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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
AethersnipeUltimate MastersCreature Common
Akroan CrusaderUltimate MastersCreature Common
All Is DustUltimate MastersTribal Sorcery Rare
Ancestor's ChosenUltimate MastersCreature Uncommon
Ancient TombUltimate MastersLand Rare
Angel of DespairUltimate MastersCreature Uncommon
Angelic RenewalUltimate MastersEnchantment Common
AngerUltimate MastersCreature Uncommon
Appetite for BrainsUltimate MastersSorcery Uncommon
Apprentice NecromancerUltimate MastersCreature Uncommon
ArchaeomancerUltimate MastersCreature Common
Arena AthleteUltimate MastersCreature Common
Artisan of KozilekUltimate MastersCreature Uncommon
Back to BasicsUltimate MastersEnchantment Rare
Balefire DragonUltimate MastersCreature Mythic Rare
Basking RootwallaUltimate MastersCreature Common
Beckon ApparitionUltimate MastersInstant Common
Become ImmenseUltimate MastersInstant Uncommon
BitterblossomUltimate MastersTribal Enchantment Mythic Rare
Blast of GeniusUltimate MastersSorcery Uncommon
Bloodflow ConnoisseurUltimate MastersCreature Common
Boar UmbraUltimate MastersEnchantment Uncommon
Boneyard WurmUltimate MastersCreature Uncommon
BrawnUltimate MastersCreature Uncommon
Brazen ScourgeUltimate MastersCreature Uncommon
Bridge from BelowUltimate MastersEnchantment Rare
Buried AliveUltimate MastersSorcery Uncommon
Canker AbominationUltimate MastersCreature Common
CathodionUltimate MastersArtifact Creature Common
Cavern of SoulsUltimate MastersLand Mythic Rare
Celestial ColonnadeUltimate MastersLand Rare
Chainer's EdictUltimate MastersSorcery Uncommon
Circular LogicUltimate MastersInstant Uncommon
ConflagrateUltimate MastersSorcery Uncommon
Containment PriestUltimate MastersCreature Rare
ConvictionUltimate MastersEnchantment Common
CountersquallUltimate MastersInstant Uncommon
Creeping Tar PitUltimate MastersLand Rare
Crow of Dark TidingsUltimate MastersCreature Common
Crushing CanopyUltimate MastersInstant Common
Dakmor SalvageUltimate MastersLand Uncommon
Dark DabblingUltimate MastersInstant Common
Dark DepthsUltimate MastersLegendary Snow Land Mythic Rare
Dawn CharmUltimate MastersInstant Uncommon
Daybreak CoronetUltimate MastersEnchantment Rare
Death DeniedUltimate MastersInstant Common
Defy GravityUltimate MastersInstant Common
Demonic TutorUltimate MastersSorcery Rare
Deranged AssistantUltimate MastersCreature Common
Desolate LighthouseUltimate MastersLand Rare
Desperate RitualUltimate MastersInstant Uncommon
Devoted DruidUltimate MastersCreature Uncommon
Dig Through TimeUltimate MastersInstant Rare
Dimir GuildmageUltimate MastersCreature Common
Disrupting ShoalUltimate MastersInstant Rare
Double CleaveUltimate MastersInstant Common
Dreamscape ArtistUltimate MastersCreature Uncommon
Eel UmbraUltimate MastersEnchantment Common
Eldrazi ConscriptionUltimate MastersTribal Enchantment Rare
Emancipation AngelUltimate MastersCreature Uncommon
Emrakul, the Aeons TornUltimate MastersLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Engineered ExplosivesUltimate MastersArtifact Rare
EntombUltimate MastersInstant Rare
Eternal WitnessUltimate MastersCreature Uncommon
Faith's FettersUltimate MastersEnchantment Common
Faithless LootingUltimate MastersSorcery Common
Fauna ShamanUltimate MastersCreature Rare
FecundityUltimate MastersEnchantment Uncommon
Fiend HunterUltimate MastersCreature Uncommon
Fiery TemperUltimate MastersInstant Common
FireUltimate Masters  Common
Firewing PhoenixUltimate MastersCreature Uncommon
Flagstones of TrokairUltimate MastersLegendary Land Rare
Flight of FancyUltimate MastersEnchantment Common
FoilUltimate MastersInstant Common
Forbidden AlchemyUltimate MastersInstant Uncommon
Frantic SearchUltimate MastersInstant Common
Fulminator MageUltimate MastersCreature Rare
Fume SpitterUltimate MastersCreature Common
Furnace CelebrationUltimate MastersEnchantment Uncommon
Gaddock TeegUltimate MastersLegendary Creature Rare
GambleUltimate MastersSorcery Rare
Garna, the BloodflameUltimate MastersLegendary Creature Uncommon
Generator ServantUltimate MastersCreature Common
Ghoulcaller's AccompliceUltimate MastersCreature Common
GhoulsteedUltimate MastersCreature Uncommon
