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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Abandoned SarcophagusHour of DevastationArtifact Rare
AbradeHour of DevastationInstant Uncommon
Accursed HordeHour of DevastationCreature Uncommon
Act of HeroismHour of DevastationInstant Common
Adorned PouncerHour of DevastationCreature Rare
Aerial GuideHour of DevastationCreature Common
AmbuscadeHour of DevastationInstant Common
Ammit EternalHour of DevastationCreature Rare
Angel of CondemnationHour of DevastationCreature Rare
Angel of the God-PharaohHour of DevastationCreature Uncommon
Apocalypse DemonHour of DevastationCreature Rare
AppealHour of DevastationSorcery Uncommon
Aven of Enduring HopeHour of DevastationCreature Common
Aven ReedstalkerHour of DevastationCreature Common
Avid ReclaimerHour of DevastationCreature Uncommon
Banewhip PunisherHour of DevastationCreature Uncommon
Beneath the SandsHour of DevastationSorcery Common
Bitterbow SharpshootersHour of DevastationCreature Common
Bloodwater EntityHour of DevastationCreature Uncommon
Blur of BladesHour of DevastationInstant Common
Bontu's Last ReckoningHour of DevastationSorcery Rare
Brambleweft BehemothHour of DevastationCreature Common
Burning-Fist MinotaurHour of DevastationCreature Uncommon
Carrion ScreecherHour of DevastationCreature Common
Champion of WitsHour of DevastationCreature Rare
Chandra's DefeatHour of DevastationInstant Uncommon
Chaos MawHour of DevastationCreature Rare
Cinder BarrensHour of DevastationLand Common
ClaimHour of DevastationSorecery Uncommon
ConsignHour of DevastationInstant Uncommon
Countervailing WindsHour of DevastationInstant Common
Crash ThroughHour of DevastationSorcery Common
Crested SunmareHour of DevastationCreature Mythic Rare
Crook of CondemnationHour of DevastationArtifact Uncommon
Crypt of the EternalsHour of DevastationLand Uncommon
Cunning SurvivorHour of DevastationCreature Common
Dagger of the WorthyHour of DevastationArtifact Uncommon
Dauntless AvenHour of DevastationCreature Common
Defiant KhenraHour of DevastationCreature Common
Desert of the FerventHour of DevastationLand Common
Desert of the GlorifiedHour of DevastationLand Common
Desert of the IndomitableHour of DevastationLand Common
Desert of the MindfulHour of DevastationLand Common
Desert of the TrueHour of DevastationLand Common
Desert's HoldHour of DevastationEnchantment Uncommon
Devotee of StrengthHour of DevastationCreature Uncommon
Disposal MummyHour of DevastationCreature Common
Djeru's RenunciationHour of DevastationInstant Common
Djeru, With Eyes OpenHour of DevastationLegendary Creature Rare
DoomfallHour of DevastationSorcery Uncommon
DreamstealerHour of DevastationCreature Rare
DrivenHour of DevastationSorcery Rare
Dune DivinerHour of DevastationCreature Uncommon
Dunes of the DeadHour of DevastationLand Uncommon
Dutiful ServantsHour of DevastationCreature Common
Earthshaker KhenraHour of DevastationCreature Rare
Endless SandsHour of DevastationLand Rare
Eternal of Harsh TruthsHour of DevastationCreature Uncommon
Farm MarketHour of DevastationInstant Uncommon
Feral ProwlerHour of DevastationCreature Common
Fervent PaincasterHour of DevastationCreature Uncommon
Firebrand ArcherHour of DevastationCreature Common
ForestHour of DevastationBasic Land Basic Land
ForestHour of DevastationBasic Land Basic Land
ForestHour of DevastationBasic Land Basic Land
Fraying SanityHour of DevastationEnchantment Rare
Frilled SandwallaHour of DevastationCreature Common
Frontline DevastatorHour of DevastationCreature Common
Gideon's DefeatHour of DevastationInstant Uncommon
Gift of StrengthHour of DevastationInstant Common
Gilded CerodonHour of DevastationCreature Common
