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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Abbey GargoylesMasters Edition IICreature Uncommon
Adarkar SentinelMasters Edition IIArtifact Creature Common
AeolipileMasters Edition IIArtifact Common
Æther StormMasters Edition IIEnchantment Uncommon
Ambush PartyMasters Edition IICreature Common
An-Zerrin RuinsMasters Edition IIEnchantment Rare
AnarchyMasters Edition IISorcery Rare
Angel of FuryMasters Edition IICreature Rare
Angel of LightMasters Edition IICreature Uncommon
Armor of FaithMasters Edition IIEnchant Creature Common
Armor ThrullMasters Edition IICreature Common
Armored GriffinMasters Edition IICreature Common
Ashen GhoulMasters Edition IICreature Uncommon
Ashnod's CylixMasters Edition IIArtifact Rare
AurochsMasters Edition IICreature Common
Aysen BureaucratsMasters Edition IICreature Common
Aysen CrusaderMasters Edition IICreature Uncommon
BadlandsMasters Edition IILand Rare
Balduvian ConjurerMasters Edition IICreature Common
Balduvian DeadMasters Edition IICreature Uncommon
Balduvian HydraMasters Edition IICreature Rare
Balduvian Trading PostMasters Edition IILand Rare
Barbed SextantMasters Edition IIArtifact Common
Binding GraspMasters Edition IIEnchant Creature Rare
Bounty of the HuntMasters Edition IIInstant Rare
BrainstormMasters Edition IIInstant Common
Brassclaw OrcsMasters Edition IICreature Common
Brimstone DragonMasters Edition IICreature Rare
Brine ShamanMasters Edition IICreature Common
Broken VisageMasters Edition IIInstant Uncommon
BrowseMasters Edition IIEnchantment Uncommon
BurnoutMasters Edition IIInstant Uncommon
CarapaceMasters Edition IIEnchant Creature Common
Caribou RangeMasters Edition IIEnchant Land Rare
Cloak of ConfusionMasters Edition IIEnchant Creature Common
Clockwork SteedMasters Edition IIArtifact Creature Uncommon
Combat MedicMasters Edition IICreature Common
ConquerMasters Edition IIEnchant Land Uncommon
CounterspellMasters Edition IIInstant Uncommon
Dance of the DeadMasters Edition IIEnchant Dead Creature Uncommon
Dark BanishingMasters Edition IIInstant Common
Death SparkMasters Edition IIInstant Common
Deep SpawnMasters Edition IICreature Rare
Demonic ConsultationMasters Edition IIInstant Uncommon
Despotic ScepterMasters Edition IIArtifact Rare
Diabolic VisionMasters Edition IISorcery Uncommon
DisenchantMasters Edition IIInstant Common
Dreams of the DeadMasters Edition IIEnchantment Rare
Drift of the DeadMasters Edition IICreature Common
Dry SpellMasters Edition IISorcery Common
Dwarven RuinsMasters Edition IILand Uncommon
DystopiaMasters Edition IIEnchantment Rare
EarthlinkMasters Edition IIEnchantment Rare
Ebon PraetorMasters Edition IICreature Rare
Ebon StrongholdMasters Edition IILand Uncommon
Elemental AuguryMasters Edition IIEnchantment Rare
Elkin BottleMasters Edition IIArtifact Rare
Elven LyreMasters Edition IIArtifact Common
Elvish FarmerMasters Edition IICreature Rare
Elvish HunterMasters Edition IICreature Common
Elvish RangerMasters Edition IICreature Common
Elvish Spirit GuideMasters Edition IICreature Uncommon
Energy StormMasters Edition IIEnchantment Rare
EnervateMasters Edition IIInstant Common
Errand of DutyMasters Edition IIInstant Uncommon
ErrantryMasters Edition IIEnchant Creature Common
Essence FilterMasters Edition IISorcery Uncommon
Essence FlareMasters Edition IIEnchant Creature Common
Farrel's MantleMasters Edition IIEnchant Creature Uncommon
Farrel's ZealotMasters Edition IICreature Uncommon
Feral ThallidMasters Edition IICreature Common
Fire DragonMasters Edition IICreature Rare
Flame SpiritMasters Edition IICreature Uncommon
Folk of the PinesMasters Edition IICreature Common
Forbidden LoreMasters Edition IIEnchant Land Uncommon
Forgotten LoreMasters Edition IISorcery Uncommon
Foul FamiliarMasters Edition IICreature Common
FumaroleMasters Edition IISorcery Uncommon
Funeral MarchMasters Edition IIEnchant Creature Common
Fungal BloomMasters Edition IIEnchantment Rare
