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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Adrix and Nev, TwincastersCommander 2021Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Adrix and Nev, Twincasters (variant 1)Commander 2021Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Aether GaleCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
AetherspoutsCommander 2021Instant Rare
Ageless EntityCommander 2021Creature Rare
Alhammarret's ArchiveCommander 2021Legendary Artifact Mythic Rare
Alibou, Ancient WitnessCommander 2021Legendary Artifact Creature Mythic Rare
Alibou, Ancient Witness (variant 1)Commander 2021Legendary Artifact Creature Mythic Rare
Ambition's CostCommander 2021Sorcery Uncommon
Ancient CravingCommander 2021Sorcery Uncommon
Ancient DenCommander 2021Artifact Land Common
Angel of SerenityCommander 2021Creature Mythic Rare
Angel of the RuinsCommander 2021Artifact Creature Rare
Angel of the Ruins (variant 1)Commander 2021Artifact Creature Rare
Apex of PowerCommander 2021Sorcery Mythic Rare
Arashi, the Sky AsunderCommander 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Arcane SignetCommander 2021Artifact Common
Archaeomancer's MapCommander 2021Artifact Rare
Archaeomancer's Map (variant 1)Commander 2021Artifact Rare
Audacious ReshapersCommander 2021Creature Rare
Audacious Reshapers (variant 1)Commander 2021Creature Rare
Author of ShadowsCommander 2021Creature Rare
Author of Shadows (variant 1)Commander 2021Creature Rare
Barren MoorCommander 2021Land Uncommon
Battlefield ForgeCommander 2021Land Rare
Battlemage's BracersCommander 2021Artifact Rare
Battlemage's Bracers (variant 1)Commander 2021Artifact Rare
Beast WithinCommander 2021Instant Uncommon
Biomass MutationCommander 2021Instant Rare
Blasphemous ActCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Blight MoundCommander 2021Enchantment Rare
Blight Mound (variant 1)Commander 2021Enchantment Rare
Blighted CataractCommander 2021Land Uncommon
Blighted WoodlandCommander 2021Land Uncommon
Bloodthirsty AerialistCommander 2021Creature Uncommon
Bloodthirsty BladeCommander 2021Artifact Uncommon
BloodtrackerCommander 2021Creature Rare
Blossoming BogbeastCommander 2021Creature Rare
Blossoming Bogbeast (variant 1)Commander 2021Creature Rare
Bojuka BogCommander 2021Land Common
Bold PlagiaristCommander 2021Creature Rare
Bold Plagiarist (variant 1)Commander 2021Creature Rare
Boreas ChargerCommander 2021Creature Rare
Boros CharmCommander 2021Instant Uncommon
Boros GarrisonCommander 2021Land Uncommon
Boros LocketCommander 2021Artifact Common
Bosh, Iron GolemCommander 2021Legendary Artifact Creature Rare
BrainstormCommander 2021Instant Common
Brass's BountyCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Breena, the DemagogueCommander 2021Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Breena, the Demagogue (variant 1)Commander 2021Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Bronze GuardianCommander 2021Artifact Creature Rare
Bronze Guardian (variant 1)Commander 2021Artifact Creature Rare
Burnished HartCommander 2021Artifact Creature Uncommon
Call the SkybreakerCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Caves of KoilosCommander 2021Land Rare
Chain ReactionCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Champion of WitsCommander 2021Creature Rare
Charmbreaker DevilsCommander 2021Creature Rare
Citadel SiegeCommander 2021Enchantment Rare
Cleansing NovaCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Coiling OracleCommander 2021Creature Common
Combat CalligrapherCommander 2021Creature Rare
Combat Calligrapher (variant 1)Commander 2021Creature Rare
Combustible GearhulkCommander 2021Artifact Creature Mythic Rare
Command TowerCommander 2021Land Common
Commander's InsightCommander 2021Instant Rare
Commander's Insight (variant 1)Commander 2021Instant Rare
Commander's SphereCommander 2021Artifact Common
Coveted JewelCommander 2021Artifact Rare
Crackling DrakeCommander 2021Creature Uncommon
Crafty CutpurseCommander 2021Creature Rare
Creative TechniqueCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Creative Technique (variant 1)Commander 2021Sorcery Rare
CultivateCommander 2021Sorcery Uncommon
Cunning RhetoricCommander 2021Enchantment Rare
Cunning Rhetoric (variant 1)Commander 2021Enchantment Rare
Curiosity CrafterCommander 2021Creature Rare
Curiosity Crafter (variant 1)Commander 2021Creature Rare
Curse of DisturbanceCommander 2021Enchantment Uncommon
Curse of the SwineCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Cursed MirrorCommander 2021Artifact Rare