Glen Elendra ArchmageUltimate MastersCreature Rare
Gods WillingUltimate MastersInstant Common
Golgari BrownscaleUltimate MastersCreature Common
Golgari CharmUltimate MastersInstant Uncommon
Golgari Grave-TrollUltimate MastersCreature Rare
Golgari ThugUltimate MastersCreature Uncommon
Goryo's VengeanceUltimate MastersInstant Rare
Grave ScrabblerUltimate MastersCreature Common
Grave StrengthUltimate MastersSorcery Uncommon
GroundskeeperUltimate MastersCreature Common
Gurmag AnglerUltimate MastersCreature Common
Heap DollUltimate MastersArtifact Creature Uncommon
Heliod's PilgrimUltimate MastersCreature Common
Hero of IroasUltimate MastersCreature Uncommon
Hero of Leina TowerUltimate MastersCreature Uncommon
Hissing IguanarUltimate MastersCreature Common
Hooting MandrillsUltimate MastersCreature Common
Hyena UmbraUltimate MastersEnchantment Common
Icatian CrierUltimate MastersCreature Common
IceUltimate Masters  Common
Ingot ChewerUltimate MastersCreature Common
Iridescent DrakeUltimate MastersCreature Uncommon
Just the WindUltimate MastersInstant Common
KarakasUltimate MastersLegendary Land Mythic Rare
Karn LiberatedUltimate MastersLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Kitchen FinksUltimate MastersCreature Uncommon
Kodama's ReachUltimate MastersSorcery Common
Kozilek, Butcher of TruthUltimate MastersLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Laboratory ManiacUltimate MastersCreature Uncommon
Last GaspUltimate MastersInstant Common
Lava SpikeUltimate MastersSorcery Uncommon
Lavaclaw ReachesUltimate MastersLand Rare
Leovold, Emissary of TrestUltimate MastersLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Life from the LoamUltimate MastersSorcery Rare
Liliana of the VeilUltimate MastersLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Living LoreUltimate MastersCreature Uncommon
Lord of ExtinctionUltimate MastersCreature Mythic Rare
Lotus-Eye MysticsUltimate MastersCreature Common
Mad ProphetUltimate MastersCreature Common
Maelstrom PulseUltimate MastersSorcery Rare
Mage-Ring NetworkUltimate MastersLand Uncommon
MagmawUltimate MastersCreature Uncommon
Magus of the BazaarUltimate MastersCreature Rare
Mahamoti DjinnUltimate MastersCreature Uncommon
Malevolent WhispersUltimate MastersSorcery Uncommon
Mammoth UmbraUltimate MastersEnchantment Common
Mana VaultUltimate MastersArtifact Mythic Rare
Marang River ProwlerUltimate MastersCreature Uncommon
Mark of the VampireUltimate MastersEnchantment Common
Martyr of SandsUltimate MastersCreature Common
Mikaeus, the UnhallowedUltimate MastersLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Miming SlimeUltimate MastersSorcery Common
Miraculous RecoveryUltimate MastersInstant Uncommon
Mistveil PlainsUltimate MastersLand Uncommon
Moan of the UnhallowedUltimate MastersSorcery Common
Molten BirthUltimate MastersSorcery Common
Murderous RedcapUltimate MastersCreature Uncommon
Myr ServitorUltimate MastersArtifact Creature Common
Mystic RetrievalUltimate MastersSorcery Uncommon
Nightbird's ClutchesUltimate MastersSorcery Common
Noble HierarchUltimate MastersCreature Rare
Nourishing ShoalUltimate MastersInstant Rare
OffalsnoutUltimate MastersCreature Common
Olivia's DragoonUltimate MastersCreature Common
Patchwork GnomesUltimate MastersArtifact Creature Common
Pattern of RebirthUltimate MastersEnchantment Rare
Penumbra WurmUltimate MastersCreature Uncommon
Phalanx LeaderUltimate MastersCreature Uncommon
Phyrexian AltarUltimate MastersArtifact Rare
Phyrexian TowerUltimate MastersLegendary Land Rare
Platinum EmperionUltimate MastersArtifact Creature Mythic Rare
PlumeveilUltimate MastersCreature Uncommon
Prey UponUltimate MastersSorcery Common
Prismatic LensUltimate MastersArtifact Uncommon
Pulse of MurasaUltimate MastersInstant Common
Raging RavineUltimate MastersLand Rare
Raid BombardmentUltimate MastersEnchantment Common
Rakdos Shred-FreakUltimate MastersCreature Common
Rally the PeasantsUltimate MastersInstant Uncommon
ReanimateUltimate MastersSorcery Rare
Reckless ChargeUltimate MastersSorcery Common
Reckless WurmUltimate MastersCreature Common
Repel the DarknessUltimate MastersInstant Common
ResurrectionUltimate MastersSorcery Common
ReveillarkUltimate MastersCreature Rare
