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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Æthermage's TouchDissensionInstant Rare
Anthem of RakdosDissensionEnchantment Rare
Aquastrand SpiderDissensionCreature Common
Assault ZeppelidDissensionCreature Common
Aurora EidolonDissensionCreature Common
Avatar of DiscordDissensionCreature Rare
Azorius ÆthermageDissensionCreature Uncommon
Azorius ChanceryDissensionLand Common
Azorius First-WingDissensionCreature Common
Azorius GuildmageDissensionCreature Uncommon
Azorius HeraldDissensionCreature Uncommon
Azorius PloyDissensionInstant Uncommon
Azorius SignetDissensionArtifact Common
Beacon HawkDissensionCreature Common
Biomantic MasteryDissensionSorcery Rare
Blessing of the NephilimDissensionEnchant Creature Uncommon
Blood CryptDissensionLand Rare
Bond of AgonyDissensionSorcery Uncommon
Bound DeterminedDissensionInstant Rare
Brace for ImpactDissensionInstant Uncommon
Brain PryDissensionSorcery Uncommon
Breeding PoolDissensionLand Rare
Bronze BombshellDissensionArtifact Creature Rare
Cackling FlamesDissensionInstant Common
CaromDissensionInstant Common
Celestial AncientDissensionCreature Rare
Coiling OracleDissensionCreature Common
CondemnDissensionInstant Uncommon
Court HussarDissensionCreature Uncommon
Crime PunishmentDissensionSorcery Rare
Crypt ChampionDissensionCreature Uncommon
Cytoplast ManipulatorDissensionCreature Rare
Cytoplast Root-KinDissensionCreature Rare
CytoshapeDissensionInstant Rare
Cytospawn ShamblerDissensionCreature Common
Delirium SkeinsDissension  Common
Demon's JesterDissension  Common
DemonfireDissension  Rare
DovescapeDissension  Rare
Dread SlagDissension  Rare
DrekavacDissension  Uncommon
Elemental ResonanceDissension  Rare
Enemy of the GuildpactDissension  Common
Enigma EidolonDissension  Common
Entropic EidolonDissension  Common
Evolution VatDissension  Rare
Experiment KrajDissension  Rare
Fertile ImaginationDissension  Uncommon
Flame-Kin War ScoutDissension  Uncommon
Flaring Flame-KinDissension  Uncommon
Flash FoliageDissension  Uncommon
Freewind EquenautDissension  Common
Ghost QuarterDissension  Uncommon
Gnat Alley CreeperDissension  Uncommon
Gobhobbler RatsDissension  Common
Govern the GuildlessDissension  Rare
Grand Arbiter Augustin IVDissension  Rare
Guardian of the GuildpactDissension  Common
Haazda ExoneratorDissension  Common
Haazda Shield MateDissension  Rare
Hallowed FountainDissension  Rare
Helium SquirterDissension  Common
Hellhole RatsDissension  Uncommon
Hide SeekDissension  Rare
Hit RunDissension  Uncommon
Ignorant BlissDissension  Uncommon
Indrik StomphowlerDissension  Uncommon
Infernal TutorDissension  Rare
Isperia the InscrutableDissension  Rare
Jagged PoppetDissension  Uncommon
Kill-Suit CultistDissension  Common
Kindle the CarnageDissension  Uncommon
Leafdrake RoostDissension  Uncommon
Loaming ShamanDissension  Rare
Lyzolda, the Blood WitchDissension  Rare
Macabre WaltzDissension  Common
Magewright's StoneDissension  Uncommon
Might of the NephilimDissension  Uncommon
Minister of ImpedimentsDissension  Common
Mistral ChargerDissension  Uncommon
Momir Vig, Simic VisionaryDissension  Rare
Muse VesselDissension  Rare
Nettling CurseDissension  Common
NightcreepDissension  Uncommon
