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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Akroma's MemorialFuture SightLegendary Artifact Rare
Angel of SalvationFuture SightCreature Rare
Arc BladeFuture SightSorcery Uncommon
Arcanum WingsFuture SightEnchantment Uncommon
Augur il-VecFuture SightCreature Common
Augur of SkullsFuture SightCreature Common
Aven AugurFuture SightCreature Common
Aven MindcensorFuture SightCreature Uncommon
Barren GloryFuture SightEnchantment Rare
Baru, Fist of KrosaFuture SightLegendary Creature - Human Druid Rare
Bitter OrdealFuture SightSorcery Rare
Blade of the Sixth PrideFuture SightCreature Common
Blind PhantasmFuture SightCreature Common
Bloodshot TraineeFuture SightCreature Uncommon
Bogardan LancerFuture SightCreature Common
Boldwyr IntimidatorFuture SightCreature Uncommon
Bonded FetchFuture SightCreature Uncommon
Bound in SilenceFuture SightTribal Enchantment - Rebel Aura Uncommon
Bridge from BelowFuture SightEnchantment Rare
Centaur OmenreaderFuture SightSnow Creature - Centaur Shaman Uncommon
Char-RumblerFuture SightCreature Uncommon
Chronomantic EscapeFuture SightSorcery Uncommon
Cloud KeyFuture SightArtifact Rare
CloudseederFuture SightCreature Uncommon
Coalition RelicFuture SightArtifact Rare
Cryptic AnnelidFuture SightCreature Uncommon
Cutthroat il-DalFuture SightCreature Common
Cyclical EvolutionFuture SightSorcery Uncommon
Dakmor SalvageFuture SightLand Uncommon
Darksteel GarrisonFuture SightArtifact - Fortification Rare
Daybreak CoronetFuture SightEnchantment Rare
Death RattleFuture SightInstant Common
Deepcavern ImpFuture SightCreature Common
DelayFuture SightInstant Uncommon
Dryad ArborFuture SightLand Creature - Forest Dryad Uncommon
Dust of MomentsFuture SightInstant Uncommon
Edge of AutumnFuture SightSorcery Common
Emberwilde AugurFuture SightCreature Common
Emblem of the WarmindFuture SightEnchantment Uncommon
EpochrasiteFuture SightArtifact Creature - Construct Rare
Even the OddsFuture SightInstant Uncommon
Fatal AttractionFuture SightEnchantment Common
Festering MarchFuture SightSorcery Uncommon
FleshwritherFuture SightCreature Uncommon
Flowstone EmbraceFuture SightEnchantment Common
Fomori NomadFuture SightCreature Common
Force of SavageryFuture SightCreature Rare
ForeseeFuture SightSorcery Common
Frenzy SliverFuture SightCreature Common
Gathan RaidersFuture SightCreature Common
GhostfireFuture SightInstant Common
Gibbering DescentFuture SightEnchantment Rare
Gift of GraniteFuture SightEnchantment Common
Glittering WishFuture SightSorcery Rare
Goldmeadow LookoutFuture SightCreature Uncommon
Grave PerilFuture SightEnchantment Common
Grave ScrabblerFuture SightCreature Common
Graven CairnsFuture SightLand Rare
Grinning IgnusFuture SightCreature Common
Grove of the BurnwillowsFuture SightLand Rare
Haze of RageFuture SightSorcery Uncommon
Heartwood StorytellerFuture SightCreature Rare
Henchfiend of UkorFuture SightCreature Common
Homing SliverFuture SightCreature Common
Horizon CanopyFuture SightLand Rare
Ichor SlickFuture SightSorcery Common
Imperial MaskFuture SightEnchantment Rare
ImperiosaurFuture SightCreature Uncommon
Infiltrator il-KorFuture SightCreature Common
Intervention PactFuture SightInstant Rare
Jhoira of the GhituFuture SightLegendary Creature - Human Wizard Rare
Judge UnworthyFuture SightInstant Common
Kavu PrimarchFuture SightCreature Common
Keldon MegalithsFuture SightLand Uncommon
Knight of SursiFuture SightCreature Common
Korlash, Heir to BlackbladeFuture SightLegendary Creature - Zombie Warrior Rare
Leaden FistsFuture SightEnchantment Common
Linessa, Zephyr MageFuture SightLegendary Creature - Human Wizard Rare
Llanowar AugurFuture SightCreature Common
Llanowar EmpathFuture SightCreature Common
Llanowar MentorFuture SightCreature Uncommon
Llanowar RebornFuture SightLand Uncommon
Logic KnotFuture SightInstant Common
Lost AuramancersFuture SightCreature Uncommon
Lost HoursFuture SightSorcery Common
Lucent LiminidFuture SightEnchantment Creature - Elemental Common
Lumithread FieldFuture SightEnchantment Common
Lymph SliverFuture SightCreature Common
