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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Adverse ConditionsBattle for ZendikarInstant Uncommon
Akoum FirebirdBattle for ZendikarCreature Mythic Rare
Akoum HellkiteBattle for ZendikarCreature Rare
Akoum StonewakerBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Aligned Hedron NetworkBattle for ZendikarArtifact Rare
Ally EncampmentBattle for ZendikarLand Rare
Altar's ReapBattle for ZendikarInstant Common
Angel of RenewalBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Angelic CaptainBattle for ZendikarCreature Rare
Angelic GiftBattle for ZendikarEnchantment Common
AnticipateBattle for ZendikarInstant Common
Bane of Bala GedBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Barrage TyrantBattle for ZendikarCreature Rare
Beastcaller SavantBattle for ZendikarCreature Rare
Belligerent WhiptailBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Benthic InfiltratorBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Blight HerderBattle for ZendikarCreature Rare
Blighted CataractBattle for ZendikarLand Uncommon
Blighted FenBattle for ZendikarLand Uncommon
Blighted GorgeBattle for ZendikarLand Uncommon
Blighted SteppeBattle for ZendikarLand Uncommon
Blighted WoodlandBattle for ZendikarLand Uncommon
BlisterpodBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Bloodbond VampireBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Boiling EarthBattle for ZendikarSorcery Common
Bone SplintersBattle for ZendikarSorcery Common
Breaker of ArmiesBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Brilliant SpectrumBattle for ZendikarSorcery Common
Bring to LightBattle for ZendikarSorcery Rare
Brood ButcherBattle for ZendikarCreature Rare
Brood MonitorBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Broodhunter WurmBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Brutal ExpulsionBattle for ZendikarInstant Rare
Call the ScionsBattle for ZendikarSorcery Common
Canopy VistaBattle for ZendikarLand Rare
Carrier ThrallBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Catacomb SifterBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Chasm GuideBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Cinder GladeBattle for ZendikarLand Rare
Cliffside LookoutBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Cloud MantaBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Clutch of CurrentsBattle for ZendikarSorcery Common
Coastal DiscoveryBattle for ZendikarSorcery Uncommon
Complete DisregardBattle for ZendikarInstant Common
Conduit of RuinBattle for ZendikarCreature Rare
Coralhelm GuideBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Courier GriffinBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Crumble to DustBattle for ZendikarSorcery Uncommon
Cryptic CruiserBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Culling DroneBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Dampening PulseBattle for ZendikarEnchantment Uncommon
Deathless BehemothBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Defiant BloodlordBattle for ZendikarCreature Rare
Demon's GraspBattle for ZendikarSorcery Common
Desolation TwinBattle for ZendikarCreature Rare
DispelBattle for ZendikarInstant Common
Dominator DroneBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Dragonmaster OutcastBattle for ZendikarCreature Mythic Rare
Drana's EmissaryBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Drana, Liberator of MalakirBattle for ZendikarLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Drowner of HopeBattle for ZendikarCreature Rare
Dust StalkerBattle for ZendikarCreature Rare
Dutiful ReturnBattle for ZendikarSorcery Common
Earthen ArmsBattle for ZendikarSorcery Common
Eldrazi DevastatorBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Eldrazi SkyspawnerBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Emeria ShepherdBattle for ZendikarCreature Rare
Encircling FissureBattle for ZendikarInstant Uncommon
Endless OneBattle for ZendikarCreature Rare
Evolving WildsBattle for ZendikarLand Common
Exert InfluenceBattle for ZendikarSorcery Rare
Expedition EnvoyBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Eyeless WatcherBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Fathom FeederBattle for ZendikarCreature Rare
Felidar CubBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Felidar SovereignBattle for ZendikarCreature Rare
Fertile ThicketBattle for ZendikarLand Common
Firemantle MageBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Forerunner of SlaughterBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
ForestBattle for ZendikarBasic Land Basic Land
ForestBattle for ZendikarBasic Land Basic Land
ForestBattle for ZendikarBasic Land Basic Land
ForestBattle for ZendikarBasic Land Basic Land
ForestBattle for ZendikarBasic Land Basic Land
Fortified RampartBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
From BeyondBattle for ZendikarEnchantment Rare
Geyserfield StalkerBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Ghostly SentinelBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Giant MantisBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Gideon's ReproachBattle for ZendikarInstant Common
Gideon, Ally of ZendikarBattle for ZendikarPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Goblin War PaintBattle for ZendikarEnchantment Common
