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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Aberrant ResearcherShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Accursed WitchShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Aim HighShadows over InnistradInstant Common
Alms of the VeinShadows over InnistradSorcery Common
Altered EgoShadows over InnistradCreature Rare
Always WatchingShadows over InnistradEnchantment Rare
Ancient of the EquinoxShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Angel of DeliveranceShadows over InnistradCreature Rare
Angelic PurgeShadows over InnistradSorcery Common
Anguished UnmakingShadows over InnistradInstant Rare
Apothecary GeistShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Archangel AvacynShadows over InnistradLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Arlinn KordShadows over InnistradPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Arlinn, Embraced by the MoonShadows over InnistradPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Ashmouth BladeShadows over InnistradArtifact Uncommon
Asylum VisitorShadows over InnistradCreature Rare
Autumnal GloomShadows over InnistradEnchantment Uncommon
Avacyn's JudgmentShadows over InnistradSorcery Rare
Avacyn, the PurifierShadows over InnistradLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Avacynian MissionariesShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Awoken HorrorShadows over InnistradCreature Rare
Bearer of Overwhelming TruthsShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Behind the ScenesShadows over InnistradEnchantment Uncommon
Behold the BeyondShadows over InnistradSorcery Mythic Rare
Biting RainShadows over InnistradSorcery Uncommon
Bloodmad VampireShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Bound by MoonsilverShadows over InnistradEnchantment Uncommon
Brain in a JarShadows over InnistradArtifact Rare
Branded HowlerShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Breakneck RiderShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Briarbridge PatrolShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Broken ConcentrationShadows over InnistradInstant Uncommon
Burn from WithinShadows over InnistradSorcery Rare
Bygone BishopShadows over InnistradCreature Rare
Byway CourierShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Call the BloodlineShadows over InnistradEnchantment Uncommon
CatalogShadows over InnistradInstant Common
Cathar's CompanionShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Chaplain's BlessingShadows over InnistradSorcery Common
Choked EstuaryShadows over InnistradLand Rare
Clip WingsShadows over InnistradInstant Common
Compelling DeterrenceShadows over InnistradInstant Uncommon
Confirm SuspicionsShadows over InnistradInstant Rare
Confront the UnknownShadows over InnistradInstant Common
Convicted KillerShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Corrupted GrafstoneShadows over InnistradArtifact Rare
Crawling SensationShadows over InnistradEnchantment Uncommon
Creeping DreadShadows over InnistradEnchantment Uncommon
Crow of Dark TidingsShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Cryptolith RiteShadows over InnistradEnchantment Rare
Cult of the Waxing MoonShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Dance with DevilsShadows over InnistradInstant Uncommon
Daring SleuthShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Dauntless CatharShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Dead WeightShadows over InnistradEnchantment Common
Deathcap CultivatorShadows over InnistradCreature Rare
Declaration in StoneShadows over InnistradSorcery Rare
Demon-Possessed WitchShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Deny ExistenceShadows over InnistradInstant Common
Descend upon the SinfulShadows over InnistradSorcery Mythic Rare
Devils' PlaygroundShadows over InnistradSorcery Rare
Devilthorn FoxShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Diregraf ColossusShadows over InnistradCreature Rare
Dissension in the RanksShadows over InnistradInstant Uncommon
Drogskol CavalryShadows over InnistradCreature Rare
Drownyard ExplorersShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Drownyard TempleShadows over InnistradLand Rare
Drunau Corpse TrawlerShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Dual ShotShadows over InnistradInstant Common
Duskwatch RecruiterShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Eerie InterludeShadows over InnistradInstant Rare
Elusive TormentorShadows over InnistradCreature Rare
Ember-Eye WolfShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Emissary of the SleeplessShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Engulf the ShoreShadows over InnistradInstant Rare
Epiphany at the DrownyardShadows over InnistradInstant Rare
Epitaph GolemShadows over InnistradArtifact Creature Uncommon
Equestrian SkillShadows over InnistradEnchantment Common
Erdwal IlluminatorShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Essence FluxShadows over InnistradInstant Uncommon
Ethereal GuidanceShadows over InnistradSorcery Common
Ever AfterShadows over InnistradSorcery Rare
Explosive ApparatusShadows over InnistradArtifact Common
Expose EvilShadows over InnistradInstant Common
Falkenrath GorgerShadows over InnistradCreature Rare
Farbog RevenantShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Fevered VisionsShadows over InnistradEnchantment Rare
Fiery TemperShadows over InnistradInstant Common
Flameblade AngelShadows over InnistradCreature Rare
Flameheart WerewolfShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Fleeting MemoriesShadows over InnistradEnchantment Uncommon
Foreboding RuinsShadows over InnistradLand Rare
ForestShadows over InnistradBasic Land Basic Land
ForestShadows over InnistradBasic Land Basic Land
ForestShadows over InnistradBasic Land Basic Land
Forgotten CreationShadows over InnistradCreature Rare
Fork in the RoadShadows over InnistradSorcery Common
Forsaken SanctuaryShadows over InnistradLand Uncommon
Fortified VillageShadows over InnistradLand Rare
Foul OrchardShadows over InnistradLand Uncommon
From Under the FloorboardsShadows over InnistradSorcery Rare
Furtive HomunculusShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Game TrailShadows over InnistradLand Rare
Gatstaf ArsonistsShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Gatstaf RavagersShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Geier Reach BanditShadows over InnistradCreature Rare
GeistblastShadows over InnistradInstant Uncommon
Geralf's MasterpieceShadows over InnistradCreature Mythic Rare
Ghostly WingsShadows over InnistradEnchantment Common
Ghoulcaller's AccompliceShadows over InnistradCreature Common
GhoulsteedShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Gibbering FiendShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Gisa's BiddingShadows over InnistradSorcery Uncommon
GloomwidowShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Goldnight CastigatorShadows over InnistradCreature Mythic Rare
Gone MissingShadows over InnistradSorcery Common
Graf MoleShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Grotesque MutationShadows over InnistradInstant Common
GroundskeeperShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Gryff's BoonShadows over InnistradEnchantment Uncommon
Hanweir Militia CaptainShadows over InnistradCreature Rare
Harness the StormShadows over InnistradEnchantment Rare
Harvest HandShadows over InnistradArtifact Creature Uncommon
Haunted CloakShadows over InnistradArtifact Uncommon
Heir of FalkenrathShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Heir to the NightShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Hermit of the NatterknollsShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Highland LakeShadows over InnistradLand Uncommon
Hinterland LoggerShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Hope Against HopeShadows over InnistradEnchantment Uncommon
Hound of the FarbogsShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Howlpack ResurgenceShadows over InnistradEnchantment Uncommon
Howlpack WolfShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Hulking DevilShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Humble the BruteShadows over InnistradInstant Uncommon
Incited RabbleShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Incorrigible YouthsShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Indulgent AristocratShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Inexorable BlobShadows over InnistradCreature Rare
Infectious CurseShadows over InnistradEnchantment Uncommon
Inner StruggleShadows over InnistradInstant Uncommon
Inquisitor's OxShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Insidious MistShadows over InnistradCreature Rare
Insolent NeonateShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Inspiring CaptainShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Intrepid ProvisionerShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Invasive SurgeryShadows over InnistradInstant Uncommon
Invocation of Saint TraftShadows over InnistradEnchantment Rare
IslandShadows over InnistradBasic Land Basic Land
IslandShadows over InnistradBasic Land Basic Land
IslandShadows over InnistradBasic Land Basic Land
Jace's ScrutinyShadows over InnistradInstant Common
Jace, Unraveler of SecretsShadows over InnistradPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Just the WindShadows over InnistradInstant Common
Kessig Dire SwineShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Kessig ForgemasterShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Kindly StrangerShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Krallenhorde HowlerShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Lambholt ButcherShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Lambholt PacifistShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Lamplighter of SelhoffShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Lightning AxeShadows over InnistradInstant Uncommon
Liliana's IndignationShadows over InnistradSorcery Uncommon
