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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Aeon EngineCommander 2019Artifact Rare
Ainok SurvivalistCommander 2019Creature Common
Akoum RefugeCommander 2019Land Uncommon
Alchemist's GreetingCommander 2019Sorcery Common
Angel of SanctionsCommander 2019Creature Mythic Rare
Anje FalkenrathCommander 2019Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Anje's RavagerCommander 2019Creature Rare
Apex AltisaurCommander 2019Creature Rare
Archfiend of SpiteCommander 2019Creature Rare
Armillary SphereCommander 2019Artifact Common
Ash BarrensCommander 2019Land Common
Asylum VisitorCommander 2019Creature Rare
Atla Palani, Nest TenderCommander 2019Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Avacyn's JudgmentCommander 2019Sorcery Rare
Azorius ChanceryCommander 2019Land Uncommon
Azorius LocketCommander 2019Artifact Common
Backdraft HellkiteCommander 2019Creature Rare
Bane of the LivingCommander 2019Creature Rare
Barren MoorCommander 2019Land Uncommon
Beacon of UnrestCommander 2019Sorcery Rare
Beast WithinCommander 2019Instant Uncommon
Big Game HunterCommander 2019Creature Uncommon
Biomass MutationCommander 2019Instant Rare
Bloodfell CavesCommander 2019Land Common
Bloodhall PriestCommander 2019Creature Rare
Bloodthirsty BladeCommander 2019Artifact Uncommon
Blossoming SandsCommander 2019Land Common
Bojuka BogCommander 2019Land Common
Bone MiserCommander 2019Creature Rare
Boneyard ParleyCommander 2019Sorcery Mythic Rare
Boros GarrisonCommander 2019Land Common
Boros GuildgateCommander 2019Land Common
Bounty of the LuxaCommander 2019Enchantment Rare
Burning VengeanceCommander 2019Enchantment Uncommon
Burnished HartCommander 2019Artifact Creature Uncommon
Call to the NetherworldCommander 2019Sorcery Common
Chainer, Nightmare AdeptCommander 2019Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Champion of Stray SoulsCommander 2019Creature Mythic Rare
Chaos WarpCommander 2019Instant Rare
Chemister's InsightCommander 2019Instant Uncommon
Chromeshell CrabCommander 2019Creature Rare
Cinder BarrensCommander 2019Land Common
Cinder GladeCommander 2019Land Rare
Clever ImpersonatorCommander 2019Creature Mythic Rare
Cliffside RescuerCommander 2019Creature Uncommon
Colossal MajestyCommander 2019Enchantment Uncommon
Command TowerCommander 2019Land Common
Commander's InsigniaCommander 2019Enchantment Rare
Commander's SphereCommander 2019Artifact Common
CooperateCommander 2019  Rare
Crackling DrakeCommander 2019Creature Uncommon
CultivateCommander 2019Sorcery Common
Curse of Fool's WisdomCommander 2019Enchantment Rare
Dark WitheringCommander 2019Instant Common
Darkwater CatacombsCommander 2019Land Rare
DawnCommander 2019  Rare
Deathmist RaptorCommander 2019Creature Mythic Rare
Deep AnalysisCommander 2019Sorcery Common
Den ProtectorCommander 2019Creature Rare
Desolation TwinCommander 2019Creature Rare
Desperate RavingsCommander 2019Instant Uncommon
Devil's PlayCommander 2019Sorcery Rare
Dimir AqueductCommander 2019Land Uncommon
Divine ReckoningCommander 2019Sorcery Rare
Dockside ExtortionistCommander 2019Creature Rare
Doomed ArtisanCommander 2019Creature Rare
Doomed NecromancerCommander 2019Creature Rare
Dragonmaster OutcastCommander 2019Creature Mythic Rare
Drownyard TempleCommander 2019Land Rare
Druid's DeliveranceCommander 2019Instant Common
DuskCommander 2019  Rare
Echoing TruthCommander 2019Instant Common
Elemental BondCommander 2019Enchantment Uncommon
Elsha of the InfiniteCommander 2019Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Emmara TandrisCommander 2019Legendary Creature Rare
Empowered AutogeneratorCommander 2019Artifact Rare
Evolving WildsCommander 2019Land Common
Exotic OrchardCommander 2019Land Rare
ExploreCommander 2019Sorcery Common
Fact or FictionCommander 2019Instant Uncommon
Faith of the DevotedCommander 2019Enchantment Uncommon
Faithless LootingCommander 2019Sorcery Common
FarmCommander 2019  Uncommon
FarseekCommander 2019Sorcery Common
Feldon of the Third PathCommander 2019Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Fervent DenialCommander 2019Instant Uncommon
Fiery TemperCommander 2019Instant Common
Flamerush RiderCommander 2019Creature Rare
Flayer of the HateboundCommander 2019Creature Rare
ForestCommander 2019Basic Land Basic Land
ForestCommander 2019Basic Land Basic Land
ForestCommander 2019Basic Land Basic Land
Forgotten CaveCommander 2019Land Common
Foul OrchardCommander 2019Land Uncommon
Fresh MeatCommander 2019Instant Rare
From Under the FloorboardsCommander 2019Sorcery Rare
Full FloweringCommander 2019Sorcery Rare
Gargoyle CastleCommander 2019Land Rare
Garruk's PackleaderCommander 2019Creature Uncommon
Garruk, Primal HunterCommander 2019Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Geier Reach SanitariumCommander 2019Legendary Land Rare
Gerrard, Weatherlight HeroCommander 2019Legendary Creature Rare
Geth, Lord of the VaultCommander 2019Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Ghastly ConscriptionCommander 2019Sorcery Mythic Rare
Ghired's BelligerenceCommander 2019Sorcery Rare
Ghired, Conclave ExileCommander 2019Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Ghostly PrisonCommander 2019Enchantment Uncommon
Giant AdephageCommander 2019Creature Mythic Rare
Gift of DoomCommander 2019Enchantment Rare
Golgari GuildgateCommander 2019Land Common
Golgari Rot FarmCommander 2019Land Uncommon
Gorgon RecluseCommander 2019Creature Common
Grave ScrabblerCommander 2019Creature Common
Graypelt RefugeCommander 2019Land Uncommon
Great Oak GuardianCommander 2019Creature Uncommon
Greven, Predator CaptainCommander 2019Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Grim HaruspexCommander 2019Creature Rare
Grimoire of the DeadCommander 2019Legendary Artifact Mythic Rare
Grismold, the DreadsowerCommander 2019Legendary Creature Rare
Growing RanksCommander 2019Enchantment Rare
Gruul TurfCommander 2019Land Uncommon
GuttersnipeCommander 2019Creature Uncommon
HarmonizeCommander 2019Sorcery Uncommon
Hate MirageCommander 2019Sorcery Uncommon
Heart-Piercer ManticoreCommander 2019Creature Rare
Hedonist's TroveCommander 2019Enchantment Rare
Hedron ArchiveCommander 2019Artifact Uncommon
HexCommander 2019Sorcery Rare
Highland LakeCommander 2019Land Uncommon
Hooded HydraCommander 2019Creature Mythic Rare
Hour of ReckoningCommander 2019Sorcery Rare
Icefeather AvenCommander 2019Creature Uncommon
Idol of OblivionCommander 2019Artifact Rare
Ignite the FutureCommander 2019Sorcery Rare
In Garruk's WakeCommander 2019Sorcery Rare
Increasing DevotionCommander 2019Sorcery Rare
Increasing VengeanceCommander 2019Instant Rare
Intangible VirtueCommander 2019Enchantment Uncommon
IslandCommander 2019Basic Land Basic Land
IslandCommander 2019Basic Land Basic Land
IslandCommander 2019Basic Land Basic Land
IxidronCommander 2019Creature Rare
Izzet BoilerworksCommander 2019Land Uncommon
Izzet GuildgateCommander 2019Land Common
Izzet LocketCommander 2019Artifact Common
Jace's SanctumCommander 2019Enchantment Rare
Jungle HollowCommander 2019Land Common
Jungle ShrineCommander 2019Land Uncommon
K'rrik, Son of YawgmothCommander 2019Legendary Creature Rare
Kadena's SilencerCommander 2019Creature Rare
Kadena, Slinking SorcererCommander 2019Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Kazandu RefugeCommander 2019Land Uncommon
Key to the CityCommander 2019Artifact Rare
Kheru SpellsnatcherCommander 2019Creature Rare
Krosan VergeCommander 2019Land Uncommon
Leadership VacuumCommander 2019Instant Uncommon
Lightning GreavesCommander 2019Artifact Uncommon
Llanowar WastesCommander 2019Land Rare
MagmaquakeCommander 2019Instant Rare
Magus of the WheelCommander 2019Creature Rare
Malevolent WhispersCommander 2019Sorcery Uncommon
Mandate of PeaceCommander 2019Instant Rare
Marisi, Breaker of the CoilCommander 2019Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
MarketCommander 2019  Uncommon
Mass DiminishCommander 2019Sorcery Rare
Memorial to FollyCommander 2019Land Uncommon
Meteor GolemCommander 2019Artifact Creature Uncommon
Mimic VatCommander 2019Artifact Rare
Mire in MiseryCommander 2019Sorcery Uncommon
Momentous FallCommander 2019Instant Rare
Mortuary MireCommander 2019Land Common
MountainCommander 2019Basic Land Basic Land
MountainCommander 2019Basic Land Basic Land
MountainCommander 2019Basic Land Basic Land
Murderous CompulsionCommander 2019Sorcery Common
Myriad LandscapeCommander 2019Land Uncommon
Mystic MonasteryCommander 2019Land Uncommon
Mystic RetrievalCommander 2019Sorcery Uncommon
Nantuko VigilanteCommander 2019Creature Common
Naya CharmCommander 2019Instant Uncommon
Naya PanoramaCommander 2019Land Common
Nightmare UnmakingCommander 2019Sorcery Rare
Nightshade AssassinCommander 2019Creature Uncommon
Ob Nixilis ReignitedCommander 2019Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Ohran FrostfangCommander 2019Snow Creature Rare
Oona's GraceCommander 2019Instant Common
Opulent PalaceCommander 2019Land Uncommon
Overseer of the DamnedCommander 2019Creature Rare
Overwhelming StampedeCommander 2019Sorcery Rare
Pendant of ProsperityCommander 2019Artifact Rare
Phyrexian RebirthCommander 2019Sorcery Rare
PlaguecrafterCommander 2019Creature Uncommon
PlainsCommander 2019Basic Land Basic Land
PlainsCommander 2019Basic Land Basic Land
PlainsCommander 2019Basic Land Basic Land
Prairie StreamCommander 2019Land Rare
Pramikon, Sky RampartCommander 2019Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Prismatic StrandsCommander 2019Instant Common
Pristine AngelCommander 2019Creature Mythic Rare
Pristine SkywiseCommander 2019Creature Rare
Purify the GraveCommander 2019Instant Uncommon
PutrefyCommander 2019Instant Uncommon
Rakdos CarnariumCommander 2019Land Common
Rakdos GuildgateCommander 2019Land Common
Rakdos LocketCommander 2019Artifact Common
Ral ZarekCommander 2019Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Rampaging BalothsCommander 2019Creature Rare
Ray of DistortionCommander 2019Instant Common
Rayami, First of the FallenCommander 2019Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Reality ShiftCommander 2019Instant Uncommon
RefuseCommander 2019  Rare
Reliquary TowerCommander 2019Land Uncommon
River KelpieCommander 2019Creature Rare
Rix Maadi, Dungeon PalaceCommander 2019Land Uncommon
Road of ReturnCommander 2019Sorcery Rare
Roc EggCommander 2019Creature Uncommon
Rogue's PassageCommander 2019Land Uncommon
Rolling TemblorCommander 2019Sorcery Uncommon
Rootborn DefensesCommander 2019Instant Common
Rugged HighlandsCommander 2019Land Common
Runic RepetitionCommander 2019Sorcery Uncommon
Sagu MaulerCommander 2019Creature Rare
Sakura-Tribe ElderCommander 2019Creature Common
Sanctum of EternityCommander 2019Land Rare
Sanitarium SkeletonCommander 2019Creature Common
ScaretillerCommander 2019Artifact Creature Common
Scroll of FateCommander 2019Artifact Rare
Second HarvestCommander 2019Instant Rare
Secret PlansCommander 2019Enchantment Uncommon
Secrets of the DeadCommander 2019Enchantment Uncommon
Seedborn MuseCommander 2019Creature Rare
Selesnya EulogistCommander 2019Creature Rare
Selesnya SanctuaryCommander 2019Land Common
Sevinne's ReclamationCommander 2019Sorcery Rare
Sevinne, the ChronoclasmCommander 2019Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Shamanic RevelationCommander 2019Sorcery Rare
Shrine of the Forsaken GodsCommander 2019Land Rare
Silumgar AssassinCommander 2019Creature Rare
Simic Growth ChamberCommander 2019Land Uncommon
Simic GuildgateCommander 2019Land Common
SkinthinnerCommander 2019Creature Common
Skyfire PhoenixCommander 2019Creature Rare
Slice in TwainCommander 2019Instant Uncommon
Sol RingCommander 2019Artifact Uncommon
Solemn SimulacrumCommander 2019Artifact Creature Rare
Song of the WorldsoulCommander 2019Enchantment Rare
Soul FoundryCommander 2019Artifact Rare
Soul of InnistradCommander 2019Creature Mythic Rare
Soul of ZendikarCommander 2019Creature Mythic Rare
Squee, Goblin NabobCommander 2019Legendary Creature Rare
Stone QuarryCommander 2019Land Uncommon
Storm HerdCommander 2019Sorcery Rare
Stratus DancerCommander 2019Creature Rare
Strionic ResonatorCommander 2019Artifact Rare
Stromkirk OccultistCommander 2019Creature Rare
Sudden SubstitutionCommander 2019Instant Rare
Sultai CharmCommander 2019Instant Uncommon
Sun TitanCommander 2019Creature Mythic Rare
Sundering GrowthCommander 2019Instant Common
Sungrass PrairieCommander 2019Land Rare
Sunken HollowCommander 2019Land Rare
SwampCommander 2019Basic Land Basic Land
SwampCommander 2019Basic Land Basic Land
SwampCommander 2019Basic Land Basic Land
Swiftwater CliffsCommander 2019Land Common
Tahngarth, First MateCommander 2019Legendary Creature Rare
Talrand, Sky SummonerCommander 2019Legendary Creature Rare
Tectonic HellionCommander 2019Creature Rare
Temple of the False GodCommander 2019Land Uncommon
Tempt with DiscoveryCommander 2019Sorcery Rare
Terramorphic ExpanseCommander 2019Land Common
Tezzeret's GambitCommander 2019Sorcery Uncommon
Thalia's GeistcallerCommander 2019Creature Rare
The Eldest RebornCommander 2019Enchantment Uncommon
Thelonite HermitCommander 2019Creature Rare
Thespian's StageCommander 2019Land Rare
Thieving AmalgamCommander 2019Creature Rare
Think TwiceCommander 2019Instant Common
Thornwood FallsCommander 2019Land Common
Thought SpongeCommander 2019Creature Rare
Thousand WindsCommander 2019Creature Rare
ThragtuskCommander 2019Creature Rare
Thran DynamoCommander 2019Artifact Uncommon
Trail of MysteryCommander 2019Enchantment Rare
Tranquil CoveCommander 2019Land Common
Trostani's JudgmentCommander 2019Instant Common
Trostani, Selesnya's VoiceCommander 2019Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Urban EvolutionCommander 2019Sorcery Uncommon
Vesuvan ShapeshifterCommander 2019Creature Rare
Violent EruptionCommander 2019Instant Uncommon
Vitu-Ghazi GuildmageCommander 2019Creature Uncommon
Voice of ManyCommander 2019Creature Uncommon
Volrath, the ShapestealerCommander 2019Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Vraska the UnseenCommander 2019Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Wall of Stolen IdentityCommander 2019Creature Rare
Warstorm SurgeCommander 2019Enchantment Rare
Wayfaring TempleCommander 2019Creature Rare
Wildfire DevilsCommander 2019Creature Rare
WillbenderCommander 2019Creature Uncommon
Wind-Scarred CragCommander 2019Land Common
Wingmate RocCommander 2019Creature Mythic Rare
Woodland StreamCommander 2019Land Common
Yavimaya CoastCommander 2019Land Rare
Zetalpa, Primal DawnCommander 2019Legendary Creature Rare
Zombie InfestationCommander 2019Enchantment Uncommon