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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Acidic SlimeMagic 2013Creature Uncommon
Ajani's SunstrikerMagic 2013Creature Common
Ajani, Caller of the PrideMagic 2013Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Akroma's MemorialMagic 2013Legendary Artifact Mythic Rare
Angel's MercyMagic 2013Instant Common
Angelic BenedictionMagic 2013Enchantment Uncommon
Arbor ElfMagic 2013Creature Common
ArchaeomancerMagic 2013Creature Common
Arctic AvenMagic 2013Creature Uncommon
Arms DealerMagic 2013Creature Uncommon
Attended KnightMagic 2013Creature Common
Augur of BolasMagic 2013Creature Uncommon
Aven SquireMagic 2013Creature Common
Battle of WitsMagic 2013Enchantment Rare
Battleflight EagleMagic 2013Creature Common
Bladetusk BoarMagic 2013Creature Common
Blood ReckoningMagic 2013Enchantment Uncommon
Bloodhunter BatMagic 2013Creature Common
Bloodthrone VampireMagic 2013Creature Common
Bond BeetleMagic 2013Creature Common
Boundless RealmsMagic 2013Sorcery Rare
Bountiful HarvestMagic 2013Sorcery Common
Canyon MinotaurMagic 2013Creature Common
Captain of the WatchMagic 2013Creature Rare
Captain's CallMagic 2013Sorcery Common
Cathedral of WarMagic 2013Land Rare
Centaur CourserMagic 2013Creature Common
Chandra's FuryMagic 2013Instant Common
Chandra, the FirebrandMagic 2013Planeswalker Mythic Rare
ChronomatonMagic 2013Artifact Creature Uncommon
Cleaver RiotMagic 2013Sorcery Uncommon
Clock of OmensMagic 2013Artifact Uncommon
CloneMagic 2013Creature Rare
Courtly ProvocateurMagic 2013Creature Uncommon
Cower in FearMagic 2013Instant Uncommon
CraterizeMagic 2013Sorcery Common
Crimson MuckwaderMagic 2013Creature Uncommon
Crippling BlightMagic 2013Enchantment Common
Crusader of OdricMagic 2013Creature Uncommon
Dark FavorMagic 2013Enchantment Common
Deadly RecluseMagic 2013Creature Common
Diabolic RevelationMagic 2013Sorcery Rare
Disciple of BolasMagic 2013Creature Rare
DisentombMagic 2013Sorcery Common
DivinationMagic 2013Sorcery Common
Divine FavorMagic 2013Enchantment Common
Divine VerdictMagic 2013Instant Common
Door to NothingnessMagic 2013Artifact Rare
DownpourMagic 2013Instant Common
Dragon HatchlingMagic 2013Creature Common
Dragonskull SummitMagic 2013Land Rare
Drowned CatacombMagic 2013Land Rare
DuressMagic 2013Sorcery Common
Duskdale WurmMagic 2013Creature Uncommon
Duskmantle ProwlerMagic 2013Creature Uncommon
Duty-Bound DeadMagic 2013Creature Common
Elderscale WurmMagic 2013Creature Mythic Rare
Elixir of ImmortalityMagic 2013Artifact Uncommon
Elvish ArchdruidMagic 2013Creature Rare
Elvish VisionaryMagic 2013Creature Common
EncrustMagic 2013Enchantment Common
EraseMagic 2013Instant Common
Essence DrainMagic 2013Sorcery Common
Essence ScatterMagic 2013Instant Common
Evolving WildsMagic 2013Land Common
Faerie InvadersMagic 2013Creature Common
Faith's RewardMagic 2013Instant Rare
FarseekMagic 2013Sorcery Common
FervorMagic 2013Enchantment Rare
Fire ElementalMagic 2013Creature Common
Firewing PhoenixMagic 2013Creature Rare
Flames of the FirebrandMagic 2013Sorcery Uncommon
Flinthoof BoarMagic 2013Creature Uncommon
FogMagic 2013Instant Common
Fog BankMagic 2013Creature Uncommon
ForestMagic 2013Basic Land Basic Land
Fungal SproutingMagic 2013Sorcery Uncommon
