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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Abrupt DecayReturn to RavnicaInstant Rare
Aerial PredationReturn to RavnicaInstant Common
Angel of SerenityReturn to RavnicaCreature Mythic Rare
Annihilating FireReturn to RavnicaInstant Common
Aquus SteedReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Archon of the TriumvirateReturn to RavnicaCreature Rare
ArchweaverReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Armada WurmReturn to RavnicaCreature Mythic Rare
Armory GuardReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
ArrestReturn to RavnicaEnchantment Uncommon
Ash ZealotReturn to RavnicaCreature Rare
Assassin's StrikeReturn to RavnicaSorcery Uncommon
Auger SpreeReturn to RavnicaInstant Common
Avenging ArrowReturn to RavnicaInstant Common
Axebane GuardianReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Axebane StagReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Azor's ElocutorsReturn to RavnicaCreature Rare
Azorius ArresterReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Azorius CharmReturn to RavnicaInstant Uncommon
Azorius GuildgateReturn to RavnicaLand Common
Azorius JusticiarReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Azorius KeyruneReturn to RavnicaArtifact Uncommon
BatterhornReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Bazaar KrovodReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Bellows LizardReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Blistercoil WeirdReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Blood CryptReturn to RavnicaLand Rare
Bloodfray GiantReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
BlustersquallReturn to RavnicaInstant Uncommon
BrushstriderReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Call of the ConclaveReturn to RavnicaSorcery Uncommon
CancelReturn to RavnicaInstant Common
Carnival HellsteedReturn to RavnicaCreature Rare
Catacomb SlugReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Centaur HealerReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Centaur's HeraldReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Chaos ImpsReturn to RavnicaCreature Rare
Chemister's TrickReturn to RavnicaInstant Common
Chorus of MightReturn to RavnicaInstant Common
Chromatic LanternReturn to RavnicaArtifact Rare
Chronic FloodingReturn to RavnicaEnchantment Common
Civic SaberReturn to RavnicaArtifact Uncommon
CobblebruteReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Codex ShredderReturn to RavnicaArtifact Uncommon
Collective BlessingReturn to RavnicaEnchantment Rare
Common BondReturn to RavnicaInstant Common
Concordia PegasusReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Conjured CurrencyReturn to RavnicaEnchantment Rare
Corpsejack MenaceReturn to RavnicaCreature Rare
CounterfluxReturn to RavnicaInstant Rare
Coursers' AccordReturn to RavnicaSorcery Common
CremateReturn to RavnicaInstant Common
Crosstown CourierReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Cryptborn HorrorReturn to RavnicaCreature Rare
Cyclonic RiftReturn to RavnicaInstant Rare
Daggerdrome ImpReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Dark RevenantReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Dead RevelerReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Deadbridge GoliathReturn to RavnicaCreature Rare
Death's PresenceReturn to RavnicaEnchantment Rare
Deathrite ShamanReturn to RavnicaCreature Rare
Desecration DemonReturn to RavnicaCreature Rare
Destroy the EvidenceReturn to RavnicaSorcery Common
Detention SphereReturn to RavnicaEnchantment Rare
Deviant GleeReturn to RavnicaEnchantment Common
DispelReturn to RavnicaInstant Common
DoorkeeperReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
DownsizeReturn to RavnicaInstant Common
Drainpipe VerminReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Dramatic RescueReturn to RavnicaInstant Common
DreadboreReturn to RavnicaSorcery Rare
Dreg ManglerReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Drudge BeetleReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Druid's DeliveranceReturn to RavnicaInstant Common
Dryad MilitantReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
DynachargeReturn to RavnicaInstant Common
ElectrickeryReturn to RavnicaInstant Common
Epic ExperimentReturn to RavnicaSorcery Mythic Rare
Essence BacklashReturn to RavnicaInstant Common
Ethereal ArmorReturn to RavnicaEnchantment Common
Explosive ImpactReturn to RavnicaInstant Common
Eyes in the SkiesReturn to RavnicaInstant Common
Faerie ImpostorReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Fall of the GavelReturn to RavnicaInstant Uncommon
Fencing AceReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Firemind's ForesightReturn to RavnicaInstant Rare
ForestReturn to RavnicaBasic Land Basic Land
