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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Adherent of HopeCore Set 2021Creature Common
Alchemist's GiftCore Set 2021Instant Common
Alpine HoundmasterCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Alpine WatchdogCore Set 2021Creature Common
Angelic AscensionCore Set 2021Instant Uncommon
Animal SanctuaryCore Set 2021Land Rare
Anointed ChoristerCore Set 2021Creature Common
Archfiend's VesselCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Aven GagglemasterCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Azusa, Lost but SeekingCore Set 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Bad DealCore Set 2021Sorcery Uncommon
Baneslayer AngelCore Set 2021Creature Mythic Rare
Barrin, Tolarian ArchmageCore Set 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Basri KetCore Set 2021Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Basri's AcolyteCore Set 2021Creature Common
Basri's AegisCore Set 2021Sorcery Rare
Basri's LieutenantCore Set 2021Creature Rare
Basri's SolidarityCore Set 2021Sorcery Uncommon
Basri, Devoted PaladinCore Set 2021Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Battle-Rattle ShamanCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Blood GluttonCore Set 2021Creature Common
Bloodfell CavesCore Set 2021Land Basic Land
Blossoming SandsCore Set 2021Land Basic Land
Bolt HoundCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Bone Pit BruteCore Set 2021Creature Common
Brash TaunterCore Set 2021Creature Rare
Burlfist OakCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Burn BrightCore Set 2021Instant Common
Caged ZombieCore Set 2021Creature Common
CancelCore Set 2021Instant Common
Canopy StalkerCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Capture SphereCore Set 2021Enchantment Common
Carrion GrubCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Celestial EnforcerCore Set 2021Creature Common
Chandra's FiremawCore Set 2021Creature Rare
Chandra's IncineratorCore Set 2021Creature Rare
Chandra's MagmuttCore Set 2021Creature Common
Chandra's PyrelingCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Chandra, Flame's CatalystCore Set 2021Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Chandra, Heart of FireCore Set 2021Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Chromatic OrreryCore Set 2021Legendary Artifact Mythic Rare
Chrome ReplicatorCore Set 2021Artifact Creature Uncommon
Colossal DreadmawCore Set 2021Creature Common
Conclave MentorCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Concordia PegasusCore Set 2021Creature Common
Conspicuous SnoopCore Set 2021Creature Rare
Containment PriestCore Set 2021Creature Rare
Crash ThroughCore Set 2021Sorcery Common
Crypt LurkerCore Set 2021Creature Common
CultivateCore Set 2021Sorcery Uncommon
Daybreak ChargerCore Set 2021Creature Common
Deathbloom ThallidCore Set 2021Creature Common
Defiant StrikeCore Set 2021Instant Common
Demonic EmbraceCore Set 2021Enchantment Rare
Destructive TamperingCore Set 2021Sorcery Common
Dire Fleet WarmongerCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
DiscontinuityCore Set 2021Instant Mythic Rare
Dismal BackwaterCore Set 2021Land Basic Land
Double VisionCore Set 2021Enchantment Rare
Drowsing TyrannodonCore Set 2021Creature Common
DubCore Set 2021Enchantment Common
DuressCore Set 2021Sorcery Common
Elder GargarothCore Set 2021Creature Mythic Rare
EliminateCore Set 2021Instant Uncommon
Enthralling HoldCore Set 2021Enchantment Uncommon
Epitaph GolemCore Set 2021Artifact Creature Uncommon
Experimental OverloadCore Set 2021Sorcery Uncommon
Fabled PassageCore Set 2021Land Rare
Faith's FettersCore Set 2021Enchantment Uncommon
Falconer AdeptCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Feat of ResistanceCore Set 2021Instant Common
Feline SovereignCore Set 2021Creature Rare
Fetid ImpCore Set 2021Creature Common
Fierce EmpathCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Fiery EmancipationCore Set 2021Enchantment Mythic Rare
Finishing BlowCore Set 2021Instant Common
ForestCore Set 2021Basic Land Basic Land
Forgotten SentinelCore Set 2021Artifact Creature Common
Frantic InventoryCore Set 2021Instant Common
Frost BreathCore Set 2021Instant Common
Fungal RebirthCore Set 2021Instant Uncommon
Furious RiseCore Set 2021Enchantment Uncommon
Furor of the BittenCore Set 2021Enchantment Common
Gadrak, the Crown-ScourgeCore Set 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Gale SwooperCore Set 2021Creature Common
Garruk's GorehornCore Set 2021Creature Common
Garruk's HarbingerCore Set 2021Creature Rare
Garruk's UprisingCore Set 2021Enchantment Uncommon
Garruk's WarsteedCore Set 2021Creature Rare
Garruk, Savage HeraldCore Set 2021Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Garruk, UnleashedCore Set 2021Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Ghostly PilfererCore Set 2021Creature Rare
Gloom SowerCore Set 2021Creature Common