Furnace WhelpMagic 2013Creature Uncommon
Garruk's PackleaderMagic 2013Creature Uncommon
Garruk, Primal HunterMagic 2013Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Gem of BecomingMagic 2013Artifact Uncommon
Giant ScorpionMagic 2013Creature Common
Gilded LotusMagic 2013Artifact Rare
Glacial FortressMagic 2013Land Rare
Glorious ChargeMagic 2013Instant Common
Goblin ArsonistMagic 2013Creature Common
Goblin Battle JesterMagic 2013Creature Common
Griffin ProtectorMagic 2013Creature Common
Ground SealMagic 2013Enchantment Rare
Guardian LionsMagic 2013Creature Common
Guardians of AkrasaMagic 2013Creature Common
Hamletback GoliathMagic 2013Creature Rare
Harbor BanditMagic 2013Creature Uncommon
Harbor SerpentMagic 2013Creature Common
Healer of the PrideMagic 2013Creature Uncommon
Hellion CrucibleMagic 2013Land Rare
HydrosurgeMagic 2013Instant Common
IndexMagic 2013Sorcery Common
Intrepid HeroMagic 2013Creature Rare
IslandMagic 2013Basic Land Basic Land
Jace's PhantasmMagic 2013Creature Uncommon
Jace, Memory AdeptMagic 2013Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Jayemdae TomeMagic 2013Artifact Uncommon
Kindled FuryMagic 2013Instant Common
KitesailMagic 2013Artifact Uncommon
Knight of GloryMagic 2013Creature Uncommon
Knight of InfamyMagic 2013Creature Uncommon
Kraken HatchlingMagic 2013Creature Common
Krenko's CommandMagic 2013Sorcery Common
Krenko, Mob BossMagic 2013Legendary Creature Rare
Liliana of the Dark RealmsMagic 2013Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Liliana's ShadeMagic 2013Creature Common
MagmaquakeMagic 2013Instant Rare
Mark of MutinyMagic 2013Sorcery Uncommon
Mark of the VampireMagic 2013Enchantment Common
Master of the Pearl TridentMagic 2013Creature Rare
Merfolk of the Pearl TridentMagic 2013Creature Common
Mind RotMagic 2013Sorcery Common
Mind SculptMagic 2013Sorcery Common
Mindclaw ShamanMagic 2013Creature Uncommon
Mogg FlunkiesMagic 2013Creature Common
MountainMagic 2013Basic Land Basic Land
MurderMagic 2013Instant Common
MutilateMagic 2013Sorcery Rare
Mwonvuli Beast TrackerMagic 2013Creature Uncommon
NaturalizeMagic 2013Instant Common
Nefarox, Overlord of GrixisMagic 2013Legendary Creature Rare
NegateMagic 2013Instant Common
Nicol Bolas, PlaneswalkerMagic 2013Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Oblivion RingMagic 2013Enchantment Uncommon
Odric, Master TacticianMagic 2013Legendary Creature Rare
OmniscienceMagic 2013Enchantment Mythic Rare
PacifismMagic 2013Enchantment Common
Phylactery LichMagic 2013Creature Rare
Phyrexian HulkMagic 2013Artifact Creature Uncommon
Pillarfield OxMagic 2013Creature Common
PlainsMagic 2013Basic Land Basic Land
Planar CleansingMagic 2013Sorcery Rare
PlummetMagic 2013Instant Common
Predatory RampageMagic 2013Sorcery Rare
Prey UponMagic 2013Sorcery Common
Primal ClayMagic 2013Artifact Creature Uncommon
Primal HuntbeastMagic 2013Creature Common
Primordial HydraMagic 2013Creature Mythic Rare
Prized ElephantMagic 2013Creature Uncommon
Public ExecutionMagic 2013Instant Uncommon
Quirion DryadMagic 2013Creature Rare
Rain of BladesMagic 2013Instant Uncommon
RancorMagic 2013Enchantment Uncommon
Ranger's PathMagic 2013Sorcery Common
Ravenous RatsMagic 2013Creature Common
Reckless BruteMagic 2013Creature Common