Loam DryadShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Lone Wolf of the NatterknollsShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Lunarch InquisitorsShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Macabre WaltzShadows over InnistradSorcery Common
Mad ProphetShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Magmatic ChasmShadows over InnistradSorcery Common
Magnifying GlassShadows over InnistradArtifact Uncommon
Malevolent WhispersShadows over InnistradSorcery Uncommon
Manic ScribeShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Markov DreadknightShadows over InnistradCreature Rare
Merciless ResolveShadows over InnistradInstant Common
Might Beyond ReasonShadows over InnistradInstant Common
Militant InquisitorShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Mindwrack DemonShadows over InnistradCreature Mythic Rare
Moldgraf ScavengerShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Moonlight HuntShadows over InnistradInstant Uncommon
Moonrise IntruderShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Moorland DrifterShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Morkrut NecropodShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
MountainShadows over InnistradBasic Land Basic Land
MountainShadows over InnistradBasic Land Basic Land
MountainShadows over InnistradBasic Land Basic Land
Murderer's AxeShadows over InnistradArtifact Uncommon
Murderous CompulsionShadows over InnistradSorcery Common
Nagging ThoughtsShadows over InnistradSorcery Common
Nahiri's MachinationsShadows over InnistradEnchantment Uncommon
Nahiri, the HarbingerShadows over InnistradPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Nearheath ChaplainShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Neck BreakerShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Neglected HeirloomShadows over InnistradArtifact Uncommon
Nephalia MoondrakesShadows over InnistradCreature Rare
Niblis of DuskShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Not ForgottenShadows over InnistradSorcery Uncommon
Obsessive SkinnerShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Odric, Lunarch MarshalShadows over InnistradLegendary Creature Rare
Olivia's BloodswornShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Olivia, Mobilized for WarShadows over InnistradLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
One of the PackShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Ongoing InvestigationShadows over InnistradEnchantment Uncommon
Open the ArmoryShadows over InnistradSorcery Uncommon
Ormendahl, Profane PrinceShadows over InnistradLegendary Creature Rare
Pack GuardianShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Pale Rider of TrostadShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Paranoid Parish-BladeShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Perfected FormShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Persistent NightmareShadows over InnistradCreature Mythic Rare
Pick the BrainShadows over InnistradSorcery Uncommon
Pieces of the PuzzleShadows over InnistradSorcery Common
Pious EvangelShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
PlainsShadows over InnistradBasic Land Basic Land
PlainsShadows over InnistradBasic Land Basic Land
PlainsShadows over InnistradBasic Land Basic Land
Pore Over the PagesShadows over InnistradSorcery Uncommon
Port TownShadows over InnistradLand Rare
Press for AnswersShadows over InnistradSorcery Common
Prized AmalgamShadows over InnistradCreature Rare
Puncturing LightShadows over InnistradInstant Common
Pyre HoundShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Quilled WolfShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Rabid BiteShadows over InnistradSorcery Common
Rancid RatsShadows over InnistradCreature Common
RattlechainsShadows over InnistradCreature Rare
Ravenous BloodseekerShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Reaper of Flight MoonsilverShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Reckless ScholarShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Reduce to AshesShadows over InnistradSorcery Common
Relentless DeadShadows over InnistradCreature Mythic Rare
Rise from the TidesShadows over InnistradSorcery Uncommon
Root OutShadows over InnistradSorcery Common
Rottenheart GhoulShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Runaway CarriageShadows over InnistradArtifact Creature Uncommon
Rush of AdrenalineShadows over InnistradInstant Common
Sage of Ancient LoreShadows over InnistradCreature Rare
Sanguinary MageShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Sanitarium SkeletonShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Scourge WolfShadows over InnistradCreature Rare
Scrounged ScytheShadows over InnistradArtifact Uncommon
Seagraf SkaabShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Seasons PastShadows over InnistradSorcery Mythic Rare
Second HarvestShadows over InnistradInstant Rare
Senseless RageShadows over InnistradEnchantment Common
Shamble BackShadows over InnistradSorcery Common
Shard of Broken GlassShadows over InnistradArtifact Common
Sigarda, Heron's GraceShadows over InnistradLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Silburlind SnapperShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Silent ObserverShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Silverfur PartisanShadows over InnistradCreature Rare
SilverstrikeShadows over InnistradInstant Uncommon
Sin ProdderShadows over InnistradCreature Rare
Sinister ConcoctionShadows over InnistradEnchantment Uncommon
Skeleton KeyShadows over InnistradArtifact Uncommon
Skin InvasionShadows over InnistradEnchantment Uncommon
Skin ShedderShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Slayer's PlateShadows over InnistradArtifact Rare
Sleep ParalysisShadows over InnistradEnchantment Common
Solitary HunterShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Sorin, Grim NemesisShadows over InnistradPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Soul SwallowerShadows over InnistradCreature Rare
Spectral ShepherdShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Spiteful MotivesShadows over InnistradEnchantment Uncommon
Stallion of AshmouthShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Startled AwakeShadows over InnistradSorcery Mythic Rare
Stensia MasqueradeShadows over InnistradEnchantment Uncommon
Stern ConstableShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Stitched ManglerShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Stitchwing SkaabShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Stoic BuilderShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Stone QuarryShadows over InnistradLand Uncommon
Stonewing AntagonizerShadows over InnistradArtifact Creature Uncommon
Stormrider SpiritShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Strength of ArmsShadows over InnistradInstant Common
Stromkirk MentorShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Structural DistortionShadows over InnistradSorcery Common
Survive the NightShadows over InnistradInstant Common
SwampShadows over InnistradBasic Land Basic Land
SwampShadows over InnistradBasic Land Basic Land
SwampShadows over InnistradBasic Land Basic Land
Tamiyo's JournalShadows over InnistradLegendary Artifact Rare
TenacityShadows over InnistradInstant Uncommon
Thalia's LieutenantShadows over InnistradCreature Rare
The Gitrog MonsterShadows over InnistradLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Thing in the IceShadows over InnistradCreature Rare
Thornhide WolvesShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Thraben GargoyleShadows over InnistradArtifact Creature Uncommon
Thraben InspectorShadows over InnistradCreature Common
ThrottleShadows over InnistradInstant Common
Timber ShredderShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Tireless TrackerShadows over InnistradCreature Rare
To the SlaughterShadows over InnistradInstant Rare
Tooth CollectorShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
TopplegeistShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Tormenting VoiceShadows over InnistradSorcery Common
Town GossipmongerShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Trail of EvidenceShadows over InnistradEnchantment Uncommon
Traverse the UlvenwaldShadows over InnistradSorcery Rare
TriskaidekaphobiaShadows over InnistradEnchantment Rare
True-Faith CenserShadows over InnistradArtifact Common
Twins of Maurer EstateShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Ulrich's KindredShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Ulvenwald HydraShadows over InnistradCreature Mythic Rare
Ulvenwald MysteriesShadows over InnistradEnchantment Uncommon
Uncaged FuryShadows over InnistradInstant Common
Unimpeded TrespasserShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Uninvited GeistShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Unruly MobShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Vampire NobleShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Vessel of EphemeraShadows over InnistradEnchantment Common
Vessel of MalignityShadows over InnistradEnchantment Common
Vessel of NascencyShadows over InnistradEnchantment Common
Vessel of ParamnesiaShadows over InnistradEnchantment Common
Vessel of VolatilityShadows over InnistradEnchantment Common
Veteran CatharShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Vildin-Pack AlphaShadows over InnistradCreature Rare
Village MessengerShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Voldaren DuelistShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Warped LandscapeShadows over InnistradLand Common
Watcher in the WebShadows over InnistradCreature Common
Wayward DiscipleShadows over InnistradCreature Uncommon
Weirding WoodShadows over InnistradEnchantment Uncommon
Welcome to the FoldShadows over InnistradSorcery Rare
Werewolf of Ancient HungerShadows over InnistradCreature Rare
Westvale AbbeyShadows over InnistradLand Rare
Westvale Cult LeaderShadows over InnistradCreature Rare
Wicker WitchShadows over InnistradArtifact Creature Common
Wild-Field ScarecrowShadows over InnistradArtifact Creature Uncommon
Wolf of Devil's BreachShadows over InnistradCreature Mythic Rare
Woodland StreamShadows over InnistradLand Uncommon