Glorious AnthemCore Set 2021Enchantment Rare
Gnarled SageCore Set 2021Creature Common
Goblin ArsonistCore Set 2021Creature Common
Goblin WizardryCore Set 2021Instant Common
GoremandCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Grasp of DarknessCore Set 2021Instant Common
Griffin AerieCore Set 2021Enchantment Uncommon
Grim TutorCore Set 2021Sorcery Mythic Rare
Havoc JesterCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Heartfire ImmolatorCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Hellkite PunisherCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Heroic InterventionCore Set 2021Instant Rare
Historian of ZhalfirCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
HobblefiendCore Set 2021Creature Common
Hooded BlightfangCore Set 2021Creature Rare
Hunter's EdgeCore Set 2021Sorcery Common
Idol of EnduranceCore Set 2021Artifact Rare
Igneous CurCore Set 2021Creature Common
Indulging PatricianCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Infernal ScarringCore Set 2021Enchantment Common
Invigorating SurgeCore Set 2021Instant Uncommon
IslandCore Set 2021Basic Land Basic Land
Jeskai ElderCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Jolrael, Mwonvuli RecluseCore Set 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Jungle HollowCore Set 2021Land Basic Land
Kaervek, the SpitefulCore Set 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Keen GlidemasterCore Set 2021Creature Common
Keral Keep DisciplesCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Kinetic AugurCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Kitesail FreebooterCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Leafkin AvengerCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Legion's JudgmentCore Set 2021Sorcery Common
Library LarcenistCore Set 2021Creature Common
Life Goes OnCore Set 2021Instant Common
Light of PromiseCore Set 2021Enchantment Uncommon
Liliana's DevoteeCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Liliana's ScornCore Set 2021Sorcery Rare
Liliana's ScroungerCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Liliana's Standard BearerCore Set 2021Creature Rare
Liliana's StewardCore Set 2021Creature Common
Liliana, Death MageCore Set 2021Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Liliana, Waker of the DeadCore Set 2021Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Llanowar VisionaryCore Set 2021Creature Common
Lofty DenialCore Set 2021Instant Common
Lorescale CoatlCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Makeshift BattalionCore Set 2021Creature Common
Malefic ScytheCore Set 2021Artifact Uncommon
Mangara, the DiplomatCore Set 2021Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Masked BlackguardCore Set 2021Creature Common
Massacre WurmCore Set 2021Creature Mythic Rare
Mazemind TomeCore Set 2021Artifact Rare
MeteoriteCore Set 2021Artifact Uncommon
Mind RotCore Set 2021Sorcery Common
MiscastCore Set 2021Instant Uncommon
Mistral SingerCore Set 2021Creature Common
MountainCore Set 2021Basic Land Basic Land
Mystic SkyfishCore Set 2021Creature Common
NecromentiaCore Set 2021Sorcery Rare
Niambi, Esteemed SpeakerCore Set 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Nine LivesCore Set 2021Enchantment Rare
Obsessive StitcherCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Onakke OgreCore Set 2021Creature Common
OptCore Set 2021Instant Common
Ornery DilophosaurCore Set 2021Creature Common
Pack LeaderCore Set 2021Creature Rare
Palladium MyrCore Set 2021Artifact Creature Uncommon
Peer into the AbyssCore Set 2021Sorcery Rare
Pestilent HazeCore Set 2021Sorcery Uncommon
Pitchburn DevilsCore Set 2021Creature Common
PlainsCore Set 2021Basic Land Basic Land
Portcullis VineCore Set 2021Creature Common
Predatory WurmCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
PridemalkinCore Set 2021Creature Common
Primal MightCore Set 2021Sorcery Rare
PrismiteCore Set 2021Artifact Creature Common
Pursued WhaleCore Set 2021Creature Rare
Quirion DryadCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Radha, Heart of KeldCore Set 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Radiant FountainCore Set 2021Land Common
Rain of RevelationCore Set 2021Instant Uncommon
Rambunctious MuttCore Set 2021Creature Common
Ranger's GuileCore Set 2021Instant Common
Read the TidesCore Set 2021Sorcery Common
Return to NatureCore Set 2021Instant Common
RevitalizeCore Set 2021Instant Common
RewindCore Set 2021Instant Uncommon
RiddleformCore Set 2021Enchantment Uncommon
Rise AgainCore Set 2021Sorcery Common
Roaming GhostlightCore Set 2021Creature Common
Rookie MistakeCore Set 2021Instant Common
Rousing ReadCore Set 2021Enchantment Common
Rugged HighlandsCore Set 2021Land Basic Land
Run AfoulCore Set 2021Instant Common
Runed HaloCore Set 2021Enchantment Rare
Sabertooth MaulerCore Set 2021Creature Common
Sanctum of AllCore Set 2021Legendary Enchantment Rare
Sanctum of Calm WatersCore Set 2021Legendary Enchantment Uncommon
