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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Aegis AngelArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Rare
Aerial ResponderArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Uncommon
Anointer of ChampionsArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Uncommon
Archfiend of DepravityArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Rare
Avatar of FuryArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Rare
Baleful StrixArchenemy Nicol BolasArtifact Creature Uncommon
Battle-Rattle ShamanArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Common
Blood OgreArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Common
Blood TyrantArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Rare
Chandra's OutrageArchenemy Nicol BolasInstant Common
Chandra's PhoenixArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Rare
Chandra, PyromasterArchenemy Nicol BolasLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Compulsive ResearchArchenemy Nicol BolasSorcery Common
Coordinated AssaultArchenemy Nicol BolasInstant Uncommon
Cruel UltimatumArchenemy Nicol BolasSorcery Rare
Crumbling NecropolisArchenemy Nicol BolasLand Uncommon
CultivateArchenemy Nicol BolasSorcery Common
Deathbringer RegentArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Rare
Doom BladeArchenemy Nicol BolasInstant Uncommon
Doomed TravelerArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Common
Dragonskull SummitArchenemy Nicol BolasLand Rare
DreadboreArchenemy Nicol BolasSorcery Rare
Drowned CatacombArchenemy Nicol BolasLand Rare
Dualcaster MageArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Rare
ExcoriateArchenemy Nicol BolasSorcery Common
Expedition RaptorArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Common
ExploreArchenemy Nicol BolasSorcery Common
Extract from DarknessArchenemy Nicol BolasSorcery Uncommon
Fencing AceArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Uncommon
FertilidArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Common
Fiendslayer PaladinArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Rare
Fiery FallArchenemy Nicol BolasInstant Common
Flametongue KavuArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Uncommon
FlickerwispArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Uncommon
ForestArchenemy Nicol BolasBasic Land Basic Land
ForestArchenemy Nicol BolasBasic Land Basic Land
Forgotten AncientArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Rare
Gideon JuraArchenemy Nicol BolasLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Gideon's LawkeeperArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Common
Gorehorn MinotaursArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Common
Grand AbolisherArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Rare
Grasp of the HieromancerArchenemy Nicol BolasEnchantment Common
Grim LavamancerArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Rare
Grixis PanoramaArchenemy Nicol BolasLand Common
GuttersnipeArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Uncommon
HammerhandArchenemy Nicol BolasEnchantment Common
Harvester of SoulsArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Rare
Hunter's ProwessArchenemy Nicol BolasSorcery Rare
Icefall RegentArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Rare
Inferno TitanArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Mythic Rare
Ior Ruin ExpeditionArchenemy Nicol BolasEnchantment Common
IslandArchenemy Nicol BolasBasic Land Basic Land
IslandArchenemy Nicol BolasBasic Land Basic Land
Khalni Heart ExpeditionArchenemy Nicol BolasEnchantment Common
Lightning BoltArchenemy Nicol BolasInstant Uncommon
Lightwielder PaladinArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Rare
Mentor of the MeekArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Rare
Moment of HeroismArchenemy Nicol BolasInstant Common
MountainArchenemy Nicol BolasBasic Land Basic Land
MountainArchenemy Nicol BolasBasic Land Basic Land
Nicol Bolas, PlaneswalkerArchenemy Nicol BolasLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Nightscape FamiliarArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Common
Nissa, WorldwakerArchenemy Nicol BolasLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Obelisk of GrixisArchenemy Nicol BolasArtifact Common
Obsidian FireheartArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Mythic Rare
Odric, Master TacticianArchenemy Nicol BolasLegendary Creature Rare
Oran-Rief HydraArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Rare
Overseer of the DamnedArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Rare
PlainsArchenemy Nicol BolasBasic Land Basic Land
PlainsArchenemy Nicol BolasBasic Land Basic Land
Precinct CaptainArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Rare
Press the AdvantageArchenemy Nicol BolasInstant Uncommon
Prognostic SphinxArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Rare
Rampaging BalothsArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Mythic Rare
Reckless ScholarArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Uncommon
Reckless SpiteArchenemy Nicol BolasInstant Uncommon
Relief CaptainArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Uncommon
Retreat to KazanduArchenemy Nicol BolasEnchantment Uncommon
Scute MobArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Rare
Searing SpearArchenemy Nicol BolasInstant Common
Shoulder to ShoulderArchenemy Nicol BolasSorcery Common
Skarrgan FirebirdArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Uncommon
Slave of BolasArchenemy Nicol BolasSorcery Uncommon
Smoldering SpiresArchenemy Nicol BolasLand Common
Soul RansomArchenemy Nicol BolasEnchantment Uncommon
Sphinx of Jwar IsleArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Rare
Stormblood BerserkerArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Uncommon
Sudden DemiseArchenemy Nicol BolasSorcery Rare
Sun TitanArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Mythic Rare
SwampArchenemy Nicol BolasBasic Land Basic Land
SwampArchenemy Nicol BolasBasic Land Basic Land
Sword of the AnimistArchenemy Nicol BolasLegendary Artifact Rare
Sylvan BountyArchenemy Nicol BolasInstant Common
Talisman of DominanceArchenemy Nicol BolasArtifact Uncommon
Talisman of IndulgenceArchenemy Nicol BolasArtifact Uncommon
ThragtuskArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Rare
TorchlingArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Rare
Turntimber BasiliskArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Uncommon
Vampire NighthawkArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Uncommon
Vastwood ZendikonArchenemy Nicol BolasEnchantment Common
Vines of the RecluseArchenemy Nicol BolasInstant Common
Vision SkeinsArchenemy Nicol BolasInstant Common
Volcanic GeyserArchenemy Nicol BolasInstant Uncommon
Windrider EelArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Common
Woodborn BehemothArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Uncommon
Youthful KnightArchenemy Nicol BolasCreature Common