Frostburn WeirdReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Gatecreeper VineReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Giant GrowthReturn to RavnicaInstant Common
Gobbling OozeReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Goblin ElectromancerReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Goblin RallyReturn to RavnicaSorcery Uncommon
Golgari CharmReturn to RavnicaInstant Uncommon
Golgari DecoyReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Golgari GuildgateReturn to RavnicaLand Common
Golgari KeyruneReturn to RavnicaArtifact Uncommon
Golgari LonglegsReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Gore-House ChainwalkerReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Grave BetrayalReturn to RavnicaEnchantment Rare
Grim RoustaboutReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Grisly SalvageReturn to RavnicaInstant Common
Grove of the GuardianReturn to RavnicaLand Rare
Growing RanksReturn to RavnicaEnchantment Rare
Guild FeudReturn to RavnicaEnchantment Rare
GuttersnipeReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Hallowed FountainReturn to RavnicaLand Rare
Havoc FestivalReturn to RavnicaEnchantment Rare
Hellhole FlailerReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Heroes' ReunionReturn to RavnicaInstant Uncommon
Horncaller's ChantReturn to RavnicaSorcery Common
Hover BarrierReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Hussar PatrolReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Hypersonic DragonReturn to RavnicaCreature Rare
Inaction InjunctionReturn to RavnicaSorcery Common
InspirationReturn to RavnicaInstant Common
IslandReturn to RavnicaBasic Land Basic Land
Isperia's SkywatchReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Isperia, Supreme JudgeReturn to RavnicaLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Izzet CharmReturn to RavnicaInstant Uncommon
Izzet GuildgateReturn to RavnicaLand Common
Izzet KeyruneReturn to RavnicaArtifact Uncommon
Izzet StaticasterReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Jace, Architect of ThoughtReturn to RavnicaPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Jarad's OrdersReturn to RavnicaSorcery Rare
Jarad, Golgari Lich LordReturn to RavnicaLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Judge's FamiliarReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Keening ApparitionReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Knightly ValorReturn to RavnicaEnchantment Common
Korozda GuildmageReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Korozda MonitorReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Launch PartyReturn to RavnicaInstant Common
Lobber CrewReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Lotleth TrollReturn to RavnicaCreature Rare
Loxodon SmiterReturn to RavnicaCreature Rare
Lyev SkyknightReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Mana BloomReturn to RavnicaEnchantment Rare
Martial LawReturn to RavnicaEnchantment Rare
Mercurial ChemisterReturn to RavnicaCreature Rare
Mind RotReturn to RavnicaSorcery Common
Minotaur AggressorReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Mizzium MortarsReturn to RavnicaSorcery Rare
Mizzium SkinReturn to RavnicaInstant Common
MountainReturn to RavnicaBasic Land Basic Land
Necropolis RegentReturn to RavnicaCreature Mythic Rare
New Prahv GuildmageReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Niv-Mizzet, DracogeniusReturn to RavnicaLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Nivix GuildmageReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Nivmagus ElementalReturn to RavnicaCreature Rare
Oak Street InnkeeperReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Ogre JailbreakerReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Overgrown TombReturn to RavnicaLand Rare
Pack RatReturn to RavnicaCreature Rare
Palisade GiantReturn to RavnicaCreature Rare
Paralyzing GraspReturn to RavnicaEnchantment Common
Perilous ShadowReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Phantom GeneralReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Pithing NeedleReturn to RavnicaArtifact Rare
PlainsReturn to RavnicaBasic Land Basic Land
Precinct CaptainReturn to RavnicaCreature Rare
Psychic SpiralReturn to RavnicaInstant Uncommon
Pursuit of FlightReturn to RavnicaEnchantment Common
PyroconvergenceReturn to RavnicaEnchantment Uncommon
Racecourse FuryReturn to RavnicaEnchantment Uncommon
Rakdos CacklerReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Rakdos CharmReturn to RavnicaInstant Uncommon
Rakdos GuildgateReturn to RavnicaLand Common
Rakdos KeyruneReturn to RavnicaArtifact Uncommon
Rakdos RagemuttReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Rakdos RingleaderReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Rakdos Shred-FreakReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Rakdos's ReturnReturn to RavnicaSorcery Mythic Rare