Maelstrom DjinnFuture SightCreature Rare
Magus of the AbyssFuture SightCreature Rare
Magus of the FutureFuture SightCreature Rare
Magus of the MoatFuture SightCreature Rare
Magus of the MoonFuture SightCreature Rare
Magus of the VineyardFuture SightCreature Rare
Marshaling CryFuture SightSorcery Common
Mass of GhoulsFuture SightCreature Common
Mesmeric SliverFuture SightCreature Common
Minions' MurmursFuture SightSorcery Uncommon
Mistmeadow SkulkFuture SightCreature Uncommon
Molten DisasterFuture SightSorcery Rare
Muraganda PetroglyphsFuture SightEnchantment Rare
Mystic SpeculationFuture SightSorcery Uncommon
Nacatl War-PrideFuture SightCreature Uncommon
NarcomoebaFuture SightCreature Uncommon
Nessian CourserFuture SightCreature Common
New BenaliaFuture SightLand Uncommon
NihilithFuture SightCreature Rare
Nimbus MazeFuture SightLand Rare
NixFuture SightInstant Rare
Oblivion CrownFuture SightEnchantment Common
Oriss, Samite GuardianFuture SightLegendary Creature - Human Cleric Rare
Pact of NegationFuture SightInstant Rare
Pact of the TitanFuture SightInstant Rare
Patrician's ScornFuture SightInstant Common
Petrified PlatingFuture SightEnchantment Common
Phosphorescent FeastFuture SightSorcery Uncommon
Pooling VenomFuture SightEnchantment Uncommon
Putrid CyclopsFuture SightCreature Common
Pyromancer's SwathFuture SightEnchantment Rare
QuagnothFuture SightCreature Rare
Quiet DisrepairFuture SightEnchantment Common
Ramosian RevivalistFuture SightCreature Uncommon
Ravaging RiftwurmFuture SightCreature Uncommon
Reality StrobeFuture SightSorcery Uncommon
Riddle of LightningFuture SightInstant Common
Rift ElementalFuture SightCreature Common
RiftsweeperFuture SightCreature Uncommon
Rites of FlourishingFuture SightEnchantment Rare
River of TearsFuture SightLand Rare
SaltskitterFuture SightCreature Common
Samite Censer-BearerFuture SightCreature Common
Sarcomite MyrFuture SightArtifact Creature - Myr Common
Scourge of Kher RidgesFuture SightCreature Rare
Scout's WarningFuture SightInstant Rare
Second WindFuture SightEnchantment Uncommon
Seht's TigerFuture SightCreature Rare
Shah of Naar IsleFuture SightCreature Rare
Shapeshifter's MarrowFuture SightEnchantment Rare
Shimian SpecterFuture SightCreature Rare
Shivan Sand-MageFuture SightCreature Uncommon
Skirk Ridge ExhumerFuture SightCreature Uncommon
Skizzik SurgerFuture SightCreature Uncommon
Slaughter PactFuture SightInstant Rare
Sliver LegionFuture SightLegendary Creature - Sliver Rare
SliversmithFuture SightArtifact Creature - Spellshaper Uncommon
Snake Cult InitiationFuture SightEnchantment Uncommon
Soultether GolemFuture SightArtifact Creature - Golem Uncommon
SparkspitterFuture SightCreature Uncommon
Spellweaver VoluteFuture SightEnchantment Rare
Spellwild OupheFuture SightCreature Uncommon
Spin into MythFuture SightInstant Uncommon
Spirit en-DalFuture SightCreature Uncommon
Sporoloth AncientFuture SightCreature Common
Sprout SwarmFuture SightInstant Common
Steamflogger BossFuture SightCreature Rare
Storm EntityFuture SightCreature Uncommon
Street WraithFuture SightCreature Uncommon
Stronghold RatsFuture SightCreature Uncommon
Summoner's PactFuture SightInstant Rare
Sword of the MeekFuture SightArtifact - Equipment Uncommon
Take PossessionFuture SightEnchantment Rare
TarmogoyfFuture SightCreature Rare
Tarox BladewingFuture SightLegendary Creature - Dragon Rare
Thornweald ArcherFuture SightCreature Common
Thunderblade ChargeFuture SightSorcery Rare
Tolaria WestFuture SightLand Uncommon
TombstalkerFuture SightCreature Rare
Unblinking BlebFuture SightCreature Common
Utopia MyconFuture SightCreature Uncommon
Vedalken ÆthermageFuture SightCreature Common
Veilstone AmuletFuture SightArtifact Rare
Venser's DiffusionFuture SightInstant Common
Venser, Shaper SavantFuture SightLegendary Creature - Human Wizard Rare
Virulent SliverFuture SightCreature Common
WhetwheelFuture SightArtifact Rare
Whip-Spine DrakeFuture SightCreature Common
Witch's MistFuture SightEnchantment Uncommon
Wrap in VigorFuture SightInstant Common
Yixlid JailerFuture SightCreature Uncommon
Zoetic CavernFuture SightLand Uncommon