Cursed Mirror (variant 1)Commander 2021Artifact Rare
Damnable PactCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Daretti, Scrap SavantCommander 2021Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Darksteel CitadelCommander 2021Artifact Land Uncommon
Darksteel MutationCommander 2021Enchantment Uncommon
Dazzling SphinxCommander 2021Creature Rare
Dazzling Sphinx (variant 1)Commander 2021Creature Rare
Deadly TempestCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Deathbringer LiegeCommander 2021Creature Rare
Deathbringer RegentCommander 2021Creature Rare
Debtors' KnellCommander 2021Enchantment Rare
Deekah, Fractal TheoristCommander 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Deekah, Fractal Theorist (variant 1)Commander 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Defiant BloodlordCommander 2021Creature Rare
Desert of the FerventCommander 2021Land Common
Desert of the MindfulCommander 2021Land Common
Desolation TwinCommander 2021Creature Rare
Dig Through TimeCommander 2021Instant Rare
Digsite EngineerCommander 2021Creature Rare
Digsite Engineer (variant 1)Commander 2021Creature Rare
Diluvian PrimordialCommander 2021Creature Rare
DispatchCommander 2021Instant Uncommon
Dispeller's CapsuleCommander 2021Artifact Common
Druidic SatchelCommander 2021Artifact Rare
Dualcaster MageCommander 2021Creature Rare
Duelist's HeritageCommander 2021Enchantment Rare
DuplicantCommander 2021Artifact Creature Rare
Elementalist's PaletteCommander 2021Artifact Rare
Elementalist's Palette (variant 1)Commander 2021Artifact Rare
Elite ScaleguardCommander 2021Creature Uncommon
Elixir of ImmortalityCommander 2021Artifact Uncommon
Epic ExperimentCommander 2021Sorcery Mythic Rare
Epicure of BloodCommander 2021Creature Common
Erratic CyclopsCommander 2021Creature Rare
Esix, Fractal BloomCommander 2021Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Esix, Fractal Bloom (variant 1)Commander 2021Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Essence PulseCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Essence Pulse (variant 1)Commander 2021Sorcery Rare
Etali, Primal StormCommander 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Excavation TechniqueCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Excavation Technique (variant 1)Commander 2021Sorcery Rare
Exotic OrchardCommander 2021Land Rare
Ezuri's PredationCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Ezzaroot ChannelerCommander 2021Creature Rare
Ezzaroot Channeler (variant 1)Commander 2021Creature Rare
Fain, the BrokerCommander 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Fain, the Broker (variant 1)Commander 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Faithless LootingCommander 2021Sorcery Common
Feed the SwarmCommander 2021Sorcery Common
Feldon of the Third PathCommander 2021Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Felisa, Fang of SilverquillCommander 2021Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Felisa, Fang of Silverquill (variant 1)Commander 2021Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Fiery EncoreCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Fiery Encore (variant 1)Commander 2021Sorcery Rare
Fiery FallCommander 2021Instant Common
Forgotten AncientCommander 2021Creature Rare
Forgotten CaveCommander 2021Land Common
Fractal HarnessCommander 2021Artifact Rare
Fractal Harness (variant 1)Commander 2021Artifact Rare
Garruk, Primal HunterCommander 2021Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Gaze of GraniteCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Geometric NexusCommander 2021Artifact Rare
Geometric Nexus (variant 1)Commander 2021Artifact Rare
Ghostly PrisonCommander 2021Enchantment Uncommon
Gideon, Champion of JusticeCommander 2021Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Gift of ParadiseCommander 2021Enchantment Common
Gingerbread CabinCommander 2021Land Common
Gluttonous TrollCommander 2021Creature Rare
Golgari Rot FarmCommander 2021Land Uncommon
Great FurnaceCommander 2021Artifact Land Common
GreedCommander 2021Enchantment Uncommon
Guardian ArchonCommander 2021Creature Rare
Guardian Archon (variant 1)Commander 2021Creature Rare
Guardian AugmenterCommander 2021Creature Rare
Guardian Augmenter (variant 1)Commander 2021Creature Rare
Gyome, Master ChefCommander 2021Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Gyome, Master Chef (variant 1)Commander 2021Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Healing TechniqueCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Healing Technique (variant 1)Commander 2021Sorcery Rare
Hedron ArchiveCommander 2021Artifact Uncommon
Hellkite IgniterCommander 2021Creature Rare
Hellkite TyrantCommander 2021Creature Mythic Rare
High MarketCommander 2021Land Rare
Hoard-Smelter DragonCommander 2021Creature Rare
Hornet NestCommander 2021Creature Rare
Hornet QueenCommander 2021Creature Rare
Humble DefectorCommander 2021Creature Uncommon
Hunted LammasuCommander 2021Creature Rare
Hydra BroodmasterCommander 2021Creature Rare
Ichor WellspringCommander 2021Artifact Common
Idol of OblivionCommander 2021Artifact Rare
Incarnation TechniqueCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Incarnation Technique (variant 1)Commander 2021Sorcery Rare
IncongruityCommander 2021  Uncommon
IncubationCommander 2021  Uncommon
Incubation DruidCommander 2021Creature Rare
Infernal OfferingCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Inferno ProjectCommander 2021Creature Rare
Inferno Project (variant 1)Commander 2021Creature Rare
InkshieldCommander 2021Instant Rare
Inkshield (variant 1)Commander 2021Instant Rare
Inspiring RefrainCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Inspiring Refrain (variant 1)Commander 2021Sorcery Rare
Izzet BoilerworksCommander 2021Land Uncommon
Izzet SignetCommander 2021Artifact Common
Jaya BallardCommander 2021Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Jor Kadeen, the PrevailerCommander 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Jungle HollowCommander 2021Land Common
Kaseto, Orochi ArchmageCommander 2021Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Kazandu TuskcallerCommander 2021Creature Rare
Keen DuelistCommander 2021Creature Rare
Keen Duelist (variant 1)Commander 2021Creature Rare
Key to the CityCommander 2021Artifact Rare
Knight of the White OrchidCommander 2021Creature Rare
Kodama's ReachCommander 2021Sorcery Common
Krosan GripCommander 2021Instant Uncommon
Laelia, the Blade ReforgedCommander 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Laelia, the Blade Reforged (variant 1)Commander 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Leyline ProwlerCommander 2021Creature Uncommon
Living LoreCommander 2021Creature Uncommon
Llanowar RebornCommander 2021Land Uncommon
Llanowar WastesCommander 2021Land Rare
Lonely SandbarCommander 2021Land Uncommon
Losheel, Clockwork ScholarCommander 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Losheel, Clockwork Scholar (variant 1)Commander 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Loxodon WarhammerCommander 2021Artifact Rare
Lumbering FallsCommander 2021Land Rare
Mage-Ring NetworkCommander 2021Land Uncommon
Magister of WorthCommander 2021Creature Rare
Mana GeyserCommander 2021Sorcery Common
Managorger HydraCommander 2021Creature Rare
Marshland BloodcasterCommander 2021Creature Rare
Marshland Bloodcaster (variant 1)Commander 2021Creature Rare
Martial ImpetusCommander 2021Enchantment Uncommon
Master BiomancerCommander 2021Creature Mythic Rare
Memorial to GeniusCommander 2021Land Uncommon
Metallurgic SummoningsCommander 2021Enchantment Mythic Rare
Meteor GolemCommander 2021Artifact Creature Uncommon
Mikokoro, Center of the SeaCommander 2021Legendary Land Rare
Mind StoneCommander 2021Artifact Uncommon
Mind's DesireCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Moldervine ReclamationCommander 2021Enchantment Uncommon
Monologue TaxCommander 2021Enchantment Rare
Monologue Tax (variant 1)Commander 2021Enchantment Rare
Mosswort BridgeCommander 2021Land Rare
Muse VortexCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Muse Vortex (variant 1)Commander 2021Sorcery Rare
Mycosynth WellspringCommander 2021Artifact Common
Myr BattlesphereCommander 2021Artifact Creature Rare
Myriad LandscapeCommander 2021Land Uncommon
Naru Meha, Master WizardCommander 2021Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Necropolis RegentCommander 2021Creature Mythic Rare
Nils, Discipline EnforcerCommander 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Nils, Discipline Enforcer (variant 1)Commander 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Nissa's ExpeditionCommander 2021Sorcery Uncommon
Nissa's RenewalCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Novijen, Heart of ProgressCommander 2021Land Uncommon
Noxious GearhulkCommander 2021Artifact Creature Mythic Rare
Ob Nixilis ReignitedCommander 2021Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
OblationCommander 2021Instant Rare
Octavia, Living ThesisCommander 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Octavia, Living Thesis (variant 1)Commander 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Opal PalaceCommander 2021Land Common
Oran-Rief, the VastwoodCommander 2021Land Rare
Oreskos ExplorerCommander 2021Creature Uncommon
Orzhov AdvokistCommander 2021Creature Uncommon
Orzhov BasilicaCommander 2021Land Uncommon
Orzhov SignetCommander 2021Artifact Uncommon
Osgir, the ReconstructorCommander 2021Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Osgir, the Reconstructor (variant 1)Commander 2021Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
OversimplifyCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Oversimplify (variant 1)Commander 2021Sorcery Rare
Paradise PlumeCommander 2021Artifact Uncommon
Paradox ZoneCommander 2021Enchantment Rare
Paradox Zone (variant 1)Commander 2021Enchantment Rare
Parasitic ImpetusCommander 2021Enchantment Uncommon
Pendant of ProsperityCommander 2021Artifact Rare
Perplexing TestCommander 2021Instant Rare
Perplexing Test (variant 1)Commander 2021Instant Rare
Pest InfestationCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Pest Infestation (variant 1)Commander 2021Sorcery Rare
Phyrexia's CoreCommander 2021Land Uncommon
Pia NalaarCommander 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Pilgrim's EyeCommander 2021Artifact Creature Common
Plaxcaster FroglingCommander 2021Creature Uncommon
PonderCommander 2021Sorcery Common
Primal EmpathyCommander 2021Enchantment Uncommon
Pristine TalismanCommander 2021Artifact Common
Promise of LoyaltyCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Promise of Loyalty (variant 1)Commander 2021Sorcery Rare
Pulse of MurasaCommander 2021Instant Uncommon
Pyromancer's GogglesCommander 2021Legendary Artifact Mythic Rare
Quicksmith GeniusCommander 2021Creature Uncommon
Radiant FountainCommander 2021Land Common
Radiant PerformerCommander 2021Creature Rare
Radiant Performer (variant 1)Commander 2021Creature Rare
Rampaging BalothsCommander 2021Creature Rare
Rampant GrowthCommander 2021Sorcery Common
Rapid HybridizationCommander 2021Instant Uncommon
Reckless SpiteCommander 2021Instant Uncommon
Reef WormCommander 2021Creature Rare
ReinterpretCommander 2021Instant Rare
Reinterpret (variant 1)Commander 2021Instant Rare
Reliquary TowerCommander 2021Land Uncommon
Replication TechniqueCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Replication Technique (variant 1)Commander 2021Sorcery Rare
Return of the WildspeakerCommander 2021Instant Rare
Return to DustCommander 2021Instant Uncommon
Revival ExperimentCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Revival Experiment (variant 1)Commander 2021Sorcery Rare
Rionya, Fire DancerCommander 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Rionya, Fire Dancer (variant 1)Commander 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Rite of ReplicationCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Rogue's PassageCommander 2021Land Uncommon
Rousing RefrainCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Rousing Refrain (variant 1)Commander 2021Sorcery Rare
RoutCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Ruin GrinderCommander 2021Artifact Creature Rare
Ruin Grinder (variant 1)Commander 2021Artifact Creature Rare
Ruxa, Patient ProfessorCommander 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Ruxa, Patient Professor (variant 1)Commander 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Sanctum GargoyleCommander 2021Artifact Creature Common
SangromancerCommander 2021Creature Rare
Sanguine BondCommander 2021Enchantment Rare
Sapling of ColfenorCommander 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Sapseep ForestCommander 2021Land Uncommon
Scavenger GroundsCommander 2021Land Rare
Scholarship SponsorCommander 2021Creature Rare
Scholarship Sponsor (variant 1)Commander 2021Creature Rare
Scrap TrawlerCommander 2021Artifact Creature Rare
Sculpting SteelCommander 2021Artifact Rare
Secluded SteppeCommander 2021Land Uncommon
Seething SongCommander 2021Instant Common
Selfless SquireCommander 2021Creature Rare
Sequence EngineCommander 2021Artifact Rare
Sequence Engine (variant 1)Commander 2021Artifact Rare
Serum VisionsCommander 2021Sorcery Uncommon
Shamanic RevelationCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Shivan ReefCommander 2021Land Rare
Silversmote GhoulCommander 2021Creature Uncommon
Simic Growth ChamberCommander 2021Land Uncommon
Simic SignetCommander 2021Artifact Common
Slayers' StrongholdCommander 2021Land Rare
Sly InstigatorCommander 2021Creature Rare
Sly Instigator (variant 1)Commander 2021Creature Rare
Sol RingCommander 2021Artifact Uncommon
Solemn SimulacrumCommander 2021Artifact Creature Rare
Soul SnareCommander 2021Enchantment Uncommon
Spawning KrakenCommander 2021Creature Rare
Spawning Kraken (variant 1)Commander 2021Creature Rare
Spectral SearchlightCommander 2021Artifact Uncommon
Spitting ImageCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Sproutback TrudgeCommander 2021Creature Rare
Sproutback Trudge (variant 1)Commander 2021Creature Rare
Stalking LeoninCommander 2021Creature Rare
Steel HellkiteCommander 2021Artifact Creature Rare
Steel OverseerCommander 2021Artifact Creature Rare
Stinging StudyCommander 2021Instant Rare
Stinging Study (variant 1)Commander 2021Instant Rare
Study HallCommander 2021Land Common
Suffer the PastCommander 2021Instant Uncommon
Sun DropletCommander 2021Artifact Uncommon
Sun TitanCommander 2021Creature Mythic Rare
Sunbird's InvocationCommander 2021Enchantment Rare
Sunhome, Fortress of the LegionCommander 2021Land Uncommon
Sunscorch RegentCommander 2021Creature Rare
Surge to VictoryCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Surge to Victory (variant 1)Commander 2021Sorcery Rare
Swarm IntelligenceCommander 2021Enchantment Rare
Tainted FieldCommander 2021Land Uncommon
Tainted WoodCommander 2021Land Uncommon
Talisman of CreativityCommander 2021Artifact Uncommon
Talisman of ResilienceCommander 2021Artifact Uncommon
Talrand, Sky SummonerCommander 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Taste of DeathCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Temple of EpiphanyCommander 2021Land Rare
Temple of MaladyCommander 2021Land Rare
Temple of MysteryCommander 2021Land Rare
Temple of SilenceCommander 2021Land Rare
Temple of the False GodCommander 2021Land Uncommon
Temple of TriumphCommander 2021Land Rare
Tempting ContractCommander 2021Artifact Rare
Tempting Contract (variant 1)Commander 2021Artifact Rare
TerastodonCommander 2021Creature Rare
Teysa, Envoy of GhostsCommander 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Theoretical DuplicationCommander 2021Instant Rare
Theoretical Duplication (variant 1)Commander 2021Instant Rare
Thopter EngineerCommander 2021Creature Uncommon
Thousand-Year ElixirCommander 2021Artifact Rare
Tivash, Gloom SummonerCommander 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Tivash, Gloom Summoner (variant 1)Commander 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Together ForeverCommander 2021Enchantment Rare
Tragic ArroganceCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Tranquil ThicketCommander 2021Land Common
Traumatic VisionsCommander 2021Instant Common
Treasure CruiseCommander 2021Sorcery Common
Triplicate TitanCommander 2021Artifact Creature Rare
Triplicate Titan (variant 1)Commander 2021Artifact Creature Rare
Trudge GardenCommander 2021Enchantment Rare
Trudge Garden (variant 1)Commander 2021Enchantment Rare
Trygon PredatorCommander 2021Creature Uncommon
Unstable ObeliskCommander 2021Artifact Uncommon
Utter EndCommander 2021Instant Rare
Vampire NighthawkCommander 2021Creature Uncommon
Veinwitch CovenCommander 2021Creature Rare
Veinwitch Coven (variant 1)Commander 2021Creature Rare
Venser's JournalCommander 2021Artifact Rare
Verdant Sun's AvatarCommander 2021Creature Rare
Veyran, Voice of DualityCommander 2021Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Veyran, Voice of Duality (variant 1)Commander 2021Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Victory ChimesCommander 2021Artifact Rare
Volcanic VisionCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Vow of DutyCommander 2021Enchantment Uncommon
Wake the PastCommander 2021Sorcery Rare
Wake the Past (variant 1)Commander 2021Sorcery Rare
Well of Lost DreamsCommander 2021Artifact Rare
Wildfire DevilsCommander 2021Creature Rare
Willowdusk, Essence SeerCommander 2021Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Willowdusk, Essence Seer (variant 1)Commander 2021Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Windborn MuseCommander 2021Creature Rare
Witch's ClinicCommander 2021Land Rare
Witch's Clinic (variant 1)Commander 2021Land Rare
Yavimaya CoastCommander 2021Land Rare
Yedora, Grave GardenerCommander 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Yedora, Grave Gardener (variant 1)Commander 2021Legendary Creature Rare
Zaffai, Thunder ConductorCommander 2021Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Zaffai, Thunder Conductor (variant 1)Commander 2021Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Zetalpa, Primal DawnCommander 2021Legendary Creature Rare