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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Acidic SlimeCommander 2018Creature Uncommon
Adarkar ValkyrieCommander 2018Snow Creature Rare
Aether GaleCommander 2018Sorcery Rare
Aethermage's TouchCommander 2018Instant Rare
Ajani's ChosenCommander 2018Creature Rare
Akoum RefugeCommander 2018Land Uncommon
Akroma's VengeanceCommander 2018Sorcery Rare
Aminatou's AuguryCommander 2018Sorcery Rare
Aminatou, the FateshifterCommander 2018Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Ancient Stone IdolCommander 2018Artifact Creature Rare
Arcane SanctumCommander 2018Land Uncommon
Archetype of ImaginationCommander 2018Enchantment Creature Uncommon
Arixmethes, Slumbering IsleCommander 2018Legendary Creature Rare
Army of the DamnedCommander 2018Sorcery Mythic Rare
Aura GnarlidCommander 2018Creature Common
Avenger of ZendikarCommander 2018Creature Mythic Rare
Azorius ChanceryCommander 2018Land Uncommon
Azorius GuildgateCommander 2018Land Common
Azorius SignetCommander 2018Artifact Uncommon
Baloth WoodcrasherCommander 2018Creature Uncommon
Banishing StrokeCommander 2018Instant Uncommon
Bant CharmCommander 2018Instant Uncommon
Barren MoorCommander 2018Land Common
Bear UmbraCommander 2018Enchantment Rare
Blasphemous ActCommander 2018Sorcery Rare
Blighted WoodlandCommander 2018Land Uncommon
Blinkmoth UrnCommander 2018Artifact Rare
BloodtrackerCommander 2018Creature Rare
Blossoming SandsCommander 2018Land Common
Bojuka BogCommander 2018Land Common
Boon SatyrCommander 2018Enchantment Creature Rare
Borderland ExplorerCommander 2018Creature Common
Boreas ChargerCommander 2018Creature Rare
Bosh, Iron GolemCommander 2018Legendary Artifact Creature Rare
BrainstormCommander 2018Instant Uncommon
Brudiclad, Telchor EngineerCommander 2018Legendary Artifact Creature Mythic Rare
Bruna, Light of AlabasterCommander 2018Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Budoka GardenerCommander 2018Creature Rare
Buried RuinCommander 2018Land Uncommon
Celestial ArchonCommander 2018Enchantment Creature Rare
Centaur VinecrasherCommander 2018Creature Rare
Chain ReactionCommander 2018Sorcery Rare
Chaos WarpCommander 2018Instant Rare
Charnelhoard WurmCommander 2018Creature Rare
Chief of the FoundryCommander 2018Artifact Creature Uncommon
CloudformCommander 2018Enchantment Uncommon
Cold-Eyed SelkieCommander 2018Creature Rare
Command TowerCommander 2018Land Common
Commander's SphereCommander 2018Artifact Common
Consign to DustCommander 2018Instant Uncommon
Conundrum SphinxCommander 2018Creature Rare
Coveted JewelCommander 2018Artifact Rare
Crash of Rhino BeetlesCommander 2018Creature Rare
Creeping RenaissanceCommander 2018Sorcery Rare
Crib SwapCommander 2018Tribal Instant Uncommon
Crystal BallCommander 2018Artifact Uncommon
CultivateCommander 2018Sorcery Common
Darksteel CitadelCommander 2018Artifact Land Uncommon
Darksteel JuggernautCommander 2018Artifact Creature Rare
Dawn's ReflectionCommander 2018Enchantment Common
Daxos of MeletisCommander 2018Legendary Creature Rare
Deathreap RitualCommander 2018Enchantment Uncommon
DecimateCommander 2018Sorcery Rare
Devastation TideCommander 2018Sorcery Rare
Dictate of KruphixCommander 2018Enchantment Rare
Dimir AqueductCommander 2018Land Uncommon
Dimir GuildgateCommander 2018Land Common
Dimir SignetCommander 2018Artifact Uncommon
Dismal BackwaterCommander 2018Land Common
Dismantling BlowCommander 2018Instant Common
Djinn of WishesCommander 2018Creature Rare
Dokai, Weaver of LifeCommander 2018  Rare
Dream CacheCommander 2018Sorcery Common
Dreamstone HedronCommander 2018Artifact Uncommon
