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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
A Display of My Dark PowerArchenemyScheme Common
Æther SpellbombArchenemyArtifact Common
Agony WarpArchenemyInstant Common
All in Good TimeArchenemyScheme Common
All Shall Smolder in My WakeArchenemyScheme Common
Approach My Molten RealmArchenemyScheme Common
Architects of WillArchenemyArtifact Creature Common
Armadillo CloakArchenemyEnchantment Common
Artisan of KozilekArchenemyCreature Uncommon
Avatar of DiscordArchenemyCreature Rare
Avatar of WoeArchenemyCreature Rare
Azorius SignetArchenemyArtifact Common
Barren MoorArchenemyLand Common
Battering CraghornArchenemyCreature Common
Batwing BrumeArchenemyInstant Uncommon
Beacon of UnrestArchenemySorcery Rare
Behold the Power of DestructionArchenemyScheme Common
Bituminous BlastArchenemyInstant Uncommon
Bog WitchArchenemyCreature Common
Branching BoltArchenemyInstant Common
Breath of DarigaazArchenemySorcery Uncommon
Cemetery ReaperArchenemyCreature Rare
Chameleon ColossusArchenemyCreature Rare
Chandra's OutrageArchenemyInstant Common
Choose Your ChampionArchenemyScheme Common
Colossal MightArchenemyInstant Common
Corpse ConnoisseurArchenemyCreature Uncommon
Dance, Pathetic MarionetteArchenemyScheme Common
Dimir SignetArchenemyArtifact Common
Dragon BreathArchenemyEnchantment Common
Dragon FodderArchenemySorcery Common
Dragon WhelpArchenemyCreature Uncommon
Dragonspeaker ShamanArchenemyCreature Uncommon
Dreamstone HedronArchenemyArtifact Uncommon
Dregscape ZombieArchenemyCreature Common
DuplicantArchenemyArtifact Creature Rare
Embrace My Diabolical VisionArchenemyScheme Common
Ethersworn ShieldmageArchenemyArtifact Creature Common
Everflowing ChaliceArchenemyArtifact Uncommon
Every Hope Shall VanishArchenemyScheme Common
Every Last Vestige Shall RotArchenemyScheme Common
Evil Comes to FruitionArchenemyScheme Common
Extractor DemonArchenemyCreature Rare
Feed the MachineArchenemyScheme Common
Feral HydraArchenemyCreature Rare
FertilidArchenemyCreature Common
Festering GoblinArchenemyCreature Common
Fieldmist BorderpostArchenemyArtifact Common
Fierce EmpathArchenemyCreature Common
FireballArchenemySorcery Uncommon
Fires of YavimayaArchenemyEnchantment Uncommon
Flameblast DragonArchenemyCreature Rare
FogArchenemyInstant Common
ForestArchenemyBasic Land Basic Land
Forgotten AncientArchenemyCreature Rare
Furnace WhelpArchenemyCreature Uncommon
Gathan RaidersArchenemyCreature Common
Gleeful SabotageArchenemySorcery Common
Graypelt RefugeArchenemyLand Uncommon
Gruul SignetArchenemyArtifact Common
HarmonizeArchenemySorcery Uncommon
Hellkite ChargerArchenemyCreature Rare
Heroes' ReunionArchenemyInstant Uncommon
Hunting MoaArchenemyCreature Uncommon
I Bask in Your Silent AweArchenemyOngoing Scheme Common
I Call on the Ancient MagicsArchenemyScheme Common
I Delight in Your ConvulsionsArchenemyScheme Common
I Know All, I See AllArchenemyOngoing Scheme Common
Ignite the Cloneforge!ArchenemyScheme Common
Imperial HellkiteArchenemyCreature Rare
Incremental BlightArchenemySorcery Uncommon
Infectious HorrorArchenemyCreature Common
Inferno TrapArchenemyInstant Uncommon
InfestArchenemySorcery Uncommon
Into the Earthen MawArchenemyScheme Common
Introductions Are in OrderArchenemyScheme Common
IslandArchenemyBasic Land Basic Land
JuggernautArchenemyArtifact Creature Uncommon
Kaervek the MercilessArchenemyLegendary Creature Rare
Kamahl, Fist of KrosaArchenemyLegendary Creature Rare
Kazandu RefugeArchenemyLand Uncommon
Khalni GardenArchenemyLand Common
Kilnmouth DragonArchenemyCreature Rare
Know Naught but FireArchenemyScheme Common
Krosan TuskerArchenemyCreature Common
Krosan VergeArchenemyLand Uncommon
Leaf GilderArchenemyCreature Common
Leonin AbunasArchenemyCreature Rare
Lightning GreavesArchenemyArtifact Uncommon
Llanowar RebornArchenemyLand Uncommon
Lodestone GolemArchenemyArtifact Creature Rare
Look Skyward and DespairArchenemyScheme Common
Magister SphinxArchenemyArtifact Creature Rare
Makeshift MannequinArchenemyInstant Uncommon
March of the MachinesArchenemyEnchantment Rare
Master TransmuterArchenemyArtifact Creature Rare
May Civilization CollapseArchenemyScheme Common
MemnarchArchenemyLegendary Artifact Creature Rare
MetallurgeonArchenemyArtifact Creature Uncommon
Mistvein BorderpostArchenemyArtifact Common
Molimo, Maro SorcererArchenemyLegendary Creature Rare
Mortal Flesh Is WeakArchenemyScheme Common
Mosswort BridgeArchenemyLand Rare
MountainArchenemyBasic Land Basic Land
My Crushing MasterstrokeArchenemyScheme Common
My Genius Knows No BoundsArchenemyScheme Common
My Undead Horde AwakensArchenemyOngoing Scheme Common
My Wish Is Your CommandArchenemyScheme Common
Nantuko MonasteryArchenemyLand Uncommon
Nature Demands an OfferingArchenemyScheme Common
Nature Shields Its OwnArchenemyOngoing Scheme Common
Nothing Can Stop Me NowArchenemyOngoing Scheme Common
Obelisk of EsperArchenemyArtifact Common
Oblivion RingArchenemyEnchantment Common
Only Blood Ends Your NightmaresArchenemyScheme Common
Pale RecluseArchenemyCreature Common
Path to ExileArchenemyInstant Uncommon
PlainsArchenemyBasic Land Basic Land
PlummetArchenemyInstant Common
Primal CommandArchenemySorcery Rare
Rakdos CarnariumArchenemyLand Common
Rakdos GuildmageArchenemyCreature Uncommon
Rakdos SignetArchenemyArtifact Common
RancorArchenemyEnchantment Common
Realms Befitting My MajestyArchenemyScheme Common
ReanimateArchenemySorcery Uncommon
Reassembling SkeletonArchenemyCreature Uncommon
Roots of All EvilArchenemyScheme Common
Rotted Ones, Lay SiegeArchenemyScheme Common
Ryusei, the Falling StarArchenemyLegendary Creature Rare
Sakura Tribe ElderArchenemyCreature Common
Sanctum GargoyleArchenemyArtifact Creature Common
Savage TwisterArchenemySorcery Uncommon
Scion of DarknessArchenemyCreature Rare
Secluded SteppeArchenemyLand Common
Seething SongArchenemyInstant Common
Selesnya GuildmageArchenemyCreature Uncommon
Shinen of Life's RoarArchenemyCreature Common
ShriekmawArchenemyCreature Uncommon
Sign in BloodArchenemySorcery Common
Skirk CommandoArchenemyCreature Common
Skirk MarauderArchenemyCreature Common
SkullcageArchenemyArtifact Uncommon
Sorcerer's StrongboxArchenemyArtifact Uncommon
Spider UmbraArchenemyEnchantment Common
Spin into MythArchenemyInstant Uncommon
Sun DropletArchenemyArtifact Uncommon
Sundering TitanArchenemyArtifact Creature Rare
Surrender Your ThoughtsArchenemyScheme Common
SwampArchenemyBasic Land Basic Land
Synod CenturionArchenemyArtifact Creature Uncommon
Synod SanctumArchenemyArtifact Uncommon
Taurean MaulerArchenemyCreature Rare
TerminateArchenemyInstant Common
Terramorphic ExpanseArchenemyLand Common
The Dead Shall ServeArchenemyScheme Common
The Fate of the FlammableArchenemyScheme Common
The Iron Guardian StirsArchenemyScheme Common
The Pieces Are Coming TogetherArchenemyScheme Common
The Very Soil Shall ShakeArchenemyOngoing Scheme Common
Thelonite HermitArchenemyCreature Rare
Thran DynamoArchenemyArtifact Uncommon
ThunderstaffArchenemyArtifact Uncommon
Tooth, Claw, and TailArchenemyScheme Common
Torrent of SoulsArchenemySorcery Uncommon
Tranquil ThicketArchenemyLand Common
Twisted AbominationArchenemyCreature Common
Two Headed DragonArchenemyCreature Rare
Unbender TineArchenemyArtifact Uncommon
UnmakeArchenemyInstant Common
Urborg Syphon MageArchenemyCreature Common
Vampiric DragonArchenemyCreature Rare
Verdeloth the AncientArchenemyLegendary Creature Rare
Vitu Ghazi, the City TreeArchenemyLand Uncommon
Volcanic FalloutArchenemyInstant Uncommon
Wall of RootsArchenemyCreature Common
WatchwolfArchenemyCreature Uncommon
Wax Wane (Wane)ArchenemyInstant Uncommon
Wax Wane (Wax)ArchenemyInstant Uncommon
Which of You Burns Brightest?ArchenemyScheme Common
Wickerbough ElderArchenemyCreature Common
Yavimaya DryadArchenemyCreature Uncommon
Your Fate Is Thrice SealedArchenemyScheme Common
Your Puny Minds Cannot FathomArchenemyScheme Common
Your Will Is Not Your OwnArchenemyScheme Common
Zombie InfestationArchenemyEnchantment Uncommon
ZombifyArchenemySorcery Uncommon