Sanctum of Fruitful HarvestCore Set 2021Legendary Enchantment Uncommon
Sanctum of Shattered HeightsCore Set 2021Legendary Enchantment Uncommon
Sanctum of Stone FangsCore Set 2021Legendary Enchantment Uncommon
Sanctum of Tranquil LightCore Set 2021Legendary Enchantment Uncommon
Sanguine IndulgenceCore Set 2021Sorcery Common
Scavenging OozeCore Set 2021Creature Rare
Scorching DragonfireCore Set 2021Instant Common
Scoured BarrensCore Set 2021Land Basic Land
Seasoned HallowbladeCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Secure the SceneCore Set 2021Sorcery Common
See the TruthCore Set 2021Sorcery Rare
Selfless SaviorCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Setessan TrainingCore Set 2021Enchantment Common
ShacklegeistCore Set 2021Creature Rare
ShacklegeistCore Set 2021Creature Rare
Shipwreck DowserCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
ShockCore Set 2021Instant Common
Short SwordCore Set 2021Artifact Common
Siege StrikerCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Sigiled ContenderCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Silent DartCore Set 2021Artifact Common
Silversmote GhoulCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Skeleton ArcherCore Set 2021Creature Common
SkyscannerCore Set 2021Artifact Creature Common
Skyway SniperCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
SnarespinnerCore Set 2021Creature Common
Solemn SimulacrumCore Set 2021Artifact Creature Rare
Soul SearCore Set 2021Instant Uncommon
Sparkhunter MasticoreCore Set 2021Artifact Creature Rare
Speaker of the HeavensCore Set 2021Creature Rare
Spellgorger WeirdCore Set 2021Creature Common
Spined MegalodonCore Set 2021Creature Common
Spirit of MalevolenceCore Set 2021Creature Common
Sporeweb WeaverCore Set 2021Creature Rare
Staunch ShieldmateCore Set 2021Creature Common
Storm CallerCore Set 2021Creature Common
Stormwing EntityCore Set 2021Creature Rare
Subira, Tulzidi CaravannerCore Set 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Sublime EpiphanyCore Set 2021Instant Rare
Sure StrikeCore Set 2021Instant Common
SwampCore Set 2021Basic Land Basic Land
Swift ResponseCore Set 2021Instant Common
Swiftwater CliffsCore Set 2021Land Basic Land
Tavern SwindlerCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Teferi's Ageless InsightCore Set 2021Legendary Enchantment Rare
Teferi's ProtegeCore Set 2021Creature Common
Teferi's TutelageCore Set 2021Enchantment Uncommon
Teferi's WavecasterCore Set 2021Creature Rare
Teferi, Master of TimeCore Set 2021Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Teferi, Timeless VoyagerCore Set 2021Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Tempered VeteranCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Temple of EpiphanyCore Set 2021Land Rare
Temple of MaladyCore Set 2021Land Rare
Temple of MysteryCore Set 2021Land Rare
Temple of SilenceCore Set 2021Land Rare
Temple of TriumphCore Set 2021Land Rare
Terror of the PeaksCore Set 2021Creature Mythic Rare
Thieves' Guild EnforcerCore Set 2021Creature Rare
Thornwood FallsCore Set 2021Land Basic Land
Thrashing BrontodonCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Thrill of PossibilityCore Set 2021Instant Common
Tide SkimmerCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Titanic GrowthCore Set 2021Instant Common
Tolarian KrakenCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Tome AnimaCore Set 2021Creature Common
Tormod's CryptCore Set 2021Artifact Uncommon
Track DownCore Set 2021Sorcery Common
Traitorous GreedCore Set 2021Sorcery Uncommon
Tranquil CoveCore Set 2021Land Basic Land
TransmogrifyCore Set 2021Sorcery Rare
TrufflesnoutCore Set 2021Creature Common
Turn to SlagCore Set 2021Sorcery Common
Turret OgreCore Set 2021Creature Common
Twinblade AssassinsCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Ugin, the Spirit DragonCore Set 2021Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Unleash FuryCore Set 2021Instant Uncommon
UnsubstantiateCore Set 2021Instant Uncommon
Valorous SteedCore Set 2021Creature Common
Village RitesCore Set 2021Instant Common
Vito, Thorn of the Dusk RoseCore Set 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Vodalian ArcanistCore Set 2021Creature Common
Volcanic GeyserCore Set 2021Instant Uncommon
Volcanic SalvoCore Set 2021Sorcery Rare
Vryn WingmareCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Waker of WavesCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Walking CorpseCore Set 2021Creature Common
Wall of RunesCore Set 2021Creature Common
Warded BattlementsCore Set 2021Creature Common
Warden of the WoodsCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Watcher of the SpheresCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Wildwood PatrolCore Set 2021Creature Common
Wildwood ScourgeCore Set 2021Creature Uncommon
Wind-Scarred CragCore Set 2021Land Basic Land
Wishcoin CrabCore Set 2021Creature Common
Witch's CauldronCore Set 2021Artifact Uncommon