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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Abominable TreefolkModern HorizonsSnow Creature Uncommon
Alpine GuideModern HorizonsSnow Creature Uncommon
Altar of DementiaModern HorizonsArtifact Rare
Amorphous AxeModern HorizonsArtifact Common
Answered PrayersModern HorizonsEnchantment Common
Archmage's CharmModern HorizonsInstant Rare
Arcum's AstrolabeModern HorizonsSnow Artifact Common
Aria of FlameModern HorizonsEnchantment Rare
Astral DriftModern HorizonsEnchantment Rare
Ayula's InfluenceModern HorizonsEnchantment Rare
Ayula, Queen Among BearsModern HorizonsLegendary Creature Rare
Azra SmokeshaperModern HorizonsCreature Common
Barren MoorModern HorizonsLand Uncommon
Battle ScreechModern HorizonsSorcery Uncommon
Bazaar TrademageModern HorizonsCreature Rare
Bellowing ElkModern HorizonsCreature Common
Birthing BoughsModern HorizonsArtifact Uncommon
Bladeback SliverModern HorizonsCreature Common
Blizzard StrixModern HorizonsSnow Creature Uncommon
Bogardan DragonheartModern HorizonsCreature Common
Cabal TherapistModern HorizonsCreature Rare
Carrion FeederModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon
Cave of TemptationModern HorizonsLand Common
Changeling OutcastModern HorizonsCreature Common
ChillerpillarModern HorizonsSnow Creature Common
Choking TethersModern HorizonsInstant Common
Cleaving SliverModern HorizonsCreature Common
Cloudshredder SliverModern HorizonsCreature Rare
Collected ConjuringModern HorizonsSorcery Rare
Collector OupheModern HorizonsCreature Rare
Conifer WurmModern HorizonsSnow Creature Uncommon
Cordial VampireModern HorizonsCreature Rare
Crashing FootfallsModern HorizonsSorcery Rare
Crypt RatsModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon
Cunning EvasionModern HorizonsEnchantment Uncommon
Dead of WinterModern HorizonsSorcery Rare
Deep Forest HermitModern HorizonsCreature Rare
DefileModern HorizonsInstant Common
Diabolic EdictModern HorizonsInstant Common
Dismantling BlowModern HorizonsInstant Uncommon
Dregscape SliverModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon
Echo of EonsModern HorizonsSorcery Mythic Rare
Eladamri's CallModern HorizonsInstant Rare
Elvish FuryModern HorizonsInstant Common
EndlingModern HorizonsCreature Rare
Enduring SliverModern HorizonsCreature Common
EphemerateModern HorizonsInstant Common
Etchings of the ChosenModern HorizonsEnchantment Uncommon
EverdreamModern HorizonsInstant Uncommon
Excavating AnuridModern HorizonsCreature Common
ExcludeModern HorizonsInstant Uncommon
EyekiteModern HorizonsCreature Common
Face of DivinityModern HorizonsEnchantment Uncommon
Fact or FictionModern HorizonsInstant Uncommon
Faerie SeerModern HorizonsCreature Common
Fallen ShinobiModern HorizonsCreature Rare
Farmstead GleanerModern HorizonsArtifact Creature Uncommon
Feaster of FoolsModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon
Fiery IsletModern HorizonsLand Rare
FireboltModern HorizonsSorcery Uncommon
First Sliver's ChosenModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon
First-Sphere GargantuaModern HorizonsCreature Common
Fists of FlameModern HorizonsInstant Common
FlusterstormModern HorizonsInstant Rare
Force of DespairModern HorizonsInstant Rare
Force of NegationModern HorizonsInstant Rare
Force of RageModern HorizonsInstant Rare
Force of VigorModern HorizonsInstant Rare
Force of VirtueModern HorizonsEnchantment Rare
Forgotten CaveModern HorizonsLand Uncommon
Fountain of IchorModern HorizonsArtifact Common
Frostwalk BastionModern HorizonsSnow Land Uncommon
FrostwallaModern HorizonsSnow Creature Common
Future SightModern HorizonsEnchantment Rare
Generous GiftModern HorizonsInstant Uncommon
GenesisModern HorizonsCreature Rare
Geomancer's GambitModern HorizonsSorcery Common
Gilded LightModern HorizonsInstant Common
Giver of RunesModern HorizonsCreature Rare
Glacial RevelationModern HorizonsSorcery Uncommon
Gluttonous SlugModern HorizonsCreature Common
GoatnapModern HorizonsSorcery Common
Goblin ChampionModern HorizonsCreature Common
Goblin EngineerModern HorizonsCreature Rare
Goblin MatronModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon
Goblin OriflammeModern HorizonsEnchantment Uncommon
Goblin War PartyModern HorizonsSorcery Common
Good-Fortune UnicornModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon
GraveshifterModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon
Hall of Heliod's GenerosityModern HorizonsLegendary Land Rare