God-Pharaoh's FaithfulHour of DevastationCreature Common
God-Pharaoh's GiftHour of DevastationArtifact Rare
Granitic TitanHour of DevastationCreature Common
Graven AbominationHour of DevastationArtifact Creature Common
GrindHour of DevastationSorcery Rare
Grisly SurvivorHour of DevastationCreature Common
Harrier NagaHour of DevastationCreature Common
Hashep OasisHour of DevastationLand Uncommon
Hazoret's Undying FuryHour of DevastationSorcery Rare
Hollow OneHour of DevastationArtifact Creature Rare
Hope TenderHour of DevastationCreature Uncommon
Hostile DesertHour of DevastationLand Rare
Hour of DevastationHour of DevastationSorcery Rare
Hour of EternityHour of DevastationSorcery Rare
Hour of GloryHour of DevastationInstant Rare
Hour of PromiseHour of DevastationSorcery Rare
Hour of RevelationHour of DevastationSorcery Rare
Ifnir DeadlandsHour of DevastationLand Uncommon
Imaginary ThreatsHour of DevastationInstant Uncommon
Imminent DoomHour of DevastationEnchantment Rare
Inferno JetHour of DevastationSorcery Uncommon
Ipnu RivuletHour of DevastationLand Uncommon
IslandHour of DevastationBasic Land Basic Land
IslandHour of DevastationBasic Land Basic Land
IslandHour of DevastationBasic Land Basic Land
Jace's DefeatHour of DevastationInstant Uncommon
Kefnet's Last WordHour of DevastationSorcery Rare
Khenra EternalHour of DevastationCreature Common
Khenra ScrapperHour of DevastationCreature Common
Kindled FuryHour of DevastationInstant Common
LeaveHour of DevastationInstant Rare
Lethal StingHour of DevastationSorcery Common
Life Goes OnHour of DevastationInstant Common
Liliana's DefeatHour of DevastationSorcery Uncommon
Lurching RotbeastHour of DevastationCreature Common
MagmarothHour of DevastationCreature Uncommon
Majestic MyriarchHour of DevastationCreature Mythic Rare
ManalithHour of DevastationArtifact Common
Manticore EternalHour of DevastationCreature Uncommon
Marauding BoneslasherHour of DevastationCreature Common
Merciless EternalHour of DevastationCreature Uncommon
Mirage MirrorHour of DevastationArtifact Rare
Moaning WallHour of DevastationCreature Common
MountainHour of DevastationBasic Land Basic Land
MountainHour of DevastationBasic Land Basic Land
MountainHour of DevastationBasic Land Basic Land
Mummy ParamountHour of DevastationCreature Common
Neheb, the EternalHour of DevastationLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Nicol Bolas, God-PharaohHour of DevastationPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Nicol Bolas, the DeceiverHour of DevastationPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Nimble ObstructionistHour of DevastationCreature Rare
Nissa's DefeatHour of DevastationSorcery Uncommon
Nissa's EncouragementHour of DevastationSorcery Rare
Nissa, Genesis MageHour of DevastationPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Oasis RitualistHour of DevastationCreature Common
Obelisk SpiderHour of DevastationCreature Uncommon
Oketra's AvengerHour of DevastationCreature Common
Oketra's Last MercyHour of DevastationSorcery Rare
Ominous SphinxHour of DevastationCreature Uncommon
Open FireHour of DevastationInstant Common
OvercomeHour of DevastationSorcery Uncommon
Overwhelming SplendorHour of DevastationEnchantment Mythic Rare
PlainsHour of DevastationBasic Land Basic Land
PlainsHour of DevastationBasic Land Basic Land
PlainsHour of DevastationBasic Land Basic Land
Pride SovereignHour of DevastationCreature Rare
Proven CombatantHour of DevastationCreature Common
Puncturing BlowHour of DevastationSorcery Common
Quarry BeetleHour of DevastationCreature Uncommon
Rampaging HippoHour of DevastationCreature Common
Ramunap ExcavatorHour of DevastationCreature Rare