Rakdos, Lord of RiotsReturn to RavnicaLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Rest in PeaceReturn to RavnicaEnchantment Rare
Righteous AuthorityReturn to RavnicaEnchantment Rare
Risen SanctuaryReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Rites of ReapingReturn to RavnicaSorcery Uncommon
Rix Maadi GuildmageReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Rogue's PassageReturn to RavnicaLand Uncommon
Rootborn DefensesReturn to RavnicaInstant Common
Rubbleback RhinoReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
RunewingReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Savage SurgeReturn to RavnicaInstant Uncommon
Search the CityReturn to RavnicaEnchantment Rare
Search WarrantReturn to RavnicaSorcery Common
Security BlockadeReturn to RavnicaEnchantment Uncommon
Seek the HorizonReturn to RavnicaSorcery Uncommon
Selesnya CharmReturn to RavnicaInstant Uncommon
Selesnya GuildgateReturn to RavnicaLand Common
Selesnya KeyruneReturn to RavnicaArtifact Uncommon
Selesnya SentryReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Seller of SongbirdsReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Sewer ShamblerReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Shrieking AfflictionReturn to RavnicaEnchantment Uncommon
Skull RendReturn to RavnicaSorcery Common
Skyline PredatorReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Skymark RocReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Slaughter GamesReturn to RavnicaSorcery Rare
Slime MoldingReturn to RavnicaSorcery Uncommon
SlitherheadReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Sluiceway ScorpionReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Slum ReaperReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Soul TitheReturn to RavnicaEnchantment Uncommon
Soulsworn SpiritReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Spawn of Rix MaadiReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Sphere of SafetyReturn to RavnicaEnchantment Uncommon
Sphinx of the ChimesReturn to RavnicaCreature Rare
Sphinx's RevelationReturn to RavnicaInstant Mythic Rare
Splatter ThugReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Stab WoundReturn to RavnicaEnchantment Common
Stealer of SecretsReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Steam VentsReturn to RavnicaLand Rare
Stonefare CrocodileReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Street SpasmReturn to RavnicaInstant Uncommon
Street SweeperReturn to RavnicaArtifact Creature Uncommon
Sundering GrowthReturn to RavnicaInstant Common
Sunspire GriffinReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Supreme VerdictReturn to RavnicaSorcery Rare
Survey the WreckageReturn to RavnicaSorcery Common
SwampReturn to RavnicaBasic Land Basic Land
Swift JusticeReturn to RavnicaInstant Common
SyncopateReturn to RavnicaInstant Uncommon
Tablet of the GuildsReturn to RavnicaArtifact Uncommon
Tavern SwindlerReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
TeleportalReturn to RavnicaSorcery Uncommon
Temple GardenReturn to RavnicaLand Rare
Tenement CrasherReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Terrus WurmReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
ThoughtflareReturn to RavnicaInstant Uncommon
Thrill-Kill AssassinReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Tower DrakeReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Towering IndrikReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Trained CaracalReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Traitorous InstinctReturn to RavnicaSorcery Common
Transguild PromenadeReturn to RavnicaLand Common
Treasured FindReturn to RavnicaSorcery Uncommon
Trestle TrollReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Trostani's JudgmentReturn to RavnicaInstant Common
Trostani, Selesnya's VoiceReturn to RavnicaLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Ultimate PriceReturn to RavnicaInstant Uncommon
Underworld ConnectionsReturn to RavnicaEnchantment Rare
Urban BurgeoningReturn to RavnicaEnchantment Common
Utvara HellkiteReturn to RavnicaCreature Mythic Rare
VandalblastReturn to RavnicaSorcery Uncommon
Vassal SoulReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Viashino RacketeerReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Vitu-Ghazi GuildmageReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon
VoidwielderReturn to RavnicaCreature Common
Volatile RigReturn to RavnicaArtifact Creature Rare
Vraska the UnseenReturn to RavnicaPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Wayfaring TempleReturn to RavnicaCreature Rare
Wild BeastmasterReturn to RavnicaCreature Rare
Worldspine WurmReturn to RavnicaCreature Mythic Rare
Zanikev LocustReturn to RavnicaCreature Uncommon