Headless SpecterModern HorizonsCreature Common
HexdrinkerModern HorizonsCreature Mythic Rare
Hogaak, Arisen NecropolisModern HorizonsLegendary Creature Rare
Hollowhead SliverModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon
Ice-Fang CoatlModern HorizonsSnow Creature Rare
Iceberg CancrixModern HorizonsSnow Creature Common
Icehide GolemModern HorizonsSnow Artifact Creature Uncommon
Igneous ElementalModern HorizonsCreature Common
Impostor of the Sixth PrideModern HorizonsCreature Common
Ingenious InfiltratorModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon
Irregular CohortModern HorizonsCreature Common
Kaya's GuileModern HorizonsInstant Rare
Kess, Dissident MageModern HorizonsLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
King of the PrideModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon
Knight of Old BenaliaModern HorizonsCreature Common
Krosan TuskerModern HorizonsCreature Common
Lancer SliverModern HorizonsCreature Common
Lava DartModern HorizonsInstant Common
Lavabelly SliverModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon
Lesser MasticoreModern HorizonsArtifact Creature Uncommon
Lightning SkelementalModern HorizonsCreature Rare
Llanowar TribeModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon
Lonely SandbarModern HorizonsLand Uncommon
Magmatic SinkholeModern HorizonsInstant Common
Man-o'-WarModern HorizonsCreature Common
Marit Lage's SlumberModern HorizonsLegendary Snow Enchantment Rare
Martyr's SoulModern HorizonsCreature Common
Mind RakeModern HorizonsSorcery Common
Mirrodin BesiegedModern HorizonsEnchantment Rare
Mist-Syndicate NagaModern HorizonsCreature Rare
MobModern HorizonsInstant Common
Moonblade ShinobiModern HorizonsCreature Common
Morophon, the BoundlessModern HorizonsLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Mother BearModern HorizonsCreature Common
Mox TantaliteModern HorizonsArtifact Mythic Rare
Munitions ExpertModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon
Murasa BehemothModern HorizonsCreature Common
Nantuko CultivatorModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon
Nature's ChantModern HorizonsInstant Common
Nether SpiritModern HorizonsCreature Rare
Nimble MongooseModern HorizonsCreature Common
Ninja of the New MoonModern HorizonsCreature Common
Nurturing PeatlandModern HorizonsLand Rare
On Thin IceModern HorizonsSnow Enchantment Rare
OneirophageModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon
Orcish HellraiserModern HorizonsCreature Common
Ore-Scale GuardianModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon
Pashalik MonsModern HorizonsLegendary Creature Rare
Phantasmal FormModern HorizonsInstant Common
Phantom NinjaModern HorizonsCreature Common
PillageModern HorizonsSorcery Uncommon
Plague EngineerModern HorizonsCreature Rare
Planebound AccompliceModern HorizonsCreature Rare
Pondering MageModern HorizonsCreature Common
Prismatic VistaModern HorizonsLand Rare
ProhibitModern HorizonsInstant Common
Putrid GoblinModern HorizonsCreature Common
PyrophobiaModern HorizonsSorcery Common
Quakefoot CyclopsModern HorizonsCreature Common
Rain of RevelationModern HorizonsInstant Common
Ranger-Captain of EosModern HorizonsCreature Mythic Rare
Rank OfficerModern HorizonsCreature Common
Ransack the LabModern HorizonsSorcery Common
Ravenous GiantModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon
Reap the PastModern HorizonsSorcery Rare
RebuildModern HorizonsInstant Uncommon
Reckless ChargeModern HorizonsSorcery Common
Recruit the WorthyModern HorizonsInstant Common
RegrowthModern HorizonsSorcery Uncommon
ReprobationModern HorizonsEnchantment Common
Return from ExtinctionModern HorizonsSorcery Common
Rhox VeteranModern HorizonsCreature Common
Rime TenderModern HorizonsSnow Creature Common
Rotwidow PackModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon
Ruination RioterModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon
Saddled RimestagModern HorizonsSnow Creature Uncommon
Sadistic ObsessionModern HorizonsEnchantment Uncommon
Savage SwipeModern HorizonsSorcery Common
Scale UpModern HorizonsSorcery Uncommon
Scour All PossibilitiesModern HorizonsSorcery Common
Scrapyard RecombinerModern HorizonsArtifact Creature Rare
Scuttling SliverModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon
Seasoned PyromancerModern HorizonsCreature Mythic Rare
Secluded SteppeModern HorizonsLand Uncommon
Segovian AngelModern HorizonsCreature Common