Ramunap HydraHour of DevastationCreature Rare
Ramunap RuinsHour of DevastationLand Uncommon
Razaketh's RiteHour of DevastationSorcery Uncommon
Razaketh, the FoulbloodedHour of DevastationLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
ReasonHour of DevastationSorcery Rare
RefuseHour of DevastationInstant Rare
Resilient KhenraHour of DevastationCreature Rare
Resolute SurvivorsHour of DevastationCreature Uncommon
Rhonas's Last StandHour of DevastationSorcery Rare
Rhonas's StalwartHour of DevastationCreature Common
RiddleformHour of DevastationEnchantment Uncommon
River HoopoeHour of DevastationCreature Uncommon
Ruin RatHour of DevastationCreature Common
Samut, the TestedHour of DevastationPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Sand StranglerHour of DevastationCreature Uncommon
SandblastHour of DevastationInstant Common
Saving GraceHour of DevastationEnchantment Uncommon
Scavenger GroundsHour of DevastationLand Rare
Scrounger of SoulsHour of DevastationCreature Common
Seer of the Last TomorrowHour of DevastationCreature Common
Shefet DunesHour of DevastationLand Uncommon
Sidewinder NagaHour of DevastationCreature Common
Sifter WurmHour of DevastationCreature Uncommon
Sinuous StrikerHour of DevastationCreature Uncommon
SolemnityHour of DevastationEnchantment Rare
Solitary CamelHour of DevastationCreature Common
Spellweaver EternalHour of DevastationCreature Common
Steadfast SentinelHour of DevastationCreature Common
Steward of SolidarityHour of DevastationCreature Uncommon
Strategic PlanningHour of DevastationSorcery Common
Striped RiverwinderHour of DevastationCreature Common
StruggleHour of DevastationInstant Uncommon
Sunscourge ChampionHour of DevastationCreature Uncommon
Sunset PyramidHour of DevastationArtifact Uncommon
Supreme WillHour of DevastationInstant Uncommon
Survivors' EncampmentHour of DevastationLand Common
SwampHour of DevastationBasic Land Basic Land
SwampHour of DevastationBasic Land Basic Land
SwampHour of DevastationBasic Land Basic Land
Swarm IntelligenceHour of DevastationEnchantment Rare
Tenacious HunterHour of DevastationCreature Uncommon
The Locust GodHour of DevastationLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
The Scarab GodHour of DevastationLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
The Scorpion GodHour of DevastationLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Thorned MolochHour of DevastationCreature Common
Torment of HailfireHour of DevastationSorcery Rare
Torment of ScarabsHour of DevastationEnchantment Uncommon
Torment of VenomHour of DevastationInstant Common
Tragic LessonHour of DevastationInstant Common
Traveler's AmuletHour of DevastationArtifact Common
Uncage the MenagerieHour of DevastationSorcery Mythic Rare
Unconventional TacticsHour of DevastationSorcery Uncommon
Unesh, Criosphinx SovereignHour of DevastationLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Unquenchable ThirstHour of DevastationEnchantment Common
Unraveling MummyHour of DevastationCreature Uncommon
UnsummonHour of DevastationInstant Common
Vile ManifestationHour of DevastationCreature Uncommon
Visage of BolasHour of DevastationArtifact Rare
Vizier of the AnointedHour of DevastationCreature Uncommon
Vizier of the TrueHour of DevastationCreature Uncommon
Wall of Forgotten PharaohsHour of DevastationArtifact Creature Common
Wasp of the Bitter EndHour of DevastationCreature Uncommon
Wildfire EternalHour of DevastationCreature Rare
Without WeaknessHour of DevastationInstant Common
Woodland StreamHour of DevastationLand Common
Wretched CamelHour of DevastationCreature Common
Zealot of the God-PharaohHour of DevastationCreature Common