DuplicantCommander 2018Artifact Creature Rare
Duskmantle SeerCommander 2018Creature Rare
Echo StormCommander 2018Sorcery Rare
Eel UmbraCommander 2018Enchantment Common
Eidolon of BlossomsCommander 2018Enchantment Creature Rare
Elderwood ScionCommander 2018Creature Rare
Emissary of GrudgesCommander 2018Creature Rare
Empyrial StormCommander 2018Sorcery Rare
Enchanter's BaneCommander 2018Enchantment Rare
Enchantress's PresenceCommander 2018Enchantment Rare
Endless AtlasCommander 2018Artifact Rare
Enigma SphinxCommander 2018Artifact Creature Rare
Entreat the AngelsCommander 2018Sorcery Mythic Rare
Entreat the DeadCommander 2018Sorcery Rare
Epic ProportionsCommander 2018Enchantment Rare
Esper CharmCommander 2018Instant Uncommon
Estrid's InvocationCommander 2018Enchantment Rare
Estrid, the MaskedCommander 2018Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Etherium SculptorCommander 2018Artifact Creature Common
Ever-Watching ThresholdCommander 2018Enchantment Rare
Evolving WildsCommander 2018Land Common
ExploreCommander 2018Sorcery Common
Explosive VegetationCommander 2018Sorcery Uncommon
Far WanderingsCommander 2018Sorcery Common
Farhaven ElfCommander 2018Creature Common
Fertile GroundCommander 2018Enchantment Common
Finest HourCommander 2018Enchantment Rare
Flameblast DragonCommander 2018Creature Rare
ForestCommander 2018Basic Land Basic Land
ForestCommander 2018Basic Land Basic Land
ForestCommander 2018Basic Land Basic Land
Forge of HeroesCommander 2018Land Common
Forgotten CaveCommander 2018Land Common
Forsaken SanctuaryCommander 2018Land Uncommon
Foundry of the ConsulsCommander 2018Land Uncommon
Fury StormCommander 2018Instant Rare
Gaze of GraniteCommander 2018Sorcery Rare
Genesis StormCommander 2018Sorcery Rare
Geode GolemCommander 2018Artifact Creature Uncommon
Golgari Rot FarmCommander 2018Land Uncommon
Grapple with the PastCommander 2018Instant Common
Great FurnaceCommander 2018Artifact Land Common
Grim BackwoodsCommander 2018Land Rare
Grisly SalvageCommander 2018Instant Common
Ground SealCommander 2018Enchantment Rare
Gruul TurfCommander 2018Land Uncommon
Gyrus, Waker of CorpsesCommander 2018Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Halimar DepthsCommander 2018Land Common
HarrowCommander 2018Instant Common
Haunted FengrafCommander 2018Land Common
Heavenly BlademasterCommander 2018Creature Rare
Hedron ArchiveCommander 2018Artifact Uncommon
Hellkite IgniterCommander 2018Creature Rare
Herald of the PantheonCommander 2018Creature Rare
High Priest of PenanceCommander 2018Creature Rare
Highland LakeCommander 2018Land Uncommon
Hunting WildsCommander 2018Sorcery Uncommon
Hydra OmnivoreCommander 2018Creature Mythic Rare
Inkwell LeviathanCommander 2018Artifact Creature Rare
Into the RoilCommander 2018Instant Common
IslandCommander 2018Basic Land Basic Land
IslandCommander 2018Basic Land Basic Land
IslandCommander 2018Basic Land Basic Land
Isolated WatchtowerCommander 2018Land Rare
Izzet BoilerworksCommander 2018Land Uncommon
Izzet GuildgateCommander 2018Land Common
Izzet SignetCommander 2018Artifact Common
Jeskai InfiltratorCommander 2018Creature Rare
Jund PanoramaCommander 2018Land Common
Jungle HollowCommander 2018Land Common
Jwar Isle RefugeCommander 2018Land Uncommon
Kazandu RefugeCommander 2018Land Uncommon
Kestia, the CultivatorCommander 2018Legendary Enchantment Creature Mythic Rare
Khalni GardenCommander 2018Land Common
Khalni Heart ExpeditionCommander 2018Enchantment Common
Krosan VergeCommander 2018Land Uncommon
Kruphix's InsightCommander 2018Sorcery Common
LavalancheCommander 2018Sorcery Rare
LightformCommander 2018Enchantment Uncommon
Lonely SandbarCommander 2018Land Common
Lord WindgraceCommander 2018Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Loyal ApprenticeCommander 2018Creature Uncommon
Loyal DrakeCommander 2018Creature Uncommon
Loyal GuardianCommander 2018Creature Uncommon
Loyal SubordinateCommander 2018Creature Uncommon
Loyal UnicornCommander 2018Creature Uncommon
MagmaquakeCommander 2018Instant Rare
Magnifying GlassCommander 2018Artifact Uncommon
Magus of the BalanceCommander 2018Creature Rare
Martial CoupCommander 2018Sorcery Rare
Maverick ThopteristCommander 2018Creature Uncommon
Meandering RiverCommander 2018Land Uncommon
Mimic VatCommander 2018Artifact Rare
Mind StoneCommander 2018Artifact Common
MirrorworksCommander 2018Artifact Rare
Moldgraf MonstrosityCommander 2018Creature Rare
Moonlight BargainCommander 2018Instant Rare
MortifyCommander 2018Instant Uncommon
Mortuary MireCommander 2018Land Common
Mosswort BridgeCommander 2018Land Rare
MountainCommander 2018Basic Land Basic Land
MountainCommander 2018Basic Land Basic Land
MountainCommander 2018Basic Land Basic Land
Mountain ValleyCommander 2018Land Uncommon
MulldrifterCommander 2018Creature Uncommon
Myr BattlesphereCommander 2018Artifact Creature Rare
Myriad LandscapeCommander 2018Land Uncommon
Myth UnboundCommander 2018Enchantment Rare
Nesting DragonCommander 2018Creature Rare
New BenaliaCommander 2018Land Uncommon
Night IncarnateCommander 2018Creature Rare
Ninja of the Deep HoursCommander 2018Creature Common
Nylea's ColossusCommander 2018Enchantment Creature Rare
Octopus UmbraCommander 2018Enchantment Rare
Orzhov BasilicaCommander 2018Land Uncommon
Orzhov GuildgateCommander 2018Land Common
Orzhov SignetCommander 2018Artifact Common
OvergrowthCommander 2018Enchantment Common
Phyrexian DelverCommander 2018Creature Rare
Phyrexian RebirthCommander 2018Sorcery Rare
Pilgrim's EyeCommander 2018Artifact Creature Common
PlainsCommander 2018Basic Land Basic Land
PlainsCommander 2018Basic Land Basic Land
PlainsCommander 2018Basic Land Basic Land
PonderCommander 2018Sorcery Common
PortentCommander 2018Sorcery Common
PredictCommander 2018Instant Uncommon
Primordial MistCommander 2018Enchantment Rare
Prismatic LensCommander 2018Artifact Uncommon
Prototype PortalCommander 2018Artifact Rare
Psychosis CrawlerCommander 2018Artifact Creature Rare
PutrefyCommander 2018Instant Uncommon
Rakdos CarnariumCommander 2018Land Common
Rampaging BalothsCommander 2018Creature Rare
Ravenous SlimeCommander 2018Creature Rare
Reality ScrambleCommander 2018Sorcery Rare
Reclamation SageCommander 2018Creature Uncommon
Retreat to HagraCommander 2018Enchantment Uncommon
Retrofitter FoundryCommander 2018Artifact Rare
Return to DustCommander 2018Instant Uncommon
Reverse EngineerCommander 2018Sorcery Uncommon
Righteous AuthorityCommander 2018Enchantment Rare
Rocky Tar PitCommander 2018Land Uncommon
RubblehulkCommander 2018Creature Rare
Ruinous PathCommander 2018Sorcery Rare
Sage's ReverieCommander 2018Enchantment Uncommon
Saheeli's ArtistryCommander 2018Sorcery Rare
Saheeli's DirectiveCommander 2018Sorcery Rare
Saheeli, the GiftedCommander 2018Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Sakura-Tribe ElderCommander 2018Creature Common
Savage LandsCommander 2018Land Uncommon
Savage TwisterCommander 2018Sorcery Uncommon
Scoured BarrensCommander 2018Land Common
Scrabbling ClawsCommander 2018Artifact Uncommon
Scute MobCommander 2018Creature Rare
Scuttling Doom EngineCommander 2018Artifact Creature Rare
Seaside CitadelCommander 2018Land Uncommon
Seat of the SynodCommander 2018Artifact Land Common
Secluded SteppeCommander 2018Land Common
Seer's LanternCommander 2018Artifact Common
Seer's SundialCommander 2018Artifact Rare
Sejiri RefugeCommander 2018Land Uncommon
Selesnya SanctuaryCommander 2018Land Common
Serra AvatarCommander 2018Creature Mythic Rare
Sharding SphinxCommander 2018Artifact Creature Rare
Sigil of the Empty ThroneCommander 2018Enchantment Rare
Sigiled StarfishCommander 2018Creature Uncommon
Silent SentinelCommander 2018Creature Rare
Silent-Blade OniCommander 2018Creature Rare
Simic Growth ChamberCommander 2018Land Uncommon
Skull StormCommander 2018Sorcery Rare
Snake UmbraCommander 2018Enchantment Common
Sol RingCommander 2018Artifact Uncommon
Soul of InnistradCommander 2018Creature Mythic Rare
Soul of New PhyrexiaCommander 2018Artifact Creature Mythic Rare
Soul SnareCommander 2018Enchantment Uncommon
Sower of DiscordCommander 2018Creature Rare
Spawning GroundsCommander 2018Enchantment Rare
Sphinx of Jwar IsleCommander 2018Creature Rare
Sphinx of UthuunCommander 2018Creature Rare
Steel HellkiteCommander 2018Artifact Creature Rare
Stitch TogetherCommander 2018Sorcery Uncommon
Submerged BoneyardCommander 2018Land Uncommon
SwampCommander 2018Basic Land Basic Land
SwampCommander 2018Basic Land Basic Land
SwampCommander 2018Basic Land Basic Land
Swiftfoot BootsCommander 2018Artifact Uncommon
Swiftwater CliffsCommander 2018Land Common
Tawnos, Urza's ApprenticeCommander 2018Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Telling TimeCommander 2018Instant Common
Temple of the False GodCommander 2018Land Uncommon
TerminusCommander 2018Sorcery Rare
Terramorphic ExpanseCommander 2018Land Common
Thantis, the WarweaverCommander 2018Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Thirst for KnowledgeCommander 2018Instant Uncommon
Thopter AssemblyCommander 2018Artifact Creature Rare
Thopter EngineerCommander 2018Creature Uncommon
Thopter Spy NetworkCommander 2018Enchantment Rare
Thornwood FallsCommander 2018Land Common
TidingsCommander 2018Sorcery Uncommon
Tranquil CoveCommander 2018Land Common
Tranquil ExpanseCommander 2018Land Uncommon
Tranquil ThicketCommander 2018Land Common
Treasure HuntCommander 2018Sorcery Common
Treasure NabberCommander 2018Creature Rare
Turntimber SowerCommander 2018Creature Rare
Tuvasa the SunlitCommander 2018Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Unflinching CourageCommander 2018Enchantment Uncommon
Unquestioned AuthorityCommander 2018Enchantment Uncommon
Unstable ObeliskCommander 2018Artifact Uncommon
Unwinding ClockCommander 2018Artifact Rare
Utter EndCommander 2018Instant Rare
Varchild, Betrayer of KjeldorCommander 2018Legendary Creature Rare
Varina, Lich QueenCommander 2018Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Vedalken HumiliatorCommander 2018Creature Rare
Vessel of Endless RestCommander 2018Artifact Uncommon
Vow of FlightCommander 2018Enchantment Uncommon
Vow of WildnessCommander 2018Enchantment Uncommon
Warped LandscapeCommander 2018Land Common
Whiptongue HydraCommander 2018Creature Rare
Whirler RogueCommander 2018Creature Uncommon
Whitewater NaiadsCommander 2018Enchantment Creature Uncommon
Wild GrowthCommander 2018Enchantment Common
Windgrace's JudgmentCommander 2018Instant Rare
Winds of RathCommander 2018Sorcery Rare
Woodland StreamCommander 2018Land Common
Worm HarvestCommander 2018Sorcery Rare
Worn PowerstoneCommander 2018Artifact Uncommon
Xantcha, Sleeper AgentCommander 2018Legendary Creature Rare
Yavimaya ElderCommander 2018Creature Common
Yavimaya EnchantressCommander 2018Creature Common
Yennett, Cryptic SovereignCommander 2018Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Yuriko, the Tiger's ShadowCommander 2018Legendary Creature Rare
Zendikar IncarnateCommander 2018Creature Uncommon