Serra the BenevolentModern HorizonsLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Settle Beyond RealityModern HorizonsSorcery Common
Shatter AssumptionsModern HorizonsSorcery Uncommon
ShelterModern HorizonsInstant Common
ShenanigansModern HorizonsSorcery Common
Silent ClearingModern HorizonsLand Rare
Silumgar ScavengerModern HorizonsCreature Common
Sisay, Weatherlight CaptainModern HorizonsLegendary Creature Rare
Sling-Gang LieutenantModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon
Smiting HelixModern HorizonsSorcery Uncommon
Smoke ShroudModern HorizonsEnchantment Common
Snow-Covered ForestModern HorizonsBasic Snow Land Basic Land
Snow-Covered IslandModern HorizonsBasic Snow Land Basic Land
Snow-Covered MountainModern HorizonsBasic Snow Land Basic Land
Snow-Covered PlainsModern HorizonsBasic Snow Land Basic Land
Snow-Covered SwampModern HorizonsBasic Snow Land Basic Land
Soul-Strike TechniqueModern HorizonsEnchantment Common
SoulherderModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon
Spell SnuffModern HorizonsInstant Common
Spinehorn MinotaurModern HorizonsCreature Common
Spiteful SliverModern HorizonsCreature Rare
Splicer's SkillModern HorizonsSorcery Uncommon
Spore FrogModern HorizonsCreature Common
Springbloom DruidModern HorizonsCreature Common
Squirrel NestModern HorizonsEnchantment Uncommon
Stirring AddressModern HorizonsInstant Common
Stream of ThoughtModern HorizonsSorcery Common
String of DisappearancesModern HorizonsInstant Common
Sunbaked CanyonModern HorizonsLand Rare
Sword of Sinew and SteelModern HorizonsArtifact Mythic Rare
Sword of Truth and JusticeModern HorizonsArtifact Mythic Rare
Talisman of ConvictionModern HorizonsArtifact Uncommon
Talisman of CreativityModern HorizonsArtifact Uncommon
Talisman of CuriosityModern HorizonsArtifact Uncommon
Talisman of HierarchyModern HorizonsArtifact Uncommon
Talisman of ResilienceModern HorizonsArtifact Uncommon
Tectonic ReformationModern HorizonsEnchantment Rare
Tempered SliverModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon
The First SliverModern HorizonsLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
ThornadoModern HorizonsInstant Common
ThroatseekerModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon
Throes of ChaosModern HorizonsSorcery Uncommon
Thundering DjinnModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon
Tranquil ThicketModern HorizonsLand Uncommon
Treefolk UmbraModern HorizonsEnchantment Common
Treetop AmbusherModern HorizonsCreature Common
Tribute MageModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon
Trumpeting HerdModern HorizonsSorcery Common
Trustworthy ScoutModern HorizonsCreature Common
Twin-Silk SpiderModern HorizonsCreature Common
Twisted ReflectionModern HorizonsInstant Uncommon
Umezawa's CharmModern HorizonsInstant Common
Unbound FlourishingModern HorizonsEnchantment Mythic Rare
Undead AugurModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon
UnearthModern HorizonsSorcery Common
Universal AutomatonModern HorizonsArtifact Creature Common
Unsettled MarinerModern HorizonsCreature Rare
Urza's RageModern HorizonsInstant Uncommon
Urza, Lord High ArtificerModern HorizonsLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Valiant ChangelingModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon
Vengeful DevilModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon
Venomous ChangelingModern HorizonsCreature Common
VesperlarkModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon
Viashino SandsprinterModern HorizonsCreature Common
Volatile ClawsModern HorizonsInstant Common
Wall of BlossomsModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon
Wall of One Thousand CutsModern HorizonsCreature Common
Warteye WitchModern HorizonsCreature Common
Watcher for TomorrowModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon
Waterlogged GroveModern HorizonsLand Rare
Weather the StormModern HorizonsInstant Common
Webweaver ChangelingModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon
Windcaller AvenModern HorizonsCreature Common
Winding WayModern HorizonsSorcery Common
Winds of AbandonModern HorizonsSorcery Rare
Wing ShardsModern HorizonsInstant Uncommon
Winter's RestModern HorizonsSnow Enchantment Common
Wrenn and SixModern HorizonsLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Yawgmoth, Thran PhysicianModern HorizonsLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Zhalfirin DecoyModern HorizonsCreature Uncommon