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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Academy RectorUrza's DestinyCreature Rare
Æther StingUrza's DestinyEnchantment Uncommon
Ancient SilverbackUrza's DestinyCreature Rare
Apprentice NecromancerUrza's DestinyCreature Rare
Archery TrainingUrza's DestinyEnchantment Uncommon
AttritionUrza's DestinyEnchantment Rare
Aura ThiefUrza's DestinyCreature Rare
Blizzard ElementalUrza's DestinyCreature Rare
Bloodshot CyclopsUrza's DestinyCreature Rare
Body SnatcherUrza's DestinyCreature Rare
Braidwood CupUrza's DestinyArtifact Uncommon
Braidwood SextantUrza's DestinyArtifact Uncommon
Brass SecretaryUrza's DestinyArtifact Creature Uncommon
Brine SeerUrza's DestinyCreature Uncommon
Bubbling BeeblesUrza's DestinyCreature Common
Bubbling MuckUrza's DestinySorcery Common
CaltropsUrza's DestinyArtifact Uncommon
Capashen KnightUrza's DestinyCreature Common
Capashen StandardUrza's DestinyEnchantment Common
Capashen TemplarUrza's DestinyCreature Common
Carnival of SoulsUrza's DestinyEnchantment Rare
Chime of NightUrza's DestinyEnchantment Common
Cinder SeerUrza's DestinyCreature Uncommon
Colos YearlingUrza's DestinyCreature Common
CompostUrza's DestinyEnchantment Uncommon
Covetous DragonUrza's DestinyCreature Rare
DisappearUrza's DestinyEnchantment Uncommon
Disease CarriersUrza's DestinyCreature Common
DonateUrza's DestinySorcery Rare
Dying WailUrza's DestinyEnchantment Common
Elvish LookoutUrza's DestinyCreature Common
Elvish PiperUrza's DestinyCreature Rare
Emperor CrocodileUrza's DestinyCreature Rare
EncroachUrza's DestinySorcery Uncommon
EradicateUrza's DestinySorcery Uncommon
ExtruderUrza's DestinyArtifact Creature Uncommon
False ProphetUrza's DestinyCreature Rare
FatigueUrza's DestinySorcery Common
Fend OffUrza's DestinyInstant Common
Festering WoundUrza's DestinyEnchantment Uncommon
Field SurgeonUrza's DestinyCreature Common
Flame JetUrza's DestinySorcery Common
Fledgling OspreyUrza's DestinyCreature Common
FlickerUrza's DestinySorcery Rare
Fodder CannonUrza's DestinyArtifact Uncommon
GamekeeperUrza's DestinyCreature Uncommon
Goblin BerserkerUrza's DestinyCreature Uncommon
Goblin FestivalUrza's DestinyEnchantment Rare
Goblin GardenerUrza's DestinyCreature Common
Goblin MarshalUrza's DestinyCreature Rare
Goblin MasonsUrza's DestinyCreature Common
Goliath BeetleUrza's DestinyCreature Common
Heart WardenUrza's DestinyCreature Common
Hulking OgreUrza's DestinyCreature Common
Hunting MoaUrza's DestinyCreature Uncommon
Illuminated WingsUrza's DestinyEnchantment Common
ImpatienceUrza's DestinyEnchantment Rare
IncendiaryUrza's DestinyEnchantment Uncommon
Iridescent DrakeUrza's DestinyCreature Uncommon
Ivy SeerUrza's DestinyCreature Uncommon
Jasmine SeerUrza's DestinyCreature Uncommon
Junk DiverUrza's DestinyArtifact Creature Rare
Keldon ChampionUrza's DestinyCreature Uncommon
Keldon VandalsUrza's DestinyCreature Common
KingfisherUrza's DestinyCreature Common
LandslideUrza's DestinySorcery Uncommon
Lurking JackalsUrza's DestinyEnchantment Uncommon
MagnifyUrza's DestinyInstant Common
Mantis EngineUrza's DestinyArtifact Creature Uncommon
Mark of FuryUrza's DestinyEnchantment Common
Marker BeetlesUrza's DestinyCreature Common
Mask of Law and GraceUrza's DestinyEnchantment Common
Master HealerUrza's DestinyCreature Rare
MasticoreUrza's DestinyArtifact Creature Rare
Mental DisciplineUrza's DestinyEnchantment Common
MetalworkerUrza's DestinyArtifact Creature Rare
Metathran EliteUrza's DestinyCreature Uncommon
Metathran SoldierUrza's DestinyCreature Common
MomentumUrza's DestinyEnchantment Uncommon
Multani's DecreeUrza's DestinySorcery Common
Nightshade SeerUrza's DestinyCreature Uncommon
OpalescenceUrza's DestinyEnchantment Rare
OppositionUrza's DestinyEnchantment Rare
Pattern of RebirthUrza's DestinyEnchantment Rare
Phyrexian MonitorUrza's DestinyCreature Common
Phyrexian NegatorUrza's DestinyCreature Rare
Plague DogsUrza's DestinyCreature Uncommon
Plated SpiderUrza's DestinyCreature Common
Plow UnderUrza's DestinySorcery Rare
Powder KegUrza's DestinyArtifact Rare
Private ResearchUrza's DestinyEnchantment Uncommon
QuashUrza's DestinyInstant Uncommon
Rapid DecayUrza's DestinyInstant Rare
Ravenous RatsUrza's DestinyCreature Common
Rayne, Academy ChancellorUrza's DestinyLegendary Creature Rare
Reckless AbandonUrza's DestinySorcery Common
Reliquary MonkUrza's DestinyCreature Common
RepercussionUrza's DestinyEnchantment Rare
ReplenishUrza's DestinySorcery Rare
RescueUrza's DestinyInstant Common
Rofellos's GiftUrza's DestinySorcery Common
Rofellos, Llanowar EmissaryUrza's DestinyLegendary Creature Rare
SanctimonyUrza's DestinyEnchantment Uncommon
Scent of BrineUrza's DestinyInstant Common
Scent of CinderUrza's DestinySorcery Common
Scent of IvyUrza's DestinyInstant Common
Scent of JasmineUrza's DestinyInstant Common
Scent of NightshadeUrza's DestinyInstant Common
ScourUrza's DestinyInstant Uncommon
Scrying GlassUrza's DestinyArtifact Rare
Serra AdvocateUrza's DestinyCreature Uncommon
Sigil of SleepUrza's DestinyEnchantment Common
Skittering HorrorUrza's DestinyCreature Common
Slinking SkirgeUrza's DestinyCreature Common
SolidarityUrza's DestinyInstant Common
Soul FeastUrza's DestinySorcery Uncommon
Sowing SaltUrza's DestinySorcery Uncommon
SplinterUrza's DestinySorcery Uncommon
Squirming MassUrza's DestinyCreature Common
Storage MatrixUrza's DestinyArtifact Rare
Taunting ElfUrza's DestinyCreature Common
Telepathic SpiesUrza's DestinyCreature Common
Temporal AdeptUrza's DestinyCreature Rare
Tethered GriffinUrza's DestinyCreature Rare
Thieving MagpieUrza's DestinyCreature Uncommon
Thorn ElementalUrza's DestinyCreature Rare
Thran DynamoUrza's DestinyArtifact Uncommon
Thran FoundryUrza's DestinyArtifact Uncommon
Thran GolemUrza's DestinyArtifact Creature Rare
Tormented AngelUrza's DestinyCreature Common
TreacheryUrza's DestinyEnchantment Rare
Trumpet BlastUrza's DestinyInstant Common
Twisted ExperimentUrza's DestinyEnchantment Common
Urza's IncubatorUrza's DestinyArtifact Rare
Voice of DutyUrza's DestinyCreature Uncommon
Voice of ReasonUrza's DestinyCreature Uncommon
Wake of DestructionUrza's DestinySorcery Rare
Wall of GlareUrza's DestinyCreature Common
Wild ColosUrza's DestinyCreature Common
Yavimaya ElderUrza's DestinyCreature Common
Yavimaya EnchantressUrza's DestinyCreature Uncommon
Yavimaya HollowUrza's DestinyLegendary Land Rare
Yawgmoth's BargainUrza's DestinyEnchantment Rare