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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Akki Blizzard HerderBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Common
Akki RaiderBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Ashen MonstrosityBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Aura BarbsBetrayers of KamigawaInstant Uncommon
Baku AltarBetrayers of KamigawaArtifact Rare
Bile UrchinBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Common
Blademane BakuBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Common
Blazing ShoalBetrayers of KamigawaInstant Rare
Blessing of LeechesBetrayers of KamigawaEnchant Creature Common
Blinding PowderBetrayers of KamigawaArtifact Uncommon
Body of JukaiBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Budoka PupilBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Call for BloodBetrayers of KamigawaInstant Common
Callow JushiBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Child of ThornsBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Common
Chisei, Heart of OceansBetrayers of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Clash of RealitiesBetrayers of KamigawaEnchantment Rare
Crack the EarthBetrayers of KamigawaSorcery Common
Crawling FilthBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Common
Cunning BanditBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Day of DestinyBetrayers of KamigawaLegendary Enchantment Rare
Disrupting ShoalBetrayers of KamigawaInstant Rare
Empty Shrine KannushiBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Enshrined MemoriesBetrayers of KamigawaSorcery Rare
EradicateBetrayers of KamigawaSorcery Uncommon
Faithful SquireBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Final JudgmentBetrayers of KamigawaSorcery Rare
First VolleyBetrayers of KamigawaInstant Common
Flames of the Blood HandBetrayers of KamigawaInstant Uncommon
FloodbringerBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Common
Forked Branch GaramiBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Frost OgreBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Common
FrostlingBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Common
Fumiko the LowbloodBetrayers of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Genju of the CedarsBetrayers of KamigawaEnchant Forest Uncommon
Genju of the FallsBetrayers of KamigawaEnchant Island Uncommon
Genju of the FensBetrayers of KamigawaEnchant Swamp Uncommon
Genju of the FieldsBetrayers of KamigawaEnchant Plains Uncommon
Genju of the RealmBetrayers of KamigawaLegendary Enchant Land Rare
Genju of the SpiresBetrayers of KamigawaEnchant Mountain Uncommon
Gnarled MassBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Common
Goblin CohortBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Common
Gods' Eye, Gate to the ReikaiBetrayers of KamigawaLegendary Land Uncommon
Goryo's VengeanceBetrayers of KamigawaInstant Rare
Harbinger of SpringBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Common
Heart of LightBetrayers of KamigawaEnchant Creature Common
Heartless HidetsuguBetrayers of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Heed the MistsBetrayers of KamigawaSorcery Uncommon
Hero's DemiseBetrayers of KamigawaInstant Rare
Higure, The Still WindBetrayers of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Hired MuscleBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Hokori, Dust DrinkerBetrayers of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Horobi's WhisperBetrayers of KamigawaInstant Common
Hundred Talon StrikeBetrayers of KamigawaInstant Common
In the Web of WarBetrayers of KamigawaEnchantment Rare
Indebted SamuraiBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Ink-Eyes, Servant of OniBetrayers of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Ire of KaminariBetrayers of KamigawaInstant Common
Isao, Enlightened BushiBetrayers of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Ishi Ishi, Akki CrackshotBetrayers of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Iwamori of the Open FistBetrayers of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Jetting GlasskiteBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Kaijin of the Vanishing TouchBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Kami of False HopeBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Common
Kami of Tattered ShojiBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Common
Kami of the Honored DeadBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Kentaro, the Smiling CatBetrayers of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Kira, Great Glass SpinnerBetrayers of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Kitsune PalliatorBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Kodama of the Center TreeBetrayers of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Kumano's BlessingBetrayers of KamigawaEnchant Creature Common
Kyoki, Sanity's EclipseBetrayers of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
LifegiftBetrayers of KamigawaEnchantment Rare
LifespinnerBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Loam DwellerBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Mannichi, the Fevered DreamBetrayers of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Mark of SakikoBetrayers of KamigawaEnchant Creature Uncommon
Mark of the OniBetrayers of KamigawaEnchant Creature Uncommon
Matsu Tribe SniperBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Common
Mending HandsBetrayers of KamigawaInstant Common
Minamo SightbenderBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Minamo's MeddlingBetrayers of KamigawaInstant Common
Mirror GalleryBetrayers of KamigawaArtifact Rare
Mistblade ShinobiBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Common
Moonlit StriderBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Common
Neko TeBetrayers of KamigawaArtifact Rare
Nezumi Shadow WatcherBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Ninja of the Deep HoursBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Common
Nourishing ShoalBetrayers of KamigawaInstant Rare
Ogre MarauderBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Ogre RecluseBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Okiba Gang ShinobiBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Common
Opal Eye, Konda's YojimboBetrayers of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Orb of DreamsBetrayers of KamigawaArtifact Rare
Ornate KanzashiBetrayers of KamigawaArtifact Rare
OverblazeBetrayers of KamigawaInstant Uncommon
Oyobi, Who Split the HeavensBetrayers of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Patron of the AkkiBetrayers of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Patron of the KitsuneBetrayers of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Patron of the MoonBetrayers of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Patron of the NezumiBetrayers of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Patron of the OrochiBetrayers of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Petalmane BakuBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Common
Phantom WingsBetrayers of KamigawaEnchant Creature Common
Psychic SpearBetrayers of KamigawaSorcery Common
Pus KamiBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
QuashBetrayers of KamigawaInstant Uncommon
Quillmane BakuBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Common
Reduce to DreamsBetrayers of KamigawaSorcery Rare
Ribbons of the ReikaiBetrayers of KamigawaSorcery Common
Roar of JukaiBetrayers of KamigawaInstant Common
Ronin CliffriderBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Ronin WarclubBetrayers of KamigawaArtifact Uncommon
Sakiko, Mother of SummerBetrayers of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Sakura Tribe SpringcallerBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Common
Scaled HulkBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Common
ScourBetrayers of KamigawaInstant Uncommon
Scourge of NumaiBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Shimmering GlasskiteBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Common
Shining ShoalBetrayers of KamigawaInstant Rare
Shinka GatekeeperBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Common
Shirei, Shizo's CaretakerBetrayers of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Shizuko, Caller of AutumnBetrayers of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
ShukoBetrayers of KamigawaArtifact Uncommon
ShurikenBetrayers of KamigawaArtifact Uncommon
Sickening ShoalBetrayers of KamigawaInstant Rare
Silverstorm SamuraiBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Common
Skullmane BakuBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Common
SkullsnatcherBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Common
Slumbering ToraBetrayers of KamigawaArtifact Rare
Soratami MindsweeperBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Sosuke's SummonsBetrayers of KamigawaSorcery Uncommon
Sowing SaltBetrayers of KamigawaSorcery Uncommon
SplinterBetrayers of KamigawaSorcery Uncommon
Split Tail MikoBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Common
Stir the GraveBetrayers of KamigawaSorcery Common
Stream of ConsciousnessBetrayers of KamigawaInstant Uncommon
Sway of the StarsBetrayers of KamigawaSorcery Rare
Takeno's CavalryBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Common
Takenuma BleederBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Common
TallowispBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Teardrop KamiBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Common
Tendo Ice BridgeBetrayers of KamigawaLand Rare
Terashi's GraspBetrayers of KamigawaSorcery Common
Terashi's VerdictBetrayers of KamigawaInstant Uncommon
That Which Was TakenBetrayers of KamigawaLegendary Artifact Rare
Threads of DisloyaltyBetrayers of KamigawaEnchant Creature Rare
Three TragediesBetrayers of KamigawaSorcery Uncommon
Throat SlitterBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Toils of Night and DayBetrayers of KamigawaInstant Common
Tomorrow, Azami's FamiliarBetrayers of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Torrent of StoneBetrayers of KamigawaInstant Common
Toshiro UmezawaBetrayers of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Traproot KamiBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Common
Twist AllegianceBetrayers of KamigawaSorcery Rare
Umezawa's JitteBetrayers of KamigawaLegendary Artifact Rare
Unchecked GrowthBetrayers of KamigawaInstant Uncommon
UprootBetrayers of KamigawaSorcery Common
Veil of SecrecyBetrayers of KamigawaInstant Common
Vital SurgeBetrayers of KamigawaInstant Common
Walker of Secret WaysBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Ward of PietyBetrayers of KamigawaEnchant Creature Uncommon
Waxmane BakuBetrayers of KamigawaCreature Common
Yomiji, Who Bars the WayBetrayers of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Yukora, the PrisonerBetrayers of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare