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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
A Tale for the AgesWilds of EldraineEnchantment Rare
Agatha of the Vile CauldronWilds of EldraineLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Agatha's ChampionWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Agatha's Soul CauldronWilds of EldraineLegendary Artifact Mythic Rare
Aquatic AlchemistWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Archive DragonWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Archon of the Wild RoseWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Archon's GloryWilds of EldraineInstant Common
Ardenvale FealtyWilds of Eldraine  Mythic Rare
Armory MiceWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Ash, Party CrasherWilds of EldraineLegendary Creature Uncommon
Ashiok's ReaperWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Ashiok, Wicked ManipulatorWilds of EldraineLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Asinine AnticsWilds of EldraineSorcery Mythic Rare
Back for SecondsWilds of EldraineSorcery Uncommon
Bakery RaidWilds of Eldraine  Common
Barrow NaughtyWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Beanstalk WurmWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Bear DownWilds of Eldraine  Uncommon
Beat a PathWilds of Eldraine  Common
Become BrutesWilds of EldraineSorcery Uncommon
Belligerent of the BallWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Bellowing BruiserWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Beluna GrandsquallWilds of EldraineLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Beluna's GatekeeperWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Beseech the MirrorWilds of EldraineSorcery Mythic Rare
Besotted KnightWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Bespoke BattlegarbWilds of EldraineArtifact Common
Bestial BloodlineWilds of EldraineEnchantment Common
Betroth the BeastWilds of Eldraine  Common
Birthright BoonWilds of Eldraine  Mythic Rare
Bitter ChillWilds of EldraineEnchantment Uncommon
Blossoming TortoiseWilds of EldraineCreature Mythic Rare
Blossoming TortoiseWilds of EldraineCreature Mythic Rare
Blow Off SteamWilds of Eldraine  Uncommon
Boundary Lands RangerWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Bramble FamiliarWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Brave the WildsWilds of EldraineSorcery Common
Break the SpellWilds of EldraineInstant Common
Bubble UpWilds of Eldraine  Common
Burn TogetherWilds of Eldraine  Uncommon
Callous Sell-SwordWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Can't Wake UpWilds of Eldraine  Rare
Candy GrappleWilds of EldraineInstant Common
Candy TrailWilds of EldraineArtifact Common
Chancellor of TalesWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Charging HooliganWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Charmed ClothierWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Charming ScoundrelWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Cheeky House-MouseWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Cleave ShadowsWilds of Eldraine  Uncommon
Collector's VaultWilds of EldraineArtifact Uncommon
Commune with NatureWilds of EldraineSorcery Common
Conceited WitchWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Cooped UpWilds of EldraineEnchantment Common
Croaking CurseWilds of Eldraine  Common
Cruel SomnophageWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Crystal GrottoWilds of EldraineLand Common
Curse of the WerefoxWilds of EldraineSorcery Common
Cursed CourtierWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Cut InWilds of EldraineSorcery Common
Deathly RideWilds of Eldraine  Common
Decadent DragonWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Desperate ParryWilds of Eldraine  Common
Devouring SugarmawWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Diminisher WitchWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Discerning FinancierWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Disdainful StrokeWilds of EldraineInstant Uncommon
Dread WhispersWilds of Eldraine  Rare
Dream SpoilersWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Dutiful GriffinWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Edgewall InnWilds of EldraineLand Uncommon
Edgewall PackWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Eerie InterferenceWilds of EldraineInstant Uncommon
Ego DrainWilds of EldraineSorcery Uncommon
Elusive OtterWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Elvish ArchivistWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Embereth BlazeWilds of Eldraine  Mythic Rare
Embereth VeteranWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Entry DeniedWilds of Eldraine  Common
Eriette of the Charmed AppleWilds of EldraineLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Eriette's Tempting AppleWilds of EldraineLegendary Artifact Uncommon
Eriette's WhisperWilds of EldraineSorcery Common
Evolving WildsWilds of EldraineLand Common
Expel the InterlopersWilds of EldraineSorcery Rare
Expel the InterlopersWilds of EldraineSorcery Rare
Expensive TasteWilds of Eldraine  Rare
Experimental ConfectionerWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Extraordinary JourneyWilds of EldraineEnchantment Rare
Faerie DreamthiefWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Faerie FencingWilds of EldraineInstant Uncommon
Faerie Slumber PartyWilds of EldraineSorcery Rare
Farsight RitualWilds of EldraineInstant Rare
Faunsbane TrollWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Feed the CauldronWilds of EldraineInstant Common
Fell HorsemanWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Feral EncounterWilds of EldraineSorcery Rare
Ferocious WerefoxWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Fetch QuestWilds of Eldraine  Rare
Flick a CoinWilds of EldraineInstant Common
Food ComaWilds of EldraineEnchantment Uncommon
Food FightWilds of EldraineEnchantment Rare
ForestWilds of EldraineBasic Land Basic Land
Frantic FireboltWilds of EldraineInstant Common
Free the FaeWilds of Eldraine  Uncommon
Freeze in PlaceWilds of EldraineSorcery Common
Frolicking FamiliarWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Frostbridge GuardWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Gadwick's First DuelWilds of EldraineEnchantment Uncommon
Gallant Pie-WielderWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Galvanic GiantWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Garenbrig GrowthWilds of Eldraine  Mythic Rare
Gingerbread HunterWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
GingerbruteWilds of EldraineArtifact Creature Common
Glass CasketWilds of EldraineArtifact Uncommon
Gnawing CrescendoWilds of EldraineInstant Common
Go Hog WildWilds of Eldraine  Uncommon
Goddric, Cloaked RevelerWilds of EldraineLegendary Creature Rare
Grabby GiantWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Graceful TakedownWilds of EldraineSorcery Uncommon
Grand Ball GuestWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Greta, Sweettooth ScourgeWilds of EldraineLegendary Creature Uncommon
Grove's BountyWilds of Eldraine  Rare
Gruff TripletsWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Guard ChangeWilds of Eldraine  Common
Gumdrop PoisonerWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Hamlet GluttonWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Hare RaisingWilds of Eldraine  Rare
Harried SpearguardWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Have for DinnerWilds of Eldraine  Rare
Heartflame DuelistWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Heartflame SlashWilds of Eldraine  Rare
Hearth ElementalWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
High Fae NegotiatorWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Hollow ScavengerWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Hopeful VigilWilds of EldraineEnchantment Common
Hopeless NightmareWilds of EldraineEnchantment Common
Horned Loch-WhaleWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Howling GalefangWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Hylda of the Icy CrownWilds of EldraineLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Hylda's Crown of WinterWilds of EldraineLegendary Artifact Rare
Ice OutWilds of EldraineInstant Common
Icewrought SentryWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Imodane's RecruiterWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Imodane, the PyrohammerWilds of EldraineLegendary Creature Rare
Ingenious ProdigyWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Into the Fae CourtWilds of EldraineSorcery Common
Intrepid TrufflesnoutWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
IslandWilds of EldraineBasic Land Basic Land
Johann's StopgapWilds of EldraineSorcery Common
Johann, Apprentice SorcererWilds of EldraineLegendary Creature Uncommon
Kellan's LightbladesWilds of EldraineInstant Common
Kellan, the Fae-BloodedWilds of EldraineLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Kindled HeroismWilds of EldraineInstant Common
Knight of DovesWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Korvold and the Noble ThiefWilds of EldraineEnchantment Uncommon
Lady of LaughterWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Lagoon BreachWilds of Eldraine  Rare
Leaping AmbushWilds of EldraineInstant Common
Lich-Knights' ConquestWilds of EldraineSorcery Rare
Likeness LooterWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Living LecternWilds of EldraineArtifact Creature Common
Locthwain ScornWilds of Eldraine  Mythic Rare
Lord Skitter's BlessingWilds of EldraineEnchantment Rare
Lord Skitter's ButcherWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Lord Skitter, Sewer KingWilds of EldraineLegendary Creature Rare