Grave BirthingBattle for ZendikarInstant Common
Greenwarden of MurasaBattle for ZendikarCreature Mythic Rare
Grip of DesolationBattle for ZendikarInstant Uncommon
Grove RumblerBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Grovetender DruidsBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Gruesome SlaughterBattle for ZendikarSorcery Rare
Guardian of TazeemBattle for ZendikarCreature Rare
Guul Draz OverseerBattle for ZendikarCreature Rare
Hagra SharpshooterBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Halimar TidecallerBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Hedron ArchiveBattle for ZendikarArtifact Uncommon
Hedron BladeBattle for ZendikarArtifact Common
Herald of KozilekBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Hero of Goma FadaBattle for ZendikarCreature Rare
Horribly AwryBattle for ZendikarInstant Uncommon
Incubator DroneBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Infuse with the ElementsBattle for ZendikarInstant Uncommon
Inspired ChargeBattle for ZendikarInstant Common
IslandBattle for ZendikarBasic Land Basic Land
IslandBattle for ZendikarBasic Land Basic Land
IslandBattle for ZendikarBasic Land Basic Land
IslandBattle for ZendikarBasic Land Basic Land
IslandBattle for ZendikarBasic Land Basic Land
Jaddi OffshootBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Kalastria HealerBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Kalastria NightwatchBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Kiora, Master of the DepthsBattle for ZendikarPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Kitesail ScoutBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Kor BladewhirlBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Kor CastigatorBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Kor EntanglersBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Kozilek's ChannelerBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Kozilek's SentinelBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Lantern ScoutBattle for ZendikarCreature Rare
Lavastep RaiderBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Lifespring DruidBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Lithomancer's FocusBattle for ZendikarInstant Common
Looming SpiresBattle for ZendikarLand Common
Lumbering FallsBattle for ZendikarLand Rare
Makindi PatrolBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Makindi SliderunnerBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Malakir FamiliarBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
March from the TombBattle for ZendikarSorcery Rare
Mind RakerBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Mire's MaliceBattle for ZendikarSorcery Common
Mist IntruderBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Molten NurseryBattle for ZendikarEnchantment Uncommon
Mortuary MireBattle for ZendikarLand Common
MountainBattle for ZendikarBasic Land Basic Land
MountainBattle for ZendikarBasic Land Basic Land
MountainBattle for ZendikarBasic Land Basic Land
MountainBattle for ZendikarBasic Land Basic Land
MountainBattle for ZendikarBasic Land Basic Land
Munda, Ambush LeaderBattle for ZendikarLegendary Creature Rare
Murasa RangerBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Murk StriderBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Natural ConnectionBattle for ZendikarInstant Common
Nettle DroneBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Nirkana AssassinBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Nissa's RenewalBattle for ZendikarSorcery Rare
Noyan Dar, Roil ShaperBattle for ZendikarLegendary Creature Rare
Ob Nixilis ReignitedBattle for ZendikarPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Oblivion SowerBattle for ZendikarCreature Mythic Rare
Omnath, Locus of RageBattle for ZendikarLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Ondu ChampionBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Ondu GreathornBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Ondu RisingBattle for ZendikarSorcery Uncommon
Oracle of DustBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Oran-Rief HydraBattle for ZendikarCreature Rare
Oran-Rief InvokerBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
OutnumberBattle for ZendikarInstant Common
Painful TruthsBattle for ZendikarSorcery Rare
Part the WaterveilBattle for ZendikarSorcery Mythic Rare
Pathway ArrowsBattle for ZendikarArtifact Uncommon
Pilgrim's EyeBattle for ZendikarArtifact Creature Uncommon
PlainsBattle for ZendikarBasic Land Basic Land
PlainsBattle for ZendikarBasic Land Basic Land
PlainsBattle for ZendikarBasic Land Basic Land
PlainsBattle for ZendikarBasic Land Basic Land
PlainsBattle for ZendikarBasic Land Basic Land
Planar OutburstBattle for ZendikarSorcery Rare
Plated CrusherBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
PlummetBattle for ZendikarInstant Common
Prairie StreamBattle for ZendikarLand Rare
Prism ArrayBattle for ZendikarEnchantment Rare
Processor AssaultBattle for ZendikarSorcery Uncommon
Quarantine FieldBattle for ZendikarEnchantment Mythic Rare
Radiant FlamesBattle for ZendikarSorcery Rare
Reckless CohortBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Reclaiming VinesBattle for ZendikarSorcery Common
