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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Abu Ja'farArabian NightsCreature Uncommon
AladdinArabian NightsCreature Rare
Aladdin's LampArabian NightsMono Artifact Rare
Aladdin's RingArabian NightsMono Artifact Rare
Ali BabaArabian NightsCreature Uncommon
Ali from CairoArabian NightsCreature Rare
Army of AllahArabian NightsInstant Common
Army of Allah (Version 2)Arabian NightsInstant Common
Bazaar of BaghdadArabian NightsLand Uncommon
Bird MaidenArabian NightsCreature Common
Bird Maiden (Version 2)Arabian NightsCreature Common
Bottle of SuleimanArabian NightsMono Artifact Rare
Brass ManArabian NightsArtifact Creature Uncommon
CamelArabian NightsCreature Common
City in a BottleArabian NightsArtifact Rare
City of BrassArabian NightsLand Uncommon
Cuombajj WitchesArabian NightsCreature Common
CycloneArabian NightsEnchantment Uncommon
Dancing ScimitarArabian NightsArtifact Creature Rare
DandânArabian NightsCreature Common
DesertArabian NightsLand Common
Desert NomadsArabian NightsCreature Common
Desert TwisterArabian NightsSorcery Uncommon
Diamond ValleyArabian NightsLand Uncommon
Drop of HoneyArabian NightsEnchantment Rare
Ebony HorseArabian NightsMono Artifact Rare
El HajjajArabian NightsCreature Rare
Elephant GraveyardArabian NightsLand Rare
Erg RaidersArabian NightsCreature Common
Erg Raiders (Version 2)Arabian NightsCreature Common
Erhnam DjinnArabian NightsCreature Rare
Eye for an EyeArabian NightsInstant Uncommon
Fishliver OilArabian NightsEnchant Creature Common
Fishliver Oil (Version 2)Arabian NightsEnchant Creature Common
Flying CarpetArabian NightsMono Artifact Uncommon
Flying MenArabian NightsCreature Common
Ghazbán OgreArabian NightsCreature Common
Giant TortoiseArabian NightsCreature Common
Giant Tortoise (Version 2)Arabian NightsCreature Common
Guardian BeastArabian NightsCreature Rare
Hasran OgressArabian NightsCreature Common
Hasran Ogress (Version 2)Arabian NightsCreature Common
Hurr JackalArabian NightsCreature Common
Ifh Bíff EfreetArabian NightsCreature Rare
Island Fish JasconiusArabian NightsCreature Rare
Island of Wak WakArabian NightsLand Rare
Jandor's RingArabian NightsMono Artifact Rare
Jandor's SaddlebagsArabian NightsMono Artifact Rare
Jeweled BirdArabian NightsMono Artifact Uncommon
JihadArabian NightsEnchantment Rare
Junún EfreetArabian NightsCreature Rare
Juzám DjinnArabian NightsCreature Rare
Khabál GhoulArabian NightsCreature Uncommon
King SuleimanArabian NightsCreature Rare
Kird ApeArabian NightsCreature Common
Library of AlexandriaArabian NightsLand Uncommon
Magnetic MountainArabian NightsEnchantment Uncommon
Merchant ShipArabian NightsCreature Uncommon
MetamorphosisArabian NightsSorcery Common
Mijae DjinnArabian NightsCreature Rare
Moorish CavalryArabian NightsCreature Common
Moorish Cavalry (Version 2)Arabian NightsCreature Common
MountainArabian NightsLand Common
Nafs AspArabian NightsCreature Common
Nafs Asp (Version 2)Arabian NightsCreature Common
OasisArabian NightsLand Uncommon
Old Man of the SeaArabian NightsCreature Rare
OublietteArabian NightsEnchantment Common
Oubliette (Version 2)Arabian NightsEnchantment Common
PietyArabian NightsInstant Common
Piety (Version 2)Arabian NightsInstant Common
PyramidsArabian NightsPoly Artifact Rare
Repentant BlacksmithArabian NightsCreature Rare
Ring of MaRufArabian NightsMono Artifact Rare
Rukh EggArabian NightsCreature Common
Rukh Egg (Version 2)Arabian NightsCreature Common
Sandals of AbdallahArabian NightsMono Artifact Uncommon
SandstormArabian NightsInstant Common
Serendib DjinnArabian NightsCreature Rare
Serendib EfreetArabian NightsCreature Rare
ShahrazadArabian NightsSorcery Rare
SindbadArabian NightsCreature Uncommon
Singing TreeArabian NightsCreature Rare
Sorceress QueenArabian NightsCreature Uncommon
Stone Throwing DevilsArabian NightsCreature Common
Stone Throwing Devils (Version 2)Arabian NightsCreature Common
Unstable MutationArabian NightsEnchant Creature Common
War ElephantArabian NightsCreature Common
War Elephant (Version 2)Arabian NightsCreature Common
Wyluli WolfArabian NightsCreature Common
Wyluli Wolf (Version 2)Arabian NightsCreature Common
Ydwen EfreetArabian NightsCreature Rare