Reviving VaporsUltimate MastersInstant Uncommon
Reya DawnbringerUltimate MastersLegendary Creature Rare
Rise from the TidesUltimate MastersSorcery Uncommon
Rogue's PassageUltimate MastersLand Uncommon
Rolling TemblorUltimate MastersSorcery Uncommon
Ronom UnicornUltimate MastersCreature Common
Rune SnagUltimate MastersInstant Common
Runed HaloUltimate MastersEnchantment Rare
Safehold EliteUltimate MastersCreature Common
Sanitarium SkeletonUltimate MastersCreature Common
Satyr WayfinderUltimate MastersCreature Common
Scuzzback MaraudersUltimate MastersCreature Common
Seismic AssaultUltimate MastersEnchantment Rare
Seize the DayUltimate MastersSorcery Rare
Shed WeaknessUltimate MastersInstant Common
Shielding PlaxUltimate MastersEnchantment Common
Shirei, Shizo's CaretakerUltimate MastersLegendary Creature Uncommon
ShriekmawUltimate MastersCreature Uncommon
Sigarda, Host of HeronsUltimate MastersLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Sigil of the New DawnUltimate MastersEnchantment Uncommon
Skyspear CavalryUltimate MastersCreature Common
Skywing AvenUltimate MastersCreature Common
Sleight of HandUltimate MastersSorcery Uncommon
Slippery BogleUltimate MastersCreature Uncommon
Slum ReaperUltimate MastersCreature Common
Snake UmbraUltimate MastersEnchantment Uncommon
Snapcaster MageUltimate MastersCreature Mythic Rare
Songs of the DamnedUltimate MastersInstant Uncommon
Soul's FireUltimate MastersInstant Common
Sovereigns of Lost AlaraUltimate MastersCreature Rare
SparkspitterUltimate MastersCreature Common
Spider SpawningUltimate MastersSorcery Uncommon
Spider UmbraUltimate MastersEnchantment Common
Spirit CairnUltimate MastersEnchantment Uncommon
Spoils of the VaultUltimate MastersInstant Rare
Squee, Goblin NabobUltimate MastersLegendary Creature Rare
Staunch-Hearted WarriorUltimate MastersCreature Common
Stingerfling SpiderUltimate MastersCreature Uncommon
Stirring WildwoodUltimate MastersLand Rare
Stitched DrakeUltimate MastersCreature Common
Stitcher's ApprenticeUltimate MastersCreature Common
Stream of ConsciousnessUltimate MastersInstant Uncommon
Sublime ArchangelUltimate MastersCreature Rare
Sultai SkullkeeperUltimate MastersCreature Common
Swift ReckoningUltimate MastersSorcery Uncommon
Talrand, Sky SummonerUltimate MastersLegendary Creature Rare
TarmogoyfUltimate MastersCreature Mythic Rare
Tasigur, the Golden FangUltimate MastersLegendary Creature Rare
Temporal ManipulationUltimate MastersSorcery Mythic Rare
Terramorphic ExpanseUltimate MastersLand Common
Tethmos High PriestUltimate MastersCreature Common
Thermo-AlchemistUltimate MastersCreature Common
Thespian's StageUltimate MastersLand Rare
Think TwiceUltimate MastersInstant Common
Through the BreachUltimate MastersInstant Rare
Travel PreparationsUltimate MastersSorcery Uncommon
Treasure CruiseUltimate MastersSorcery Common
Turn to MistUltimate MastersInstant Common
Twins of Maurer EstateUltimate MastersCreature Common
Ulamog's CrusherUltimate MastersCreature Common
Ulamog, the Infinite GyreUltimate MastersLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Unburial RitesUltimate MastersSorcery Uncommon
Undying RageUltimate MastersEnchantment Common
Unholy HungerUltimate MastersInstant Common
Unstable MutationUltimate MastersEnchantment Uncommon
Urban EvolutionUltimate MastersSorcery Uncommon
Urborg, Tomb of YawgmothUltimate MastersLegendary Land Rare
Vengeful RebirthUltimate MastersSorcery Uncommon
VengevineUltimate MastersCreature Mythic Rare
Verdant EidolonUltimate MastersCreature Common
Vessel of Endless RestUltimate MastersArtifact Common
Vexing DevilUltimate MastersCreature Rare
Visions of BeyondUltimate MastersInstant Rare
Walker of the GroveUltimate MastersCreature Common
Wall of ReverenceUltimate MastersCreature Rare
Wandering ChampionUltimate MastersCreature Common
Warleader's HelixUltimate MastersInstant Uncommon
Whirlwind AdeptUltimate MastersCreature Common
Wickerbough ElderUltimate MastersCreature Common
Wild HungerUltimate MastersInstant Uncommon
Wild MongrelUltimate MastersCreature Common
Wingsteed RiderUltimate MastersCreature Common
Woodfall PrimusUltimate MastersCreature Rare
Young PyromancerUltimate MastersCreature Uncommon