Resolute BlademasterBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Retreat to CoralhelmBattle for ZendikarEnchantment Uncommon
Retreat to EmeriaBattle for ZendikarEnchantment Uncommon
Retreat to HagraBattle for ZendikarEnchantment Uncommon
Retreat to KazanduBattle for ZendikarEnchantment Uncommon
Retreat to ValakutBattle for ZendikarEnchantment Uncommon
Rising MiasmaBattle for ZendikarSorcery Uncommon
Roil SpoutBattle for ZendikarSorcery Uncommon
Roil's RetributionBattle for ZendikarInstant Uncommon
Roilmage's TrickBattle for ZendikarInstant Common
Rolling ThunderBattle for ZendikarSorcery Uncommon
Rot ShamblerBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Ruin ProcessorBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Ruination GuideBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Ruinous PathBattle for ZendikarSorcery Rare
Rush of IceBattle for ZendikarSorcery Common
Salvage DroneBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Sanctum of UginBattle for ZendikarLand Rare
Sandstone BridgeBattle for ZendikarLand Common
Scatter to the WindsBattle for ZendikarInstant Rare
Scour from ExistenceBattle for ZendikarInstant Common
Scythe LeopardBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Seek the WildsBattle for ZendikarSorcery Common
Serene StewardBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Serpentine SpikeBattle for ZendikarSorcery Rare
Shadow GliderBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Shambling VentBattle for ZendikarLand Rare
Shatterskull RecruitBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Sheer DropBattle for ZendikarSorcery Common
Shrine of the Forsaken GodsBattle for ZendikarLand Rare
Silent SkimmerBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Sire of StagnationBattle for ZendikarCreature Mythic Rare
SkitterskinBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Skyline CascadeBattle for ZendikarLand Common
Skyrider ElfBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Slab HammerBattle for ZendikarArtifact Uncommon
Sludge CrawlerBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Smite the MonstrousBattle for ZendikarInstant Common
Smoldering MarshBattle for ZendikarLand Rare
Smothering AbominationBattle for ZendikarCreature Rare
Snapping GnarlidBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Spawning BedBattle for ZendikarLand Uncommon
Spell ShrivelBattle for ZendikarInstant Common
Stasis SnareBattle for ZendikarEnchantment Uncommon
Stone Haven MedicBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
StonefuryBattle for ZendikarInstant Common
Sunken HollowBattle for ZendikarLand Rare
Sure StrikeBattle for ZendikarInstant Common
SwampBattle for ZendikarBasic Land Basic Land
SwampBattle for ZendikarBasic Land Basic Land
SwampBattle for ZendikarBasic Land Basic Land
SwampBattle for ZendikarBasic Land Basic Land
SwampBattle for ZendikarBasic Land Basic Land
Swarm SurgeBattle for ZendikarSorcery Common
Swell of GrowthBattle for ZendikarInstant Common
Sylvan ScryingBattle for ZendikarSorcery Uncommon
Tajuru BeastmasterBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Tajuru StalwartBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Tajuru WarcallerBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Tandem TacticsBattle for ZendikarInstant Common
Territorial BalothBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Tide DrifterBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Tightening CoilsBattle for ZendikarEnchantment Common
Titan's PresenceBattle for ZendikarInstant Uncommon
Touch of the VoidBattle for ZendikarSorcery Common
Transgress the MindBattle for ZendikarSorcery Uncommon
Tunneling GeopedeBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Turn AgainstBattle for ZendikarInstant Uncommon
Ugin's InsightBattle for ZendikarSorcery Rare
Ulamog's DespoilerBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Ulamog's NullifierBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Ulamog's ReclaimerBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Ulamog, the Ceaseless HungerBattle for ZendikarLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Undergrowth ChampionBattle for ZendikarCreature Mythic Rare
Unified FrontBattle for ZendikarSorcery Uncommon
Unnatural AggressionBattle for ZendikarInstant Common
Valakut InvokerBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Valakut PredatorBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Vampiric RitesBattle for ZendikarEnchantment Uncommon
Vestige of EmrakulBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Veteran WarleaderBattle for ZendikarCreature Rare
Vile AggregateBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Void AttendantBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Void WinnowerBattle for ZendikarCreature Mythic Rare
Volcanic UpheavalBattle for ZendikarInstant Common
Voracious NullBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Wasteland StranglerBattle for ZendikarCreature Rare
Wave-Wing ElementalBattle for ZendikarCreature Common
Windrider PatrolBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon
Woodland WandererBattle for ZendikarCreature Rare
Zada, Hedron GrinderBattle for ZendikarLegendary Creature Rare
Zulaport CutthroatBattle for ZendikarCreature Uncommon