore Set 2020Land Rare
Temple of SilenceCore Set 2020Land Rare
Temple of TriumphCore Set 2020Land Rare
Thicket CrasherCore Set 2020Creature Common
Thirsting BloodlordCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Thornwood FallsCore Set 2020Land Common
Thought DistortionCore Set 2020Sorcery Uncommon
Thrashing BrontodonCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Thunderkin AwakenerCore Set 2020Creature Rare
Titanic GrowthCore Set 2020Instant Common
Tomebound LichCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Tranquil CoveCore Set 2020Land Common
Trusted PegasusCore Set 2020Creature Common
Twinblade PaladinCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Uncaged FuryCore Set 2020Instant Uncommon
Unchained BerserkerCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Undead ServantCore Set 2020Creature Common
Unholy IndentureCore Set 2020Enchantment Common
UnsummonCore Set 2020Instant Common
Vampire of the Dire MoonCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Vampire OpportunistCore Set 2020Creature Common
Veil of SummerCore Set 2020Instant Uncommon
Vengeful WarchiefCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Vial of DragonfireCore Set 2020Artifact Common
Vilis, Broker of BloodCore Set 2020Legendary Creature Rare
Vivien's CrocodileCore Set 2020Creature Common
Vivien, Arkbow RangerCore Set 2020Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Vivien, Nature's AvengerCore Set 2020Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Volcanic DragonCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Voracious HydraCore Set 2020Creature Rare
VorstclawCore Set 2020Creature Common
Wakeroot ElementalCore Set 2020Creature Rare
Walking CorpseCore Set 2020Creature Common
Warden of Evos IsleCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Waterkin ShamanCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Wildfire ElementalCore Set 2020Creature Common
Wind-Scarred CragCore Set 2020Land Common
Winged WordsCore Set 2020Sorcery Common
Wolfkin BondCore Set 2020Enchantment Common
Wolfrider's SaddleCore Set 2020Artifact Uncommon
Woodland ChampionCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Woodland MysticCore Set 2020Creature Common
Yanling's HarbingerCore Set 2020Creature Rare
Yarok's FenlurkerCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Yarok's WavecrasherCore Set 2020Creature Uncommon
Yarok, the DesecratedCore Set 2020Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Yoked OxCore Set 2020Creature Common
Zephyr ChargeCore Set 2020Enchantment Common