Nihilistic GleeDissension  Rare
Novijen SagesDissension  Rare
Novijen, Heart of ProgressDissension  Uncommon
Ocular HaloDissension  Common
Odds EndsDissension  Rare
Ogre GatecrasherDissension  Common
OmnibianDissension  Rare
OverruleDissension  Common
Pain MagnificationDissension  Uncommon
Paladin of PrahvDissension  Uncommon
Palliation AccordDissension  Uncommon
Patagia ViperDissension  Uncommon
Pillar of the ParunsDissension  Rare
Plaxcaster FroglingDissension  Uncommon
PlaxmantaDissension  Uncommon
Plumes of PeaceDissension  Common
Prahv, Spires of OrderDissension  Uncommon
Pride of the CloudsDissension  Rare
Proclamation of RebirthDissension  Rare
Proper BurialDissension  Rare
Protean HulkDissension  Rare
Psychic PossessionDissension  Rare
Psychotic FuryDissension  Common
Pure SimpleDissension  Uncommon
RagamuffynDissension  Uncommon
Rain of GoreDissension  Rare
Rakdos AugermageDissension  Rare
Rakdos CarnariumDissension  Common
Rakdos GuildmageDissension  Uncommon
Rakdos IckspitterDissension  Common
Rakdos Pit DragonDissension  Rare
Rakdos RiteknifeDissension  Rare
Rakdos SignetDissension  Common
Rakdos the DefilerDissension  Rare
RatcatcherDissension  Rare
Research DevelopmentDissension  Rare
Riot SpikesDissension  Common
Rise FallDissension  Uncommon
Rix Maadi, Dungeon PalaceDissension  Uncommon
Sandstorm EidolonDissension  Common
Seal of DoomDissension  Common
Seal of FireDissension  Common
Shielding PlaxDissension  Common
Silkwing ScoutDissension  Common
Simic BasiliskDissension  Uncommon
Simic Growth ChamberDissension  Common
Simic GuildmageDissension  Uncommon
Simic InitiateDissension  Common
Simic RagwormDissension  Common
Simic SignetDissension  Common
Simic Sky SwallowerDissension  Rare
Skullmead CauldronDissension  Uncommon
Sky HussarDissension  Uncommon
SkyscribingDissension  Uncommon
Slaughterhouse BouncerDissension  Common
Slithering ShadeDissension  Uncommon
Soulsworn JuryDissension  Common
Spell SnareDissension  Uncommon
Sporeback TrollDissension  Common
Sprouting PhytohydraDissension  Rare
Squealing DevilDissension  Uncommon
Stalking VengeanceDissension  Rare
Steeling StanceDissension  Common
Stoic EphemeraDissension  Uncommon
Stomp and HowlDissension  Uncommon
Stormscale AnarchDissension  Rare
Street SavvyDissension  Common
Supply DemandDissension  Uncommon
Swift SilenceDissension  Rare
Taste for MayhemDissension  Common
ThriveDissension  Common
Tidespout TyrantDissension  Rare
Transguild CourierDissension  Uncommon
Trial ErrorDissension  Uncommon
Trygon PredatorDissension  Uncommon
TwinstrikeDissension  Uncommon
Unliving PsychopathDissension  Rare
Utopia SprawlDissension  Common
Utvara ScalperDissension  Common
Valor Made RealDissension  Common
Verdant EidolonDissension  Common
Vesper GhoulDissension  Common
Vigean GraftmageDissension  Uncommon
Vigean HydroponDissension  Common
Vigean IntuitionDissension  Uncommon
Vision SkeinsDissension  Common
VoidslimeDissension  Rare
Wakestone GargoyleDissension  Rare
Walking ArchiveDissension  Rare
War's TollDissension  Rare
Weight of SpiresDissension  Uncommon
Whiptail MolochDissension  Common
WindreaverDissension  Rare
Wit's EndDissension  Rare
Wrecking BallDissension  Common
Writ of PassageDissension  Common