Fyndhorn PollenMasters Edition IIEnchantment Rare
Gangrenous ZombiesMasters Edition IICreature Common
Giant GrowthMasters Edition IIInstant Common
Giant Trap Door SpiderMasters Edition IICreature Uncommon
Glacial ChasmMasters Edition IILand Rare
Glacial CrevassesMasters Edition IIEnchantment Rare
Goblin Ski PatrolMasters Edition IICreature Common
Gorilla ShamanMasters Edition IICreature Uncommon
Grandmother SengirMasters Edition IICreature Rare
Gustha's ScepterMasters Edition IIArtifact Rare
Havenwood BattlegroundMasters Edition IILand Uncommon
Heart of YavimayaMasters Edition IILand Rare
Helm of ObedienceMasters Edition IIArtifact Rare
Icatian JavelineersMasters Edition IICreature Common
Icatian PhalanxMasters Edition IICreature Common
Icatian ScoutMasters Edition IICreature Common
Ice FloeMasters Edition IILand Uncommon
IcebergMasters Edition IIEnchantment Uncommon
IcequakeMasters Edition IISorcery Common
Icy PrisonMasters Edition IIEnchantment Common
Ihsan's ShadeMasters Edition IICreature Rare
Imperial RecruiterMasters Edition IICreature Rare
Imperial SealMasters Edition IISorcery Rare
IncinerateMasters Edition IIInstant Common
Infernal DarknessMasters Edition IIEnchantment Rare
InheritanceMasters Edition IIEnchantment Uncommon
Ironclaw OrcsMasters Edition IICreature Common
Ivory GargoyleMasters Edition IICreature Rare
Jester's MaskMasters Edition IIArtifact Rare
Jeweled AmuletMasters Edition IIArtifact Uncommon
Johtull WurmMasters Edition IICreature Uncommon
Joven's FerretsMasters Edition IICreature Uncommon
Juniper Order AdvocateMasters Edition IICreature Uncommon
Karplusan GiantMasters Edition IICreature Uncommon
KaysaMasters Edition IICreature Rare
Kjeldoran DeadMasters Edition IICreature Common
Kjeldoran Elite GuardMasters Edition IICreature Common
Kjeldoran Home GuardMasters Edition IICreature Uncommon
Kjeldoran OutpostMasters Edition IILand Rare
Kjeldoran SkycaptainMasters Edition IICreature Common
Knight of StromgaldMasters Edition IICreature Uncommon
Krovikan FetishMasters Edition IIEnchant Creature Common
Krovikan HorrorMasters Edition IICreature Rare
Krovikan SorcererMasters Edition IICreature Common
Krovikan VampireMasters Edition IICreature Uncommon
Lat-Nam's LegacyMasters Edition IIInstant Common
Lava BurstMasters Edition IISorcery Uncommon
Leaping LizardMasters Edition IICreature Common
Lim-Dûl's High GuardMasters Edition IICreature Uncommon
Lodestone BaubleMasters Edition IIArtifact Rare
Lost Order of JarkeldMasters Edition IICreature Rare
Magus of the UnseenMasters Edition IICreature Rare
Mana CryptMasters Edition IIArtifact Rare
MarjhanMasters Edition IICreature Rare
Mesmeric TranceMasters Edition IIEnchantment Rare
Meteor ShowerMasters Edition IISorcery Common
Minion of LeshracMasters Edition IICreature Rare
Mishra's GroundbreakerMasters Edition IIArtifact Uncommon
MisinformationMasters Edition IIInstant Uncommon
MudslideMasters Edition IIEnchantment Rare
MusicianMasters Edition IICreature Rare
NarwhalMasters Edition IICreature Uncommon
Nature's BlessingMasters Edition IIEnchantment Uncommon
Nature's WrathMasters Edition IIEnchantment Rare
NecriteMasters Edition IICreature Common
NecropotenceMasters Edition IIEnchantment Rare
Night SoilMasters Edition IIEnchantment Uncommon
Orc GeneralMasters Edition IICreature Uncommon
Orcish CannoneersMasters Edition IICreature Uncommon
Orcish CaptainMasters Edition IICreature Uncommon
Orcish ConscriptsMasters Edition IICreature Common
Orcish FarmerMasters Edition IICreature Common
Orcish LumberjackMasters Edition IICreature Common
Orcish SquattersMasters Edition IICreature Rare
Orcish VeteranMasters Edition IICreature Common
Order of the Sacred TorchMasters Edition IICreature Rare
Order of the White ShieldMasters Edition IICreature Uncommon
PanicMasters Edition IIInstant Common
Personal TutorMasters Edition IISorcery Uncommon
Phantasmal FiendMasters Edition IICreature Common
Phantasmal MountMasters Edition IICreature Common
Phyrexian DevourerMasters Edition IIArtifact Creature Uncommon