Malevolent WitchkiteWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Mend the WildsWilds of Eldraine  Uncommon
Merfolk CoralsmithWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Merry BardsWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Minecart DaredevilWilds of EldraineCreature Common
MintstrosityWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Misleading MotesWilds of EldraineInstant Common
Mocking SpriteWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Moment of ValorWilds of EldraineInstant Common
Monstrous RageWilds of EldraineInstant Uncommon
Moonshaker CavalryWilds of EldraineCreature Mythic Rare
Mosswood DreadknightWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
MountainWilds of EldraineBasic Land Basic Land
Neva, Stalked by NightmaresWilds of EldraineLegendary Creature Uncommon
Night of the Sweets' RevengeWilds of EldraineEnchantment Uncommon
Not Dead After AllWilds of EldraineInstant Common
Obyra's AttendantsWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Obyra, Dreaming DuelistWilds of EldraineLegendary Creature Uncommon
Ogre ChitterlordWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Old FlitterfangWilds of EldraineLegendary Creature Uncommon
Pest ProblemWilds of Eldraine  Common
Pests of HonorWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Picklock PranksterWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Picnic RuinerWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
PlainsWilds of EldraineBasic Land Basic Land
Plant BeansWilds of Eldraine  Common
Plunge into WinterWilds of EldraineInstant Common
Pollen-Shield HareWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Price of BeautyWilds of Eldraine  Common
Prophetic PrismWilds of EldraineArtifact Common
Protective ParentsWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Provisions MerchantWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Puny SnackWilds of Eldraine  Uncommon
Questing DruidWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Quick StudyWilds of EldraineInstant Common
Raging Battle MouseWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Rankle's PrankWilds of EldraineSorcery Rare
Rat OutWilds of EldraineInstant Common
Ratcatcher TraineeWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Realm-Scorcher HellkiteWilds of EldraineCreature Mythic Rare
Redcap Gutter-DwellerWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Redcap ThiefWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Redtooth GenealogistWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Redtooth VanguardWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Regal BunnicornWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Restless BivouacWilds of EldraineLand Rare
Restless CottageWilds of EldraineLand Rare
Restless FortressWilds of EldraineLand Rare
Restless SpireWilds of EldraineLand Rare
Restless VinestalkWilds of EldraineLand Rare
Return from the WildsWilds of EldraineSorcery Common
Return TriumphantWilds of EldraineSorcery Common
Ride the RailsWilds of Eldraine  Common
Rimefur ReindeerWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Rip the SeamsWilds of Eldraine  Uncommon
Rootrider FaunWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Rotisserie ElementalWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Rowan's Grim SearchWilds of EldraineInstant Common
Rowan, Scion of WarWilds of EldraineLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Rowdy ResearchWilds of EldraineInstant Uncommon
Royal TreatmentWilds of EldraineInstant Uncommon
Ruby, Daring TrackerWilds of EldraineLegendary Creature Uncommon
Savior of the SleepingWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Scalding ViperWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Scan the CloudsWilds of Eldraine  Uncommon
Scarecrow GuideWilds of EldraineArtifact Creature Common
Scream PuffWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Seek the BeastWilds of Eldraine  Rare
Seek ThrillsWilds of Eldraine  Mythic Rare
Sentinel of Lost LoreWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Sharae of Numbing DepthsWilds of EldraineLegendary Creature Uncommon
Shatter the OathWilds of EldraineSorcery Common
Shrouded ShepherdWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Skewer SlingerWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Skybeast TrackerWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Sleep-Cursed FaerieWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Sleight of HandWilds of EldraineSorcery Common
Slumbering KeepguardWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Snaremaster SpriteWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Solitary SanctuaryWilds of EldraineEnchantment Uncommon
Song of TotentanzWilds of EldraineSorcery Rare
Soul-Guide LanternWilds of EldraineArtifact Uncommon
Specter of MortalityWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Spell StutterWilds of EldraineInstant Common