RedirectMagic 2013Instant Rare
Reliquary TowerMagic 2013Land Uncommon
ReverberateMagic 2013Instant Rare
ReviveMagic 2013Sorcery Uncommon
RewindMagic 2013Instant Uncommon
Rhox FaithmenderMagic 2013Creature Rare
Ring of Evos IsleMagic 2013Artifact Uncommon
Ring of KaloniaMagic 2013Artifact Uncommon
Ring of ThuneMagic 2013Artifact Uncommon
Ring of ValkasMagic 2013Artifact Uncommon
Ring of XathridMagic 2013Artifact Uncommon
Rise from the GraveMagic 2013Sorcery Uncommon
Roaring PrimadoxMagic 2013Creature Uncommon
Rootbound CragMagic 2013Land Rare
Rummaging GoblinMagic 2013Creature Common
Safe PassageMagic 2013Instant Common
Sands of DeliriumMagic 2013Artifact Rare
Scroll ThiefMagic 2013Creature Common
Searing SpearMagic 2013Instant Common
Sentinel SpiderMagic 2013Creature Common
Serpent's GiftMagic 2013Instant Common
Serra AngelMagic 2013Creature Uncommon
Serra AvatarMagic 2013Creature Mythic Rare
Serra AvengerMagic 2013Creature Rare
Servant of NefaroxMagic 2013Creature Common
Shimian SpecterMagic 2013Creature Rare
Show of ValorMagic 2013Instant Common
Sign in BloodMagic 2013Sorcery Common
Silklash SpiderMagic 2013Creature Rare
Silvercoat LionMagic 2013Creature Common
SleepMagic 2013Sorcery Uncommon
Slumbering DragonMagic 2013Creature Rare
SmeltMagic 2013Instant Common
SpelltwineMagic 2013Sorcery Rare
Sphinx of UthuunMagic 2013Creature Rare
Spiked BalothMagic 2013Creature Common
Staff of NinMagic 2013Artifact Rare
Stormtide LeviathanMagic 2013Creature Rare
Stuffy DollMagic 2013Artifact Creature Rare
Sublime ArchangelMagic 2013Creature Mythic Rare
Sunpetal GroveMagic 2013Land Rare
SwampMagic 2013Basic Land Basic Land
SwitcherooMagic 2013Sorcery Uncommon
Talrand's InvocationMagic 2013Sorcery Uncommon
Talrand, Sky SummonerMagic 2013Legendary Creature Rare
ThragtuskMagic 2013Creature Rare
Thundermaw HellkiteMagic 2013Creature Mythic Rare
Timberpack WolfMagic 2013Creature Common
Titanic GrowthMagic 2013Instant Common
Torch FiendMagic 2013Creature Uncommon
Tormented SoulMagic 2013Creature Common
Tormod's CryptMagic 2013Artifact Uncommon
Touch of the EternalMagic 2013Enchantment Rare
Trading PostMagic 2013Artifact Rare
Tricks of the TradeMagic 2013Enchantment Common
Trumpet BlastMagic 2013Instant Common
Turn to SlagMagic 2013Sorcery Common
UnsummonMagic 2013Instant Common
Vampire NighthawkMagic 2013Creature Uncommon
Vampire NocturnusMagic 2013Creature Mythic Rare
Vastwood GorgerMagic 2013Creature Common
Vedalken EntrancerMagic 2013Creature Common
Veilborn GhoulMagic 2013Creature Uncommon
Vile RebirthMagic 2013Instant Common
Void StalkerMagic 2013Creature Rare
Volcanic GeyserMagic 2013Instant Uncommon
Volcanic StrengthMagic 2013Enchantment Common
Walking CorpseMagic 2013Creature Common
Wall of FireMagic 2013Creature Common
War FalconMagic 2013Creature Common
War Priest of ThuneMagic 2013Creature Uncommon
Warclamp MastiffMagic 2013Creature Common
WatercourserMagic 2013Creature Common
Welkin TernMagic 2013Creature Common
Wild GuessMagic 2013Sorcery Common
Wind DrakeMagic 2013Creature Common
Wit's EndMagic 2013Sorcery Rare
WorldfireMagic 2013Sorcery Mythic Rare
Xathrid GorgonMagic 2013Creature Rare
Yeva's ForcemageMagic 2013Creature Common
Yeva, Nature's HeraldMagic 2013Legendary Creature Rare
Zombie GoliathMagic 2013Creature Common