Phyrexian PortalMasters Edition IIArtifact Rare
PillageMasters Edition IISorcery Uncommon
PortentMasters Edition IISorcery Common
PyrokinesisMasters Edition IIInstant Rare
Ravages of WarMasters Edition IISorcery Rare
Ray of CommandMasters Edition IIInstant Uncommon
Red Cliffs ArmadaMasters Edition IICreature Common
ReinforcementsMasters Edition IIInstant Common
ReprisalMasters Edition IIInstant Common
RetributionMasters Edition IISorcery Uncommon
Righteous FuryMasters Edition IISorcery Rare
Ritual of SubdualMasters Edition IIEnchantment Rare
Ritual of the MachineMasters Edition IISorcery Rare
Rogue SkycaptainMasters Edition IICreature Rare
RoterothopterMasters Edition IIArtifact Creature Common
Royal DecreeMasters Edition IIEnchantment Rare
Royal TrooperMasters Edition IICreature Common
Ruins of TrokairMasters Edition IILand Uncommon
Sacred BoonMasters Edition IIInstant Uncommon
SavannahMasters Edition IILand Rare
Scars of the VeteranMasters Edition IIInstant Rare
Screeching DrakeMasters Edition IICreature Common
Sea DrakeMasters Edition IICreature Rare
Sea SpiritMasters Edition IICreature Uncommon
Shield BearerMasters Edition IICreature Common
ShrinkMasters Edition IIInstant Common
ShyftMasters Edition IICreature Common
Sibilant SpiritMasters Edition IICreature Rare
Skeleton ShipMasters Edition IICreature Rare
Skull CatapultMasters Edition IIArtifact Uncommon
Snow FortressMasters Edition IIArtifact Creature Uncommon
Snow-Covered ForestMasters Edition IIBasic Land Common
Snow-Covered IslandMasters Edition IIBasic Land Common
Snow-Covered MountainMasters Edition IIBasic Land Common
Snow-Covered PlainsMasters Edition IIBasic Land Common
Snow-Covered SwampMasters Edition IIBasic Land Common
Soldevi DiggerMasters Edition IIArtifact Uncommon
Soldevi ExcavationsMasters Edition IILand Rare
Soldevi SimulacrumMasters Edition IIArtifact Creature Uncommon
Songs of the DamnedMasters Edition IIInstant Common
Soul ExchangeMasters Edition IISorcery Uncommon
Soul KissMasters Edition IIEnchant Creature Uncommon
Spore CloudMasters Edition IIInstant Uncommon
Spore FlowerMasters Edition IICreature Uncommon
StampedeMasters Edition IIInstant Uncommon
Stone SpiritMasters Edition IICreature Uncommon
StonehandsMasters Edition IIEnchant Creature Common
Storm ElementalMasters Edition IICreature Uncommon
Storm SpiritMasters Edition IICreature Rare
Stromgald CabalMasters Edition IICreature Rare
Stunted GrowthMasters Edition IISorcery Rare
Sustaining SpiritMasters Edition IICreature Rare
Svyelunite TempleMasters Edition IILand Uncommon
Swords to PlowsharesMasters Edition IIInstant Uncommon
TaigaMasters Edition IILand Rare
Temporal ManipulationMasters Edition IISorcery Rare
ThallidMasters Edition IICreature Common
Thallid DevourerMasters Edition IICreature Common
Thelonite DruidMasters Edition IICreature Rare
ThermokarstMasters Edition IISorcery Common
Thought LashMasters Edition IIEnchantment Rare
Thunder WallMasters Edition IICreature Uncommon
Time BombMasters Edition IIArtifact Rare
Tinder WallMasters Edition IICreature Common
TundraMasters Edition IILand Rare
Underground SeaMasters Edition IILand Rare
Varchild's CrusaderMasters Edition IICreature Common
Viscerid ArmorMasters Edition IIEnchant Creature Common
Viscerid DroneMasters Edition IICreature Uncommon
Wall of KelpMasters Edition IICreature Common
WarningMasters Edition IIInstant Common
Whirling CatapultMasters Edition IIArtifact Uncommon
WhiteoutMasters Edition IIInstant Common
WiitigoMasters Edition IICreature Rare
Wind SpiritMasters Edition IICreature Uncommon
Wings of AesthirMasters Edition IIEnchant Creature Uncommon
Winter's NightMasters Edition IIEnchant World Rare
Withering WispsMasters Edition IIEnchantment Uncommon
Wolf PackMasters Edition IICreature Rare
Woolly MammothsMasters Edition IICreature Common
Woolly SpiderMasters Edition IICreature Uncommon
Yavimaya AncientsMasters Edition IICreature Uncommon
Zuran SpellcasterMasters Edition IICreature Common