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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Akki AvalanchersChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Akki CoalflingerChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Akki LavarunnerChampions of KamigawaCreature Rare
Akki RockspeakerChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Akki UnderminerChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Ashen Skin ZuberaChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Aura of DominionChampions of KamigawaEnchant Creature Uncommon
Azami, Lady of ScrollsChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Azusa, Lost but SeekingChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Battle Mad RoninChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
BefoulChampions of KamigawaSorcery Common
Ben Ben, Akki HermitChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Blessed BreathChampions of KamigawaInstant Common
Blind With AngerChampions of KamigawaInstant Uncommon
Blood RitesChampions of KamigawaEnchantment Uncommon
Blood SpeakerChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Bloodthirsty OgreChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Boseiju, Who Shelters AllChampions of KamigawaLegendary Land Rare
Brothers YamazakiChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Uncommon
Brutal DeceiverChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Budoka GardenerChampions of KamigawaCreature Rare
Burr GrafterChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Bushi TenderfootChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Cage of HandsChampions of KamigawaEnchant Creature Common
Call to GloryChampions of KamigawaInstant Common
Callous DeceiverChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Candles' GlowChampions of KamigawaInstant Uncommon
CleanfallChampions of KamigawaSorcery Uncommon
Cloudcrest LakeChampions of KamigawaLand Uncommon
Commune With NatureChampions of KamigawaSorcery Common
Consuming VortexChampions of KamigawaInstant Common
Counsel of the SoratamiChampions of KamigawaSorcery Common
Cranial ExtractionChampions of KamigawaSorcery Rare
Cruel DeceiverChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Crushing PainChampions of KamigawaInstant Common
Cursed RoninChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Cut the TethersChampions of KamigawaSorcery Uncommon
Dampen ThoughtChampions of KamigawaInstant Uncommon
Dance of ShadowsChampions of KamigawaSorcery Uncommon
Deathcurse OgreChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Desperate RitualChampions of KamigawaInstant Common
Devoted RetainerChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Devouring GreedChampions of KamigawaSorcery Common
Devouring RageChampions of KamigawaInstant Common
DistressChampions of KamigawaSorcery Common
Dosan the Falling LeafChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Dripping Tongue ZuberaChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
EarthshakerChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Eerie ProcessionChampions of KamigawaSorcery Uncommon
Eiganjo CastleChampions of KamigawaLegendary Land Rare
Eight and a Half TailsChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Ember Fist ZuberaChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Ethereal HazeChampions of KamigawaInstant Common
Eye of NowhereChampions of KamigawaSorcery Common
Feast of WormsChampions of KamigawaSorcery Uncommon
Feral DeceiverChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Field of RealityChampions of KamigawaEnchant Creature Common
Floating Dream ZuberaChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Forbidden OrchardChampions of KamigawaLand Rare
Forest (303)Champions of Kamigawaland Common
Forest (304)Champions of Kamigawaland Common
Forest (305)Champions of Kamigawaland Common
Forest (306)Champions of Kamigawaland Common
FrostwielderChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Gale ForceChampions of KamigawaSorcery Uncommon
General's KabutoChampions of KamigawaArtifact - Equipment Rare
Ghostly PrisonChampions of KamigawaEnchantment Uncommon
Gibbering KamiChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Gifts UngivenChampions of KamigawaInstant Rare
Glacial RayChampions of KamigawaInstant Common
Glimpse of NatureChampions of KamigawaSorcery Rare
Godo, Bandit WarlordChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Graceful AdeptChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Guardian of SolitudeChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Gutwrencher OniChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Hair Strung KotoChampions of KamigawaArtifact Rare
Hall of the Bandit LordChampions of KamigawaLegendary Land Rare
Hana KamiChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Hanabi BlastChampions of KamigawaInstant Uncommon
HankyuChampions of KamigawaArtifact - Equipment Uncommon
Harsh DeceiverChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
He Who HungersChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Heartbeat of SpringChampions of KamigawaEnchantment Rare
Hearth KamiChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Hideous LaughterChampions of KamigawaInstant Uncommon
Hikari, Twilight GuardianChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
HinderChampions of KamigawaInstant Uncommon
Hisoka's DefianceChampions of KamigawaInstant Common
Hisoka's GuardChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Hisoka, Minamo SenseiChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Hold the LineChampions of KamigawaInstant Rare
Honden of Cleansing FireChampions of KamigawaLegendary Enchantment - Shrine Uncommon
Honden of Infinite RageChampions of KamigawaLegendary Enchantment - Shrine Uncommon
Honden of Life's WebChampions of KamigawaLegendary Enchantment - Shrine Uncommon
Honden of Night's ReachChampions of KamigawaLegendary Enchantment - Shrine Uncommon
Honden of Seeing WindsChampions of KamigawaLegendary Enchantment - Shrine Uncommon
Honor worn ShakuChampions of KamigawaArtifact Uncommon
Horizon SeedChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Horobi, Death's WailChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Humble BudokaChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Hundred talon KamiChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Imi StatueChampions of KamigawaArtifact Rare
