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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Abomination of GudulKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Abzan AscendancyKhans of TarkirEnchantment Rare
Abzan BannerKhans of TarkirArtifact Common
Abzan Battle PriestKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Abzan CharmKhans of TarkirInstant Uncommon
Abzan FalconerKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Abzan GuideKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Act of TreasonKhans of TarkirSorcery Common
Ainok Bond-KinKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Ainok TrackerKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Alabaster KirinKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Alpine GrizzlyKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Altar of the BroodKhans of TarkirArtifact Rare
Anafenza, the ForemostKhans of TarkirLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Ankle ShankerKhans of TarkirCreature Rare
Arc LightningKhans of TarkirSorcery Uncommon
Archers' ParapetKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Armament CorpsKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Arrow StormKhans of TarkirSorcery Common
Ashcloud PhoenixKhans of TarkirCreature Mythic Rare
Avalanche TuskerKhans of TarkirCreature Rare
Awaken the BearKhans of TarkirInstant Common
Barrage of BouldersKhans of TarkirSorcery Common
Bear's CompanionKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Become ImmenseKhans of TarkirInstant Uncommon
Bellowing SaddlebruteKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Bitter RevelationKhans of TarkirSorcery Common
Blinding SprayKhans of TarkirInstant Uncommon
Bloodfell CavesKhans of TarkirLand Common
Bloodfire ExpertKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Bloodfire MentorKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Bloodsoaked ChampionKhans of TarkirCreature Rare
Bloodstained MireKhans of TarkirLand Rare
Blossoming SandsKhans of TarkirLand Common
Brave the SandsKhans of TarkirEnchantment Uncommon
Briber's PurseKhans of TarkirArtifact Uncommon
Bring LowKhans of TarkirInstant Common
Burn AwayKhans of TarkirInstant Uncommon
Butcher of the HordeKhans of TarkirCreature Rare
CancelKhans of TarkirInstant Common
Canyon LurkersKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Chief of the EdgeKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Chief of the ScaleKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Clever ImpersonatorKhans of TarkirCreature Mythic Rare
Crackling DoomKhans of TarkirInstant Rare
Cranial ArchiveKhans of TarkirArtifact Uncommon
Crater's ClawsKhans of TarkirSorcery Rare
Crippling ChillKhans of TarkirInstant Common
Dazzling RampartsKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Dead DropKhans of TarkirSorcery Uncommon
Death FrenzyKhans of TarkirSorcery Uncommon
Debilitating InjuryKhans of TarkirEnchantment Common
Defiant StrikeKhans of TarkirInstant Common
Deflecting PalmKhans of TarkirInstant Rare
DespiseKhans of TarkirSorcery Uncommon
Dig Through TimeKhans of TarkirInstant Rare
Disdainful StrokeKhans of TarkirInstant Common
Dismal BackwaterKhans of TarkirLand Common
Disowned AncestorKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Dragon GripKhans of TarkirEnchantment Uncommon
Dragon Throne of TarkirKhans of TarkirLegendary Artifact Rare
Dragon's Eye SavantsKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Dragon-Style TwinsKhans of TarkirCreature Rare
Dragonscale BoonKhans of TarkirInstant Common
DuneblastKhans of TarkirSorcery Rare
Dutiful ReturnKhans of TarkirSorcery Common
Efreet WeaponmasterKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Embodiment of SpringKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Empty the PitsKhans of TarkirInstant Mythic Rare
End HostilitiesKhans of TarkirSorcery Rare
EraseKhans of TarkirInstant Common
Feat of ResistanceKhans of TarkirInstant Common
Feed the ClanKhans of TarkirInstant Common
Firehoof CavalryKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Flooded StrandKhans of TarkirLand Rare
Flying Crane TechniqueKhans of TarkirInstant Rare
Force AwayKhans of TarkirInstant Common
ForestKhans of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
ForestKhans of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
ForestKhans of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
ForestKhans of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
Frontier BivouacKhans of TarkirLand Uncommon
Ghostfire BladeKhans of TarkirArtifact Rare
Glacial StalkerKhans of TarkirCreature Common
GoblinslideKhans of TarkirEnchantment Uncommon
Grim HaruspexKhans of TarkirCreature Rare
Gurmag SwiftwingKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Hardened ScalesKhans of TarkirEnchantment Rare
Heart-Piercer BowKhans of TarkirArtifact Uncommon
Heir of the WildsKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Herald of AnafenzaKhans of TarkirCreature Rare
High Sentinels of ArashinKhans of TarkirCreature Rare
Highland GameKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Highspire MantisKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Hooded HydraKhans of TarkirCreature Mythic Rare
Hooting MandrillsKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Horde AmbusherKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Hordeling OutburstKhans of TarkirSorcery Uncommon
Howl of the HordeKhans of TarkirSorcery Rare
Icefeather AvenKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Icy BlastKhans of TarkirInstant Rare
Incremental GrowthKhans of TarkirSorcery Uncommon
IslandKhans of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
IslandKhans of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
IslandKhans of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
IslandKhans of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
Ivorytusk FortressKhans of TarkirCreature Rare
Jeering InstigatorKhans of TarkirCreature Rare
Jeskai AscendancyKhans of TarkirEnchantment Rare
Jeskai BannerKhans of TarkirArtifact Common
Jeskai CharmKhans of TarkirInstant Uncommon
Jeskai ElderKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Jeskai StudentKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Jeskai WindscoutKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Jungle HollowKhans of TarkirLand Common
Kheru BloodsuckerKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Kheru DreadmawKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Kheru Lich LordKhans of TarkirCreature Rare
Kheru SpellsnatcherKhans of TarkirCreature Rare
Kill ShotKhans of TarkirInstant Common
Kin-Tree InvocationKhans of TarkirSorcery Uncommon
Kin-Tree WardenKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Krumar Bond-KinKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Leaping MasterKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Lens of ClarityKhans of TarkirArtifact Common
Longshot SquadKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Mantis RiderKhans of TarkirCreature Rare
Mardu AscendancyKhans of TarkirEnchantment Rare
Mardu BannerKhans of TarkirArtifact Common
Mardu BlazebringerKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Mardu CharmKhans of TarkirInstant Uncommon
Mardu HatebladeKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Mardu Heart-PiercerKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Mardu HordechiefKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Mardu RoughriderKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Mardu SkullhunterKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Mardu WarshriekerKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Master of PearlsKhans of TarkirCreature Rare
Master the WayKhans of TarkirSorcery Uncommon
Meandering TowershellKhans of TarkirCreature Rare
Mer-Ek NightbladeKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
MindswipeKhans of TarkirInstant Rare
Mistfire WeaverKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Molting SnakeskinKhans of TarkirEnchantment Common
Monastery FlockKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Monastery SwiftspearKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
MountainKhans of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
MountainKhans of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
MountainKhans of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
MountainKhans of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
Murderous CutKhans of TarkirInstant Uncommon
Mystic MonasteryKhans of TarkirLand Uncommon
Mystic of the Hidden WayKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Narset, Enlightened MasterKhans of TarkirLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
NaturalizeKhans of TarkirInstant Common
Necropolis FiendKhans of TarkirCreature Rare
Nomad OutpostKhans of TarkirLand Uncommon
Opulent PalaceKhans of TarkirLand Uncommon
Pearl Lake AncientKhans of TarkirCreature Mythic Rare
Pine WalkerKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
PlainsKhans of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
PlainsKhans of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
PlainsKhans of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
PlainsKhans of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
Polluted DeltaKhans of TarkirLand Rare
Ponyback BrigadeKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Quiet ContemplationKhans of TarkirEnchantment Uncommon
Raiders' SpoilsKhans of TarkirEnchantment Uncommon
Rakshasa DeathdealerKhans of TarkirCreature Rare
Rakshasa VizierKhans of TarkirCreature Rare
Rakshasa's SecretKhans of TarkirSorcery Common
Rattleclaw MysticKhans of TarkirCreature Rare
Retribution of the AncientsKhans of TarkirEnchantment Rare
Ride DownKhans of TarkirInstant Uncommon
Rite of the SerpentKhans of TarkirSorcery Common
Riverwheel AerialistsKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Roar of ChallengeKhans of TarkirSorcery Uncommon
Rotting MastodonKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Rugged HighlandsKhans of TarkirLand Common
Rush of BattleKhans of TarkirSorcery Common
Ruthless RipperKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Sage of the Inward EyeKhans of TarkirCreature Rare
Sage-Eye HarrierKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Sagu ArcherKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Sagu MaulerKhans of TarkirCreature Rare
Salt Road PatrolKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Sandsteppe CitadelKhans of TarkirLand Uncommon
Sarkhan, the DragonspeakerKhans of TarkirPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Savage KnucklebladeKhans of TarkirCreature Rare
Savage PunchKhans of TarkirSorcery Common
ScaldkinKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Scion of GlaciersKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Scoured BarrensKhans of TarkirLand Common
Scout the BordersKhans of TarkirSorcery Common
Secret PlansKhans of TarkirEnchantment Uncommon
See the UnwrittenKhans of TarkirSorcery Mythic Rare
Seek the HorizonKhans of TarkirSorcery Uncommon
Seeker of the WayKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Set AdriftKhans of TarkirSorcery Uncommon
Shambling AttendantsKhans of TarkirCreature Common
ShatterKhans of TarkirInstant Common
Sidisi's PetKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Sidisi, Brood TyrantKhans of TarkirLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Siege RhinoKhans of TarkirCreature Rare
SiegecraftKhans of TarkirEnchantment Common
Singing Bell StrikeKhans of TarkirEnchantment Common
Smite the MonstrousKhans of TarkirInstant Common
Smoke TellerKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Snowhorn RiderKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Sorin, Solemn VisitorKhans of TarkirPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Stubborn DenialKhans of TarkirInstant Uncommon
Sultai AscendancyKhans of TarkirEnchantment Rare
Sultai BannerKhans of TarkirArtifact Common
Sultai CharmKhans of TarkirInstant Uncommon
Sultai FlayerKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Sultai ScavengerKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Sultai SoothsayerKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Summit ProwlerKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Surrak DragonclawKhans of TarkirLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Suspension FieldKhans of TarkirEnchantment Uncommon
SwampKhans of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
SwampKhans of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
SwampKhans of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
SwampKhans of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
Swarm of BloodfliesKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Swift KickKhans of TarkirInstant Common
Swiftwater CliffsKhans of TarkirLand Common
Taigam's SchemingKhans of TarkirSorcery Common
Take Up ArmsKhans of TarkirInstant Uncommon
Temur AscendancyKhans of TarkirEnchantment Rare
Temur BannerKhans of TarkirArtifact Common
Temur ChargerKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Temur CharmKhans of TarkirInstant Uncommon
Thornwood FallsKhans of TarkirLand Common
Thousand WindsKhans of TarkirCreature Rare
ThrottleKhans of TarkirInstant Common
Timely HordemateKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Tomb of the Spirit DragonKhans of TarkirLand Uncommon
Tormenting VoiceKhans of TarkirSorcery Common
Trail of MysteryKhans of TarkirEnchantment Rare
Tranquil CoveKhans of TarkirLand Common
Trap EssenceKhans of TarkirInstant Rare
Treasure CruiseKhans of TarkirSorcery Common
Trumpet BlastKhans of TarkirInstant Common
Tusked ColossodonKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Tuskguard CaptainKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Ugin's NexusKhans of TarkirLegendary Artifact Mythic Rare
Unyielding KrumarKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Utter EndKhans of TarkirInstant Rare
Valley DasherKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Venerable LammasuKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Villainous WealthKhans of TarkirSorcery Rare
War BehemothKhans of TarkirCreature Common
War-Name AspirantKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Warden of the EyeKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Watcher of the RoostKhans of TarkirCreature Uncommon
WaterwhirlKhans of TarkirInstant Uncommon
Weave FateKhans of TarkirInstant Common
Wetland SambarKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Whirlwind AdeptKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Wind-Scarred CragKhans of TarkirLand Common
WindstormKhans of TarkirInstant Uncommon
Windswept HeathKhans of TarkirLand Rare
Wingmate RocKhans of TarkirCreature Mythic Rare
WinterflameKhans of TarkirInstant Uncommon
Witness of the AgesKhans of TarkirArtifact Creature Uncommon
Wooded FoothillsKhans of TarkirLand Rare
Woolly LoxodonKhans of TarkirCreature Common
Zurgo HelmsmasherKhans of TarkirLegendary Creature Mythic Rare