Spellbook VendorWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Spellscorn CovenWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Spider FoodWilds of EldraineSorcery Common
Spiteful HexmageWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Splashy SpellcasterWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Squeak ByWilds of Eldraine  Uncommon
Steam CleanWilds of Eldraine  Rare
Stingblade AssassinWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Stockpiling CelebrantWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Stoke GeniusWilds of Eldraine  Uncommon
Stolen GoodiesWilds of Eldraine  Uncommon
Stonesplitter BoltWilds of EldraineInstant Uncommon
Storm ReadingWilds of Eldraine  Uncommon
Stormkeld ProwlerWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Stormkeld VanguardWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Storyteller PixieWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Stroke of MidnightWilds of EldraineInstant Uncommon
Succumb to the ColdWilds of EldraineInstant Uncommon
Sugar RushWilds of EldraineInstant Common
SwampWilds of EldraineBasic Land Basic Land
Sweettooth WitchWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Swift SpiralWilds of Eldraine  Rare
Syr Armont, the RedeemerWilds of EldraineLegendary Creature Uncommon
Syr Ginger, the Meal EnderWilds of EldraineLegendary Artifact Creature Rare
Take It BackWilds of Eldraine  Uncommon
Taken by NightmaresWilds of EldraineInstant Uncommon
Talion's MessengerWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Talion, the Kindly LordWilds of EldraineLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Tangled ColonyWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Tanglespan LookoutWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Tattered RatterWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Tempest HartWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Tempt with TreatsWilds of Eldraine  Rare
Tenacious TomeseekerWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Territorial WitchstalkerWilds of EldraineCreature Common
That's MineWilds of Eldraine  Common
The Apprentice's FollyWilds of EldraineEnchantment Rare
The EndWilds of EldraineInstant Rare
The Goose MotherWilds of EldraineLegendary Creature Rare
The Huntsman's RedemptionWilds of EldraineEnchantment Rare
The IrencragWilds of EldraineLegendary Artifact Rare
The Princess Takes FlightWilds of EldraineEnchantment Uncommon
The Witch's VanityWilds of EldraineEnchantment Uncommon
Threadbind CliqueWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Three Blind MiceWilds of EldraineEnchantment Rare
Three Bowls of PorridgeWilds of EldraineArtifact Uncommon
Thunderous DebutWilds of EldraineSorcery Rare
Titanic GrowthWilds of EldraineInstant Common
Toadstool AdmirerWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Torch the TowerWilds of EldraineInstant Common
Totentanz, Swarm PiperWilds of EldraineLegendary Creature Uncommon
Tough CookieWilds of EldraineArtifact Creature Uncommon
Train TroopsWilds of Eldraine  Uncommon
Troublemaker OupheWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Troyan, Gutsy ExplorerWilds of EldraineLegendary Creature Uncommon
Tuinvale GuideWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Twice the RageWilds of Eldraine  Uncommon
Twining TwinsWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Twisted FealtyWilds of EldraineSorcery Uncommon
Twisted Sewer-WitchWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Two-Headed HunterWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Unassuming SageWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Unruly CatapultWilds of EldraineArtifact Creature Common
Up the BeanstalkWilds of EldraineEnchantment Uncommon
Vantress TransmuterWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Vantress VisionsWilds of Eldraine  Mythic Rare
Verdant OutriderWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Virtue of CourageWilds of EldraineEnchantment Mythic Rare
Virtue of KnowledgeWilds of EldraineEnchantment Mythic Rare
Virtue of LoyaltyWilds of EldraineEnchantment Mythic Rare
Virtue of PersistenceWilds of EldraineEnchantment Mythic Rare
Virtue of StrengthWilds of EldraineEnchantment Mythic Rare
Voracious VerminWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Warehouse TabbyWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Water WingsWilds of EldraineInstant Common
Welcome to SweettoothWilds of EldraineEnchantment Uncommon
Werefox BodyguardWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Wicked VisitorWilds of EldraineCreature Common
Wildwood MentorWilds of EldraineCreature Rare
Will, Scion of PeaceWilds of EldraineLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Witch's MarkWilds of EldraineSorcery Common
Witchstalker FrenzyWilds of EldraineInstant Uncommon
Woodland AcolyteWilds of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Yenna, Redtooth RegentWilds of EldraineLegendary Creature Rare