Iname, Death AspectChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Iname, Life AspectChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Indomitable WillChampions of KamigawaEnchant Creature Common
Initiate of BloodChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Innocence KamiChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Isamaru, Hound of KondaChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Island (291)Champions of Kamigawaland Common
Island (292)Champions of Kamigawaland Common
Island (293)Champions of Kamigawaland Common
Island (294)Champions of Kamigawaland Common
Jade IdolChampions of KamigawaArtifact Uncommon
Journeyer's KiteChampions of KamigawaArtifact Rare
Joyous RespiteChampions of KamigawaSorcery Common
Jugan, the Rising StarChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Jukai MessengerChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Junkyo BellChampions of KamigawaArtifact Rare
Jushi ApprenticeChampions of KamigawaCreature Rare
Kabuto MothChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Kami of Ancient LawChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Kami of Fire's RoarChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Kami of LunacyChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Kami of Old StoneChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Kami of the HuntChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Kami of the Painted RoadChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Kami of the Palace FieldsChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Kami of the Waning MoonChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Kami of Twisted ReflectionChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Kashi tribe ReaverChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Kashi Tribe WarriorsChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Keiga, the Tide StarChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Kiki-Jiki, Mirror BreakerChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Kiku, Night's FlowerChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Kitsune BlademasterChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Kitsune DivinerChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Kitsune HealerChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Kitsune MysticChampions of KamigawaCreature Rare
Kitsune RiftwalkerChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Kodama of the North TreeChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Kodama of the South TreeChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Kodama's MightChampions of KamigawaInstant Common
Kodama's ReachChampions of KamigawaSorcery Common
Kokusho, the Evening StarChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Konda's BannerChampions of KamigawaLegendary Artifact - Equipment Rare
Konda's HatamotoChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Konda, Lord of EiganjoChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Kumano's PupilsChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Kumano, Master YamabushiChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Kuro, PitlordChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Kusari GamaChampions of KamigawaArtifact - Equipment Rare
Lantern KamiChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Lantern-Lit GraveyardChampions of KamigawaLand Uncommon
Lava SpikeChampions of KamigawaSorcery Common
Lifted by CloudsChampions of KamigawaInstant Common
Long Forgotten GoheiChampions of KamigawaArtifact Rare
LureChampions of KamigawaEnchant Creature Uncommon
Mana SeismChampions of KamigawaSorcery Uncommon
Marrow GnawerChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Masako the HumorlessChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Matsu Tribe DecoyChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Meloku the Clouded MirrorChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Midnight CovenantChampions of KamigawaEnchant Creature Common
Minamo, School at Water's EdgeChampions of KamigawaLegendary Land Rare
MindblazeChampions of KamigawaSorcery Rare
Moonring MirrorChampions of KamigawaArtifact Rare
Moss KamiChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Mothrider SamuraiChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Mountain (299)Champions of Kamigawaland Common
Mountain (300)Champions of Kamigawaland Common
Mountain (301)Champions of Kamigawaland Common
Mountain (302)Champions of Kamigawaland Common
Myojin of Cleansing FireChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Myojin of Infinite RageChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Myojin of Life's WebChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Myojin of Night's ReachChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Myojin of Seeing WindsChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Mystic RestraintsChampions of KamigawaEnchant Creature Common
Nagao, Bound by HonorChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Uncommon
Nature's WillChampions of KamigawaEnchantment Rare
Nezumi Bone readerChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Nezumi CutthroatChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Nezumi GraverobberChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Nezumi RoninChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Nezumi ShortfangChampions of KamigawaCreature Rare
Night DealingsChampions of KamigawaEnchantment Rare
Night of Souls' BetrayalChampions of KamigawaLegendary Enchantment Rare
Nine Ringed BoChampions of KamigawaArtifact Uncommon
No DachiChampions of KamigawaArtifact - Equipment Uncommon
Numai OutcastChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Oathkeeper, Takeno's DaishoChampions of KamigawaLegendary Artifact - Equipment Rare
Okina, Temple to the GrandfathersChampions of KamigawaLegendary Land Rare
Oni PossessionChampions of KamigawaEnchant Creature Uncommon
Orbweaver KumoChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Order of the Sacred BellChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Ore GorgerChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Orochi EggwatcherChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Orochi HatcheryChampions of KamigawaArtifact Rare
Orochi LeafcallerChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Orochi RangerChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Orochi SustainerChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Otherworldly JourneyChampions of KamigawaInstant Uncommon
Pain KamiChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Painwracker OniChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Part the VeilChampions of KamigawaInstant Rare
Peer Through DepthsChampions of KamigawaInstant Common
Petals of InsightChampions of KamigawaSorcery Uncommon
Pinecrest RidgeChampions of KamigawaLand Uncommon
Pious KitsuneChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Plains (287)Champions of Kamigawaland Common
Plains (288)Champions of Kamigawaland Common
Plains (289)Champions of Kamigawaland Common
Plains (290)Champions of Kamigawaland Common
Psychic PuppetryChampions of KamigawaInstant Common
Pull UnderChampions of KamigawaInstant Common
Quiet PurityChampions of KamigawaInstant Common
Rag DealerChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Ragged VeinsChampions of KamigawaEnchant Creature Common
Reach Through MistsChampions of KamigawaInstant Common
ReciprocateChampions of KamigawaInstant Uncommon
Reito LanternChampions of KamigawaArtifact Uncommon
Rend FleshChampions of KamigawaInstant Common
Rend SpiritChampions of KamigawaInstant Common
Reverse the SandsChampions of KamigawaSorcery Rare
ReweaveChampions of KamigawaInstant Rare
River KaijinChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Ronin HoundmasterChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
RootrunnerChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Ryusei, the Falling StarChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Sachi, Daughter of SeshiroChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Uncommon
Sakura Tribe ElderChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Samurai EnforcersChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Samurai of the Pale CurtainChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Scuttling DeathChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Seizan, Perverter of TruthChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Sensei Golden TailChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Sensei's Divining TopChampions of KamigawaArtifact Uncommon
Serpent SkinChampions of KamigawaEnchant Creature Common
Seshiro the AnointedChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Shell of the Last KappaChampions of KamigawaLegendary Artifact Rare
Shimatsu the BloodcloakedChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Shinka, the Bloodsoaked KeepChampions of KamigawaLegendary Land Rare
Shisato, Whispering HunterChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Shizo, Death's StorehouseChampions of KamigawaLegendary Land Rare
SideswipeChampions of KamigawaInstant Uncommon
Sift Through SandsChampions of KamigawaInstant Common
Silent Chant ZuberaChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Sire of the StormChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
SoilshaperChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Sokenzan BruiserChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Soratami CloudskaterChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Soratami Mirror guardChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Soratami Mirror mageChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Soratami RainshaperChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Soratami SavantChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Soratami SeerChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Sosuke, Son of SeshiroChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Uncommon
Soul of MagmaChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
SoulblastChampions of KamigawaInstant Rare
Soulless RevivalChampions of KamigawaInstant Common
SquelchChampions of KamigawaInstant Uncommon
Stone RainChampions of KamigawaSorcery Common
Strange InversionChampions of KamigawaInstant Uncommon
Strength of CedarsChampions of KamigawaInstant Uncommon
Struggle for SanityChampions of KamigawaSorcery Uncommon
Student of ElementsChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Swallowing PlagueChampions of KamigawaSorcery Uncommon
Swamp (295)Champions of Kamigawaland Common
Swamp (296)Champions of Kamigawaland Common
Swamp (297)Champions of Kamigawaland Common
Swamp (298)Champions of Kamigawaland Common
Swirl the MistsChampions of KamigawaEnchantment Rare
Takeno, Samurai GeneralChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Tatsumasa, the Dragon's FangChampions of KamigawaLegendary Artifact - Equipment Rare
Teller of TalesChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Tenza, Godo's MaulChampions of KamigawaLegendary Artifact - Equipment Uncommon
Terashi's CryChampions of KamigawaSorcery Common
The UnspeakableChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Thief of HopeChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
ThoughtbindChampions of KamigawaInstant Common
Thousand legged KamiChampions of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Through the BreachChampions of KamigawaInstant Rare
Tide of WarChampions of KamigawaEnchantment Rare
Time of NeedChampions of KamigawaSorcery Uncommon
Time StopChampions of KamigawaInstant Rare
Tranquil GardenChampions of KamigawaLand Uncommon
Uba MaskChampions of KamigawaArtifact Rare
Uncontrollable AngerChampions of KamigawaEnchant Creature Common
Unearthly BlizzardChampions of KamigawaSorcery Common
Unnatural SpeedChampions of KamigawaInstant Common
Untaidake, the Cloud KeeperChampions of KamigawaLegendary Land Rare
Uyo, Silent ProphetChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Vassal's DutyChampions of KamigawaEnchantment Rare
Venerable KumoChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
VigilanceChampions of KamigawaEnchant Creature Common
Villainous OgreChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Vine KamiChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Waking NightmareChampions of KamigawaSorcery Common
Wandering OnesChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Waterveil CavernChampions of KamigawaLand Uncommon
Wear AwayChampions of KamigawaInstant Common
Wicked AkubaChampions of KamigawaCreature Common
Yamabushi's FlameChampions of KamigawaInstant Common
Yamabushi's StormChampions of KamigawaSorcery Common
Yosei, the Morning StarChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Zo Zu the PunisherChampions of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare